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scalp bumps and cold

Dear Sir


i am a 23 year old male. from past few years i am having red itchy pustules or some time red bumps on my scalp,skin on scalp becomes tender. It happens always now and then. I had have some oral antibiotics like amoxycyline and potassium and shampoo like Ketoconazole. Initially it helped me when my scalp became all clear in a week only but it appeared again. i have stopped taking english meds as they were too heavy on my digestion system though i still apply the shampoo on alternate day. i have also problem of acidity, gas and my bowels don't clear everyday. with this i have problem of hot and cold too,i am always having cold issue around the year when weather changes or i eat rice,curd and drink any cold item. please help me with your valuable suggestion that what should i eat and med i should intake. Thanks
  abhabh on 2013-09-19
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-let modesty not prevent a full statement [please] -
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anuj srivastava last decade
i am 23 old male a student.My major problems are red itchy,painful pustules and bumps on my scalp,cold issue,pimples on cheeks mostly,allergy,stool issues. i am having this issues of pustules and red small bumps on my scalp for more than 3 years. it's very itchy and also painful.i have started loosing my hairs from scalp, hairs becoming thinner and scalp getting tender and sticky.i feel sensation in my scalp around the day, i am also very sensitive to cold and i get my nose clogged, breathing issues,chest congested and cough starts producing inside when i eat rice at night, curd anytime during day or any cold items. i am allergic to dust as it makes me cough and my eyes become red.i take time more than usual to pass my stools.In behave i am quite irritated on occasions very easily. i tend to fret too much over things which have already gone. Sexual thoughts come to my mind very frequently.On occasions i try be aloof and sad even for no reasons.I even wake out of my sleeps,feels panic, I hear sometimes any sounds passing through my ears, my heart pumps so sudden when something undesirable happen,it likes heart coming to mouth,but the next moment i recover from this shock. I am bit introvert by nature and open up to few people i come across. In past i had venn advised with homeopath meds like sulphur 200,beladona, aloe,and english meds like amoxycycline,erthromycin and all. anything else you are willing to know sir? i am happy to acknowledge you. waiting for your valuable suggestion, thanks.
abhabh last decade
1 nux vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.half an hr before dinner .dont repeat.

nat mur 6x,five pills three times a day.

arsenic 200,5 pills ones in three days.ie on day 2,5 and 8.

feed back after 4 days.

pls answer the questionnaire.
will help in selection of the most appropriate medicine.
anuj srivastava last decade


As per your prescription, i have been taking those medicines from last 4 days, today is the 6th day. Now what i feel is bit aggression in the pustules,bumps on my scalp, stomach remains upset as before,no clear bowels movement but i must mention there is bit relief in coughing and cold problem ever since i have started taking medicines. Please suggest me with you valuable inputs further. Thanks
abhabh last decade
continue for four more days and give afeed back
anuj srivastava last decade
Dear sir,


after continuing to 10 days the med you prescribed i would like to submit my report. I am still having cold problem,mucus piling on in nostrils with along in throat and it keeps it congested though no breathing problems,i take ample water at empty stomach yet no clear bowl movements either in morning or around the day.It makes my stomach heavy around the day and makes me feel lethargic.Though those previous red bumps started drying up on scalp still new of them keep coming on having clear white pus withing them and scalp remains sticky as well. Please guide me further
abhabh last decade
have a dose of MEZERIUM200 and repeat after three days.

nat mur to continue.

feed back after 4 days.

i suggest you take your time off and answer the questionnaire.
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anuj srivastava last decade
-GENDER-male AGE-24.

What is your chief complaint?
red and white painful pustules on the top of scalp, also there is sudden bumps on scalp now and then which are painful to touch, itchy and sticky scalp,loosing hairs strands all over the scalp,allergy and cold issues, always having clogged nose and mucus around in throat and nose,skin too sensitive particularly above neck,easily gets red or etching started when having cold or sometimes when i eat red meat,so i gave up eating red meat,irritable bowels movements,doesn't get clear and took so much time which makes me feel lethargic around the day,it started as long as 10 years back,white colorless but sticky discharge from urethra, skin on head of penis getting narrower and painful as it gets cracks often. it started guess a year back, it comes and goes. right now i ma facing this since taking your subscribed med.
When did this complaint start?

What was going on at this time?
have become more emotional,easily getting my eyes fills with tears when aw any emotional scene or over talks. i was not like this ever before.easily getting depress over little things and start fretting over that i am nothing but a loser only.
What is your opinion of the cause of the complaint?
i guess i must have got this cold and stomach disorder from my mother's parents side genetically. they had the history of this.My mother have too.
List other main complaints after this and give the same information.
I already mentioned sir.
Beladona,sulphur,mezerium and aloe from homeopathy and in english med i had erythromicin,clarvic-625 and rest i don't remember.
Please list what medications you have taken for your complaints, Allopathic or homeopathic.
both as i mentioned.
symptoms for the choice you made?
If you have or are under the care of an MD or other homeopath, please list the tests you have had if any, and what advice you have been given. -IF YOU ARE TAKING TREATMENT FROM ANY ONE ELSE IN THE FORUM,THEN PLEASE LINK WITH THREAD.
no one at the moment sir.

write yes or no in capitals in front of the u/m symptoms.will review the case.

