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Hello Dr

Thanks for your previous comment, as suggested I took a single dose of calc carb 200 on 23rd Jan, and its a week now, following are my symptoms:

In last one week I played outdoor games with my friends and observed a significant improvement in my ability to sustain till the end, the sweating has also reduced thus I felt less tired and more flexible. Though after playing I did have body ache for 3 days, but if you play after a long time this is bound to happen. The encouraging part for me was my enthusiasm to play, energy and flexibility during the action and ability to sustain till the end like everyone else. Earlier I used to stop playing mid way due to muscle cramps and exhaustion due to excessive sweating.

I am getting less tired by day end, have been over loaded with work and am working 15-16 hrs a day but am able to manage well, I do get frustrated and negative due to the work but the level of frustration is low as compared to what it used to be before the treatment started. I have started being more pro active now a days in every field. Frustration and anger at minor issues like traffic jam etc has also gone down, a reduction in sweating is really very helpful. Also my interaction with my bosses is getting more comfortable and am less scared talking to authority now a days. It can be a matter of chance also that now a days I am getting work which I am able to handle, but again thats pretty subjective, earlier I used to get nervous at small issues as well.

I have observed one more change, in the last one week, thrice I got up early in the morning on seeing a dream, once it was about lizards, once about me trying to run from law and once seeing my dad in bad health, I got up after seeing these dreams and was able to sleep in 30-40 minutes.

Following are the current state of parameters you had advised me to track, assuming 100% was on 23rd Jan, i.e the day I took last dose of calc carb 200

Stress: 70%
Anxiety: 70%
Depression: 65%
Energy Levels: 130%
Enthusiasm: 130%
Libido: 115%

It would be really helpful if you can let me know how to proceed, thanks again for your time and effort.

PS: Earlier I used to rarely get up on seeing dreams, and would not see dreams very often. Not sure if this is significant, otherwise my sleep is good (around 7 hrs).

Also I see a significant reduction in tremors I used to get in my hand while holding something tight (its almost gone :-)) I feel my grip has also improved.

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siddmale 9 years ago
That's good progress. No more doses for now. Please update status after a week.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Dr.

Hope you are doing good, thanks for your last reply, as advised I have not taken any dose. Its been 15 days that I took the last dose of calc carb 200C (single pellet). Following are my symptoms:

I have been having a lot of work at office, but its not extreme still in the last one week many a times I felt depressed, irritated and loss of energy. I have started getting up early (then the normal schedule) and find it difficult to sleep, some how am not able to relax in bed the mind keeps on going in circles. Also I have observed the itching in hemohrroids is back though its very slight but its is there along with discharge also is small amount.

Following is the current state of the parameters we were tracking:

Stress: 90%
Anxiety: 90%
Depression: 80%
Energy Levels: 120%
Enthusiasm: 120%
Libido: 110%

Inspite of the last 7 days being stressful I am defenitely able to give my best to my work, and got some appreciation also from my seniors, my concentration has improved, and I feel I am able to control my emotions better, I get calm soon and am able to do positive self talk more easily. Again, though last one week was not the best but I still feel much better than what I used to before the start of the treatment, I am also not getting scared of talking to authority, have started taking initiatives.

It would be really helpful if you can let me know the next course of action. I am always grateful to you for your help and guidance, your advice is certainly changing my life.
siddmale 9 years ago
Regarding the measured parameters, where do you think you need further improvement or are you satisfied with the current rate of improvement.

Please have one dose, just one dose and report back in a week.
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fitness 9 years ago
Hello Dr

Thanks a lot for your previous reply, I had the last dosage as suggested by you on 6th Feb, I shud have reported on 13th but had been travelling for last 5 days so cudnt respond on time, my apologies for the same. Following is the current state of my symptoms:

On a overall basis (from the day treatment started) I see a huge change in my mental and physical state, I feel more positive, calm and confident on a mental front, the anxiety level is down and I have observed less sweating as well, energy and enthusiasm levels are certainly higher.

I do get into negative thinking at times, and feel tired and hopeless but am able to recover sooner, I think I am loosing weight also.

With reference to your previous question, I see a slow but steady improvement in my symptoms, I have been closely observing my symptoms, the incremental change that I have observed in last two doses is not that much as it used to be in earlier doses.

I see my symptoms gradually stabilizing, I am trying to be as neutral as possible, but I had cold and fever last week so the influence might have been because of that also. I would definitely want to be more positive and energetic, but not sure if the medicine has done its job and now its now in my hands to get into a positive frame of mind or should I take more.

Would be really helpful if you can let me know how to go ahead with the treatment, with respect to the parameters we had been tracking following is the state assuming 100% was when I took the last dosage (6th Feb):

Stress: 85%
Anxiety: 90%
Depression: 75%
Energy Levels: 125%
Enthusiasm: 125%
Libido: 125%

PS: In last two weeks I have seen a minor worsening of hemorrhoids (they were almost gone, but even now its very minor). Am observing light burping also which can be because of my travel. I have also observed that I get emotional easily now a days.

