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Hidradenitis Suppurativa



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Hidradenitis suppurativa

Can anyone tell me what homeopathic remedies may help Hidradenitis suppurativa? I have large draining boils in very uncomfortable areas - armpits, groin, etc. Please respond with any helpful information. Thank you in advance!!
  rajreena1 on 2004-05-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please repost it with more familiar title
and write only your symptoms (location, what makes them better/worse, how come you have them?)
and something about yourself like:
are you chilly/warm person? your thirst/appetite/cravings/sleep (recurrent dreams?insomnia?);
Homeopathy cures the person not a particular disease.
Astra2012 last decade
Well I have large acne cysts in my groin area, arpits, behind my neck, under my breasts. I've always had acne, but these large cysts in those areas are new as of my pregnancy. I had the baby in Oct, but my condition has not cleared up.

As for me, I'm overweight and have polycystic ovarian syndrome (hormone imbalance) which could trigger it. I do have trouble sleeping. I get warm when I can't sleep or wake up suddenly.

Hope that helps.
rajreena1 last decade
I have had HS and PCOS since I was 16, I am now 25.
I can tell you there isn't a "cure" anywhere, cos I've traveled the world and hace tried every doctor/ish I could find. I even had surgery in my armpits. Homeopathy goes a long way! What you need to try is medicines that clean your liver and lymphs, which causes the flares. I live in Venezuela right now, so I don't know much of what you can find in the US. Echinacea helps you when you have the flares. Join this group is the best advice I can give you YAHOO GROUP "HShealingwithGodgivennutrients". I never thanked Barbara, but her advices made all the difference to me! Now I'm healthier, haven't had a flare in months (and know WHY I get them when I do), and I am thinner!

Hope this helps!!!
ambra last decade
Thanks for the post. Do you take anything else but Echinacea?
rajreena1 last decade
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jdavis last decade
my mother has HS and is grade 3+. she is in severe pain. i tried to find your email on your site but couldnt. can you please email me or post more about the supplement that worked for you and your mom? thanks
annegee last decade
hi, i can tell you for me i found the cure for this disease. i was so sick with draining boils all over my body. under my armpits, in my groin, some on my chest and legs and buttocks. i was in serious pain and it came on suddenly. i went to see a homeopathic doctor and he prescribed one dose of 200c elaps corallinus. within 10 days the entire disease cleared. that was about 6 years ago. please email me with any questions. i deeply hope this helps anyone with this terrible condition.
AMNADIANNE last decade
I am 22 and I have had hidradenitis supperativa for about 9 years. I just finally got the diagnoses and my flare ups are getting a little worse. What helped some people? Could anyone email me with some advice because I am really alone in this hole thing. To AMNADIANNE, I couldn't find your email address but maybe you could email me and tell about what it is that you are taking because I am interested in anything that might help. Thanks.
Ali374 last decade
HD is a disease that is difficult, but it is also a disease that can be regulated and controlled with determination. I have found the following to help. First start with cleaning a colon cleansing to get rid of the toxins in your body. Watch what you eat- read your labels(artificial colors, flavors, nitrites, mono triglycerides, msg, ect.)try to stay away from red meats(shell fish may cause flare ups and well). Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Herbs that are helpful for the infection: Echinacea - for the immune booster, Golden Seal - good for infections.
Dial soap is very helpful, Tea Tree oil & soap
A great site which I found very helpful.
Dr. Richard Schulze website is great.
There is so much that can be done. You are empowered to help yourself feel better. Do your own research and listen to your body. It will tell you what works and what does not.
SurvivingHD last decade
I first started getting these horrible boils in my teens. Im now 31. I had one i was fighting with for 2 months. It had gotten large and long. In my groin area. I started doing research on natural suppliments that cleanse the body, blood, and organs. I kept coming across Turmeric root. That combined with a good probiotic, a Clorophill capsule and organic apple cider vinegar twice a day, everyday. Within 2 weeks i ws feeling so much better in every way. The boils were going away. I have more energy and ive lost weight rather quickly. Look these things up. They work wonders on getting your body cleansed and working properly so you can fight off illness. Also, if you have a sore that just wont go away no matter what try this.. I would put a dab of neosporin or bacitracin on it and cover it with a flexable cloth band-aid every night before bed. By morning it would have drained again and flattened out. Its a good preventative measure when you first feel the beginning of one too. A stronger antibiotic gel for topical control of the sores is Clindimyacin, it works better but requires a prescription. My Dr had put me on Biaxin (antibiotic pills) and even though it seemed to work good, it has some undesirable side affects. I didnt take the entire bottle. It gave me bad cramps, runs, and a bad chemical-like taste in my mouth.. So try taking some natural things to get your body systems cleaned out and working right. Just be sure when you chose your Turmeric capsules that its all natural with a guaranteed percentage of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) with at least 800 to 1200 mg in each capsule or you wil be wasting your time and money on it. I found this out the hard way. GOOD LUCK!! And let me know if these things work. They work wonders for me.
Draigess last decade

