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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is one of the mechanisms of sickness that our body can't make or utilize something. Especially Calcium Deficiency is one of the common problem mankind faces. We drink lots of milk, eat meat or protein or what not but animals live just on very basic food. Big beasts eat seasonal grass alone but they show no Calcium Deficiency.

Actually in most of cases it is not Calcium Deficiency but it is improper assimilation of Calcium which is overall in shortage but calcification is faster on all musculoskeletal injuries.

All supplementary Calcium or anything else solves the problem for the short term.
kuldeep last decade
Silica is indicated for most of Defective Nutritional problems but most of Calcaria Salts too are indicated for Calcium Deficiency. As Nisha suggested Calcaria Flurica which is number one remedy for all hard swellings or Calcifications.

That is why it is added to all tooth pastes, it combines Calcium as well Fluoride both are for Calcification.
kuldeep last decade
Thanks Kuldeep
sazim last decade
Why so silent Nisha? Have you been blocked again? Miss your incisive comments.
homlee last decade
For the record, no, Nisha has not been blocked.
moderator last decade
today's THIS FOR THAT, is in response to "Zofay", in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/39270/


EPSOM SALT : Take 5 grams of EPSOM SALT (I.P. .or. B.P.). Dissolve in 100 ml water. Deep Throated - Gargle strongly 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above. Do this 2-3 times a day, for many days. Epsom Salt is a natural bactericide & germicide. This is guaranteed to eliminate all bacters & germs in the entire oral space (mouth n throat), eliminating the tendency for Halitosis (foul or offensive breath).
The taste of epsom salt is not very pleasant, but then nothing works better than above, without taking any Homeopathic or any medicines whatsoever. It is perfectly safe, if the above solution is ingested / swallowed.

MOUTH WASH : Calendula-Q (mother tincture) (one teapoon in 100 ml water). 2 times daily.
If a person uses Calendula-Q as a mouth wash, he will never have dental problems, like decaying tooth, foul breath, tooth pain or the need for root canaling. Gargle strongly for 5-6 times. NO fresh water gargle after above.

offensive breath - Agaricus Muscarius
offensive mouth smell - Natrum Muriaticum
offensive breath, due to digestion problems - Pulsatilla Nigricans
offensive smell, (specially stools or anywhere) - Rhus Glab.
putrefying smell - Podophyllum Peltatum
offensive breath, due to any respiratory tract problem - Capsicum
offensive smell, from eructing - Sulphur
Nesha-India last decade
Nisha, keep up the good work. Can u suggest med's for cold, flu, cough etc communicable diseases too. even preventive medicines if possible. I'm just curious, Are u a homeo doctor?
ajrenu last decade
Hi, Nesha, me too miss your posting. Please do post your THIS FOR THAT, atleast once every day.

We think your explanations (options) on "HALITOSIS = FOUL or OFFENSIVE BREATH", is most reasonable and safe and we are definetely experimenting with them.

We request you once again to post on a daily basis.
Good luck from all of us overhere.
carlos last decade
"carlos" : Thank you for all your good lucks.. It was a scintillant monsoon over here in western India & I was enjoying monsoon glory in our family farmhouse. I do post whenever I have computer accessibility and whenever I am free from my own work.

"ajrenu" : Please don't mind, but I would prefer not to GLORIFY or say anything about myself. Regarding your question to medicines for Cold, Flu, a forum member by the name of "maya_hari" (posted on 30 August 2005 - go above) has put in some homeopathic keywords on Cold, Flu etc... It could help you. However if you are looking for something specific, kindly do start a new thread over here on this forum, with as much details as possible.

