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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

i don't understand your motives in starting this thread, but I appreciate the way you are handlig it.

though there are no 'specifics' in homeopathy, your 'this for that' should make one study that particular remedy to see whether it fits.

however I believe in the 'three legs to the stool' concept, and I would appreciate if you start giving atleast three prominent symptoms for each drug.

Whenever you suggest a medicine for a particular condition ,try to give the adjunct symptoms that are most likely to be associated with the remedy.

I would like to see people take your suggestions seriously.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

Are prescribing for acute or chronic cases allopathically? I'm confused if for chronic, since full cases (all symptoms, past illnesses, emotional disposition, etc) need to be analyized in great detail.
Traci_London last decade
"new2town" : FOR "persistent chalazion"
1. Take Cal.Flr.-6x PLUS Silicea-12x PLUS Ferr.Phos-3X
Four tablets of each per dose. Take 4 such doses every day, for many weeks. Dissolve dose in half cup Hot water. Slow Sip the dose, holding the gulp for a second on your tongue.
2. Take Mag.Sulph.200C, one dose, one drop of liquid medicine, EVERY Sunday morning.
3. Use Euphrasia (aqua based) Eye drops, every 4th hour on the eye, for many weeks.
4. Avoid any other Homeopathic medicines, for the time being.

"bandarbabu2000" : Thanks for your "All the best". Okay, I will refine the THIS FOR THAT, as you suggested, as & where possible. The MOTIVE : simplify the prescribing techniques on rare OR stand-alone isolated SYMPTOMS and KEYNOTES, when prescribing remote'ly..
Regarding "SPECIFICS" : Consider this : ILL-EFFECTS from eating "melon" is "italically" equal to Ars.Alb. Here no need to Constitutionalise or Repertorise the rest of the remaining symptoms - which may be what-so-ever. NOW THIS IS a specific KEYNOTE. Comments please.

"Traci_London" :
Homeopathic medicines, when prescribed NON-CONSTITUTIONALLY, do not need the details like (all symptoms, past illnesses, emotional disposition, etc).
1. Almost all constitutional prescriptions will vary / be-different in the hands of different homeopaths.
2. After all symptoms, when repertorised, should be compulsorily always be cross-checked with the Materia Medica.
3. Patient Symptoms when dictated to Allopaths or Homeopaths, HERE the analysis will be to be done by the medico, irrespective of being done by a Allopath or a Homeopath.
4. In Homeopathy, you SKIN the symptoms further, (skin as in skinning the hair) trying to find or refine a more precise KEYNOTE. The Allopaths CAN also do this, BUT they don't - It is not there in their regime.
5. My suggestions are not prescriptions, but only indications, and meant to be further cross-checked with different medicines & symptoms.
6. For debate sake : IF a wife describes her absent husband, of a rare symptom, like for example *** "sleeps with hand over head", you should always forget the constitutional repertorisation and simply prescribe "Ars.Alb." This rare keynote takes care of all the constitutional analysis and affects a perfect cure for all chronic and acute symptoms.
7. Analysis of the patient (which includes body-language, tone, mental pattern, physical apperance ....) has to be considered OVER constitutional repertorisation.
8. Above point - 7, becomes RELEVANT when treating dumb / deaf humans / animals / remote prescribing (received from like this forum, via postal case-histories, via live-internet case histories, case-histories received via patients relatives and so on....)
9. Most homeopaths (like their allopathic counter-part), in the name on constitutional prescribing, keep on experimenting with homeo medicines. Some even prescribe multiple medicines without even realising the importance of drug duration or drug antidote or drug repetition. .
10. Let me put it this way. Forget the Patient for the time-being. Talk about reverse prescribing techniques. What would a Homeopath prescribe "Sulphur" FOR. (say for all types of dirty habits, dirty looks, unhygenic physicals and mentals). Here there is no need for any symptoms from the patient (who could/may be dumb/deaf....). Mere observation by the doctor is sufficient enough to generate tentative targetted drug-picture-symptoms. Here the importance of Constitutional repertorisation becomes irrelevant, when in consideration and debate on above points.
Nesha-India last decade

