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Zady, last night I was dreaming all night. Very unpleasant dreams with all kinds of familiar faces in it. No real context. Middle of night started a bad headache and had nightmares, I never have nightmares usually. I woke up, very sensitive to noises, easily scared.
Then since the morning very bad mood, do not wish to talk to anyone or interact in any way. No drive to do any chores. Can't seem to enjoy anything, nothing can cheer me up.
It might sound crazy, but I feel disconnected from the world and it is as if I can visualize my brain working.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Did u take ars? When?
Zady101 8 years ago
Yes I took it yesterday evening around 8:30 pm. Same way u told me to take it.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Aggravation. Will go away in a day.
Zady101 8 years ago
Dear Zady, I don't want to speak too early, but it seems like something is working. I want to make sure that there was no other factor, e. g. being distracted by family, responsible. I will update you in detail in few days, if that's ok.
Only thing I am noticing which is new, is that I am extremely impatient and angry, for no apparent reason.
Still procrastinate immensely.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Zady, seems like I did speak too early.
Early this morning around 4 am I am getting panic attacks, no apparent reason. It is not the kind of constant anxious feeling that I used to have. These are actual medium level panic attacks. Seem to come and go in waves.
Do you think this is also aggravation or part of healing?
I am really getting desperate here, I want to be my old self again.....
Munabashir 8 years ago
Aconite 30

Dissolve 2 drops/5 pills in 3 tbls water, stir using a spoon and drink. Do this every 3 hours for a total of 4 times in a day (4 doses). For 1 day only.

PS: This appears to be part of healing.
[message edited by Zady101 on Thu, 05 Dec 2013 11:06:34 GMT]
Zady101 8 years ago
One small correction in dosing: If you feel better than stop, no need to do all the doses.
Zady101 8 years ago
Is it ok if I take Aconite 200?
If not I can go get Aconite 30.
Do not have panic attacks since this morning, do you think I might be done with it or is there no way for you to tell.
I remember I did take Aconite 200 one dose myself back when this whole issue started (right after taking that weightloss medication, in August). That night I got so scared and frightened, made everything worse. Finally I fell asleep and by next morning it was gone.
Do you think that was an aggravation too or did that remedy not suit me?
I never took it again after that.

I don't know much about homeopathy but from what I read that it cures in layers and starting with the symptom that appeared last. I feel it makes sense in my case. I first had panic attacks and then started the Anxiety.
Now it seems like Arsenic took care of the Anxiety and now is adressing the Panic Attacks. What do you think?
Munabashir 8 years ago
Please wait. Do nothing. Update me tomo on ur condition.
Zady101 8 years ago
Zady, yesterday I had some mild depressi
Munabashir 8 years ago
Sorry posted too early. Anyways, yesterday mild depression. Other than that, no Anxiety, no Panic Attacks. My strong aversion to water seems to be gone, I do not have this terrible taste after drinking water any more. Mood elevated. Do not feel disconnected from surrounding any more. Only thing that is still the same is procrastination, lack of organization skill. Do you think arsenic alb will take care of that too? Would you classify that as cure or would I need to repeat that remedy in future?
Munabashir 8 years ago
What I find fascinating is the order of how things are changing.
First I had Depression, then the Panic Attacks and then Anxiety.
After arsenic alb I had aggravation in the opposite order. Anxiety, panic, depression.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Please wait. Update after 3 days.
Zady101 8 years ago
Zady, seems like I get too excited too early.
This evening (Saturday) Anxiety is returning. I had few flashbacks yesterday, but today I can definately feel it. It has also increased heart palpitations.
Also in addition to that I got some stomach issues. Previously I used to have some pain in stomach area from time to time. This seems to flare up at the moment. I feel nauseous looking at food or even after eating. I have to force myself to eat.
I have one request, if it is not too time consuming, can you give me a little more info about your thought process of dosing Arsenic Alb.
I think it would give me a little more strength to go through this time if I knew the facts. Do you think I can get cured once and for all?
Munabashir 8 years ago
Yes, u will get cured.

Pls repeat Ars Alb 30

Dissolve 2 drops/5 pills in 3 tablespoon water in a disposable cup, stir a few times using a spoon. Take 1st tablespoon, wait 15mins. Take 2nd tabkespoon, wait 15 mins. Take 3rd and last tablespoon.
Zady101 8 years ago
Dear Zady, it has been 7 days since I took another dose of Arsenic.
Thankfully I did not experience Anxiety to that degree again, only slight uncomfortable feeling in first couple days at onset of evening, but nothing since then. Only issue at the moment is ongoing lethargy, no ambition, procrastination.
But what I noticed is Anger, I seem to be in constant bad mood for no apparent reason. And confusing dreams, no real context, random people appear from present but especially from past, people I had not thought of in ages. Seems my mind is always in progress at night.
I am able to drink water happily, no bad aftertaste as before. Still have to consciously remind myself to drink, but no aversion to it anymore.
Also I have a quick question. For Pre-Diabetes my Dr. wants me to start taking Metformin, should I hold off? He is saying its very necessary, because sugar levels are spiking.
Thanks Zady, you have given me my life back, appreciate it a lot.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Please repeat arsenic alb 30 one more time and update me in 5 days.

Regarding diabetes medication, I leave the decision to you. You can try putting it off by a few weeks if your doctor agrees. The next remedy which i will prescribe if your response is on expected lines will take care of that.
Zady101 8 years ago
would the diabetes medication interfere with homeopathy? If so, I will wait few weeks.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Zady, it has been 6 days now since I took one more dose. I was feeling well last days, only two days ago, started getting this sad feeling in evening and some very mild anxiety. It is very very mild, but still can be felt. Lasting only few moments, and if I distract myself, it does not overpower me like before. With it come heart palpitations.
Otherwise no complains. Only thing I notice is fatigue when my sugar gets high, don't know if it is coincidence, but there seems to be a connection to the anxiety.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Let me explain last sentence.
I have noticed that whenever I have high bloodsugar, I tend to feel more heart palpitations and feel this Anxiety ( happened before too but I did not actively notice that).
That's when I get afraid I might be seriously ill.
Munabashir 8 years ago
Don't worry one bit. Keeping getting sugar checked off and on. Thats all.

arsenic alb 200

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup. Stir a few times using a spoon. Take 1st tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 2nd tablespoon, wait 15 mins, take 3rd and last tablespoon.

Update after 1 wk.
Zady101 8 years ago
I will fully update when week is complete but so far seems like Anxiety is gone. Only problem is that I get some mild depression at least once a day for some short time. More a sudden sadness, don't feel like my old self, feel like there is no happiness in life and nothing can cheer me up. I mostly distract myself for a while. With it comes a great sense of loneliness, I start missing my m
Munabashir 8 years ago
I will fully update when week is complete but so far seems like Anxiety is gone. Only problem is that I get some mild depression at least once a day for some short time. More a sudden sadness, don't feel like my old self, feel like there is no happiness in life and nothing can cheer me up. I mostly distract myself for a while. With it comes a great sense of loneliness, I start missing my my mother and siblings
Munabashir 8 years ago
Situation is expected to change...please update in 3 to 5 days.
Zady101 8 years ago
Dear Zady, Anxiety is entirely gone, I do not get heart palpitations any more. My outlook at life in general seems to be more positive, only twice in past days did I feel that sudden sadness/mild depression. Only for very short time.
I can not say I feel 100 % like my old self but very very close.
Munabashir 8 years ago

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