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depression and anxiety problems

From the past 10 years the problems begin as with general lack of confidence which further gave me depression and inferioty complex like not coming upto the mark in studies and was always been a shy and reserved youngster.

Depression further worsened by failures in love ,finding friends,earning money with which nervousness also increased along with anger like not performing like normal individuals and achiving goals of my life.Some persons became enemies of mine by which they irritated me in different ways giving me so much anger and severe depression , that it hurt me a lot and left a fear with me to face people at certain times.Even in my dreams i face very uncalmy and unpeaceful kind of dreams.At different times homeopaths and other dr's have diagnosed with with severe depression and anxiety disorder but i am unable to get reilef from any of them.For me life is hell from which i cant find an escape though how much hard i may try

I have tried lot of homeopaths and some homeopathic medicines which I take but didin’t get relief from them are-
Nat Mur 1M
Belladona 30c
Lycopodium 200
Kali-C 200
Alumina 1M
But none of them gave me relief only kal phos 6x and ignitia has proven to be of little help but still whole of problem exsists.
  raja4 on 2005-08-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You need to use your introspection as a means of curing your problems . Instead of making them worse.

Each one of your problems are rooted in the fact that you met a difficult situation and dealt with it by burying it.

Each time you did this you compounded the problem by adding to the internal stress, which became worse as time went by.

This is similar to suppressing disease by the use of antibiotics. Each time you do this you add to the burden of the body which eventually becomes crippled in some way --- arthritis ,diabetes , IBS, cancer etc.

You - and only you can solve the problem by going back into the past and examining each instance where can still feel the hot flush of anger/shame.
At this point you have to deal with or solve the problem.Determine how best you can draw the sting . So that when at some future time you return to this past situation it no longer has the power to shame you .

If you can deal with a series of problems over a period of time you dreams will calm down.They are only asking you to deal with matters.
walkin last decade
You need to start accepting the situation you are in.
Better contemplate and meditation do good in this kind of problem. This is my first advice.

Coming to the point, to my little knowledge of homeopathy
argentum nitricum may work if you are hurry and always anxious before anticipated events, anticipated fears, trembling and forgetful of names or any etc.
pattaswamy last decade
Will argentum nitricum also solve the problem of severe depression and felling so much irritabilty,anger
raja4 last decade
NO it will not
walkin last decade
So which remedy will work for
severe depression, felling so much irritabilty and anger
raja4 last decade
any homeopathic suggestions that may work for severe depression,lack of confidence,felling of so much anger-irritability,insomnia,felling of anxiety-nervousness all the time along with social phobia.
raja4 last decade
Dear raja4,

Before any homeopath can prescribe a remedy for you, he needs to first understand your problems and your personality in much greater detail than the short sketch that you have provided.I would like to help you overcome this depression but for that to happen you would have to answer the following questions:

Do you like to take milk?Or upon taking milk do you feel a sense of heaviness or unease in your abdomen? How do you feel in summers? Better or worse. Similarly, how do you feel in winters or rainy season? Do you feel very uncomfortable in strong sunlight or rather like sunlight? You said that you did not do well in your studies. Which subject or subjects gave you the most trouble? Which was your favourite subject? Do you have any hobbies? If there were three pleasant memories that you would have to choose from your past life, which would these be? If you could change three things about this world what would they be? What are the three most unpleasant memories from your past life? How did you deal with those situations? Do you like to control your emotions before others and then cry when you are alone? Can you look at bright lights without any discomfort? Do you like to be alone or with people? Any fears? What are the food items that you like and what are the food items that you are averse or allergic to? Is there anything in particular which you crave? Can you make a presentation before a crowd from a stage without any nervousness?Apart from all this can you give some symptom which you think is extremely rare and not likely to be found in anyone else.

rajivprasad last decade
In summers I feel worse and in wintrs I feel more cold than normal persons.I feel very uncomfortable in strong sunlight.
In studies my weak sunjects were hindi and that I like is English and science.My hobbies are listeing music music,watching t.v.

Three pleasant memories from my life are when I go to hill station with my friend in my college days and room around a lot,some others like enjoying movies with some friends in theaters.

If I have to change three things from this world,one would end of all suffering to mankind, second is end of all diseases and third is this world should be changed into heaven

Three unpleasant memories from my past life are when I got first rejection from a girl in love, second is when I had a street fight which I found very ashaming,third is quarrel with my neigbours which gives me a lot of anger.I cant deall with these situations in good way as facing people or taking out anger on injustice has never been possible with me as I had never been able to bring my anger out on some enemies who does a lot of injustice to me and irritated me a lot.I think I am born to suffer till now without any reasons coming to mind just bad luck as I may see it only the reason behind all this depression and suffering.

I have’nt cried from years but I get hurt a lot as some people and there doings hurt me a lot and gave me severe depression.Yes I can look at bright lights without any discomfort.

I like to with less kind of people who r mature ,down to earth and good at heart, I also have social phbia specially people staring at me without any reason makes me very uncomfortable

I fear facing my enemies as I don’t have capability to beat them and I am a peace loving man

In food I like vegetarian food rice ,potatoes,chocolates,ice creams, juices,coffee and foods which I don’t like are mushrooms, some pulses

I cont make a presentation in front of crowd as I don’t have that much confidence and I easily feel nervous

I get irritated my loud noises such as people giving loud horns at me back or some people without any reason staring at me
raja4 last decade
Dear raja4,

Now i have some idea about yourself.But you have not replied to a few questions.How about your response to milk.Can you digest it easily or does it cause heaviness, diarrhoea etc.? Do you like it or are averse to it? Would you describe yourself as a very angry man who is unable to release his anger on people who have caused you all these painful memories? When someone asks you for something which you don't want to give, do you still give it because you find it difficult to say no? Now, two very important questions, do you suffer from pains in your heels occasionally or have you ever suffered from pains in your heels? How do you like the full moon or moonlight? Does the full moon or a moonlit night cause you to get into a romantic or sentimental mood? Do you suffer from gastric problems?Have you ever had red coloured eruptions on your skin since childhood?

rajivprasad last decade
I like milk ,I can digest it easilt ,it did’nt cause me any kind of heaviness rather I like drinking milk.

