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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
"Chariot" :
Thanks. You said 40 weeks pregnant, you should be off-loading very soon.
If you talk of Strep., you can think of "Lachesis", though it would be unwise to take at this juncture of pregnancy. However the following combination of Triturated Bio-Chemic salts would help you safely and you can continue any of your Homeo medicines which you may be taking currently.

Ferr.Phos.-3X + Nat.Sulph.-3X + Kali.Mur.3X.
Four tablets of each = one dose. Atleast 3 such doses each day.
- Put above medicines in half cup of hot water, dissolve, sip very slowly, keeping each sip on your tongue for 2-5 seconds before gulping. Repeat. Finish this one dose.
- Do this atleast 3 times day.
- 1000% safe with No aggravations WHAT-SO-EVER.
- Do not change quantity or power of medicines.
- Do it for many weeks and months.
- This should take care of most of your Strep, infection anticipations (sepsis, meningitis ... )

Try to read my answers on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156
"A R N I C A - For Anything and Everything", for an overview on how Homepath works.

Have you gone in for your Thyroid level tests.If your Thyroid levels are erratic, you will be more prone repeatedly for different infections. Let's know.

Here's wishing you Happy & Peaceful mother-hood.
Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
An article, by NESHA-INDIA, titled " MILK - Why is it not absorbable in the human body ? ", on the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/52848/

Calcium and Milk are interelated, atleast socially and philosphically. The Therapeutic and Nurtitional composition of Animal products (including Milk & Milk products) is absolutely useless when in comparison with Organic Vegetable products.

CONSIDER THIS ... : IT is apparently the residual evolve'itionery ANIMAL INSTINCT URGE that's left in the Human gene, that urges or compels it to go ahead grabbing or jostling for Animal protien. Hence the constant human urge or desire or CRAVING to feed on Animal protien.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/
Nesha-India last decade
Dr.Nesha-India, I am new to this forum,initially surprised by your assertive style and with mild yet brute force in dismantling the old guard with scientific knowledge; now I realise that you're a balanced person.Please continue your crusade!
robo007 last decade
"robo007" :
Thank you & Welcome on-board. Your single sentence is more than sufficient for critic's of Nesha-india.

The crusade will continue un-abated.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha-India,what's your opinion about'schizophrenia'?I think of late there's increasing incidence.Seen in introverts when they're unable to cope up the stress&upon using substance abuse.
robo007 last decade
I would like to copy a post that I have just made on the thread Natrum Phosphoricum which I feel is relevant to this thread also:

I really wonder what reason Nesha can offer for butting in for the second time on a serious discussion on Nat Phos which in my opinion can virtually change the face of the world, especially those who are suffering from both GERD and Obesity. If she has read the many posts that Girilal and others have made on this thread the fact that Nat Phos can be made with Phos Soda which is available throughout the US for a few Dollars can help to change the lives especially of the Obese who are officially counted at 65% of the population in the US. This applies equally to other countries as well that have their own percentage of the Obese who can be helped by this simple remedy in a manner that has been found effective in over 75% of the cases treated.

The fact that Nat Phos can be made in the manner recorded by Girilal, makes it possible for the Obese to use this remedy to reduce their weight safely in the range of I kg or 2.2 lbs per week. Those who have suffered from Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease (GERD) have testified on another thread to the efficacy of this therapy that I have prescribed. Some of these patients have been suffering from this serious ailment for over 40 years and were treated by their doctors with the usual drugs like Nexium, Prilosec etc which only served to make a bad situation infinitely worse. In almost all cases they discovered that they experienced almost instant relief after the first dose which continued day after day till in some instances their GERD was soon stabilized and in some cases, cured.

I do object to Nisha's snide remarks which she seems unable to suppress as I believe that in her own convoluted mind she feels that the joker that she is, should somehow put her 5 cents worth with what she feels are her hyper intelligent thoughts that are far above the ken of types like me and others on this forum, who are dedicated to helping members who post their ailments on this forum in the hope of finding a cure.

It is obvious that she sadly lacks any process of rational thought as shown in the manner that she projects them on this thread and others. I have observed that this is her normal approach to any thread where she feels impelled to add, what she fondly imagines, are her gems of thought however inappropriate they may be. I hope that she realizes that by her cynical attitude, she only serves to attract the scorn of other members who may not be able to voice their protest openly for various reasons.

