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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Nesha

Fun apart, there is a branch of homeopathy that deals with mother tinctures. Some people call it phytotherapy also.

It can be used the way you term it,THIS FOR THAT,since we are dealing with physical molecules,and not with energy medicine, which is beyond 6c.

There are many instances of Mother tinctures like Cratageus, working well for heart complaints.

And my view regarding Biochemics is also same, provided you stick to 6X.That is why I don't hesitate to prescribe biochemics along with the homeopathic remedy.

You have the zeal. Try to help the patients here, the best way you can.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
"bandarbabu2000" = Thanks again. I respectfully agree with your view on mother tinctures and bio-chemics. Anything with intuition for dis-eased persons. ALSO, I prefer helping with combination of a smile & fun. Afterall it COSTS NOTHING TO SMILE.

Somebody asked "Homeopathy or Naturopathy"
(http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/36185/ )

Homeopathy & Naturopathy, both can compliment each other.
Both have more than their capacity for experiments.
Both can mint money for you (obviously) depending on your intuition.
Naturopathy has limitations verses Homeopathy's limitlessness.
Learning Naturopathy is cheap verses Homeopathy.
Homeopathy medicines may aggravate but certain Naturopathy ingredients may kill.
Learning Homeopathy requires an analytically inclined mind verses Naturopathy.
Learning Homeopathy by default may show the way to Naturopathy but not vice vera.
Homeopathy medicines are 1:1000 cheaper verses Naturopathy ingredients
Homeopathically inclined patients are 1:100 verses Naturopathy patients
Homeopathy clinic space are lesser 1:10 verses Naturopathy therapy clinics.
Homeopathy all can be carried in a small suitcase. Naturopathy can't.
Homeopathy is all in the mind. Naturopathy usually is all in the body.
In INDIA, Homeopathy requires a license to practice. Naturopathy does'nt.
Nesha-India last decade
Nisha, I really dont know what you are trying to do. Let me clarify one of your misunderstandings viz. Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically.
Common cold:
allopathy in India - Coldarin, D-Cold, Vicks, Rhino.
No special indications in these medicines. Any type of cold and you take any one. It will dry up your mucous and you will have congestion.

Aconite, Allium Cepa, Belladonna, Bryonia, Nux, Dulcamara, Gelsemium, Ipecac, Mercurius - only to name a few.
Now Indications:
Aconite - Sudden Onset from exposure to Cold, dry wind. Coryza dry with headache.
Acute inflammation of throat, etc etc.
Allium Cepa - Running eyes, frrequent sneezing, lachrymation profuse but bland, etc etc.
Belladonna - Suppressed catarrh with maddening headache. Throat very sore, Dry, painful. Belladonna is dry, red and hot. etc etc.
Bryonia - Often begins in the nose, sneezing, coryza, running at nose. aching eyes and nose the first day. Trouble travels down from the beginning of respiratory tract, etc etc.
Nux - Colds from DRY COLD WEATHER.
(reverse of Dulcamara.)Aconite is anxious and Nux is irritable. Coldness of the whole body, etc etc
Gelsemium - colds from warm, moist, relaxing weather (Carbo Veg) Teasing tickling cough. Better near fire, Etc etc
Ipecac - Simple common colds. Settle in nose. Nausae is the guide to Ipecac. etc etc
All this is from Pointers to The Common remedies by M L Tyler. Writing more will fill 3-4 pages only on cold.

If you dont really know Homeopathy, you cannot help anyone, but an expert can surely help in most diseases.
Please study more, before you pass comments on a science perfected by the HARD work of the Pioneers.
maya_hari last decade
mayahari Of all the people, I do not expect YOU to understand anything on what I am trying to do. You will have to open up your prejudiced one track mind and see the reasoning about this topic, specific, and understand why this topic was started at all, in the first place. Anyway forget it, I can understand your capacity.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

Did you ever read the materia medica on the ingredients and excipients of Coldarin, Dcold, Vicks, Rhino. YOU could not have. You would never will.
Did M L Tyler wirte anything anywhere stating that the Homeopathy physical symptom characteristic is literally the same as Allopathy sans the constitution.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

Just because Allopathy does not dissect the symptoms or indications like homeopathy, would it mean that indications do not exist in Allopathy. Just because most Allopaths do not take up the symptoms or indications with interest, would it mean that Allopathy itself is a failure. Allopathy studies was usually taken by those vested interest of not disclosing the materia medica on allopathy ingredients. Ever wandered why Allopathy does not have a Repertory. Can you ask a Allopathy Pharmacist.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

Would it also mean that the Allopathy ingredients cannot be repertorised, symptom wise, as in the case of Homeopathy. If that was made possible, Allopathy could also be well prescribed by even the unqualified doctor prescriber, as in the case of unqualified Homeopaths in this current forum. Hope now you understand the THIS FOR THAT.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