Following today's THIS FOR THAT, should also help you :

Cold sores = Camphor.
Coryza = Eucalyptus, Ocimum canum.
Cough, dry = Mentha piperata, Laurocerasus.
Cough, hoarse = Verbascum.
Cough, laryngeal = Capsicum.
Cough, phthisical = Allium sativum.
Cough, spasmodic = Belladonna.
Cracked lips = Condurango.
Croup = Aconite, Sanguinaria, Spongia.
Fever = Acetanilidum, Ferr phos, Gnaphelium.
Fever, typhoid = Baptisia, Phosphoric acid
Hay fever = Ambrosia, Pothos foetidus.
Headaches, anaemic = China officinalis.
Headaches, bilious = Chionanthus.
Headaches, bursting = Glonoine.
Headaches, congestive = Aconite, Glonoine.
Headaches, nervous = Chionanthus.
Headaches, sick = Sanguinaria.
Hectic fever = Baptisia.
Hepatitis = Carduus marianus, Chelidonium.
Herpes labialis = Capsicum.
Hiccough = Ginseng.
Hoarseness = Verbascum.
Intermittent fever = Atista indica, Andersonia, Cephalandra indica, Chininum sulph, Chirata, Desmodium, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Lucas aspera.
Influenza = Eucalyptus, Eupatorium perfoliatum.
Jaundice = Carica pappaya, Chelidonium, Chionanthus, Digitalis, Kalmegh, Myrica, Podophyllum.
Malaria = Alstonia, Chirata.
Malnutrition = Alfalfa, Gentiana lutea.
Mumps = Pilocarpine.
Whooping cough = Drosera, Mag.Phos-6X.

"ALWAYS" and "NEVER" are two words you should always remember never to use.
Nesha-India last decade
I am very much impressed by you regardng homeopathy.I think this is the time i request you to accept me as your student,i know very little about homeopathy,and yes we both tacher and student can make lot of clinical research only, because proving of remedies was false and the provers were liars,we can add new finding regarding homeopathic remedies that can cure many a diseases with only few remedies,this is the only way to make the homeopathy as simple as possible because the time demand this and we can stand side by side of allopath.Dont you agree?
sajjadakram635 last decade
what is the best remedy for prostate/thyroid gland inflammation/swelling under "Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically"


sazim last decade

And what is the most suitable potency in case of acute/chronic symptoms, under the above method

sazim last decade
"sazim" : Regarding your question on Why the body does not absorp CALCIUM. I have started a new topic titled "CALCIUM - Why is it not absorbable in the human body" on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/. Please read, understand and ask questions, so that all over here can answer with their own view points.

"sajjadakram635" : We are friends. We all learn un-endingly. We all learn from each other. BUT the best learning in self-learning (self research). Let us all have your comments and view-points about "CALCIUM - Why is it not absorbable in the human body" on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/

"bandarbabu2000" : Thanks for your "Tendency or urge for suicide: Perhaps Aurum Met is to be studied first". I agree with you on the above. Though for debate sake, I would say that DESIRE and TENDENCY or URGE, are different behaviour attitudes.
It is the DESIRE that warrants Aurum Met. (thought of self-destruction)
It is the TENDENCY that warrants Graph. (removes frustration / failures of life)


Pented up Emotions or Grief = Ignatia
Does not want to let go old thoughts = Lyco
Over-Active Brain = Hyos
Hyper-Thinking or Always Thinking = Hyos
Cannot Relax mentally = Hyos

"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive"
Nesha-India last decade

Dandruff = Badiaga, Cochlearia, Thuja occidentalis.
Lice = Staphysagria.
Jaborandi-Q = Baldness. Apply after mixing with regular non-medicated hair oil. It can be mixed with Arnica-Q also for better results.
Badiaga-Q = Dandruff where scalp is dry, sore, tetter-like.
Cochleria Armoracia-Q = When applied locally, it cures dandruff.
Arnica Montana-Q = Apply locally for Falling of hair & Premature greying of hair
Symphytum-Q = Severe Itching (Pruritus). Apply locally.

for Calcium deficiency, READ : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731
Nesha-India last decade
What medicine?
new2town last decade
I am new to this Forum.