Her reference to her inane screen play is, to say the least puerile and offensive and it is hoped that pests like her will stop their assaults on the many threads which in some cases may pertain to a matter of life and death for the patients who use the therapy that I and others who are dedicated to healing, offer them.

It is types like her that are the bane of homeopathy and I cannot understand the reason why she persists in acting the joker instead of condescending to use her pseudo classical knowledge of Homeopathy to help those who post their ailments on this forum. She persists instead in desecrating it in the manner she has done in her post above and on many others threads.

I do wonder if her comments are motivated by jealousy at the success of the therapy that I have indicated on this and other threads which I have always maintained is non classical in their methodology. It must be mentioned however that the large majority of cases that I have treated on this forum have worked in a manner that leaves me and others amazed at their successful outcome.

I feel that the lowest depth that she has descended to was epitomized by her vulgar reference to a 12 year old member of this forum whom she portrayed as being pregnant in another of her strange stage plays. This was objected to by members of this forum and resulted in the Moderator banning her from the ABC for the second time. It is a matter of interest that she has wriggled her way back again to it to the consternation of the long suffering members of this forum.

It is unfortunate indeed that she persists to degrade the love and understanding of this forum dedicated to healing but this, I believe, is the level that can be expected from a person who by her own admission, is a Hair Dresser by profession in her native city in India.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera, please don't worry about her. She is just self appointed 'abchomeopathy Constable'
A Cartoon.
hoolio last decade
Very impressive depiction of homeopathy this era,

keep up good thought provoking work,

ashfaq last decade
PLACIEBO method :
A medicine (here it is Arnica or Nat.Phos.) given JUST to SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases. Mostly, these medicines are do not have any physically curative effect. BUT to only INDUCE & satisfy the patient INTO BELIEVING psychologically that these medicines are working on him. The patient by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, BUT THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINS THE SAME and further dangerously cumulates into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

QUOTE from Nesha-India :
'In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years' - Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha, Joe is prescribing Arnica and Naturm Phos since June 2003.

Thirty-Seven months is a fairly enough time to observe if Arnica and Naturm Phos are just Placebo.

I request you to point to all the threads where people came back and said the problem recurred and THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINED THE SAME and further dangerously cumulated into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

I started Silica thread at 2005-03-09 for Acne scars and I many people said that it failed them and many said it worked like wonder so in 15 months we have enough clinical to make a proving. A scar is a scar, if one says it worked it means it worked and if one says it failed it failed. That thread has enough insight, I need not to prescribe Silicea to people anymore, all I can say it to read the whole thread and decide.

Again, for the benefit of public I request you to point to all the threads where people came back and said the problem recurred so we all can educate us.
girilal last decade
I have read several threads where people are saying that nat phos 6x cured their GERD permanently.

In my case, it has saved my life.

Nesha, I don't mean to say anything contrary to you. I mean you no harm.

Just want to share my life saving experience with Nat phos 6x and Arnica.

If you want more details about the life threatening condition I was in and how Nat phos 6x and Arnica have save my life, please feel free to e-mail me directly on my private e-mail.

I will be more than happy to share the horrible suffering I have been through the last several months.

Kind regards,
Pat2006 last decade

I must admit that I am appalled at the unnecessarily aggressive manner that you have adopted during the past few months and more especially during the course of the last 2 days to belittle my efforts to cure patients who are suffering from chronic GERD using the two remedies that you have singled out, Nat Phos 6x and Arnica. I have up to today left you severely alone but I feel that your taunts in your post above call for my direct answer to you. I felt that I should break my silence in not responding to your snide comments and taunts for the last few months and to take you head-on to give you some foood for thought. I am of course presuming that you have the ability to understand and accept facts when they are presented in a logical sequence. In spite of the taunts that you have made about me and my use of homeopathic remedies you will see from the many posts on this forum that I have used these two remedies very successfully as you can see from the two who have posted in my defense above.