I'm interested in constitutional remedies, if what you are saying is right, does that mean that we are all subjectable to constitutional even when given a case study?
Traci_London last decade
"Traci_London" :
1. A unique UNCOMMON or RARE symptom / keynote, points out to a particular and specific medicine (only & only), though not "mysterious'ly or dramatically". A precise specific razor-sharp knowledge of each drug picture is necessary for this type of "mysterious or dramatic" CURE.
2. You can't have the taste of Orange in any other fruit in this world. The Taste of orange is specific to that fruit. So if you taste orange blind-folded, you can immediately and specifically say that you have just eaten orange. THIS IS A SPECIFIC UNIQUE UNCOMMON or RARE SYMPTOM / KEYNOTE, to the medicine (here it is the Orange). That's drug individuall'ism.
3. If a doctor is able to persistantly able to monitor his patient, IN THE LONG TERM, than the case study should be difinetly Constitutional'ised and constitutional remedy is appropriate.
IF a unique UNCOMMON or RARE symptom / keynote can be extracted from the patient, than a non-constitutional approach is sufficient enough, since the medicine given for this uncommon or rare symptom / keynote is the going to be the constitutional medicine for this patient.
4. Every Homeopath theroizes differently and individually. Almost in all Homeopathic cases, a constitutional assessment is necessary and should be done, FOR LONG TERM IMPLICATIONS. If constitutionalisation is not possible (for reasons described in earlier post), then the next best step is to assess / decide the uncommon / rare symptoms and prescribe accordingly.
5. The rare keynote (as described in earlier post) "sleeps with hand over head", calls for Ars.Alb. Though also this same key note covers Pulsitilla. Here it is necessary to constitutionalise the patient symptoms, as described in my earlier post.

Quote for today : "A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks"
Nesha-India last decade
Another approach is to go by the location,sensation and modality route,in case you are unable to spot the constitutional medicine.

So many drugs are mentioned in the repertory for Coryza. The moment you think of the modlities like better in a warm room, the choice comes down to a handful.The same is the case with worse in a warm room.

What I observed is it is very easy to spot the correct medicine,if you give enough attention to the modalities.

For example Rhustox is bound to give relief for cases, where 'Scalding the parts with hot water reduces the itch'.

Always study medicines keeping these three points in view.

Location,Sensation and Modalities.

Never say Ars is a medicine for coryza. Say Ars is a medicine for coryza better in a warm room.All.cepa is for coryza worse in a warm room.Learn these differentiations. homeopathy will be most useful for most of our day to day problems, if we proceed this way.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi, Nesha, Your THIS FOR THAT, is a lively thing on this forum compared to other monotonous posting which are not even followed up with everyone posting prescriptions left and right.

I wish to record my appreciation for your suggestion of 2005-10-07, where you were wonderful in prescribing an non-medicated remedy to ZOFAY in 39270 link.

We have experimented with atleast 10 people here in England with the Epsom salt therapy that you had prescribed to ZOFAY for his HALITOSIS. We are really surprised at the simplicity with which you suggested the Epsom salt and We confirm that we have achieved 100% success in treating HALITOSIS with Epsom salt and patients are free from their foul breath. We used no medicines. As I presume that you have studied your medicine in England, you would be aware that the British are not very particular about their oral hygeine and this simple therapy of yours has worked wonders. All the doctor in our group are very appreciative of your prescribing techniques and your language. I have just read all your postings in 45040 link to your replies to ALEXTHINK and personally I think you are a unique genius.

Please to keep up your THIS FOR THAT, as frequently as possibile. We all learn from it.

Good luck from all of us overhere.
carlos last decade

"Regarding "SPECIFICS" : Consider this : ILL-EFFECTS from eating "melon" is "italically" equal to Ars.Alb. Here no need to Constitutionalise or Repertorise the rest of the remaining symptoms - which may be what-so-ever. NOW THIS IS a specific KEYNOTE. Comments please."

I missed this query. You are right.If you are sure that the present symptoms are due to eating 'melon' you can definitely prescribe Ars. without hesitation.