Where do you buy this pills.'200c elaps corallinus'.what is the dose you take.Please reply mne .I am in desparate need for this disease
chandu5757 last decade
Hello everybody I am new to this forum but not new to this disease. I finally diagnosed myself with HS 4 years ago and I have had it for what I can remember my whole life. Doctor after Doctor perscription after perscription.I have had tummy issues my whole life being diagnosed with IBS and told to eat lots of fiber.For six weeks I have been in and out of the hospital all tests negative. My sister has Celiac and said it sounds like I have some of the symtems so I looked it up I had some but they vary from person to person. Then there were people who had crusty chicken pox like sores on there shoulders different from mine but still sores.So I typed celiac/hs into google and BOOM!!! People with HS should NEVER eat gluten.My Doctor told me after I told him what I thought my pains were caused from that hs cant cause celiac but celiac can cause hs I all most fainted it was like a spiritual awakening for me I cried and laughed hysterically.PLEASE all who suffer from this horrible disease either get checked for celiac or just quit eating all gluten beware it is in allot of things but there is allot of great things out there as well.I just had to share this with all of you. I allways felt something was poisioning me and there was my food.I have been gluten free for only 3 days and i feel beter and the boil under my arm is shrinking.OMG can it really be something this simple and the Doctors cant figure it out.All our suffering I am so glad I never let them cut out my glands or remove my belly button like they suggested!!!
shuswapian last decade
Shuswapian, I would like to talk with you about HS & the gluten free diet. I am doing some research & have threads on 3 forums... I have copied 2 of your posts but have been unable to find your email address. Please email me gfpaperdoll at yahoo dot com.
I have a friend with HS that went on a GF diet 3 years ago & it has been in remission. I am hoping to get some research to be included in Ron Hoggan's new book. thanks for a reply
gfpaperdoll last decade
Hi Ive been suffering with abcesses and boils for just over a year and a half and the last ones were on my stomach, I have them on my face, my chest, my groin, my buttocks and under my armpits. Doctors have finally referred me to a dermatologist, but for the last year I have just been having numerous amounts of antibiotics which do clear them up but don't resolve the problem. I've had alot of time off work because the abcesses usually bring secondary infection and illness and I just want something to help control them, any help would be greatly appreciated
curlytash last decade
my daughter has HS. It has some inflammation related root cause so she has seen some relief from anti inflammatory products....one in particular seems to help a lot...hope this helps..
stantomas last decade
Can you give me the name of these products? my dermatologist has given me some steriod cream called fucibet which helps too.
curlytash last decade
i sent a reply to your email address. i dont think we are supposed to post links for products here....good luck!
stantomas last decade
Elaps Corallinus
200C WHP 15 mL dilution