Yes you can say that I am unable to express my anger on the people who have caused it.

I did,nt find it difficult to say no to things which I don’t want to give

No I suffer from no pains in heels occasionally or ever
Full moon or moonlight doesn’t makes any effect on me , I stay normal in both conditions.

I suffer from constipation , I never have red coloured eruptions on my skin but I have ous filled pimples often on my face
raja4 last decade
Dear raja4,

I think you should take Staphysagria 1M one dose and then report how you feel after 10 to 15 days.

Don't worry.You will be alright.

rajivprasad last decade
I have taken Staphysagria but it has increased all of my problem.

I am felling more depressed with more lack in confidence and so much increased fear of social phobia as well as so much increased anger with insomnia.

I feel like i have lost my mental calm and equlibrium
raja4 last decade
Dear raja4,

I don't think you should worry.Stahysagria tends to bring out suppressed emotions to the fore.Specially the pent up emotions.You will feel better after some time.When did you take the remedy. An initial aggravation is a good sign.

Keep posting your symptoms.It would be more helpful if you give a detailed reply as to what symptoms you experienced after taking the remedy.You may also mention any particular dreams you saw after taking the remedy.For your insomnia take Avena Sativa Q 10 drops in a cup of water before going to bed.

rajivprasad last decade
Recently i tried
Calcera carbonica 1M for my severe depression and anxiety but it didn't help.

Staphysgria results in increase in problem for long time.

Even Tried bio-comb 16 but it didn't help also.

Any remedy that can help severe depression and anxiety neurosis
raja4 last decade
Please seek out some type of talk therapy. You need to deal with all of the emotions that you have buried deep inside of you. Only then will you be free. Your behaviors can be helped, as can your depression. It is a seriuos matter for many reasons, especially if you have thoughts of harming your self. gOOD LUCK!
susin last decade
After going through your problem I would recommend taking Silicea 200 2 doses and Kali Phos 6x 2 tabs regularly. Do not repeat Silicea for atleast 3-4 months. Also try to confront your fears by facing them head on.every body has these phases in their lives and they can be overcome.Have patience, and belive in yourself.Try meditation and deep breathing exercises.
chamomila last decade
Just would like to say hello to raja.
Raj my heart really goes out to you with all that you are suffering.I know depression well and am currently suffering from anxiety and panic attacks which has stemmed from my inability to handle my stress and taking everything aboard and feeling responsible for all that goes wrong.I have started taking A good quality muliti vitamin with herbs and im starting to feel a lot better.I know when i stay away from sugar i feel more like my normal self .lack of vitamins and food allergies can play a huge role in mental health, especially The B vitmains .but also keeping yourself busy and surrounded by good people..staying away from negative ones It is ok to feel depressed.you are not crazy or losing your mind. Talk to yourself and beleive you have the strength to take each day..dont look to far ahead and overwhelm yourself..take each day..just rremember that you wont always feel this way and your body isnt working as it should be right now and once you can balance it right things will certainly improve..My email is in my profile i hope u can find it..would really like to talk to you.
PLease email me anytime.
warmest thought and remember that there will be an answer for you that will lead you to becoming all that you want to be xxx
shanny last decade
Would like to know if you are doing okay now. I am also in the same situation. Your reply will comfort me a lot and give some hope.

needy last decade
I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I also feel all the same feelings and am completely lost...I cannot afford professional help as so many 'friends and loved ones' have directed me to do as they turned their backs on me, I too have lost faith that - I just think that - I don't know why I'm here. I don't see why this should go on. I die inside reading the things you feel because I know how you feel and it seems like no one can help...I read all of your answers to the questions; all of my answers were the same, especially on how you would change the world and your fears...weird...I am so sorry for us and the feeling - it couldn't feel any worse...I have no one who understands, what's worse, they're so tired of seeing me like this, it's almost as if they wish I would just disappear so they don't have to feel my negative energy anymore...God, help me.
Mushoo last decade
This is a very clear case of Staphysagaria, however, the 1m aggravation is a clear sign of the roots of Staph in him. But the most important thing here is Minimum dose.

I think you should take Staph 30c, one dose and wait till it lasts, then after a week or so look at yourself , if you feel the remedy has burnt out then you should take another dose.

Keep updating your response here.

gumby last decade
plz try kali phos 6x to cure your depression anxiety dosage should be four tab two time before breakfast and dinner
doctor david 7 years ago
Don't know if you realize that this post is 4 years old. I hope
the person is free from depression by this time.

You are new to the forum-welcome.

What kind of dr. are you? Are you a homeopath and do you have
a clinic location?


simone717 7 years ago
I am not a homeo doctor but have been associated with homeopathy for decades. I was just wonderi
ng why no one suggested Aurum met. to the above case for deep depression.
Gunju 4 years ago
Hi gunju,

First this is a forum and for discussion,
Although owner lets any member suggest any kind of healing.

Very few real homeopaths on here.
One can click names to find out experience if listed.

Second, saying aurum for depression,
Is not proper case taking. hundreds of remedies could help after one takes the case and the remedy matches the totality. And anyone with depression should have a physical exam as low energy due to a physical problem will be a cause of depression.
[message edited by simone717 on Sun, 18 Dec 2016 21:00:31 UTC]
simone717 4 years ago

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