'causation'helps you to narrow down your choice, and will help you to spot the remedy quickly.

The reason why certain medicines are considered specific to the 'causation' is because the ill effects produced by these causations match very cosely with the pathogenesis of the remedy.

The ill effects are the same for most of the individuals irrespective of their constitution, and hence same medicine works in almost all cases.

Ailments from sitting/sleeping on a cold floor : Nux.vomica

After effects of getting drenched in rain : Rhustox.

There are many such useful tips.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
"carlos" : Thanks for the TRIAL results you conducted regarding EPSOM salt for Halitosis (foul breath). Please continue with my compliments and regards to your group of doctors.

"bandarbabu2000" :
Thank you for your appreciated & intelligent inputs. I request & expect more, please, since hardly anybody has capacity to indulge in such intelligent inputs.
As I said earlier, Homeopaths do consitutionalise as per there own judgements, WHICH ALWAYS VARY VERY-VERY DIFFERENTLY with / from other homeopaths. BUT if you have a STAND-ALONE RARE symptom, say like "ILL-EFFECTS from eating melon", THAN it does not require constitutionalising the other symptoms AND ALL HOMEOPATH'S PRESCRIPTIONS WOULD MATCH EACH OTHER's.

YOU said "causation'helps you to narrow down your choice, and will help you to spot the remedy quickly".

Let me compare the above sentence in the ALLOPATHY sense, SO AS TO JUSTIFY the current domain topic, i.e. "Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - THIS FOR THAT"
a) The MEDICINE is the "THIS" = Here Allopathically the "Homeopathic remedy is Ars.Alb"
b) The CAUSATION is the "THAT" = Here the cause / symptom is "ill-effects from eating melon"

which equalises into "THIS FOR THAT"

i.e. THIS medicine FOR THAT symptom/disease. (subject to STAND-ALONE RARE symptom)

Your comments is requested vis-a-vis your question, in your earlier post, where you asked me MY motive for starting this thread /topic.

1. Not every individual gets "ILL-EFFECTS from eating melon". SO if a patient gets ILL-EFFECTS from eating "melon", HE IS AUTOMATICALLY INDIVIDUALISED (Hahnemann's Homeopathic theory). No need to further constitutionalise the individual.
2. Many times even after months, the homeopath is not able to effect an perfect cure. WHY. The Homeopaths constitutionalising individualist technique is fidgety, inspite of plenty of symptoms, wherein the same symptoms is covered in other medicine as well.
3. Individualising is to extract the uncommon symptoms, which is individual to him alone and not to the homeopathic repertory.

Nesha-India : "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
Nesha-India last decade
"The MOTIVE : simplify the prescribing techniques on rare OR stand-alone isolated SYMPTOMS and KEYNOTES, when prescribing remote'ly.."

Dear Nesha

Your 'present' motive is laudable.

I agree with you that the PQRS symtoms as we call it (Peculiar,queer,rare and strange symptoms)should always be the guide, rather than symptoms very common to most diseases.

However I feel that a single uncommon symptom if reled upon,may bring relief to the patient for that particular ailment, and can't be considered to be his constitutional symptom.

Well, as far as the scope of forums like this are concerned, you are perfectly right that while prescribing 'remotely', you can't do any better than this.

Unfortunately patients tend to indicate the symptoms common to the disease,and rarely try to notice and give the peculiar symptoms.

If this thread helps the patients to search for those peculiar symtoms, it will be reallly great.

I shall definitely respond and continue to discuss on this thread. Unfortunately, I am not able to devote more time ,as I used to earlier, due to other pressing engagements.

However, I love to do all that I can, for spreading homeopathy.

I started compiling PQRS symptoms some time back, and will start an exclusive thread for them some time later.

Meanwhile please continue the good work you are doing.