I've been looking at all sorts of sites including this one for years to figure out how to get rid of the ridiculous sores on my crotch and under my arms. I've finally found something that made an absolutely huge difference in my life.
Finally I found what seems to me to be a cure! I'm so happy to be able to say that, its an amazing feeling to be sore free. I have been taking elaps corallinus 200c for a while now. At first I only bought one little bottle (around $20) and started using it when my sores were in remission, I was horribly sad to see that the elaps actually made my condition worse, bringing about 2 or 3 sores at a time, which hadn't happened in a few years since changing my diet and using turmeric everyday.
For some reason though I know not why I kept using it. About 10 drops in my water in the morning and 10 or so at night. The sores that came after first using it went away unusually quickly and from then on I didn't get any more sores for quite a while.
I'm not exactly sure on the time periods that went by but after using the first bottle more sores eventually did come back. I didn't know exactly what was going on but all I did know was elaps somehow effects this disease. So I bought another 2 bottles to see what would happen. Just like last time I got a few extra sores that went away quickly and was sore free for about a month, What a feeling!
Recently I purchased 4 more bottles and started putting even larger amounts in my water after I get up and before I go to bed. I went through the 4 bottles quickly, ignoring the labels and dosage instructions because I will literally do anything if my sores will go away forever. Its been about 2 months and I haven't gotten another sore even though I've been pretty much binge drinking and smoking cigarettes every weekend which used to make me break out badly until I quit.
I just ordered 4 more bottles to see if higher dosages will take this disease out for good, I'm pretty much using myself as a guinea pig thus far, but it seems to work. The only thing I'm not sure about is if I will have to take a small amount of elaps for the rest of my life or if using enough will stop this disease in its tracks. Either way I plan on figuring it out.
I invite all of you to try elaps for yourselves, don't be afraid if it makes the disease slightly worse for a while, if you are like me eventually it will prove beneficial and you will swear by it as I do. As a college student and an honest to God seeker of truth I have no reason to A. Sell you something or B. Write all this out for my own enjoyment at steering you off course. I'm writing it because it has literally worked for me and has made my life so much better. I really hope you read this and elaps corallinus works for you as well.
BaseballBat last decade
Is the elaps corallinus still working out for you.
spttrsn43 last decade
Yes it still seems to be working well, I am quite pleased with it.
BaseballBat last decade
Hello, I am a 25 year old woman who was just diagnoses with Hidradentis Supurativa today. The doctor perscribed me with Tetracycline 250 mg & Clindamyci Phosphate topicl solution. Ihave had outbreaks for aout 4 months now and I am just corious if anyone has had or used something that kep the outbreaks from coming back for good? I have read lots of remediesbut unsure of what MG and dosage on some of the products? Any useful info wouldbe greatly apprciated. Thank You.
FrazledWoman last decade
I only just saw the report by
Baseball bat regarding the effect of Elaps on his sores.

I am not sure how he is going with this treatment. Is he around to give an update?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
There is a new laser treatment for HS.
You do not need to take any medications for HS while you undergo this laser therapy.
It is very affordable and you can even have your treatment done pro-bono.

Google it for more info: complexions medical spa in lynchburg va

that will take you to the website, then click on HS laser therapy
complexions last decade
hi ive had hs for about 6 years now i get 'sores' just about anywhere and everywhere its been a while/months since ive had a really big horrible one not sure why they used to be really consistant lots of little ones keep forming its only a matter of time before i have to take another trip to the er to get one drained i would like to see more posts on elaps corallinus and how they worked for others cause ive read such good things in the earlier posts from people who suffer like me but it seems like they dissappeared and no further updates are here???why???
lilgreenclover last decade
Hello, I am also a person whose has been suffering from HS for a while. I decided to register in this site to share my experience with the rest of the people here with the hope my comments can help someone. I discovered this by chance trying to get rid of my dandruff on my head. I bought a out-of-the-counter medicine called Nizoral and when treating my hair I decided to put some Nizoral in my armpit (which was decorated by two of them), washed and left it there for some minutes. Then I cleansed and completed my shower. Next day the boils were 50% smaller and then they went away three days after. I did not attribute the relief to the Nizoral at that time. After a while during another outbreak of the HS, while showering I saw the Nizoral in my bathroom and decided to apply it again, just to see what happen. To my surprise next morning it was 50% better and gone in the next three days. bottomline, I don't believe Nizoral is a cure to HS but somehow it helps expediting the healing process in an accelerated manner. I hope my notes can help hundreds of desperate people out there. Please post your comments if you try it.
Darayus last decade

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