Thanks again for your help, I am really grateful for your time efforts and patient analysis of my symptoms
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siddmale 9 years ago
Good progress. Please observe & report back in a week.

We will continue with this dosing on a 15 day cycle unless something significant changes.

This will get us to cure.
fitness 9 years ago
Thanks for your quick response doctor :-)

15 day cycle means, the next dose should be taken on 23rd Feb right??
siddmale 9 years ago
Hello Dr.

Hope you are doing good, Its been 15 days since I took the last dosage, and following is a description of my state:

- Menatlly: I am more alert, able to concentrate better, still feel negative at times but the intensity is certainly lower, I am able to enjoy much more things like watching TV listening to music playing with kids etc. The level of confidence is improving, the change is slow but there def a change. The enthusiasm levels have increased due to the positive response from others and my own ability to put my brains into what I am doing.

- Physically: I do not get tired as often as I used to now, I keep working till late in the night but do not feel tired, I am enjoying travelling and do not get tense by brooding over imagionary fears.

- Sexually: I see a difference in my level of libido and erection as well, it seems my muscles are getting toned up again.

At an overall physical, mental and sexual level I feel more powerful, alert and energetic. The medicine helping me become a better person more confidant, energetic, kind and happy. I do get into loops of negative thinking at times but am able to work on it and come out sooner.

On the other side I am seeing a slight increase in hemohrroids (I am travelling again, so it might be bcos of that) also I feel very sleepy after lunch, probably because of a lack of deep sleep (I am sleeping 7-8 hrs on an average), though these two issues might be because of my own lifestyle.

Following is the condition of parameters we were tracking, assuming 100% was when I took the last dosage:

Stress: 80%
Anxiety: 85%
Depression: 70%
Energy Levels: 135%
Enthusiasm: 135%
Libido: 120%

As per your previous mail, you had advised me to take one dose every 15 days, its been 15 days I took the last dose. Should I take the next dose now? please do let me know.

Thanks again for all your help and time, your advice is significantly changing my life , and I am always greatful to you :-D
siddmale 9 years ago
Good progress. Please take a dose every 15 days and report back.

Stop the doses if any of the symptoms worsen as that would mean overdosing.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Dr.

Thanks a lot for your previous response, I had taken the last dose 6 days back (27th Feb). I have had a very erratic work schedule with guests at home I was totally occupied for the last few days, but I did get enough time to sleep. So probably because of that or because of the dosage I took on 27th (calc carb 200 - single pelette) I am observing the following symptoms:

- Lethargy (do not feel like moving from my place)
- Irritated (feeling irritated on small issues)
- Anxiety (anxious about future, worried that things are not moving in the right direction, career growth etc)
- Confidence (feeling under confidant with respect to work and my own capabilities)
- Constipation, burping and itching Hemorrhoid (though both are not today as I drank a lot of water, went out for a walk yesterday)
- Clouding of thoughts, feeling drowsy (not able to think clearly)
- Diarrhea (it happens when I get nervous or anxious about anything)

Would be really helpful if you can provide me your opinion, am I moving towards overdosing or do you think this is a momentary phase that will pass.
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siddmale 9 years ago
Its most likely an overdose. Just wait it out and things should be normal in a few days with improvement following that.
fitness 9 years ago
Thanks a ton for the quick response doctor :-) Getting your messages is always a delight, will report back once I see some change.

Thanks again
siddmale 9 years ago
Hello Doctor

Thanks for your time and effort, I must say you advice and help is having a huge positive impact on my life, and i will always be greatful to you. I have taken calc carb 200 single palette on 27th Feb, its been 16 days now following are my symptoms:


- I do not feel as nervous and anxious as i used to
- The clouding of brain and inability to think and concentrate has reduced
- Earlier I used sweat the moment i used to feel nervous, the sweating due to heat and nervousness has reduced
- Feeling more confidant now a days


- The most significant change I am seeing is now a days I do not feel as tired by evening as I used to
- my grip has improved for sure


- i have been under work related stress for last few weeks and i have been seeing dreams frequently, mostly related to day to day events


- unfortunately these factors have not improved much, but overall I feel much relaxed and confident, the problem is I am not getting much time for myself.
- My relationship with my wife has improved significantly more because I am more relaxed and confident now, and the better I am able to perform in office the better is the type of work i am getting and more is satisfaction and confidence, its a cycle.

On an overall level I am feeling like a totally different person, following are the levels of parameters we have been tracking (assuming 100% was the level I took the medicine last time on 27th feb)

Stress: 75%
Anxiety: 80%
Depression: 70%
Energy Levels: 130%
Enthusiasm: 125%
Libido: 105%

It would be really helpful if you can let me know the net course of action, I would like to remind you that last time I took the dosage for some days my symptoms had deteriorated, but then after a few days improvement started.
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siddmale 9 years ago
I am glad you are feeling good.

We will not use any more remedy for now, just wait and observe for the next week.

Can you elaborate what are you lacking in your sexual life e.g. erection, desire etc.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Doctor

Thanks for your response, and your concern, I will report back in a week regd. the parameters we are already tracking.

