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Looking for a remedy for Autism/ADHD

I have a 10 year old son with Autism. He was perfectly fine till 18 months of age. Then we moved from one city to another away from family full of uncles and aunts and cousins. Overnight he stopped talking and little by little he stopped eating, sleeping, eye contact and speech. I started giving him wheat product right before moving to the new city. It didn't suit him and he had continuous stomach upset. Then he lost all communication and got depressed and cried. Almost two years he was sad, no sleep, no eating. Then we moved back to the old city after two years but he lost all his skills by then. Now he talks and tries to communicate verbally but his language and vocabulary is like a 3 year old. he can read kindergarden/first grade standard. He had been diagnosed as Autistic when he was 5 years old.
1.He is extremely agressive and talks to himself all the time and flaps his hand.
2. His focus is very bad as he is engaged in self talking.
3. He jumps a lot.
4. He has severe anxiely and worry.
5. He has learning disability. He gets occupational therapy and speech therapy.
6. He is sensitive to too hot and too cold weather.
7. He is sensitive to background noises. i.e. in a mall he covers his ears. He covers his ears when the toilet is flased and flaps his hands with high speed.
8. He has processing issues hence communications issues. He is a visual learner.
9.He has severe GI issues like indigestion. He is on a Gluten free, dairy free,yeast free, tomatoe free and read chilie free diet. He is always burping and gets canker soars all the time. After eating apple or drinking apple cider vinegar he is doing much better. He is always asking for extra salt in his food He had been give pulsitilla and carbo veg and occasional Nux Vom for digestion.
10.He has motion sickness. While riding in a car he would complain about nausea and trowing up and tummy ache. He has lot of food allergies and enviornmental allergis.
11.For severe aggression/anxiety/depression he had Kali phos 6X. It made a huge difference. He had tuberculinum 1m, Carcinosinum 1M, Zinc Phos 200.
12. For brain developmet he gets Baryta carb 30c and Calc carb 30c
13. his focus is very bad and talks to himself and jumps around, hyperactive. Not motivated to academic stuff. He goes to pure Autism program in a school in Virginia, USA.
14. He is extremely fearful. Doesn't want to sleep in his room, go to the bathroom by himself. He says he is scared of monsters ad ghosts. He can use computer and IPAD.
15. He loves getting hugs and gets remorseful right after he is aggressive but still cannot stop hitting.
15. He cannot have intelligent conversation yet.
16. His imagination and pretend play is very good. But interactive games he can't play. His social skills are very bad too.
17. Extremely forgetful. If i ask him to go use the bathroom and get ready. he will go to the bathroom but will keep o talking to himself or his hand but not get ready. Everything needs lots of prompts and physical prompts. He has OCD obsessive compulsive disorder. Loves to talk about one particular topic. Now he is obsessed with Sharks. He has poor eye contact.
18.in one word Autism+ADHD+lack of focus+ lack of motivation+indigestion.

He had taken stramonium 200 twice i mean two doses for brain.

Sorry i forgot to mention that my son had a history of repeated ear infection. He had 15/20 so far since seven months of age. He suffers from flu/cold/influenza a lot. When the change of weather season his symtoms gets worse. Like self talking and constantly running around or jumping inside the house gets rocket high. He got Thuja occidental 1m after the vaccinations. Natrum sulph 200 for any head injuries.

He gets belldonna 30, bryonia 30, aconite, eupetorium perf, kali mur 6x, ferrum phos 6x, amonium carb, allium Cepa, Natrum Mur, arum triph, when he gets cold/flu. He has beta thalassemia trace. but after taking ferrum phos 6x his hemoglobin level has increaded from 8 to 11.
please feel free to ask questions. thanks,
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  magicpill on 2013-11-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
calc carb 200,2 pills every third day at night ,not on a full moon day.

kaliphos 6x,2 tabs three times a day.

feed back after 7 days.
anuj srivastava last decade
Please give him just one dose of NATRUM MUR 200C early one morning in empty stomach by waking him up briefly from sleep. Don't let him get up from bed for the next 2 hours.

Note the changes in his communication abilities for the next 10 days.
rishimba last decade
i will give him Kali phos and Natrum Mur but have to order the Calc Carb 200. I only have 30 and 6. but not 200. Will that be a problem or i should wait till all remedies are here?
magicpill last decade
pls give what rishimba has prescribed first and observe,for a fortnight or so.

if there is no improvement after her suggestions then only start what i have suggested.

dont give KP as it has not been recommended by her .
anuj srivastava last decade
ok. Thanks so much Anuj srivastava and Rishimba. I have edited my symptoms a few minutes ago. I forgot to add some stuff last night. Really appreciate the help.
magicpill last decade
This is slightly insane, how can anyone give a child so many different homeopathic medicines?

Parakletos last decade
He doesn't take all the medicies at the same time. Dependig o the symptoms he takes a remedy. I just wanted to say that these are the remedies he had been exposed to.
magicpill last decade
The recurring earaches and stomach problems should be good clues.

How can a homeopath go from using Tuberculinum to use carcinosinum, two completely different nosodes, shows that there are some without any idea what they are doing.

No serious homeopath would do such a thing. Especially not to jump from one remedy to another remedy without any restriction, as it seems.

Sorry, I do not mean to criticize you, but you've apparently been the victim of an unqualified 'homeopath.'
And now it looks like it will be even more remedies?

Dr. P
Parakletos last decade
tuberculinum 3 doses in three months had been given to him three years back and carcinocinum 2 doses in two months had been given recently.
magicpill last decade
You said he was fine until 18 months old. What happened then, did got a vaccine prior to this? If so, what kind of vaccine, can you remember that?

