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A Cure for Catarrh

I would like to share a cure that I have used for chronic cases of Catarrh with other members of this BB. I must mention here that I am not a qualified Homeopath but have been using Homeopathic Remedies, free of charge, to help anyone in distress who seeks my assistance for the last 40 years.

I used just one dose of Bacillinum 200 and in all the 14 cases that I have treated so far, some of whom have been chronic and had been virtually given up by Allopathic physicians, the overnight result was dramatic and almost miraculous in its effects. All sneezing and coryza had stopped within a few hours after the dose in the case of almost all patients and there was no relapse afterwards. I have however given a repeat dose a month after the first dose and this seems to make the cure permanent.

I would like to have the reaction of other members of this BB on using Bacillinum 200 to cure chronic Catarrh and also information on other remedies for this problem that affects many.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
  Joe De Livera on 2004-05-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
my first reaction is --how was other characteristic symptoms of the individuals affected/changed?
John Stanton last decade

No adverse reaction has been reported by any of the persons who have taken this remedy and
they have all reported that they feel relieved that all their symptoms of catarrh from which they had been suffering for many years has left them, presumably for good.

They have spread the news to their friends, that they have used what they term to be a "miracle remedy" and I have given this same remedy to many others who contacted me who have been suffering from chronic catarrh, with the same success.

One person, a veterinary surgeon who was suffering for some time from a persistent cough for which he had been taking a variety of cough syrups reported that his cough left him 12 hours after taking this remedy. He was not however a chronic catarrhal type, although he had a mild version of the problem.

The efficacy of this remedy is almost startling in its impact. There was one case of a 25 year old girl working in our office who had been sneezing uncontrollably about 10 times per session 3-4 times daily for some time. The day after she took the first dose, she stopped her daily routine, much to the relief of the rest of the staff. She has been well ever since. This same reaction has been reported by others who have contacted me after taking this remedy.

As I stated in my original posting, I am not a qualified Homeopath and I would welcome any advice from you on the pros and cons of using this remedy in the manner that I am now doing.

The dose I use is 4 No 30 balls of Bacillinum 200 which is repeated a month after.

Joe De Livera last decade
interesting--still need to validate for myself
John Stanton last decade
I would appreciate feed back from you when you use it on your patients. Please instruct them not to use it if they have any ailment other than catarrh, as they should be in good health when they take Bacillinum 200. This is to avoid any aggravation of their problem and applies especially to asthmatics.

I am now beseiged by patients who have heard of the efficacy of my "miracle cure" from those who have used it and found relief, and wish to use it for themselves to overcome their problem.

I am convinced that it eliminates catarrh and feel that it should be used whenever the standard remedies for catarrh do not give relief.

Bacillinum 200 can also be used as a prophylactic in the case of those who are prone to catch colds often. I was one in this category and this remedy helped me to build up my resistance and I do not seem to catch colds now.

Joe De Livera last decade
You may also try Kali bic 30. Three times a day.
Dr ajaz
kalibrom last decade
Hello Joe,

I read with great interest your post to the ABC Homeopathy forum on a cure for chronic catarrh. I have been suffering from this for a very long time and was absolutely delighted to find there may be a cure.

I conducted a further search to find the product and have ordered the following from helios uk

Bacillinum test., 200, Tablets, 4g - Tablets/Pills/Soft tabs/Granules

In your post you recommended 4 No 30 balls of Bacillinum 200 as the initial dosage. Could you tell me please Joe if what i have ordered will do the same job or will I need to obtain your recommendation precisely?

Warmest regards,
Christopher McCreedy.
cmac50 last decade
Great Joe !

Thanks for sharing.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Christopher,

I note that Helios has a selection of Tablets, Pills, Soft tabs and Granules. I would go for the Granules as they will give you more leeway in the quantity you use for a dose. You should aim to take the equivalent of 4 X 3mm ¯ balls which is the standard dose I use. This must be repeated in 2 weeks to provide optimal cover against colds.

Please note that the Bacillinum should only be taken when you are completely free of any ailments as I have observed that it tends to aggravate any ailment you may be suffering from. It is contraindicated if you have Asthma as it will invariably bring on an attack in a few hours.

Do let me know how your catarrh reacts to this therapy after you have taken the second dose. You should normally expect to find almost instant relief after the first dose.

You may also like to know that you can use Influenzinum 200 to avoid the Flu instead of the Flu Shot which is currently in short supply in the US. The dose is similar to Bacillinum and the same restrictions apply.

Please note that all Homeopathic remedies should be taken under the tongue when they will dissolve in a few minutes. No coffee and Cola drinks and preserved meats like ham and sausages may be taken as they neutralize Homeopathic remedies.

Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I've just found this thread in a search for homeopathic treatment for catarrh. I'm very keen to give this a go, but I just want to check if my symptoms fit your understanding of this complaint.

I seem to generate a huge amount of mucus in my throat. This is so bad in the mornings, when I've been up for half an hour, that I'm almost choking on it. Various consequences of this are heavy snoring, a continuous cough all through the year, nasal congestion that I combat successfully at night time with Otrivine, etc.

Reading other material on the topic leads me to add that I suffer quite a bit with acid stomach and with neck, shoulder and arm discomfort (aching).

Do you feel, on the above evidence, that Bacillinum 200 would be a good option for me to try, and is it safe? Conventional medicine wants to operate and remove 'excess mucus membrane', but I'm not at all keen!
Ed2004 last decade
I do not think that you have Catarrh. Your problem is connected with your throat while Catarrh is connected with the mucous membranes in your nose and Bacillinum is not indicated.