I would like to commence my reply to you by requesting you not to murder the English language as it is written and accepted throughout the world barring possibly India where, I presume that the spelling of the language is not given the same prominence that it is given in other parts of the English speaking world. I noticed that in 2 posts made by you yesterday you insisted on spelling the word PLACEBO as PLACEIBO. You are advised to refer your dictionary and at least in the future learn to spell a word correctly. I make this point as you are very adept at criticizing me in ways too numerous to record here, in which you so delight in recording what you think are the negative effects of my dedicated advice to all who post on this forum, all of which sprout from your fertile imagination. You have often derided the remedies that I prescribe to patients who suffer from GERD and Asthma to name just two and you have used your fertile imagination to criticize me. I noticed however that two members have recorded their own viewpoint about me, completely unknown to me till I saw their posts this morning and this example proves that other members on this forum think otherwise. I also notice that you now boast of 2 more aliases whom you trot out to support yourself and you fondly imagine that you have the last word on this forum and that you carry the support of its members but I believe that the reverse is the case and that you have achieved the status of the resident clown on the ABC as members have discovered that your inputs on the forum are so inane and illogical that it does not take any knowledge of homeopathy to evaluate your responses.

I noticed that you seem to be allergic to the two remedies that I have been prescribing recently Nat Phos and Arnica and you dare to state above that they are mere PLACEBOS. It is obvious that you have not read the many posts that patients who were suffering from chronic GERD have made on the forum confirming that they experienced relief, some within a few minutes of the first dose of NP and that they felt much relieved in a few days on the combination therapy of NP and Arnica. I would also like to record here that I was the first person to discover and record this therapy which you will not see reported in any other Homeopathic repertory as this form of therapy is not accepted by the classical fraternity, in spite of the fact that it has been proved to work in a manner that other remedies do not equal for the alleviation and subsequent cure of GERD which as you probably are aware is not an easy disease to treat. It is the corrosive effect of the gastric juices comprising Hcl and Enzymes that wreak havoc in the Esophagus by leaking up through the Lower Esophagal Sphincter. It is strange that advances in modern medicine have not been able to provide a cure for this condition which I am informed affects 12% of the population in developed countries where overeating is usually followed by hyperacidity and is followed by GERD which is then followed by Barrett's and still later, cancer.

I am convinced that if only the medical profession used my technique to cure GERD with Nat Phos 6c which has been proved to accelerate that passage of food down the gut thereby preventing it from being regurgitated upwards into the esophagus. The Arnica 30c in the wet dose helps in the curative process in the esophagus by rebuilding the delicate tissue that has been corroded by years of acid reflux. From the many cases that I have helped it would be safe to state that GERD can be cured in about 6 months in the case of chronic cases but those that are treated early can be cured in a few weeks.

I have copied the findings of Dr Schuessler on the working of Nat Phos on another thread which you may have read which proves that my hypothesis of how it helps is correct. Advanced cases of GERD suffer excruciating pain due to the stomach juice digesting the delicate lining of the esophagus and in some cases affecting the throat muscles which made it impossible for the patient who has posted her experience above to swallow any solid food and later forced her to exist for some weeks on only a liquid diet, which I believe would certainly have harmed her permanently if I had not seen her SOS on this forum and prescribed the combined NP/Arn therapy which helped her. She is now well on the way to a complete cure but is still on these remedies as she is fearful of not taking them as she feels that she may slide back into her original state. True it is that the curative process may take some time but many patients on this forum who have used this therapy will testify that they are far better today with these 2 simple remedies than they were in the past when they used the many drugs that their gastroenteriologists had prescribed which include antacids, bismuth subsalicylate, H2 blockers, proton pump inhibitors and combination medicines all of which give only temporary relief. They include Nexium, Prilosec and also Zantac and other drugs which usually contribute to making a bad situation infinitely worse and in the long run can cause untold damage to the esophagus which can eventually lead to Barrett's Esophagus and finally cancer. GERD has also been found to be the cause of Asthma in some patients and it is of interest to record that a chronic case of Asthma was cured in a few weeks after the patient's GERD was treated even though it was not cured at the beginning of the therapy which cured her later. It was not found necessary to use my default remedy Nat Sulph for the patient's Asthma.

I note that you have tried very hard to justify your argument by insinuating that Nat Phos and Arnica are only placebos and do not have any physically curative effect. This is a clear example of how you endeavour to subvert the facts that patients have posted on the forum to suit your own ends even when the patients confirm how much better they feel after they used this combination therapy. Nat Phos accelerates the passage of food down the gut instead of permitting it to leak up through the lower esophagal sphincter valve into the esophagus, thereby causing the burning sensation that can sometimes be mistaken for a heart attack. The Arnica helps to rebuild the lining of the esophagus and the combination of these 2 remedies combine to help cure the patient in a few months without causing any side effects like those they were suffering from before with the drugs that they were used to take daily, in some cases for years with no hope of ever being cured. You may be interested to learn that I count a surgeon among my patients and he is simply amazed as to how this therapy is helping him when all the drugs he was using only served to palliate his ailment.