Parakletos last decade
yes , he had MMR at 15 months and also I started giving him wheat cereal. Before that he was eating rice cereal. We moved from Maryland to Austin, Tx at 18 months of age. Left behind my husband's side of the family. My son was very close to his aunts and uncles and cousins too. He got extremely depressed and anxious. HE basically started having panick attacks. He couldn't take the change. And also he gets physically sick if he eats any product of wheat which has gluten.
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magicpill last decade
I like to look at your case, if I may? Or you can leave it to the other guys here.

Parakletos; practioner of classical homeopathy.
Parakletos last decade
I have just joined the forum. So i don;t know how it works. If you wat to look at this case then please do. Just let me know what i should be doing for that.
magicpill last decade
Dear Magic Pill,

You don't have to do anything.

You can only follow one advice and prescription at a time.
Bc you were talking to Anuj and Rishimba, Parakletos is
being polite, asking if he can look at the case and then
suggest what he thinks you should do.

It is up to you who to follow, Parakletos is
just asking for your permission. He is a homeopath
in Norway.
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simone717 last decade
ok no problem. Sorry i didn't realize it. Sure Parakletos can be my son's doctor.
magicpill last decade
Okay, and thank you for the trust.

First of all, stop all homeopathic medicines.
The second thing you should do is to give your son supplementation of vitamin C combined with zinc, potassium and magnesium. Also omega 3 fatty acids are very important for the brain. It may be fish oil or flaxseed oil. A good fish oil is possibly the best. In Capsules.
In addition, you can give him a homepat medicine called Saccharum officinale 6X, 2 times a day.
All this is to restore intestinal flora and function.
Omega 3 for removing blockages in the brain and bring nutrients to the brain.

Good that you removed gluten from his diet, it helps treatment.

Try this for about 2 weeks and see what happens. After some time with this treatment, we can find an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

If you have questions, please ask.

Parakletos last decade
Forgot the size of the dose. Vitamin C you can give, every day, 100-150 mg.
Magnesium 3-500 mg.
Zinc 10 mg.
Potassium 800 mg.

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Parakletos last decade

If I might add, there have been a lot of articles/usa
lately about Fish oil having too much Vitamin A in it
and that Flaxseed oil is a more natural way to do this.
Just fyi.
simone717 last decade
Hello Parakletos,
The Saccharum officinale 6X has pellet form and liquid form. Which one should I get? What would be the dosage? You mentioned twice a day. What dosage?

I tried all the other supplements(viamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium and fish oil for my son before but will try them again as you've mentioned. Thanks.
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magicpill last decade
Hello again.
Can you remember if there was any change, with these supplement? And, it was the same containing / dose?
It may be easier with liquid. Take 4-5 drops in a little water, approximately 3-4 tablespoons with water. Taking medicine least half an hour before or after food.

If there is any rigid and obsessive behavior, you can use a homepat medicine called Cuprum metallicum, 30 C, but we try the others first.

Dr. P
Parakletos last decade
If there is not difference between pellets and liquid then it will be easier to give him pellet. Advice please. I truely didn't see any difference before after taking supplements(Vit C, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese and fish oil). I don't know the previous dosagebut it was from a DAN(defeat Autism now).But i will try them with your suggested dose. He had issues with Ph level. After eating apple with every meal his digestion has improved. After his stmach acid has increased the remedies are showig an effect. Kali phos keeps his nerves calm and also baryta carb has show positve improvements like, he could count up to 20 but before that he could not count more than 12. Same with Zinc phos, after taking it I felt his conversation capacity has improved a lot.
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magicpill last decade
Please, use the pills if you think it's best. No problem.

Thinking, if it really is necessary to use this supplement? You said that it had no benefit, last time. And it will save you unnecessary expenses.
Maybe we should concentrate on finding the right homeopathic medicine. I'll read through what you have written, and see what I can come up with.

Parakletos last decade
Hello again.
I have now examined the various symptoms and what you have told.
Firmly believe that the medicine you should give your son in the first place, Silicea. Does he need one or two medications after Silicea, but this comes first

Please give him a dose of Silicea 200C, very important that you do not give him any other homeopathic medicine. And you shall give only one dose, ie 4-5 pills or 2 tablets.

Silicea has a reputation for working slowly, but it is not always so, just mention this so you are aware of this.

This medication is chosen based on suspected side effect of vaccination, and ear inflammation, his poor resistance to flu / colds,lack of mental stamina, difficult consentration,weakness of memory, fixed idés(obsessed with Sharks etc), sensitiv for noice, anxious, etc etc.

This is the only medication he needs for the moment. Can not emphasize this enough, but do not give him any other medicine.

Please, just ask if there are any questions. I also have an email address on my profile, if it's something you want to ask about, outside the public.

Best regards, Dr. P

(Sometimes I get many patients, so it may be that it takes some time before I can answer)
Parakletos last decade
Hello Dr.P,
I gave my so one dose of Silicea 200C yesterday. He has a lot of indigestion. Now the area behind his upper lip is all scraped and red. His eyes are gloomy. He is having indigestion and so might end up having canker soar/mouth ulcer.
what should I do. I used to give him oe dose of Thuja Occ 200c and then arsenic alb. Sometimes i just give him Nitric acid 200C. But because you asked me not to give him anything i have not given him anything. Please advice.
thanks so much.
magicpill last decade
These symptoms which he has now, he has had them before? Before taking silica?
Parakletos last decade

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