Sudden, intense ailments from fright. NO
Anxiety and restlessness with complaints. YES
Fears that do not subside.NO
Faintness or dizziness upon waking up.NO
Sudden fever with one cheek red, the other pale
Intolerance of pain.NO
Painful urination with anxiety YES
Pains followed by numbness and tingling.YES
Eye pain and injuries NO
Throbbing headache.NO
Unquenchable thirst.

Emotional upset YES
Fear NO
Anxiety YES
Extended period of unusual or continued mental exertion YES
Dizziness NO
Diarrhea NO
Craving for sweets and salt.YES for sweets only Craving for strong flavors. NO
Enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses.

Anxious YES
Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing YES
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down NO
Fearful NO
Irritable NO
Restless YES
Sleepiness but insomnia YES
Thirsty for frequent small drinks YES
Weak and exhausted YES
Desires air but sensitive to cold YES
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking

Increased perspiration
Night sweats NO
Cold hands and feet YES
Dizziness NO
Nausea NO
Ravenous hunger YES
Aversion to fats NO
Craving for eggs NO
Eyes sensitive to light YES
Pale face YES
Large appetite with slow digestion YES

Nervousness YES
Apprehension YES
Anxiety prior to an examination or public performance YES
Fatigue and aching of whole body YES
Limbs, head, eyelids heavy
Headache NO
Scalp sore to touch YES
Sore throat YES
Lack of thirst NO
Dizziness, trembling, fatigue, dullness NO

Vomiting NO
Sensation of a lump in the throat NO
Chills with fever NO
Thirst during chills NO
Chills relieved by warmth NO
Cramping pains in the abdomen or back NO
Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head NO
Skin very sensitive to drafts
Introspective YES
Brooding YES
Tearful YES
Rejects company YES
Disappointed YES
Grieving YES
Insomnia from emotional distress YES
Nausea relieved by eating
Eating intensifies hunger

Exhaustion NO
Deep anxiety and inability to cope YES
Headaches NO
Jumpy and oversensitive YES
Startled by ordinary sounds YES
Backaches YES
Nervous digestive upsets YES

Shakes head without any apparent cause YES
Facial contortions
Gassy, constipation or diarrhea YES
Sour belching YES
Claustrophobia NO
Irritability YES
Digestive upsets with gas and bloating YES
Craves sweets, warm food and drink YES
Night cough NO
Wants to be alone YES
Cranky on waking NO
Bullying tendency YES
Fear of failure YES
Breaking down under stress
Tongue feels dry NO
Mucous membranes dry YES
Nausea YES
Insomnia YES
Claustrophobia NO
Migraine headache NO
Vomiting NO
Pains around eyes NO
Craves salt and dry foods NO
Weepy but won't let others see it. (Wants to be alone to cry.) YES
Consolation aggravates them YES
Angry from isolation YES
Fright, grief, anger
Nervous, discouraged, broken down YES
Depressed YES

Anxious YES
Fearful YES
Associated with hoarseness
Tight heavy chest NO
Dry rasping cough YES
Burning pains in stomach, YES abdomen, between shoulder blades YES
Thirst for cold drinks that are vomited NO
Nausea YES
Night sweats
Sensitive YES
Weepy YES
Wants attention and sympathy NO
Changeable symptoms and moods YES
Craves open air NO
Sensitive to heat NO
Dry mouth with lack of thirst NO
Rich food upsets stomach YES
Insomnia from recurring thought YES
Head colds YES
Loose cough, worse at night YES(in morning it most)
Delayed menstrual period with scanty flow NO

Worry YES
Overwork YES
Headaches NO
Difficulty concentrating YES
Over sensitivity YES
Overreact and devote YES attention to tiny details YES
Low stamina YES

do you have a mind which you feel is perverted?YES
are you arrogant?YES
do you over estimate yourself?YES
NUMBNESS IN WHICH PART OF THE BODY?Legs,chest,lips and head

feeling of being controlled by another YES
out of sorts with your rhythms
feeling of living out someone else's expectations YES
feeling as if you are being fed off emotionally or psychologically YES
feeling of losing your will
over estimatimation of energy reserves YES
full of self-denial YES
you become a rescuer, YES addicted to rescuing people
drained NO
feeling of becoming a doormat
you have forgotten who you are YES
let me know the color of your .TONGUE
It's whitish pink

7Yellow and slimy coating.Witish edges(sometimes),Insipid taste or taste lost.Lips , tongue and gums white

10. Yellow creamy coating at the back part of the roof of the mouth./ Moist, creamy or Golden yellow coating at the back part of the tongue.Blisters and sensation of hairs at the tip.Coppery /Acid taste


no hard or smelly body odor
feeling of suffocation when wearing a tie.

any funny sensation in the body,delusions etc
In the chest and feet.