If you wish to read about the many cases that have responded positively to my therapy you are advised to type GERD in the Search Forums window and read the reports of grateful patients who have confirmed that my therapy has helped them first to alleviate their ailment and later to cure it.

It seems a shame that you should persist in criticizing me for, I believe the past 2 years, for my dedicated efforts to help patients who have suffered for many years, in one case for 45 years from GERD, and discovered that they were helped and in many cases cured of their GERD in a few months.

I can only counter your inane arguments with the actual proof which you are free to read on this forum and I do hope that if any patients who were cured of their GERD see this post, that they would feel that it is worth confirming on this thread for the benefit of Nisha that the therapy I have prescribed was not a PLACEBO which only served 'SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases'. In the majority of cases that you can read on the forum in your search for GERD you will read that they have been cured.

I would also like to make mention of my default remedy for Asthma Nat Sulph 6c and here too you can read about the many cures that I have been responsible for using what you entitled 'This for That' recipe which resulted in a cure. As you are aware I do not always use the standard method of prescribing as I have discovered that it invariably leads to clouding the selection of the remedy. I always treat it directly in the standard allopathic manner but if I am not familiar with the ailment I use homeopathic software, in this case Radar 9.2 to obtain a diagnosis and indicate the remedy in the true classical manner. It is just that I have more faith in my own remedies which I have used in many previous cases which enables me to be certain of the response of the patient who consults me.

Another discovery worth recording that I made is the reduction of weight that can be achieved very safely with Nat Phos 6x. Here too it was a serendipitous discovery on my part as I had given this remedy to an obese patient for his hyperacidity and he reported in a few weeks that he had dropped his weight at the rate of 1kg per week. I first announced this discovery on this forum on Christmas day 2004, the day before Sri Lanka was ravaged by the Tsunami.

You may also be aware that I have made some interesting discoveries in the use of standard homeopathic remedies for ailments that are not listed in the Materia Medicas which you have always proceeded to deride as being a figment of my imagination. If you wish to read more about the many cases that I have successfully handled, you are invited to click on my name and read at least some of the 3333 posts that I have made up to today on the ABC and the responses that I have evoked from patients who have used my therapy.

I am appalled that you should write in the insulting manner that you have done below on a public forum open to the world and I quote:

'AS USUAL - a never-ending monotonous & boring outburst (like poison spitting) - hallucino'sis - reeked of self-glorification & frustration coupled with indirect threatening to other forum members, AS IF the self-glorify'er's owns this forum. '

I do not for a moment feel that I qualify for your insults quoted above and I am confident that other members of this forum who read this post will agree with me that it is your own mind which I once qualified as 'Convoluted' and your unmitigated sense of pride in yourself that leads you to explode with this form of insult which no one on this forum has retaliated as I stated above in the manner that I have done today by taking it head-on or in other words 'taken the bull (cow?) by the horns' and spent a few minutes in writing this reply to you. Quite frankly I find your attitude as evidenced from your own post disgusting. It is my hope that from today you will WAKE UP to reality and if necessary use some homeopathic remedy which I shall not dare to prescribe for you to overcome your hallucinations and your high faluting esteem of your own puerile mind which drives you to the point of insanity to insult almost everyone on this forum who dares to cross your path.

I do not think that it is fitting that I should waste any more time in rebutting your thoughts spawned in your devious mind as I can see, as others also can, that you are unable to appreciate and accept logical argument and reasoning as you seem to live in your own cocoon together with your aliases Carlos and Ripas, whom you trot out to add spice to your insanity merely to make yourself feel superior to those who are dedicated to helping patients suffering from GERD and other ailments, who post on this Forum in the hope of finding a cure.

I shall conclude with just one thought to you which I shall leave with you and that is that you will never succeed in stifling my voice on this forum as other members who have benefitted from my therapy for their many ailments will take up cudgels against you to defend me as I do not have the time to do so on a daily basis as I have other more important things to do in my life.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Sir Joe,
Please mind your tongue and your manners.
Who is insulting whom.
Who has shown hatred against whom.
You are entitled to your own opinion. AND I am expresssing my own opinion.