I may introduce myself as a Pharmcologist with extensive experience in Clinical Studies on humans with newly discovered allopathic medicices in India & abroad. Simultaneously, deeply impressed with homeopathy, I have been studying homeopathy since last 15 yrs.

I scrutinised most of the threads on this forum.

Most of the postings I enjoyed reading and learned from them. Whereas some post are highly rhetorical.

This forum objective seems to help people needing advice, and exchange information about successes accomplished with homeopathy.

I personally feel that Nisa tends to be rhetoric and the posts are more reflective of her personality rather than being educative.

I even found posts where the knowledgeable persons keep asking counter questions and never ever give an advice.

Hope my comments will be well taken.
Scholar last decade
Murthy wrote:

< It can be used the way you term it,THIS FOR THAT,since we are dealing with physical molecules,and not with energy medicine, which is beyond 6c.)

While in Medical School in India ,I have a classmate : His name is Dr. Murthy.

In KENT 's Lectures ( Homeopathy ) he talks about Silica:

"Silica, therefore, hastens the formation of abscesses and boils. It suppurates out old wens and indurated tumors. It had cured recurrent fibroids and old indurated tumors.
If there is a deposit of tubercle (tuberculosis in tumor form in the
lungs) Silica establishes an inflammation and throws it out, and if
the whole lung be tubercular a general suppurative pneumonia will be
the result; hence, the danger of giving such remedies and the danger
of repeating them in advanced stage of phthisis (tuberculosis). Not
only Silica, but many other remedies have the power to suppurate out
deposits, the result of poor nutrition."
What mainstream medicine considered as healed on the radiological evidence of calcification of the TB tubercles in the lung fields, seen as opacities is but an evasive and protective mechanism evolved by the Tubercular Bacilli to escape chemical destruction and immune surveillence. The normally innocuous bacteria undergo a 'phase-shift' that switches on both antibiotic resistance and an enhanced ability to form biofilms .
The criterion of recovery from TB is bacteriological and not radiological. It has been observed that Cell Salts can cause morphological alterations in microbial colonies. Potentised quartz [ silica ] causes a flaring up of old calcified TB lesions in the lungs, in the process of extrusion of the " foreign or non-self bio-product - the Biofilm ". This phenomenon has been observed by astute holistic researchers. In Biological Prof Kervran showed that the assimilated calcium is not utilised by the body as such but is converted to magnesium which is stored in the body.This calcium-transmutated Magnesium is reverted back to calcium to meet the body's demands as needed. In his classical experiment, Prof Kervran [ University of Paris ] demonstrated the Biological Transmutation of Quartz [Mica containing Potassium ]] to Calcium present in the egg-shell with different chicken-feeds.The transmutated calcium from Potassium in the Silica feed , is the biological calcium which has its specific vibratory signature. The dynamised silica unmasks the non-biological calcium coating of microbes by causing vibratory chaos extracellularly and intracellularly,thus exposing the pathological microbes to the immune system. A flaring-up of the so-called healed calcified TB lesion is instituted by immune cells as a homeostatic response to rid the body of foreign matter. This is part of the rationale of flaring-up and extrusion of calcified TB lesions and other foreign bodies in the human body observed by earlier homeopaths and other holistic researchers.. As a matter of fact, potentised silica has antibiotic and extruding properties. I have resorted to homeopathized Silica which is one of the essential tissue salts of Schuessler, for management of chronically discharging infected lesions and indurated growths.
Silica is termed the surgeon of the body. Reducing Silica to a powdered form, under the microscope it takes the shape of arrow heads! In cases where it is necesssary that decaying organic matter be discharged from any part of the body this substance is necessary as it cuts the passageway and in many cases performs natural surgical operations in the human body as in extrusion of long forgotten embedded tiny pieces of glass or splinters. When supplied to the body in sufficient quantity, it becomes the apron that covers the deficiency around the loins.
In 1939, the Nobel Price winner for chemistry, Professor Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without Silica. According to his research conducted at Columbia University in 1972, Silica is an essential nutrient and must be supplied continuously from food sources. IT IS MOTHER NATURE'S INTERNAL COSMETIC.
In Homeopathy, potentised SILICA ( CELL SALT beautifully restores defective fingernails.

