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Let me clarify. I do not mean to say it is the previous years stress which is coming up, it is the current stress of day to day life without any time off or any help.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Do you have dry lips?
Do you have lower lip split down the middle?
Do you like ice cold drinks?

Do you put more more salt in your food, i.e like salty stuff?
Do you weep? Without cause?
Do you like being consoled while weeping or while you are in distress?
Do you like cold milk?
Do you feel worse from sunrise to sunset?
Do you feel worse
- in morning after getting up?
- in late afternoon?
- during midnight?
- in evening?
Zady101 9 years ago
Dry lips: yes most of the time

lower lip split down the middle : not really

Ice cold drinks : No. Mostly room temperature

Do I put more salt: No I like it medium. not too much. not too less

Do I weep? Hardly ever.

Without cause? Not even with cause. Can't cry easily. Actually do not like to cry.

Do I like to be consoled? Not necessarily being hugged. But like to have someone close, feel secure. And definately talk and find a solution for problem.

Do you like cold milk? Love it.
Refreshes very much. Prefer it to water.

Do you feel worse from sunrise to sunset? No actually feel happy in morning, optimistic like I can start over and do everything right and with full strength. Feel worse in afternoon, starting at 4 pm and through evening until night.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Did you feel that you were wronged and insulted but somehow carried on without replying back? Didn't such situations get you to become angry?

Did you suffer from any physical problems?

Did you suffer from any skin problems?

Were there any issues involved with respect to sexual life?

Has your husband treated you well?
Zady101 9 years ago
I married into a family which was quite powerful. Very traditional in terms of role of men and women. Women in that family were supposed to be extremely submissive and expected to do it happily. Especially role of daughters in law was very degrading. I grew up in western culture, for me that treatment was outrageous, but whenever I would act contrary to the expectations I was put down immediately, here we would call it mobbing/bullying.
My husband is and was very loving and caring but in regards to the expected role in that family he could not or would not side with me and go against it. Means go against his parents. On a personal level we have a very friendly relationship, but back then to openly get along and show it was a big no no.
That whole situation made me extremely angry and above all helpless. I felt degraded, humiliated to the core and above all alone, since I had no family around and in laws were quite powerful. But showing that feeling would have gotten me in trouble. It's hard to explain, nothing was said openly, it was more a subtle oppression.

Now I am out of that environment and lead the life I wanted, financially stable, freedom and peace. Have all I can ask for. Therefore I absolutely can't understand where this anxiety is coming from.
Still have to deal with in laws but fortunately I am strong enough to cleverly keep the upper hand, not always but to 95%.

Never had any physical problems. except gestational diabetes in pregnancies. No skin issues, pimples etc. Only thing is I get lots of sunspots, had freckles since childhood.
My love life has been pretty stable, only issue is low libido, don't know why. I love my husband and we have a friendly and good relationship.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Staphysagria 6C

Dissolve 1 drop/2 pills in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this twice everyday for 5 days and update me.
Zady101 9 years ago
Zady, I am going to get the remedy tomorrow. But I am little nervous about it. Remember that it seems like I am quite sensitive to homeopathy or maybe medicine in general, and since this remedy relates to suppressed anger, I worry it might get too much. I don't want to be superangry or am afraid of all the angry feelings of the past to break down on me like a wave. I am kind of worried about aggravation or if I will be able to handle it on my own. What do I do in such case, I have kids, I don't want to scare them.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Dear Zady, it has been few days now that I took stapysagria 6 c.
First two days no change whatsoever, but day 3 and 4 I noticed very slightly that I was not getting angry as quickly. I seemed more calm inside as well, but as I said not significantly, very very mild change.
But procrastination has increased too much. Other than that not much change. Slight onset of sadness though.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Please continue dosing. Stirring several times is impt before each dose. Pls update after 1 wk
Zady101 9 years ago
Dear Zady, it has been little over a week now. I can not say the staphysagria has made a huge difference, but I feel that when I do get upset it is with less intense feeling inside and little more short lived anger. But still anger flares up for minor things, mostly because I am very impatient and feel that if my kids don't follow my instructions and I do not enforce them they will end up with bad habits, without basic manners/work ethics.