AS USUAL - a never-ending monotonous & boring outburst coupled with deep-seated frustration.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
'Pat2006' :
Are YOU sure that Nat.Phos. + Arnica cured ALL your diseases completely. When you stop these medicines, all your symptoms will FLARE back with a stronger vengeance, after a few days. TRY this & experiment for a month and let's all know.

No medicine is taken life-long (including Homeopathic, Allopathic or Ayurvedic or ...). I hope you should be wise enough to understand this.

I notice your urge to contact me. My contact details are available in my login profile.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade

I cannot locate your contact info on your profile. Mine is available for you contact me. Please e-mail me. Thank you.
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Nesha,

Well being a true Homoeopath I must say prescibing Homoeopathy is absolutely wrong.
There are ways like therapeutic way of prescribing,mixopathy etc.But all these are just palliative methods.
To help patient in a curative way Complete case taking etc is required.

And I support this thread for good cause to stop using Homoeopathic medicine in a wrong way.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Nesha,

A big mistake in my earlier post...here is correction.
I said Being a true Homoeopath I must say prescribing Homoeopathy in Allopathic way is absolutely wrong.


Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
To robo007

New member or old, The lady named Nesha-India's survives on rubbing people, sarcasm, and mud slinging. By her own admission, she was banned 8 times from this forum by the Moderator. She is tarnishing the image and humility that Indian possess.

In her recent post I noticed that she talks about PLACEBO but she does'nt even know the spelling - calls it PLACIEBO.

She shows cynical disregard for others and cannot contain herself over the successes achieved by others or if they found some innovative methods. She must find fault with whatever any one says......she is a disgrace to the forum.

Its good to be knowledgeable but resisting any new idea or a new approach, is a serious mental condition because innovation and modifications are implicitly essesnce to progress and survival.

What do call those who instead of spending time and energies to extend a helping hand to those desparately looking for ..... just engaged pin pricking all the timein a state of extreme conceit ...and conceit...... and conceit.

Mohan last decade
Dear Nisha ,
i can understand that you have difference of opinion with some others on this forum, so what?
Becivilised and keep your opinions civilised too.

'If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem'
shrirn last decade
She is just a rebel-without-a-cause.
girilal last decade
To Nisha

I would recommend that you read the many posts that were made by others in response to your last attack on me in the 3 threads you have responded to on this forum, to realize the utter disdain that they all have against you and the utter contempt that they all hold you.

I was amused to discover that you have for the first time in all your many hundreds of post attacking me in the past addressed me, a Grandfather who will be 77 years old on October 19, as 'SIR Joe'. I presume that you have finally decided to at least respect age, which I understand is a prerequisite in Indian society as it certainly is in Sri Lankan society.

I shall quote your post below and later dissect it to show you and members what I believe really ails you and prompts you to respond in the manner that you always do to my posts and those of others whom you classify as your enemies if they do not kow tow to your own analysis of any matter under discussion on a thread which you do in a manner that can best be described as eccentric and even dangerous. You quote from various Repertories and Materia Medica and indicate perhps a dozen remedies for an ailment but you never ever help a patient who suffers from any aliment with just one remedy like I do in so many thousands of cases. I can think of the many cases that I have cured of GERD and Asthma to name only two that I have been helping during the past few days. You can read about their gratitude for their cures on the many threads that I have responded to. In direct contrast all you are capable of doing is to criticize my advice or the advice of others from the sidelines and I consider that this facet of your mind is vicious and deplorable. Vicious because of the manner that you twist words which are calculated to make the prescriber feel so frustrated as I have often been when a remedy that I have prescribed which has to be carefully balanced is criticized by you and when you succeed in sowing the seeds of doubt in the mind of the patient as to whether or not the remedy which I know will help, can help the patient, in his own mind. You are advised in matters such as this to keep your observations to yourself and not inflict it on the patients who are desirous of a cure.

You state:
'Dear Sir Joe,
Please mind your tongue and your manners.
Who is insulting whom.
Who has shown hatred against whom.
You are entitled to your own opinion. AND I am expresssing my own opinion.

