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Fatigue, depression and other symptoms

Hi :)

first I have to excuse my bad english, it's not my native language I learnt it at school years ago.

I try to explain my symptoms as good as I can:

female, 30 years old,
of european descent,
5'4 ft,
143 lbs
(weight gain due to medication.
from age 15 to the age of 28 I weighed 110 lbs).

medical diagnosis:
mayor depression,
generalized anxiety disorder,
PCO, hyperandrogenism,
several allergies.

fluoxetine 20mg
bupropion 150mg
l-thyroxine 50,
antiandrogen birth controll pill,
cetirizine (antihistamines).

my description:

-always tired (esp. midday and after eating)
-want to remain in bed whole day

-freeze quickly
-freeze alternates with sweat
(freeze start in arms and chest/back area, heat/sweat from head down)
-sensitive to cold
-cold hands
-don't like to much sun (I like warm weather, but I avoid sitting/standing in the sun)

-sensitive to light, noise.

-itching nose, throat, skin (nettle rash),eyes
-constantly running nose (clear)

-dry body-skin but oily face-skin and scalp/hair

-pale skin
-purple/blue eye rings (circles or shadows, thin undereye skin)
-tendency to skin discoloration

-low blood pressure

-dry mouth
-tongue takes imprint of teeth
-angular cheilitis
-dry vagina
-vaginal cracks

-partial loss of eyebrow hair, eyelashes and pubic hair

-irregular menstruation

-constipation (since early childhood)
-hard stool
-painful stool
-dark stool
-stool like little balls.

-sensitive teeth
-had a lot of root canal treatments

-fear of losing loved ones or even 'things'
(- but sometimes I hate my loved ones..(don't know why))
-in society I feel separate, like an observer
-recurrent thoughts
-feel like I was floating
-fear of death
-fear of the dark
-fear of deep water
-contradictory thoughts
-need a lot of time alone
-fear of failure
-fear of hurt someones feelings
-want to remain in bed whole day...

-I peel off the skin of my dry lips (with fingers and teeth)
-I love salty and sweet food
-I don't like a lot of vegetables (bitter taste)
-don't like sitting on a chair with feet down on the ground
-I always sit cross legged

-often whooping cough in the first years
-constipation, (didn't want to go toilett)
-got allergies when we moved from city to the countryside
-I didn't like the family-dog
-speech/pronunciation(?) problems in kindergarten
-often holidays in africa (got malaria prophylaxis)
-my mother got a malaria prophylaxis during pregnancy with me.

father / his family:
heart attacks
high intake of sedativas

mother / her family:
c. (is not allowed to write here)
sensitive minds


thank you very much for reading!

  marie-anna on 2013-11-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
let me know the color of your .TONGUE,in addition to what has been stated.and also something about your periods

[message edited by anuj srivastava on Tue, 26 Nov 2013 08:03:32 GMT]
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

Crack in the middel (vertical), no pain, hardening or inflammation.

Feels 'to big' and swollen, not only at morning.
Bitter, sometimes soap-like taste at morning and before eating.

Often viscid mucus in mouth.

'Electric' tingling tongue tip.

I add a photo of my tongue to this post.



At what age did you have your first menses?
- Had you any trouble before or during the first period?

I was 15 years old, my whole childhood long I was afraid of getting the period.
I didn't want to grow up.

My first (and the following) Menses were very painful (strong cramps, wasn't able to walk or stand, headache).
6 days long.


- Have you, at any time, had you menses stopped or decreased...?

I don't think so... (I don't know)


- Have menses been irregular or painful at /since a particular time?

Painful and irregular since the beginning.


- Are your menses too frequent, too seldom, delayed, regular, early, and late? If so how often do they come?

Hard to say my menses is very irregular.
Sometimes all 3 months, then I 'wait' for a year..


- Do you have menses during the nursing of your child?

Have no children.

- Do you have the whites or nose bleed during menses?

I have the whites all the time, since I was 12 yars old. (3 years before my menses started).
Never have nose bleeding.

- How long do menses last?

~5 days.


- Do excitement of exertion bring menses on?

I don't think so... (don't know)


- When does the flow increase, decrease or cease?

Hard to say.. the flow increases often at night or while walking.