Regd. the issue with sexual life, I used to have good erections till about 1.5 years back and that is when the problems with stress, anxiety rose, along with this my interest in sexual activities gradually decreased. I would say there is both a reduction in desire and erection as well. Some how I am not very motivated to get involved in intercourse, I would rather take rest or watch TV.

At an over level my energy levels have significantly improved, but some how the desire for sexual activity is pretty low.

Please let me know if I should provide you more information, your support has been of great help.

Thanks again for your time and efforts.
siddmale 9 years ago
Is there anything which turns you on now be it porn, someone other than your wife etc.

What about morning erections.

Please keep in mind that stress is the biggest libido buster and if its constant, no amount of remedies can cure it.

Are you doing breathing relaxation exercises, if not, start them.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Doctor

Thanks again for your response and concern. I think you have hit the nail on the head, I got married 2 years back things went well for 6-7 months then I got into some serious trouble in my job, eventually I was able to get the issues resolved and moved into a new role, the new role is good but it took some time for me to understand it and start being comfortable.
Porn always turned me on, but now the intensity has reduced, the erections are better when I am relaxed and stress free.

I have always been anxious type, scared of failure etc, though I am successful professionally.

I even visited a urologist who got my testosterone level checked, physical examination and lipid profile (cholestrol level)done and concluded that there is nothing wrong.

My stress and anxiety are def. down now after taking the medicine u prescribed but the libido level is not rising.

As you already said, it seems relaxation is the only way out, I will start doing the exercises from now on. There are some basic types of exercises, should I figure out which suits me best? or is there anything specific you recommend?

Thanks a lot for your time and efforts
siddmale 9 years ago
The breathing exercise that I am referring to is this:

Breathing exercise for relaxation:

1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
2. Keep breathing normally and focus on it for 3 minutes. Just observe how you are breathing. You can close your eyes if you like.
3. After around 3 minutes of normal breathing, inhale deeply, as deep as you can through your nose. It should cause your chest to rise and your stomach/abdomen to expand.
4. Hold the breath for 5 seconds and start letting it go slowly through your mouth. Exhale fully forcing every last bit of breath out.
5. The time it takes to inhale should be 3-5 seconds.
6. To exhale it should take 8-10 seconds.
7. Do this for around 3 minutes the first 3 days increasing this to around 10 minutes daily.
8. You may start feeling light headed after this which is a good sign. You will be normal within a few minutes.
fitness 9 years ago
Do this for 10 days and report back. If needed, we will use another remedy also.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Dr

Thanks for your previous response, as advised I have been doing the breathing exercise regularly taking the duration from 3 min to 10 min. I am definitely feeling more relaxed I see a minor improvement in erections but its not great. The other parameters are fine, I am not getting as tired as I used to feel before the treatment started, the perspiration is down, level of nervousness, stress and anxiety has also reduced, I am able to concentrate better. But do not see a huge change in libido levels, would be really helpful if you can let me know the next steps. Your help has been helping me a lot. Thanks for your time and efforts
siddmale 9 years ago
Please give details of lack of libido.
fitness 9 years ago
Hello Doctor

Thanks for your previous response, and apologies for responding late, considering the time and effort you have given for my case I try to respond to you only when I have sufficient time to think and write, thus the delay in response, following are details about my condition:

- I was always curios about sex even as a kid, this led me to a habit of watching porn and mastrubating almost daily, I never got addicted to it or did not have any affair etc before marriage, otherwise I have good self control and no other addictions but this was more of a habit than an addiction.

- My libido levels have been high except for the last 1.5 years when due to some troublesome period in my job I came under consistent stress

- Your previous medication (calc crab 200) has def. helped me in regaining strength and confidence, amount of sweating is down I am less nervous and am sleeping better

- I still like watching porn at times but do not the kind of erections I used to earlier, even the desire to watch porn has gone down as I am continuously under some sort of anxiety or other

- I think more than the anxiety it is the lack of ability to relax which is bringing down my libido, when I am happy and free from stress my libido level and erections also improve

- I ejaculate faster than I used to thus the continuous performance anxiety also prevents me from getting into physical relation with my wife

I do have morning erections, but to be honest they intensity has gone down over the last few years, again the more relaxed and happy/content I am the better the libido.

Would be great if you can help me with these symptoms, not sure if I am describing my problems in the way you want me to, please do let me know if I should provide more details.

Thanks again for your time and efforts I will always be indebted to you.
siddmale 9 years ago
Will revert after the weekend.
fitness 9 years ago
Please have a dose of Lycopodium 200c, just one dose and report back in one week.
fitness 9 years ago
thanks again for your help doctor, your advice always comes in as a ray of hope :-) I will definitely take the medicine and report back to you once I am back home, I am travelling for some time.
siddmale 9 years ago
My situation is just similar to the case so i took the same medicine Cal Carb 200c yesterday at 5pm and today at 2pm .so please suggest the next dose .took 10drops yesterday but today just 2 drops .
Colors 7 years ago

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