You can call me 'Murthy'.Bandarbabu2000 is too long to type.: )


bandarbabu2000 last decade
Habit of always getting excited = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Habit of always getting irritated / angry = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Habitual involuntary worry'ing tendency = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Habitual involuntary habit of always thinking/pondering/brooding = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Difficulty in falling sleep = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Habit of brooding before sleep = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Mentally, always feeling fatigued / tired = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Physically, always feeling less energetic Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
To increase memory rentention capacity = Kali.Phos-30C (4 pills 3 times a day)
Failing memory in Old persons = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Sudden Anxiety / palpitation / nervousness = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, every 15 minutes)
Anticipation of Heart attack = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, every 15 minutes)
Feels strongly hungry, immediately after eating a full meal = Kali.Phos-30X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Craving for Ice-water / Vinegar / Sweets = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
To stop getting frightened suddenly / repeatedly = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
To lift your spirits / moods & to stop chronic depression = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Tongue getting dry, suddenly = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Sudden presperation with or without any reason = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, every 15 minutes)
To remove feeling of sadness / depression = Kali.Phos-12X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Bed-wetting (at literally all ages) = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)
Bad Dreams / Horror Thoughts = Kali.Phos-6X (4 tablets, 4 times a day)

Medicines to be taken till symptoms persist. Do not change power of medicines.

Consider this from Nesha-India :
"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people"
Nesha-India last decade
Uncontrollable irritated child = Phos-30c, Cham-30c
Does not want to work = Phos-1M
Fed-up of life / living = Phos-1M
Walks without any rhythm = Phos-200c
Frequent Headache / Constipation = Phos-200c
Sensitive to Water / Swimming = Phos-200c
Albumen in urine = Phos-30c

QUOTE : "You have to stop in order to change direction"
Nesha-India last decade
This for That, FOR LEUCODERMA, as replied to "savitha" in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/48718/

Leucoderma = Hydrocotyle-1M, 2 drops liquid, direct on clean scrapped tongue, once every night time just before sleeping. For 5 nights only. Stop. Observe / Wait for atleast 3 months before taking any other Homeo medicines.

Alongwith above :
Nat.Mur.-3X, 6 tablets or equivalent powder, 4 times a day dissolved on tongue. For many months. This helps the most.

Ichthyolum-Q, apply locally on affected skin, undiluted, just before sleeping, till patches change their constitution. Safe. This takes many months.

Presently Cosmetic surgeons have something called Melanin etching, wherein they change the skin spot (in a way this is permanent). However this does not stop the Leucoderma from gradually spreading.

A QUOTE : "A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path"
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha

What about Ars.Sulf.Flav. for Leukoderma?

I saw two cases cured with it.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
hey nesha i am new to this forum. luckily i got to read this page. to my surprise i have come acrooss people like you who know something ,who have an idea where to go. i am a fresh hom. and practising hom. for last 3 years your an bandar babu's approach towards a case is right for me
i agree that there are a lot of ways to approach a case ui have treated many cases of thier acute and chronic problems with this for thaty approach. but in many cases i have seen that you have to go deeper and find some deep acting med. for the patient to help him get rid of his problem1
well nice work. keep doing it.
and i must tell you i never thought that i will come across some one like you that tyoo a gal having this much of knowledge and study .keep it up. we will keep discussing many a things in the forum and will like to know your views about some of my cases. i would like to your thoughts about them.
drsarvesh last decade
hi all
am new 2 this forum n ths page esp attracted my attention n so am taking the liberty 2 xpress my views on specifics in homoeopathy

well i dont think homoeopathy is all abt specifics or 'if this symptoms then xyz drug. many a times we do this coz' the symptoms is very rare or peculiar.
but usualy we dont just prescribe on 1 symptom n all who do r practicing a v crude form or r afraid of labour n the process of repertorisation.
when we get a pt. there r soo many things tht hav 2 b looked into
and all thoes doct who practice polypharmacy mix 6 med in one go the specific ones n giv it to the pt. very luky if thy get gud results but if thy dont all it will lead to thoro' confusion
my appologies if i hurt any ones feeling
a very nice n informativ page
tak care all
dr divya last decade
could you pls post on ur THIS 4 THAT
diclofenac sodium = ?
thank you
kplavunkal last decade
"kplavunkal" :
INTERESTING to-the-point challenging intelligent question (presume'ably by a Allopath medico).