Character of the flow:

Different from time to time (during one menses),
dark to bright red,
gushing hot alternates with clotted, lumpy.
A lot of mucus.

When 'gushing hot' there is no odor,
while 'clotted' a foul-like odour.

Watery to thick, often dark clots in bright blood.
profuse, lasts to long,


Before the menses:

tension-like headache,(in head, neck and shoulder area),
pressure like headache.
more sensitive to pain.
diarrhea due to abdominal cramps.
pain at the right ovarian.
slightly difficulty in breathing.
cold feet and hands.
very hot to very cold sensations over my whole body.
sensitive breasts.
more sensitive mind.

-During Menses:

almost the same like mentioned above, but it is getting better at the end of the menses.


-After The Menses:

Everything is better after the menses,
but I still have all the symptoms I mentioned in my last post.


-Leucorrhoea (the whites ) :

I have a lot of discharge almost every day,
its changeable,
often clear, egg-white like.
sometimes white-yellow and more opaque.
watery to thready to almost dry-crumbly.
sometimes its brownish (maybe blood).


Stool and Mucus:

dark brown almost black, hard,
like balls (small balls), with gelee-like mucus (transparent brownish),
often only mucos, no stool.
often constipation (no stool at all, for two days),

but often I have to go to toilet 3 to 4 times a day,
(always hard and little balls-like), often after eating.
almost no odour.

sometimes with food residues.
and sometimes, when it is a little bit softer, it is greasy.

passes hard, have to press a lot.
sometimes I see blood because of skin-cracks.

often no appetite and nausea when I have no stool (constipation).


But at the moment my biggest difficulties are my mental problems.
mental and physical weakness.
(My fear of losing something, And always feeling guilty).


Thank you very much for your help!


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marie-anna 9 years ago
A second picture of my tongue:

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

marie-anna 9 years ago
Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER. dont repeat.

calc phos 6x from day two,5 pills three times a day.

calc carb 200,5 pills on day 2 half an hr before dinner repeat on day 5 and 8.

feed back after every 4 days
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Thank you very much!

So I will order:

Nux Vomica C 200 Dilution, 20 ml (fl oz 0.7).

Calcium Carbonicum C 200
Calcium Phosphoricum C 200
as globules, each 10grams.

is this correct?

Nux Vom I will take once only, as you recommend above.
marie-anna 9 years ago
calc phos 6x and not 200c.

it is a biochemic medicine.

other two remedies yes.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
It's day 4 (night to day 5),

I feel nauseous (nausea), it's strongest at morning and evening.

Feeling of becoming sick.

Strong sneezing (itching nose), dry nose alternate with watery, egg white discharge.

Strong feeling of heat (sweating) in the first 1/3 of day, feeling cold in the evening.

Tension like headache (right side, beginning in the right shoulder).

Constipation with urged to go to toilet.

At day 2 I had a little intermenstrual bleeding (dark red/brown, threadlike).

Mentally I feel as always (anxiety and nervousness alternate with a feeling of numbness and fatigue).

What i forgot to say,
I try to avoid coffee (which I like to drink a lot during the day),
but i drank a lot of hot chocolate during the last days.

How should I continue?

Nux Vom for a second time?
Tomorrow (day 5) I will take Calc Carp again, and Calc Phos as every day.

Thank you for your nice help!

marie-anna 9 years ago
no more nux pls.

one dose of calc carb and calc phos to continue.

feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

it's day 10 (I wasn't able to go online the last two days).

I still take calc phos every day and one dose of calc.carb at day 8.

Nausea is gone and headache is much better.

The other symptoms still remain.

How should I continue?

Thank you very much!

marie-anna 9 years ago
stop calc,cotinue calc phos 6x,

feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
it's day 15.

No headage and no nausea, but I am very nervous and sensitive (mentally),
and I have a strong feeling of heat several times over the day which often alternates with being cold (chills).

I also noticed that my lymph nodes on the neck are slightly swollen.

And I had a short intermenstrual bleeding two days ago.

(I take calc phos 6x (3 x 5 pills))

Thank you very much!

marie-anna 9 years ago
continue CP and a feed back after 4 days,have a dose of kali phos 6x every day in addition.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

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