Suggest you take Nux Vomica 6c 3 balls twice daily to clear your throat and lungs of the phlegm. If after 3 days you do not find any relief, Nux V. is not your remedy.

Please report response. I also hope that you are not a smoker.

As for your acid problem you can take Nat Phos 6x 3-4 tablets after meals especially after dinner. Many of us have dealt with this problem in detail on:


We shall deal with your neck, shoulder and arm ache later.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks very much for your reponse

It's actually the mucous membranes in my nose that the surgeons want to hack about! They think that's where the problem lies. Do you still feel it's not catarrh?
Ed2004 last decade
Hi ed

First stop Decongestents like Otrivine etc.

We shall think of Bacillinum later.Start with Hepar Sulph 200 potency,twice a day,morning and evening for three days and report back.

Make sure there are no odors around you,on you(perfumes etc),and in your mouth while taking the medicine.

Good luck.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Miasmatic view of this thread is that catarrh is a part of the neisseria family
N. Catarrhalis
N. Gonococcus
N. Meningitis.
Prof J.H.Allen in his book the Chronic Miasms pointed out that catarrh was almost universal because gonorrhea was almost universal.
What is happening here is that treatment with Bacillinum is divorcing the Gonococcal [sycotic] miasm from the Tubercular hereditary miasm- because Bacillinium is a homeopathic product of TB. But of course quite safe to use above 30c.
passkey last decade

I get constant cough & sneezing the morning, leading to mucous from the lungs. Is the Bacillinum suitable for this condition. And are the symptoms dependent on diet & alcohol??
mflora last decade
I believe that Bacillinum 200c is your remedy and can help you to overcome your problem. If you find, after you take the first dose, that you are still sneezing in the morning you can take a twice daily dose of Nux Vom 6c, just 3 balls under the tongue.

Report progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
mariedo here. first year hom student, but in homeopathy for the past 15 years - went professional after severe problems i wanted to help with at home.

the catarrh thing is particularly interesting because i also have it.

after having gone thru almost all the one timers some of which brought relief, i started looking at it differently, and went for the more chronic mental picture - for me it was staphysagria, and the cough which i must admit was exhausting because it starts out dry, and only moves on to humid after medication, is something which can cause abdominal pain and a very sore throat as well as complete exhaustion together with headache. I was getting this twice a day, and without medication it blows over by itself after around 30 mins (leaving me on my knees!). Staph 30C has worked well for me..
mariedo last decade
otherwise for temporary relief, i would go for kalibi, spongia, hep sulph,

look for the mentals, what was happening in her life when it all started?
mariedo last decade
I have just ordered the Baccilinum Granules recommended from Helios UK and taken one dose labelled: "BACCILINUM TEST. 200 - 4gg Granules".

I let this dissolve under my tongue as recommended. Is this a sufficient dose for the first treatment and will a similar dose be sufficient for the second dose?

I have suffered from severe cattarh and snoring for many years now.

With thanks
davidtoyne last decade
I presume that the BACILLINUM TEST 200 granules are the same as Bacillinum 200 which is commonly used.

The dose that you have taken of 4gg granules may be the correct dose but this depends on what the 'gg' size is. I use the No 30 pellets which are 3mm diameter and the dose is 4 pellets per dose which should be taken 2 weeks apart. It is also important that this remedy is only taken when one is completely free of any other ailments like colds, asthma etc as this remedy can aggravate any ailments.

I shall be interested to learn how this remedy helps you and would appreciate your comments on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
I live in Nebraska, USA. I was wondering if there are any homeopathic stores in USA, where I can buy Baccilinum 200.
I am sufferring from the symptoms that was described here.
sudipster last decade
I checked on the ABC Store and discovered that they do not stock this remedy. It is possible that your FDA authority does not permit this and other remedies which are Tubercular in origin to be stocked in the US even though they are the Homeopathic potencies.

I can send you 2 doses of this remedy by post if you would like to give me your postal address which you can do by email to:
joe at titusstores.com
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, you seem to be very well educated in homeopathy. I am desperate for help! I have post nasal drip so bad. I am constantly clearing my throat and I have the worse odor coming from my nose (obviously from the thick mucous build-up especially in the morning). What would you recommend for relief of PND? This crap is ruining my life. I am paranoid around people because I am always thinking that they notice the odor from my nose. I would worship you if you knew a remedy for PND and only PND! I dont have any other problems... no sneezing, no cough, no watery eyes. But, if I sweat my nose starts to run very badly. Thanks for your time and response!

BW090582 last decade
Also, the PND is all year around. So, its not from a seasonal allergy. I also always have one nostril blocked and this occurs in alternation. I obviously get the thick white coating on the back of my tongue. Im assuming this gives me bad breath from my mouth AS WELL as from my nose. :( Thanks again, man.
BW090582 last decade

I do not think that Bacillinum is your remedy. If you would like to use some remedies that I can suggest, I feel that we can help you to overcome your problem.

I would like you to use Gelsemium 6c liquid or in the little pellets, as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml from the bottle.
Put in 3 pellets or 1 drop of the remedy into the bottle.
Bang the bottle hard on a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like it does when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussing and it must be done 4 times before every dose. This raises the potency of the remedy slightly.
Sip 1 teaspoonful twice daily and report back in 3 days after starting the therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the quick response, Joe! Im gonna go out and get the Gelsemium right now! I will report back in 3 days. Thanks!!
BW090582 last decade

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