Angry, Anxious,Haughty.
sleeping habits,and any other peculiarity under the sun your body and mind is experiencing which is not normal.

-Sensation of coldness in the back between the shoulders.

-Part of the body being separated from the rest of the limbs.

-As if teeth too long
-As if insects crawling on face.

-As if flies and spider crawling all over body.

-Burning sensation relieved by heat.

-Burning sensation.

-Sensation of cobwebs, bugs or insects crawling on face.

-Sensation as if cold air is blowing on him. Sensation of dust in the air passages causing cough.

-Sensation of sinking.

-Sensation of emptiness.
-Sensation of something alive bounding about inside the body.

-Sensation of cobweb on face; tries hard to brush it off.

Sensation of an opening in abdomen through which air passes. Sensation of burning or heat in stomach after eating.

Waving sensation in the brain.

Sensation of a drop of urine remaining in urethra.

with all this i would like to add..
watery discharge from urethra mostly at night during sleeps,
gets rashes on the skin of head of penis which is aggressively itchy and stingy too. Though i never had intercourse
i used to suppress urination at night earlier.
clogged nose and cough problem aggravates in the morning particularly. gets worse when eat cold items like banana and curd etc.
scalp becomes itchy specially during day or mid day and when gets heat or sweat.
when lying down on stomach it bloats. feeling of intense heat inside the stomach sometimes after eating food specially in day time.
sensation of something scrawling on scalp and have to itch it to rob it off.
often gets bumps on scalp specially on the top and back right side. its painful to touch. it goes off itself after some days.
Sir, i have stated all over here and please care to ask me if anything else you wish to know. I am quite fed up with this day to these
ailments as it creates blockage in my daily life chores nd in behaviour patterns. Please guide me further. Thanks.
abhabh last decade
dont have mezerium as suggested.

have lycopodium 200,5 pills every three days half an hour b4 lunch.

natrum phos 6x ,5 tablets three times a day daily.

feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava last decade
Thanks so very much for your valuable suggestion sir. I am curious to know if i need to continue nat mur too!!
abhabh last decade
no,not reqd
anuj srivastava last decade
hello sir,
there is no any further improvement i feel. on the contrary there is increase in number of pustules and bumps on scalp and discharge from urethra. Scalp becomes sticky so do the hairs. Please suggest me further
[message edited by abhabh on Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:12:08 BST]
abhabh last decade
have a dose of graphitis 200 and give a feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava last decade
sir,having taken graphite 200 dose no significant changes in situation,congestion in stomach has increased, no clear stool,often feel itch on scalp, wen do the same ,that area gets red, specially below the ear and down side of cheek.
abhabh last decade
silicea 6x and nat phos 6x ,5 tabs of each three times a day.

repeat graphites after a week.

feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava last decade
i apologize for the delay reply sir as i had been out of connectivity.But i must tell you that i am taking medicines as you prescribed still i feel no better. please suggest me further with your valuable suggestion. Thanks.
abhabh last decade
stop all medicines and have kali sulph 6x,5 tabs three times a day.

pls give feed back every 4 days.
anuj srivastava last decade
Hi sir, after having dat med for four days i feel that pustules on my scalp have started drying up but with that newer ones also keep coming in having yellow pus with in it and that is painful too. Please guide me further.thanks
[message edited by abhabh on Sat, 30 Nov 2013 15:38:04 GMT]
abhabh 9 years ago
Hi sir, after having dat med for four days i feel that pustules on my scalp have started drying up but with that newer ones also keep coming in having yellow pus with in it and that is painful too. Please guide me further.thanks
abhabh 9 years ago
continue for 4 more days and give a feed back.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Dear sir,


There is decrease in scalp pustules but i am having clogged nose and formation of cough has increased, with this scalp has become sticky and itchy. Please guide me further. Thanks.
abhabh 9 years ago
stop medicines for two days and give a feed back.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Sir, there is very few new pustules i got on scalp. There is other big problem i am facing is cold issue and often itching in body specially when i am not able to have clear stools. When i walk fast or step up stairs or do any rigorous work, i have pain in both my nostrils which makes me hard to breath through it. Please guide me further. Thanks
abhabh 9 years ago
eat less drink one lit of water early in the morning,walk 5 kms every day and have KALIPHOS 6X 5 PILLS ones a day.

when your pustules have reduced restart kali sulph 6x as advised.

feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Sir, there is relief in number of pustules than before still now and then they keep coming on scalp, scalp is sticky,hair loss at worse,no clear stools, watery and colorless discharge from urethra specially at night,itching and skin on top of genitals gets narrower when it discharges at best,also cracks on skin there,making it hard to pull the skin up,sometimes i feel numbness in whole body,that makes me full of emotions and mentally weak and push me under confidence. Please guide me further as under your supervision i am at bit of relief than what i were when i came in with your contact. Thanks
abhabh 9 years ago

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