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Child Eye issues

My 5 year old son has a gland swollen under his lower eyelid, outer side near the edge of the eye. It has been there for 2 months. The eye doctor told me it was a swollen gland not a sty and that it will resolve in a month with drops. If I use allopathic eye drops,it stays status quo. If I stop them for a couple days, the swelling becomes bigger- so am scared to stop. No change in eye color, no pain etc. The child is very active and smart and short tempered!!

The homeopath tried Silicea for a week - nothign happened. Then tried argentem nitricum - nothing happened.

What do I do now?
  new2town on 2005-09-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
if it is meibomian gland then the most helpful remedies will be aethusa, clematis, colchicum, conium, phytolacca, staphisagria, sulphur.
read the eye symptoms of these remedies and see which matches most closely.
try and make sure that the eye is not touched by fingers, change the pillowcase daily and avoid dusty places, strong winds etc. as much as possible - perhaps wearing sunglasses would be helpful outside.
erika last decade
To Erica
Almost all these sems to generally say gland or swelling under the eye What do I start of with? I am relativelynew to Homeopathy.
new2town last decade
i would initially try sulphur - give for 2 days, 3 doses daily in the 30c potency. after 2 days report back - if you have problems before this report back sooner.
erika last decade
Went to a homeopath who says Nux Vomica ????
new2town last decade
maybe you have given this homeopath more/other information than you have given above, which has led to the suggestion of nux vomica?
I am sure their suggestion is more correct than mine given here, as they have the advantage of seeing the patient and asking more questions and observing the patient.
erika last decade
Nothing much different. this person asked me more questions on the temperament / behavior patterns etc and I told him that the past 2 things had failed. Anyway - will tey Nux V. first- can I try the otheres also if htis does not work...if so how much of a gap should I give before trying another medicine?
new2town last decade
try the nux vom first and then see. if other medicines are needed this can only be assessed after seeing what the symptoms are like AFTER giving the nux vom.
erika last decade
How long should I wait after Nux vom to try sulphur?
new2town last decade
Erica/Passkey avice please!!!!

the gland inflammation seems bigger after Nux Vomica!!!
new2town last decade
I was away for 2 days, sorry, what potency nux vom was used and how are things now?
erika last decade
Thanks! Glad you are back.

The homeopath told me to give Nux V 200, 2 pills once a day for 3 days. The swelling seems bigger. Have been putting heat on my child's eye every night,as with our busy schedules, we do not find time rushing off at 7.am. HE complains of no pain at all-it is as if it isn't there. The swelling seems bigger towards evening than it was in the morning.

So what next? Do I wait a while to see what the Nux V does? When can I give the next medicine? Do not want to rush things, but also, do not want to lead to surgery, however minor. Back to allopathic eye drops now....

Thanks again.
new2town last decade
His lower lid still seems a little swollen and reddish near the rim of the eye. No complaints of pain. Applying heat at night.
new2town last decade
if the swelling is now beginning to go down then do not give any other remedies, just wait and see.
If the swelling still seems the same then wait a couple more days also to see the remedy reaction before considering another remedy.
If the swelling is getting much worse then you can try another remedy.
Is the eye getting bathed also during the day or just in the evening with the heat?
erika last decade
Medicine seems to have had no effect. 2 days since I stopped. I put heat only at night- plan to make time in the afternoons too. The key here seems the allopathic eye drops I am using twice a day also - just to be on the safe side - if I miss a doze, the swelling gets bigger the next day. If I keep the doses, the swelling stays same. Swelling feels hard to the touch. As usual no pain at all.
new2town last decade
what is in the allopathic eye drops?
is there pain if you stop using the eye drops?
pls remind me if there has ever been any discharge?
you say the medicine had no effect but pls clarify - at first the swelling got bigger and then did it go back to same size or stay bigger?
erika last decade
The allopathic eye drops contain tobamycin.

There is no pain and has been no pain absolutely...to my son it is as if it does not exist- it does not bother him at all.
Since I have been applying heat once a day at night for about a week, the lump has become redish - before that it was just skin color. Some morings there is a faint crusting around his eye.

The lump remains the same size if I use the allopathic eye deops twice a day. If I miss a dose it gets bigger.

With Nux Vomica it does seem to have gotten a (very) little bit bigger. The Silicea 30 that I gave for 10 days did not have any effect on the size either way. I gave it a few weeks into the swelling. Then I waited a 3 weeks before trying the other 2 with a weeks gap between them. With arg nit, there was no effect. With the nux V, I have started the heat, and it seems to as I said become a little bigger, and reddish to look at.

Thanks a lot for all the help. Are you a homeopath?
new2town last decade
I have used my favourite remedy Arnica for styes and Blepharitis but do not know if it can help with the swelling on the eyelid of your son which you state is not a sty.

If other remedies have not helped so far you can use Arnica 30c in the wet dose made up as follows:

Method to be followed to make the wet dose.
Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml
Put in 3 globules or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottls of soda.
Sip a teaspoonful twice daily.

Report response in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
Further to my post above, I would like to caution you on using any eye drops that contain any steroid as this has been proved to promote cataracts, not immediately but later on in life.

Do not also foment the eye as this seems only to aggravate the problem.

Something you can do and report is to turn the eyelid inside out at observe the colour of the swelling. This must be done with clean fingers and if it is yellow this indicates that it is pus which will have to be drained our by lancing the lesion.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe,my local shop has only Arnica 200 . What do I do?

Erica, what is your recommendation?
new2town last decade
Arnica 200 cannot be used in place of the 30c. Homeopathy is a very precise science and art and when a remedy and its potency is identified usually through trial and error it is in the patient's interest to stick to the prescription.

If your local shop does not stock it you can search for it elsewhere.
Joe De Livera last decade
arnica may help a lot. 200c is ok as long as you just give for one day (3 doses in one day).
erika last decade
Thank s a lot.

So Erica should I go ahead with the arnica and tell you what happens?

From the reading I have been doing, phytolacca, sulphur, staphisagria seem the other best bets. Should I try any of these?
new2town last decade
2 options
option 1 -Use the remedy that seems the most suitable from your reading. If you cannot get this for a few days and have arnica then try the arnica while you are waiting.
option 2 - you could try the arnica and if it doesn't work then choose/order the most suitable from your reading list.

arnica could well help a lot, especially as one of it's symptoms is 'painlessness in conditions where there would normally be pain' - and you have mentioned this often. If this lack of pain is characteristic of the eye problem and not due to the eye drops taking away the pain then this would be a true symptom to be taken...and arnica could well help.
erika last decade
Arnica has had no effect - what next - please advice- am confused about which medicine to choose. Do I look at only eye or other symptoms like mind etc.

Joe - Any input?
new2town last decade
If after a week on Arnica you do not notice any improvement I believe that this is because it is not a sty but it is a blockage of the gland which you may have to consult an eye surgeon for advice.

Before you do so I would like to refer the problem to Erika for advice.
Joe De Livera last decade

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