The current topic / domain, involves prescribing Homeo medicines on the USUAL rules of Allopathy (i.e. THIS FOR THAT). However you have asked the opposite that is : what is equivalent of Homeo medicines verses/for Allopathic medicines. Anyway, the following is for your consideration.

diclofenac S-O-D-I-U-M = Hyper., Coccu., Arg.Nit., Colch., Aco.,

diclofenac P-O-T-T-A-S-I-U-M = Arnica, Mag.Phos., Kali.Phos.., Gels., Bry., Rhus.

Diclofenac SODIUM acts more aggressively inside the human body.
Diclofenac POTTASIUM is much more friendly inside the human body when compared to diclofenac SODIUM.
All allopatic drugs may/should/could be dis-continued ONLY & ONLY on advise from a well qualified and experienced homeopath.
Nesha-India last decade
"Murthy" : Thanks for your input on Leucoderma and Ars .... Yes. the remedy can be appropriately used to treat Leucoderma. Since the discussion (as below) involved your interest as well, please go thru & acknowledge with your comments. For acadamic interest, please also go thru http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731 and comment.

"drsarvesh" : Thank you and Congratulations for your new qualification and best wishes for your career as a distinguished Homeopath. Your veiws, suggestions, discussions and inputs are very much welcome. Please go thru my input below and acknowledge with your comments.

"dr divya" : Thank you for your comments. I have given my perception to your question on homeopathic specifics and the case labour involved. Try to go thru my input below and acknowledge with your comments.

IS Homeopathy all about individualisation, as typically commonly mis-understood by homeopaths who gather (and not extract) patient symptoms and try to repertorise it using the individualisation factor OF THE SYMPTOMS.

IS IT individualising the symptoms verses the medicines .... OR .....
IS IT invididualising the MEDICINES verses the symptoms.

Is the individual producing the symptoms keynotes .... OR ....
Is it the LACK of the medicines (signature) that produce the symptoms keynote.

IF ARS.ALB, is meant for ILL EFFECTS OF EATING MELON, then no other medicines will produce "ILL EFFECTS OF EATING MELON". Some other medicines may produce SIMILAR guiding symptoms BUT NOT THIS EXACT ... S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C .... SYMPTOMS

to understand homeopathically ... SIMILARS ... IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO SPECIFICS.
TO understand homeopathically, S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C-S, is a 1000% SURE SHOT curative medicine verses the S-I-M-I-L-A-R-S medicine.

SPECIFICS, is a rare keynote ONLY & ONLY TO THAT INDIVIDUAL, as far as the drug picture is concerned. AND EACH invididual has a SPECIFIC and RARE keynote SYMPTOM.

FIND that SPECIFIC & RARE keynote SYMPTOM related to that patricular patient , then there is no need AT-ALL for CONSTITUTIONAL SIMILARS or repertorising.

A Pulstilla patient will not react to pulsitilla medicine, when reacted pathologically with eating Melon. AND neither the patient will be given Puls (Even if it is the constitutional medicine). A CONSTITUTIONAL MEDICINE WILL NOT C-U-R-E THE SPECIFICS, unless the SPECIFICS itself is the constitutional medicine.

If a pulstilla patient's mother telephonically informs the homeopath, that the patient is in a bad shape "due to eating melons", then the SPECIFIC medicine is ARS.ALB., and not his constitutional "PULS" medicine at the symptom-moment-instant.

Typically it would be errornous to think that a constitutional patient of "PULS" will not have the ill-effects of eating melon, EVEN WHEN THE PATIENT IS CURRENTLY ON HIS CONSTITUTIONAL "puls" MEDICINE. ...... or would it.

Typically it would also be errornous to think that a constitutional medicine is a ONE-ALL-CURE-MEDICINE for that patient for his past-present-future symtpoms. BUT THEN WHAT IS CONSTITUIONAL MEDICINE and SIMILARS, when SPECIFICS can very easily over-ride all the constitutional symptoms.