I have noticed that my stress mostly comes from the fear that I will not be able to give my kids the proper training, mainly because of my own shortcomings, resulting out of my procrastination and lack of coordination. It's like a circle, I stress for that reason, then do not follow up on my intentions, anger flares up, guilt for being rigid and that again creates stress. I have felt that when that stress increases my anxiety comes back. Not as intense luckily and I have so far managed to calm myself down. But this is the connection I could notice.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Please take for 1 more wk and then we will decide
Zady101 9 years ago
Dear Zady, it's been about almost two weeks that I am taking the staphysagria, but it does not seem to be doing anything. nothing niticable.
Right now I am at the worst I have been in terms of procrastination and lack if coordination. I seem to wander around without being able to concentrate long enough on anything and have zero motivation to do things. Things keep piling up and when it gets too much I explode.
Thankfully no anxiety. And no sad feeling in evenings other than an uncomfortable feeling in the evening when I look back at my day and see nothing has been accomplished.
Munabashir 9 years ago
The most change I have felt when I took the phosphorus, so do you think it would be a good idea to take that again? I felt very motivated, unfortunately anxiety got in my way.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Lycopodium 200C

Dissolve 2 drops in 8 oz disposable cup filled with clean water, stir a few times using disposable teaspoon. Take 1 full teaspoon from it once only.

Throw away the disposable cup and spoon.

Note: if u dont have 200 u will take 6C once a day which u hv, get 200 and update me.
Zady101 9 years ago
Zady, I took lycopodium 200 same day in evening when you told me.
It's only been two days so I guess I need to observe any changes for few more days, but so far I have noticed ( very slightly) that I am becoming more and more startled by noise, I have started to feel little uncomfortable inside, weird feeling , just hard to describe. I am getting afraid of someone breaking into my home, double check locks and pull curtains so no one can peak inside. If I have to go outside in dark I look around to check if someone is standind in corners. Weird.
Munabashir 9 years ago
I have a request, my one year old is giving me a really hard time. He is very clingy, wants to be held all the time and is afraid if I am out of sight. Also at night he frequently wakes up and needs to touch me. He is not teething at the moment. I hope you can help. Is it better to start a separate thread for that?
Munabashir 9 years ago
In your case please wait 1 wk. For your kid, give a single dose of puls 30 and see.
Zady101 9 years ago
Dear Zady, so far no positive change after taking Lyco. First few days I felt like I described above. But that anxious feeling is very very mild now.
Only thing that is new is my constant fear of getting ill. Especially afraid of having brain tumor. Afraid to eat anything that might make me sick. Afraid of someone breaking in.

Pulsatilla did not help for my little boy. I waited few days to notice difference, but nothing changed.
Munabashir 9 years ago
arsenic alb 30

Dissolve 2 drops/ 5 pills in 3 tablespoons water, stir a few times and drink. Do this once only. Update after 5 days.
Zady101 9 years ago
Dear Zady, I took the arsenic alb on Monday and today I noticed something weird. I know it is the time of month for me, I always got a little short tempered few days before. But since last month and then this month also I am getting extremely angry for no reason. Explode for meaningless things, I don't know what's wrong with me. Seems like my hormones have controll over me. And just now, out of the blue I got a mild to medium strength onset of anxiety. I feel it might be my bad conscious for being such a terribly yelling mother right now, especially because I think that I am not finishing MY work, how can I expect kids to do everything perfect. I feel like I am running in circles.
Munabashir 9 years ago
This has been the first time I got another Anxiety attack after long time.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Take aconite 30 single dose
Zady101 9 years ago
Zady, I have taken Aconite previously, I think back in August when I first encountered this Anxiety. After taking it Anxiety worsened to the point that I felt extremely afraid all night. I had taken one dose in the evening then.

Do you think I should still proceed taking it now?
Munabashir 9 years ago
How are u feeling NOW?
Zady101 9 years ago
I did not take Aconite but no Anxiety all day. Feeling better.
Munabashir 9 years ago
Zady, how do we proceed? Do you want me to wait and see how it goes?
Procrastination still there, which is stressing me. Stress level 5 out of 10.
No real Anxiety, just a slight fear of fainting, food poisoning and generally falling sick.
Munabashir 9 years ago

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