Would you know anything about Toxicity. Would you know anything about the Toxic effects of Aconite, Belladonna, Ipecac and its toxicity percolation effects. Just because Belladonna is diluted to beyond the original material ingredient detection, would it mean that toxicity does not prevail, which you currently call it Aggravation albeit which may be at n macro level. All homeopathic medicines aggravate, that is toxify, at different levels, that is potencies, in any healthy individual AND it is no conclusive indication that if a medicine has aggravated then a cure is certain. Cure is possible even if there is no aggravation. This all depends on how much you know about dilution process and how much you know about potency prescribing. Anybody, even an unqualified, can do Homeopathy prescribing, but POTENCY PRESCRIBING IS AN DIFFERENT ART, ALTOGETHER.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

Allopathy medicines are different for Cold or fever orignating from different sources.
Fever from indigestion
Fever from fright
Fever from Cold exposure
Fever from Hot exposure
Fever from pain
Fever from virus, bite of insects, rodents, snakes
Fever due to Burns, germs, bacteria

and many more examples. All above attract different allopathy medicines, same as in the case of Homeopathy where different medicines are given for different symptoms.
Nesha-India last decade
continued from above

A doctor who studies ONLY and ONLY Homeopathy, is a half cooked doctor and will contirubute several failures to his credit alongwith a few blind success and a few targeted success. What about studying Anatomy to know which glands function in what way and how that functioning is inter linked to its functioning with the other glands. And how do these glands function to give out the indications symptoms, for a deeper cure, instead of a superficial cure on symptom prescribing.

Would you know how the Liver functioning has got direct relation with the functioning of the Heart.
Would you know how the Heart functioning has got direct relation with the functioning of the Brain.
Would you know how the Brain functioning has got direct relation with the functioning of the different Hormonal glands.
Would you know how the different Hormonal glands functioning has got direct relation with the functioning of the nervous system and so on.

Would you know that the founder of Homeopathy was first qualified as a Allopath, before he invented Homeopathy.
Would you know that literally all the fathers and pioneer of Homeopathy, Bio chemic remedies, nosodes, flower essences, were all qualified first as a Allopath.
Would you know that a person qualified in different fields of medicine, is professionally able to decipher the case history verses the unqualified or single qualfied medical person.
Would you know that Homeopathy is the result of a failed crude mode of Allopathy.

How would you know to treat Celiac disease, when you do not know its Anatomy or homeopathic symptoms. Homeopathically you would keep on prescribing for bloated abdomen, flatulence or distended stomach intestines, pain, loose motion, malnutrition and so on
How would you know to treat Psorasis disease, when you do not know its Anatomy or homeopathic symptoms or that Psorasis degenerates each and every tissue cell of the body. Homeopathically you would keep on prescribing for skin redness, raised skin, scaling, silver scaling, itching and so on.
Similarly with different allergies, intolerances, hernias, auto-immune diseases like HIV, AIDS, Cancer and so on

Almost all systems of medicines have to concurrently work with each other in tandem, for the benefit of the patient. Blaming any medicinal therapy itself is creating a shortfall and shortcoming in the other system. The study of Homeopathy or any pathy is never ending.

Reading a few books on Homeopathy or browsing a few software on Homeopathy, could not make you a Homeopath prescriber, which like many on this forum seem to think and do so. Certainly they would not qualifiy to pass comments on others.

Since you make out to really know Homeopathy, please refer to all the homeopathic books & software and then please answer all the above questions.
Nesha-India last decade
Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT

Menstruation, delayed : Ashoka, Caulophyllum.
Menstruation,painful : Abroma augusta radix, Ashoka, Viburnum opulis.
Menstruation,profuse : Ficus religiosa, Trillium.
Nesha-India last decade
Nisha no where have i stated that allopathy is a failure. I am an example. But I must tell the forum that for 12 years i suffered from a severe kind of thrombophlebitis, which TOP allopaths diagnosed as anything from Eczema to Cancer. If I had followed them i would not be here today. This happened due to the blood infusion during hospitalisation. At the time there was no 'butterfly', so for 8-10 infusions daily i was poked with a needle, which many times did not find the vein in first try.
But then my Late Doctor, yes he was an MBBS before shifting to Homeopathy, gave me medicines which helped in suffering but still....
Again it was my next door family physician who asked me to have a sonograph done whereby we saw that i had Huge tb glands on my liver.
I was prescribed anti TB drugs which shrivelled my ulcer to a single one on my big toe. There was talk of amputation, when my homeopathy Sir, came to the rescue. I took both homeopathy and Allopathy drugs side by side ( a practice which is frowned upon by both sects) under his guidance and was cured without any further trouble.
My Sir expired in Jan 1999, and six months thereafter I contracted Diabetes as well as High BP. In his life time I also got both but was cured within 2 weeks with his homeopathy medicines. After his death I repeated the medicines he had given me, but they didnt help. Now I am on allopathy. MyBP and sugar both fluctuate a lot. Sugar has gone as high as 300, and BP 180/100. am on the medicines. Now after changing the drugs and taking Astra's advice on Flaxseeds, Sugar is back down to 160, but BP is still high.
My saying all this is that the homeopathy science does have basis. The medicines were proved on HUMAN beings instead of RATS & RABBITS like allopathy, which may or maynot help people. Have you heard of homeopathy drugs being withdrawn as they are toxic. Allopathy drugs have been withdrawn in USA and the world, but still rescribed in India where life is so cheap.
Yes homeopathy drugs are made from toxic substances, but take the most commonly used 30 potency. How much toxicity it has??? it uses 1/100to the power of 30 of the medicine in the potency. How much of the crude substance goes into you. Yes that only helps your body cure itself.
Homeopathy medicines can be made out of the allopathy drugs, but that is dangerous, as we dont know the effect the medicine will have in our body. So its much better not to take the risk.
Homeopathy can be used by any abc without any trouble for minor things, but major diseases need the guiance of qualified doctors. I have helped some poor servants in this and they trust me a lot. Now come for major problems too but are requested to go to a doctor.
Hope I have been able to clear some of your doubts.
maya_hari last decade
Heeeee Hoo Heee Hee Hee Hooo. Very funny and amusing stage play, specially on this forum. Something different from the routine. Perhaps, if you can write another such play. Very Intelligent too. Very intelligent suggestions and prescribing techniques too. Go ahead, Keep it up. My support n my good wishes with U.

NESHA-INDIA : I liked your stage play and the way you post your postings. I have read your past postings n I have also read your funny stage-play. You seem to be a highly sensitive emotional female. From reading your past postings in this forum, I have remotely generated your psycho-profile. Kindly confirm my readings about you (just for my interest, please)

1. You are highly sensitive, emotional,
2. You are well qualified and highly intelligent
3. You cannot tolerate lies, cheating, nonsense, delays, contradictions
4. You have qualified in either psychology or english literature or medicine.
5. You are very2 systematic, very2 methodical, very2 perfectionist.
6. You will go to any length (extreme) to defend yourself, family, country
7. You like light music, dim lights, the morning sun, the setting sun, the rising moon
8. You do not take criticism or any onslaught on you.
9. You prefer to be friends with your own gender (female) and you avoid Male friends.
10. You are highly patriotic, strongly attached or loyal to your country, parents, friends, teacher, your own thoughs n principles.

Keep Smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
HA21 good show. Keep it up.

Actually I had gotten real mad at the way the posts put down other people and homeopathy.

In India we respect age, and the posts used to show disrespect to an aged and well respected person.
maya_hari last decade
mayahari - You could not answer my earlier questions and instead diverted from it. Regarding respect to age, kindly do not mix up respect with false claims as in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34364/ . Old age respect does not qualify to make false claims or to mislead others. My heart goes out to you for all the sufferings you have gone thru. My good wishes to you for a healthy and peaceful life. No more questions to you.

ha21 - Thanks for all the support, specially coming from a stalwart and professional person like you. I too have read all your earlier postings and found them to be very scientific explanations specially about the way the Hair root functions in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/12290/
and about the way the digestive system function in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/
and about smoking in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/17432/
and about chronic 'urticaria' (itching) in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/18104/1

Your psycho profiling on me, was the most wonderful analysis I have ever experienced. You are 90% right about me, except point no. 9. I am not going to divulge details about me. However your remote psycho profiling, is very scary to me. No more profiling on me, please.

How do you do it or how does one do it. Do you read photographs too. Are you a WARLOCK. There is a thing called remote healing, do you do that too. What about psycho profiling everybody over here, one by one, in much details.

and for todays THIS FOR THAT :
Effect of eating Butter is like gold in the morning, silver at noon, lead at night.

Decaying tooth, Foul pus smelling tooth : Calendula-Q. (put a drop locally on tooth)
MOUTH WASH : Calendula-Q (mother tincture) (one teapoon in 100 ml water). 2 times daily.
If a person uses Calendula-Q as a mouth wash, he will never have dental problems, like decaying tooth, foul breath, tooth pain, need for root canaling. Gargle strongly for 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above
Nesha-India last decade
for todays THIS FOR THAT

Hypokinetic = Gelsemium
Hyperkinetic = Argenticum Nitricum
Impatient = Argenticum Nitricum
Over Talkative = Argenticum Nitricum
Butterfly fluttering in Stomach = Argenticum Nitricum
Butterfly fluttering in Mind = KaliPhos-12X

Think this when you visit hospital for surgery :
"A good surgeon must have an eagle's eye, a lion's heart, and a lady's hand"
Nesha-India last decade

GO ON ....good work, keep it up.