AS USUAL - a never-ending monotonous & boring outburst coupled with deep-seated frustration. '

Your statement is obviously out of context as all I did was to post my response to you in text on this forum. You cannot refer to it by 'mind your tongue' which is only valid when describing any communication in spoken words and only referred to in speech. As for manners I am satisfied that I have been extremely gentlemanly in my response as I have always been throughout my long life. I would welcome any pointers from you where my manners in my long essay are questionable. In no place have I displayed any hatred towards to you. On the contrary my feelings towards you are of great sense of pity as I believe that you have a reasonably intelligent mind which is unfortunately subverted by your own upbringing and background as a result of which you always use it in an offensive manner which is so very unnecessary as nothing in this life can be achieved by hatred. I would recommend that you take an example from my own life where I have always achieved some outstanding success in many fields which I do not wish to bore you with here, by always adhering to a philosophy based on Love, which has endeared me to those whom I have some influence over. You are however correct that I have indicated that I believed that your hatred towards me and others on this forum was only too transparent and obvious in your posts. It is only that you twist your own words to me and others as in the Biblical reference 'You do not see the Beam in your own eye but can see the Mote in the eyes of others'.

I truly pity you for the lack of love that you have obviously suffered from throughout your childhood during your formative years from your parents and family as a result of which you have turned out to be the resident shrew on the ABC who is unfortunately officially condoned by the moderator who obviously has a soft spot for you and has according to you, banned you only 8 times for various indiscrete statements you have made on the ABC. I believe that the lowest that you stooped to was in your Jokes thread where you referred to Sally Lue who was only 12 years old at that time as being pregnant. This is certainly not my idea of a joke. There is evidence that Simon banned you immediately after I and other members reported it to him but you staged a come back shortly after by obviously sweet talking him into permitting you to return, against the wishes of the members of this forum. This lack of finess on your part is a pointer to the deep seated resentment that you have suffered from and I hope that this post may serve to open your eyes and that you will take steps to redress it with counselling and also with Homeopathic remedies.

I must admit frankly that I have often thought of spanking your bottom if you were my daughter, or even my grand daughter ! I estimate you to be around 38 years old and frustrated in life, by your own admission a hair dresser with perhaps a rich father who dotes on you. You have indicated that you have some slight interest in Homeopathy which you first started to use in treating your friends. You then discovered this forum and proceeded to inflict your theoretical knowledge coupled with your understanding of the Indian English which you specialize in with all its idiosyncrasies and proceeded to use your pseudo theoretical knowledge on the members of this forum with of course the blessing of the management who stand in awe of your pseudo classical homeopathic background.

I am convinced that you owe your very confused mentality to your parents who did not give you the love and understanding that is the right of a growing child as a result of which you have matured to be the shrew that you are today.

It pains me to submit this post on a public forum such as this, but since you have so very obviously stooped down to a level which is not the acceptable norm in the many posts that you made, I decided to do so as I felt that a public reproach to you may have the desired effect, that is if you have any sense of shame and modesty which is inborn into our culture.

Please remember that I have the backing of the majority of the members of this forum who will obviously come to my defense on their own accord whenever you attack me and you are advised in your own interest to desist from doing so in the future.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Sir Joe,
You obvisouly missed the joke when I addressed you as 'Sir'.

Read this, repeatedly what I last said :

1. AS USUAL - a never-ending monotonous & boring outburst coupled with deep-seated frustration.

2. You are entitled to your own opinion. AND I am expresssing my own opinion.

3. Regading what you (joe) politically said 'I have the backing of the majority of the members of this forum '. So, how does it matter. What does it mean. Threatening or what.

4. Like one another member had a large number of multiple alias (proxy member) logins, which HE ULTIMATELY CONFESSED in another thread. I don't even have one, else I would not return here 8 times with the same log-in name. Hope you don't prejudice yourself ATLEAST on this one.

5. Nesha-India, DOES NOT NEED any backing from any supporters. I alone am enough to manage all the insults and nonsense you & others can do to me & homeopathy.


Certain non-college-qualified Homeopaths have shown their resent to my following sentence, as reproduced below, which was posted above on 2006-07-22.

