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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nisha I am following your posts with immense interest. I have some homeopathic background and training, but am not qualified, so in spite of sharing your feelings / opinions very often, I do not feel confident to speak out. I am so pleased that someone so intelligent and clear-sighted has taken up matters like this.
Keep it up, and thank you.
homlee last decade
"HA21" Thanks for all the good wishes and support. Sorry, for not answering to your post last time. Also thanks for all the email support & guidance you have given to me.

"sajjadakram635" You said "I will always be with you". Thanks for the same. Only time can prove that.

"homlee" Thanks for your kind words. You were confident enough to post here. I think, That's CONFIDENCE good enough. Just keeping on pushing forward. Don't look at your goal. Consciously follow your conscience. Confidence will always be with you.

for todays THIS FOR THAT

Cancer bladder = Taraxacum.
Cancer gastric = Geranium, Ornithogalum.
Cancer mammae = Bryonia alba.
Cancer pains = Euphorbium.
Cancer rectal = Hydrastis, Ruta graveolens.
Cancer tongue = Fuligo ligni.
Nesha-India last decade
dear nisha,
i will be with you in positive manner.you are my dear friend.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Please come back.No objection to your "this for that".
sajjadakram635 last decade
Sorry i hurt you.I never mean that.Please come back.
sajjadakram635 last decade
dear dr. sajjadakram, I don't think you have to worry about hurting Nisha's feelings - she is too intelligent and has put up with plenty of abuse. I don't think she will leave the forum for anything but her own reasons. She said she had been blocked once from the forum so may be that has happened again. I am sure she will be back.
homlee last decade
well done nesha, we are all proud of you.
you are doing an excellent service to thousand of ppl thru this forum.
"knowledge is power" and you have it
mihir last decade
Dear Nisha

I have been reading your postings with interest (earlier you gave a bad impression of yours by attacking Joe), but that impression is changing with the passage of time. I am a firm believer of using a multitude of healing protocols as long as they complement each other to heal a person. Allopathy can complement homeopathy and vice versa, as well as other healing protocols. The objective is to make the mind,body and spirit healthy.
Now a question for you
What is the homeopathic cure for "plantar Fasciitis". I am suffering from this condition for last 3 years, currently i started doing some stretching exercises and wearing some splinters at night, but i need some homeopathic support which can assist me internally

regards and Good luck

sazim last decade
Intense Hyperactivity Here.
tamiano last decade

Heel spur can be resolved with Phosphorus, Silica and Symphytum taken in cycles.

Silica 3X or 6X should be taken for very long time to resolve all defective nutritional problems. Symphytum Q resolves most of bone damages in short time.
And Phosphorus-30 can be taken for calcified heels ...etc.
kuldeep last decade
"sajjadakram635" : Thanks. Afterall, friends standby thru thick and thin.

"homlee" : Thanks for the confidence in me.

"mihir" : Thanks for your sentiments.

"sazim" : Thanks for the Good Luck. Just for the record, Highlighting something wrong is not attacking anybody, though sometimes it appears so to the biased mind. Anyway for your question on "Plantar Fasciitis", I have started the following thread, (Heel Spurs = Plantar Fasciitis - http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/38526/ )
as more forum members would join, help with further suggestions and others would benefit from it.

for todays THIS FOR THAT

Chamomilla = Toothache that intensifies with hot or warm foods or drinks.
Ammonium carbonica = Pain on chewing
Belladonna = Grinding of teeth
Pulsatilla = Alteration or loss of taste

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome" --- Nisha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you very much.Welcome back.I am really happy you are again in the forum.You are a learned person.I have a great respect for you.What happened,please forget.Thanku once again.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I can understand sazim's reaction, because I too first thought Nisha was rude and nasty and trying to make trouble. I still disagree with the title of the mail that made me think like this - " fraud by Joe de livera". But, more and more, what she says is absolutely justified. I will still say that while I totally disagree with Mr. Joe's methods, I don't think he is a fraud - he really imagines he is making great discoveries and does not understand what he is doing wrong. People are so eager to find easy solutions, that they do not care if the method is faulty, and will abuse whoever points out that the easy solution can be wrong.
Good work, Nisha. You are really needed here.
homlee last decade
tamiano last decade

Sorry my English is not as good as Nisha.
tamiano last decade
"sajjadakram635" : You are getting emotional over me. It has started to affect "tamiano".

"homlee" : Thanks for your perception.

"tamiano" : Thank for complimenting on my English. Though your own Spanish language should be equally wonderful.

for todays THIS FOR THAT

Diabetes insipidus = Alfalfa, Phosphoric acid.
Diabetes mellitus = Abroma augusta radix, Ars bromatum, Syzygium jambolanum, Uranium nitricum.
Diabetes Mellitus = Gymnema Sylvestre
Diabetes = Nat.Sulph-6X

A Thought = "Don't worry that the world ends today, its already tomorrow in Australia"
Nesha-India last decade
No a am not getting emotional.My mission was to bring you back.My mission is over now.I hope people would get benefit from your knowledge.
I will critisize your posting and discuss with you but not like others.I dont have any favourite remedy nor i have any discovery,but lot of knowledge.So get ready.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi Nesha, I and my collegues in NY and England, have been following all your posting and we all feel proud of you and the way you present your postings. They are highly intelligent and full of meanings. We always discuss about your presentation.

Please do not bother about the criticism and other nonsense, people post about you. If they don't understand your wordings, naturally it will be nonsense for such people. Please carry on the good work and always give us something new to ponder.

Good luck from all of us overhere.
carlos last decade

What you said about Silicia is interesting, one of my nutritionist man has mentioned that my body lacks calcium and silicia severly, i hope taking silicia homeopathically will solve the problem.

I have few questions for Kuldeep and Nisha

What calcium deficiency can do to a human body ?

How are we depriving our body of caclium ?

How can we add calcium through nutrition and homeopathic medicines ?


sazim last decade
for todays THIS FOR THAT

Long Sighing, repeated = Ignatia
Sudden fright, unknown = Aconite
Habitual lying, habit = Staph
Fright from old memories = Opium
Tendency or Urge for suicide = Graph

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity.
Nesha-India last decade
Your last paragraph 100% true.Lovely.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Tendency or urge for suicide: Perhaps Aurum Met is to be studied first.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Silica is to repair defective nutritional problems. Our food already contains lots of calcium but it is our body which is not just accepting it. Same thing is true for many other suppliments.

Silcia must be tried for long time to see results.
kuldeep last decade
Hi Nisha
Could you elaborate on your asthma medication ,since my 6 yr old son is asthmatic i would like to read more about the asthma medication and also the potency.

shiny last decade
Kuldeep, Nisha

Please look into my questions once again, futher


Why our body is not accepting Calcium

Thanks & regards

sazim last decade
This is one of the mechanisms of sickness that our body can't make or utilize something. Especially Calcium Deficiency is one of the common problem mankind faces. We drink lots of milk, eat meat or protein or what not but animals live just on very basic food. Big beasts eat seasonal grass alone but they show no Calcium Deficiency.

Actually in most of cases it is not Calcium Deficiency but it is improper assimilation of Calcium which is overall in shortage but calcification is faster on all musculoskeletal injuries.

All supplementary Calcium or anything else solves the problem for the short term.
kuldeep last decade

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