How does the therapeutic action of a homeopathic remedy differ from the tissue salt ? A typical example Phytolacca decandra, after evaporation and incineration retains 8.4% of the inorganic 6.8 % soluble consisting of mostly Potassium salts 1.6% insoluble consisting of Calcium and Silica. Symptomatically, more will correspond to the Potash salts and fewer to the calcium, iron and silica. This explains why there are different sets of symptoms under one homeopathic drug , apparently mutually antagonistic, because each cell salt contained in the plant extract interacts differently. However, cell salts derived from plants may differ from cell salts from the mineral kingdom. Schussler admitted that " disturbed molecular motion of inorganic cell salts showing itself as disease is rectified by Biochemistry DIRECTLY by adminstration of HOMOGENEOUS substances ( cell salts ) ,whereas it is rectified by homeopathy INDIRECTLY by the adminstration of HETEROGENEOUS substances" [ e.g. the many phytoproducts in plants ] .
Restoring the cell to health requires a minimal dose of the same cell salt[s]. In health, the cell salts are in solution and may be in the third, fourth and fifth decimal dilution. The biochemic remedy must be sufficiently diluted,that is at a higher trituration or potentisation for absorption to avoid damaging the cellular functions. When the non-functioning cell or altered cell regains its intergrity by recovering the molecular loss of the cell salt, it will resume its normal functions such as absorption and excretion of waste products with renewed vtality. The remedy does not replace the lack or deficiency of the cell salt because the quantity given is infinitesimal. . The healing effect is emphasized on the quality and not the quantity of the tissue salts.
Living organisms do all their work in a molecular terrain, at the cellular level .Energy Repair People that we are, in reality, are Mother Nature's universal energy transformers in tune with Schumann's Resonances in the environment, each vibrating sympathetically through his or her own genotrophic mechanism of bioradiation of cell-salts ( Life Force), to restore Homeostasis or Energy Balance.
The new molecules and cells are electromagnetically rebuilt with precise geometric orientation by electronic insertion at the specific disrupted links [ Tissue memory in Morphogenetic Field ( L - Field) ] generated by the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe].
Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So health or sickness is determined by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the body.

This posting is based in my webpage on " Cell-Salts "-NO commercial interest please. We are here to learn and to share. I hope the write-up helps.I will email the URL to you on request.

With regards
homeopathy last decade
"Scholar" : Thank You for your fruitless analysis on me on personal level, I presume. A case of heart-burn, I suppose. Anyway rhetoric or not-rhetoric, if you understand a thing then it is not-rhetoric and IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND a thing IT WILL BE "RHETORIC".

for understanding : IT is what YOU DO that matters or is Analysed. IT is not what OTHERS DO that matters or is Analysed.

"homeopathy" (Lew) : Thank you for the wonderful technicalaties on Silicea. You have partly explained Silicea with relation to Calcium.

HOWEVER, I would say that ONLY & ONLY triturated bio-chemic tissue salt remedies (as prepared using dr. schussler's methods) is the ONLY WAY to stimulate and create body assimilable and storable calcium. Silicea in any other form (whether potencied or synthetised or any otherwise) is beyond in its capacity to help the body in inducing assimilation or bone storable calcium.

I wish (If you are interested), please discuss / debate further on this, since this topic is beyond understanding for few scholars and biologists and even for chemistry professors.
Nesha-India last decade
Thanks indeed for explaining the term rhetoric. Sure I don't much comprehend your twisted repetorised posts. Also, I don't have time to read theories. If I want to spend that much effort and energy, I have great reference books available to learn from.