PLACIEBO method :
A medicine (here it is Arnica or Nat.Phos.) given JUST to SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases. Mostly, these medicines are do not have any physically curative effect. BUT to only INDUCE & satisfy the patient INTO BELIEVING psychologically that these medicines are working on him. The patient by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, BUT THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINS THE SAME and further dangerously cumulates into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

My question to 'girilal', 'joe', 'mohan', 'shrirn', and other's IS as follows :

- By Homeopathically (rules), what is wrong in the above statement ? Give reasons.
- Why are the above people hell-bent on criticising & repeatedly banning Nesha-India from this forum ?
- Do the qualified homeopath's also support or not support the above statement. Give reasons.
- In which post and did Nesha-India attack anybody personally or their prescriptions.
- Are people hallucinating that Nesha-India is attacking anybody & for what.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
To Nisha,

It is amazing that after persisting with scathing remarks ..... you are trying to put up a masked face of innocence.

You don't even spare a new member (example - 'robo007') who did even know you from adam and you took on him for no reason.

As it seems you have all the time in the world to do what you do, I have better things to do rather then compiling the list of your attacking ritual to quote to you.

As my name clearly shown that I am an Indian, people do ask me if this is a common trait among Indians who call themselves qualified. This is why I have been repeatedly asking you to drop India from you Log-in name.

One thing is sure, I don't believe in hypocrisy and I may tell you, you seem to be sick as otherwise you would not waste your energies and time on such meaningless exchanges.

First drop the word 'India' from your Log-in name if you insist on continuing your rebuttals and mud slingings. If you wish to become famous this way.....you are sadly mistaken.

Mohan last decade
Dear Nesha, good entertainer you are. Wish others too have sense of humor.
girilal last decade
To Nisha

I regret that I cannot waste any more time replying your inane posts as I believe that you rather enjoy baiting me indefinitely and seek to continue an argument and questioning when no purpose is served by doing so. I have reached the conclusion that it is just not possible to enter into any debate with one who lives in a world of her own to which I referred in my last post. Distortion of the facts seems to be your forte and when that level is reached by anyone there is no purpose served by me or anyone replying you as it is obvious that your mind is so occluded with your own irrationality that you do so delight in having the last word however stupid and irrational that last word is.

I hope that you realize that your attitude has caused patients who have just registered as members to leave the forum in disgust as they cannot understand the infighting that goes on in a forum dedicated to Homeopathy, and I hope that the moderator of this forum will take note.

I have tried in my last post to help you to rise above your base instincts which will I feel eventually damn you and I and other members of this forum shall await that day with interest.

I shall leave with you a quotation from Cyrus Ching which I suggest you think about when you are not otherwise inebriated with what you feel is that special talent that you are gifted with in your profession as a hair dresser who likes to treat friends and family with your own concept of homeopathy .

' I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig.
You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.'

Cyrus Ching
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Sir Joe,

YOU ARE FREE TO CALL ME A PIG or anything else, as earlier you have called me different names and freely insulted and abused me, depending on your capacity & capability.

Forget me and my mentality. ALWAYS remember Nesha-India will ALWAYS be too much to handle irrespective of your capacity & capability.

You talk of distortion of Facts. I have asked you a very simple question, in my Indian English (sic). If it not beyond your intelligence, and if you understand homeopathy, you should be able to answer that, OTHERWISE IT IS ALL FUTILE EXCUSES & MAGICAL PRESCRIPTIONS.

In fact, you (joe) have distorted the principles & rules of homeopathy, to such a extent that you have been BANNED from all the numerous other forums you used to visit. Is this not a fact ? There is no in-fighting over here between the members, Nesha-India is only pointing out the need to prescribe on Homeopathy principles and rules and REFRAIN from reckless and irresponsible PLACIEBO prescription of a single medicine for ANY & ALL diseases, which is highly dangerous to the lives of the visiting patients / members on this forum.

OBVIOUSLY, Talk is cheap. You & others have repeatedly abused & insulted me and called me names, as is evident in your posts, BUT I don't complain to anybody including the moderator.
Don't fret about, JUST answer my above question.
LIKE a small child, why do you always bring the Moderator about and keep on complaining against Nesha-India. The moderator WOULD also see the numerous educative posts Nesha-India has made and if any of my posts are against the principles of Homeopathy or if Nesha-India has insulted or abused anybody, as YOU & OTHERS have insulted and abused me, REPEATEDLY.

You are entitled to your own opinion. AND I am expresssing my own opinion.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade

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