How about something for IBS.

Best Wishes(u need it)

reni2005 last decade
reni - Thanks for all the best wishes you offer. Following for IBS, though it is non conclusive, but will help.

Liver, feel congested = Berberis vulgaris, Bryonia alba, Carduus marianus, Chelidonium, Carica pappaya.
IBS = Sulph, Lyco, Hydrastis, Lactic Acid
Malnutrition = Alfalfa, Gentiana lutea.
Morning sickness = Aletris farinosa, Symphoricarpus racemosus
Obesity = Fucus vesiculosus, Phytolacca berry.
Abdominal Swelling = Apis mellifica, Digitalis.
Flatulence = Asafoetida
Sweets, Aversion = Graph
Stomach trouble due to sweets = Graph
Stomach dilatation = Hydrastinum muriaticum
Biliousness = Carica pappaya., Chelidonium.
Constipation = Abroma augusta radix, Hydrastis, Senna.
Gastritis = Arsenic album.
Gastric ulcer = Geranium, Ornithogalum, Urtica urens.
Gastroenteritis = Lactic acid.

A appropriate check for worms and blood iron & calcium levels will also help in IBS.
Nesha-India last decade
Ready made canned or packaged Pomegranate fruit juice or powder extract is JUNK food, with little or no therapeutic & nutritional value and loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, leading to obesity and stress related disorders.

However freshly peeled Pomegranate fruits if eaten with the seeds swallowed, on its own, is effective in treatment of OSTEOARTHRITIS, RA, all JOINT INFLAMMATION, besides rejunevating the Iron and Calcium levels in the Blood.

The peeled insides of the Pomegranate skin (the light yellowish part), when dried & powdered and when eaten 10 grams (per dose), is effective in worms, stomach troubles (loose motions)

Homeopathic name = Granatum
Granatum is also used as a Singers remedy. Children with squeeky voice and very low volume voice, benefit when fed with fresh Pomegranate fruit juice on a daily basis.
Nesha-India last decade
for todays THIS FOR THAT

Abortion at 2nd or 3rd month = Cimicifuga, Sabina, Secale cornutum.
Abortion from debility = Aletris, Helonias.
Abortion from traumatism = Arnica.
Abortion threatened = Blumia odorata, Caulophyllum, Helonias, Viburnum.

Also check for Thyroid malfunction, MMR, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar & Iron levels.

A chinese proverb : A fall into a ditch makes you wiser.
Nesha-India last decade
NESHA-INDIA : Thanks for the confirmation on your psycho-profile. It is not possible to discuss remote psyco-profiling over here. U may call me a WARLOCK (male witch) or anything. It does not matter. Reading photograph and Remote Healing is not a problem to me. Anything you want me to do, let me know. U R a interesting and intelligent person n that's what prompted me to psycho-profile U, which took me nearly 4 hours n I do not have that much time to psycho profile everybody over here, as you mentioned. Anybody specfic, let me know, I'll try.

I would love to give U a further detailed psycho-profile on U, but since u mentioned, it is scary, I won't give it on this forum. However I'll email it to U, if you can email me.

I would once again say that, You write very good and very intelligently. Go ahead n Good wishes.

Keep Smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
for todays THIS FOR THAT

Backache = Phosphoric acid, Berberis vulgaris, Chelidonium, China officinalis, Lobelia inflata.
Barber's itch = Thuja occidentalis.
Bed-sores = Calendula officinalis, Echinacea, Hypericum.

Proverb = "Sickness soaks the purse"
Nesha-India last decade

Now its Dr Suresh's turn is it???

How about something on POTENCY PRESCRIBING

B Wishes(as usual)

reni2005 last decade
reni2000 :
You are sooooooo overwhelmingly intelligent on your question regarding Dr.Suresh. Thanks again for your good wishes. Your good wishes is already doing me good.

for todays, THIS FOR THAT

Weak Arteries, veins = Vanadium
Physical level impotency = Vanadium
Impotency = Vanilla
Prophylactic for Impotency = Calc.Phos-3X + Silicea-12X
Nesha-India last decade
I am deadly against using only one medicine for all humane ailments.
I am deadly against favourite medicines.
There must be some reason for prescribing any remedy.
The causation of impotency are many.Shortage of flow of blood is one of them.
Vanadium is not as good as written in the literature.It is not well proved.On many ocassion i prescribed but hopeless result.
Well proved remedies are always reliable.
Your postings are always beneficials.
I will be with you all the time.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Nisha I am following your posts with immense interest. I have some homeopathic background and training, but am not qualified, so in spite of sharing your feelings / opinions very often, I do not feel confident to speak out. I am so pleased that someone so intelligent and clear-sighted has taken up matters like this.
Keep it up, and thank you.
homlee last decade

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