In the world of medical research and dessimination of information, what I learned from the top medical journals publishing the findings, was "abbreviation and straight forward presentation of facts - essence of a good write-up".There is no scope for Repetorisation especially in Forum posting.

Forum's main objective should be that our knowledgeable members contributing should keep their answers simple, brief and to the point which could be appreciated by both layman and the experts reading it.

Obviously, a review of all the postings on this Forum shows that maximum participation is in those threads which provide info and guidance in simplest terms provoking thought and interest.

These days when homeopathy is under attack by vested interests, I would do everything to generate interest and win over more patients to homeopathy.
Scholar last decade
Building Castles in the Air = Staph.
Perverted criticaster = Puls
Deep seated criticaster = Hyos
Easily switching over loyalty = Lach., Sep. (loyalty such as switching over from allopathy to homeopathy)

IT is beyond your comprehension to understand my one liner repertorised posts. I don't see you EVEN doing that. You have all the time reading and revieving all the forum posts, HENCE Obvisouly you would not have time to read all the great medical reference books, since yourself being a allopathic Pharmcologist, which is you first love or dedication, which is now saturated, you now turn to Homeopathy for inverted and indirect criticism, just like a lone DISGUISED wolf in a folk of sheep.

You say that "These days when homeopathy is under attack by vested interests". You are from the Allopathic field AND THE VESTED INTERESTS ARE THE ALLOPATHS AND THE ALLOPATHIC PHARMA INDUSTRY, to which you subscribe to. HOPE YOU GET THE LOGIC.

You say that "There is no scope for Repetorisation especially in Forum posting". What are your reasons for saying this ? Why in your perception, repertorisation via this forum posting is not possible ? If you are not able to repertorise cases from the postings on this forum, DO YOU THINK OTHERS TOO CAN'T REPERTORISE CASES FROM THE SYMPTOMS AVAILABLE / POSTED ON THIS FORUM.
Nesha-India last decade
nisha plz start posting this for that for cell salts also.
yogeshnagpal last decade
New to this forum, but all credit goes to NISHA...
I joined due to her linguistic bombast, rhetoric, non- rhetoric (kidding), logical, useful information.
However, I am technical person but I preferred Homeopathic medicine. I am using Dr Reckeweg combination medicine regularly.
So, keep it upÂ…
efan159 last decade

You don't get it do you ? Remember the saying 'empty vessel make much noise' Perhaps the only way to make an impression
Scholar last decade
"yogeshnagpal" : Thank you. Shortly you will see results to your suggestion.

"efan159" : Welcome on-board. You won't regret it. Yourself, being technical person, you are better equipped mentally & academically to analyse & reasonalise.

Hallucinating = Ars., ....
Thinking right as wrong = Staph., Dios.vill.,

You are one of the few persons, who can admit being the "EMPTY VESSELS". You are adventrously brave enough (just).
BY THE WAY, do non-empty vessels, makes noise too ?. I think they do too. LOUD .. LOUD with a disastrous effect.
Incidentally, I do not understand indirect language, hints, puzzles, guesses.

Todays THIS FOR THAT : as in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/43583/

Thyroid = Goitre

Goitre = Fucus vesiculosus
Goitre = Thyroidinum-30c
Goitre = Mag.Phos.-6X + Nat.Phos-3X + Cal.Flr-6X (Daily 4 times for many weeks)
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha what medicine for persistent chalazion that has not gone away for 5 mths? Lower right eye.
new2town last decade

i don't understand your motives in starting this thread, but I appreciate the way you are handlig it.

though there are no 'specifics' in homeopathy, your 'this for that' should make one study that particular remedy to see whether it fits.

however I believe in the 'three legs to the stool' concept, and I would appreciate if you start giving atleast three prominent symptoms for each drug.

Whenever you suggest a medicine for a particular condition ,try to give the adjunct symptoms that are most likely to be associated with the remedy.

I would like to see people take your suggestions seriously.

All the best.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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