MOST (majority) well qualified homeopaths keep on firing arrows (similar's), occasionally hitting the target (the disease). AND in the meanwhile the patients' self-defensive-immune system takes over (which is constantly re-junevating itself ... BY DEFAULT) and overcomes its own malady (acute symptom / cases) and subsequently in Chronic cases too. THEREBY requiring no medicines AT-ALL, as in the case of fever, cough, pain, small-pox, and ....

1. More than 70% of earths human population DO NOT TAKE ANY medicines
2. Literally 0% of living creatures (animals, fish, birds, ...) take any medicines for their malady.
3. Certain types of Alternative therapies like Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure, Acupuncture ..., form part of the healing and curing process, without the involvement of medicines, similars / specifics or otherwise. BUT HERE the therapeutic actions is directed to the SPECIFIC symptom, the patient projects.
4. It is only the over-self-sensitised or the under-self-sensitised people, who require any form of medicines.
5. People who are well balanced in their sensitivity or who can easily ignore their sensitivity to their malady, do not require any medicines, since by body-tissue-cell default (selfpreservation-defensive-immune system) the body (each tissue cell) keeps on rejunevating itself constantly and continously.

- because they do not follow the law of specifics, but the prejudiced law of medical Egotism (accordingly to Nesha-India)
- cause they do not want to LABOUR or DEVOT by studying the drug picture specificity completely and resort to studying only the keynote similars.
- studying similars is childs play, BUT studying SPECIFICS is devotedly studying the behaviour of each medicine and not the patients.
- repertorising Similars (symptoms) is child's play and does not require any effort or labour. BUT finding and repertorising SPECIFICS, is a question of experience, intelligence and reasoning poweress and requires endless hours of effort and labour, which rarely any egotised homeopath puts into (pun intended).
- an homeopath would never know how to treat food allergies, because he would never know the specifics for each drug verses the the food allergies and he would keep-on searching or prescribing for similars (symptoms) endlessly.
- the ITALICS and the BOLD or the UNDERLINED symptoms in the books are not indicated for proven repeatedly drugs, as typically (sic) understood by qualified (?) homeopaths. AND ON THE CONTRARY, IT SHOULD AND MUST BE CONSIDERED AS SPECIFIC MEDICINE FOR THAT ... ITALIC / BOLD / UNDERLINED KEY NOTE.

Comments invited, Please.
Nesha-India last decade
BAD effects FROM suppressed perspiration = Silicea-1M (3 DOSES for one day ONLY)

BAD ... as in chronic smell, smell'able from a meter away.
... leading to bacteria growth (typically .. near underarms, groins, all foldable skin joints, ...)
... leading to skin diseases (eczema, topical dermatitis, skin degeneration/discoloration)
... leading to Acne, Pimples, Dry skin and ultimately WRINKLES
... leading to LOW Blood pressure, intermittent laboured breathing
... leading to depression, palpitation, emotional and behaviourial distrubances
... leading to Joints pains, Back pains ...

Suppressed ... from (as in reasons) Anti-perspiration'ants (sprays, rub-ons ...)
... due to sedentary life styles and habits (always in-house activities)
... due to non-exposure to sunlight
... leading to craving for Acidic, Oily, Spicy and Fried FOODS
... from over-use of Anti-biotics, Anti-histamines

ALTERNATIVE's to SILICEA treatment :
- - - Sauna Bath or Steam Bath ... atleast two times a week
- - - Complete body (trunk) submerged in HOT water with dissolved Rock SALT (Black salt)
- - - Jogging to induce sweat

Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha,

I moved to a cold country about 5 years ago, and ever since my eczema has flared up more than ever. It is fine in the summer months, but gets very bad in winter.

I feel it is because I do not sweat as normal during winter (like in summer), and my body fails to expell toxins.

How would the Silicea 1M dose help? Would it induce sweating? Or expulsion of toxins in other ways? Would you mind explaining please?

Look forward to you reply...thanks!
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Hi Nesha,

I am interested in your THIS FOR THAT prescribing and would like to know what you would do for an acute that feels as if a balloon is blowing up inside my brain, accompanied by 50% hearing loss in both ears. Everyone around me is getting sick and I think this may be the beginning of this cold. Thanks!

Chariot last decade
"stickyfingaz99" :
For details on Eczema, please read the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/51562/
Since you say that moving to a cold country has flared up your Eczema. Obivisouly you have been taking more & more of acidic foods (like wine, tea, coffee, other hot foods etc... ) to counter the cold, which cause build of acidic structure in your G.I.Tract. As far as perspiration is concerned, in cold countries, the body's metabolism increases, in a way compensating for sweating. Silicea would help you, though Please provide more details about your mental & physical symptoms for me to answer more appropriately (in a new post / link)

"Chariot" :
Your symptoms indicate deep infection including dryness inside the ear. The following should help you, tentatively : Aconite-30c, one drop direct on you tongue. 3 times a day. Alongwith Kali.Mur.-3X, (bio-chemic triturated tissue salt) 4 tablets 4 times a day. TILL symptoms persist.
Obtain Mullein Oil (homeopathic preparation) and put two drops in each ear, 2 times a day. Over the period of time, Mullein oil, will in a way reverse your hearing loss. If possible, let's know your results.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha,

Thank you for replying to my post.

I have started a new post, detailing my case more:


Look forward to hearing from you.
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Hi Nesha,

Many blessings to you and a warm thanks for the reply. I unfortunately lost internet connection for a week and missed your post until now.

Excellent prescribing by the way, funny thing happened, I did fall quite ill and my remedy was aconite 30c for the type of fever and chills brought on after a day of being underdressed chilled by the cold winds. I feel much better after the aconite and you really nailed it there. I never took the Kali. Mur. or the Mullein but I have used Mullein Oil (naturopathic preparation) in the past for ear infections.

I am not sure if I should take those now as my symptoms have passed but I do have another crisis.

I am 40 wks. pregnant today and found out a week ago that I have tested positive for Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus (Group B Strep) which 'can' cause sepsis, meningitis, pnuemonia, or conjunctivitis that can cause blindness in newborns. In wishing to avoid typical antibiotic prescribing I have chosen the naturopathic treatment of douching with garlic and goldenseal. I am also on the constitutional treatment of Nat. Mur. 200c. I am asymptomatic so I guess I am a colonized 'carrier' and not with 'GBS Disease'. Anyways, my concern is for my newborn baby, do you have any recommendations for me or the baby?

I read your post on calcium, it was well put and timely, thanks. You are very wise. I have been told to give my son fluoride supplements for his teeth but I have read articles on fluoride replacing calcium that has been leeched out of the bones by chlorination. There is also a linear corelation to 'fluorosis' and bone breakage. I believe also that the best way to strengthen your teeth and bones is to eat your leafy greens and I am not at all convinced that the fluoride 'really' strengthens your teeth and bones, it is the calcium.

Thanks for all of your help! I am a current student and I have been told that the best homeopaths come out of India, maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to study in your great country! I look forward to hearing from you!

Chariot last decade
"Chariot" :
Thanks. You said 40 weeks pregnant, you should be off-loading very soon.
If you talk of Strep., you can think of "Lachesis", though it would be unwise to take at this juncture of pregnancy. However the following combination of Triturated Bio-Chemic salts would help you safely and you can continue any of your Homeo medicines which you may be taking currently.

Ferr.Phos.-3X + Nat.Sulph.-3X + Kali.Mur.3X.
Four tablets of each = one dose. Atleast 3 such doses each day.
- Put above medicines in half cup of hot water, dissolve, sip very slowly, keeping each sip on your tongue for 2-5 seconds before gulping. Repeat. Finish this one dose.
- Do this atleast 3 times day.
- 1000% safe with No aggravations WHAT-SO-EVER.
- Do not change quantity or power of medicines.
- Do it for many weeks and months.
- This should take care of most of your Strep, infection anticipations (sepsis, meningitis ... )

Try to read my answers on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156
"A R N I C A - For Anything and Everything", for an overview on how Homepath works.

Have you gone in for your Thyroid level tests.If your Thyroid levels are erratic, you will be more prone repeatedly for different infections. Let's know.

Here's wishing you Happy & Peaceful mother-hood.
Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade

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