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Fatigue, depression anxiety, insomnia, nervousness

I need help because I am feeling totally lost in life.
All my life I was very fearfull And nervousness from childhood. At the first IT was before swimmimg or athletic competiton few days before I had šÅ¥ávě fright I had bad feeling in stomach go a lot urine and had diarrhea everything was ok after conpettion. In school I want to be there best so I was learn good but before examine every time I had the same nervousness in my stomach. This was also from excitement or If I am sad and angry I fill warm and heat in sromach also my heart is poundig a lot I can feel it the pulse in stomach and sometimes in my head.
At about 16 I had problem with anorexia I was traingn a lot And not eat it was first time in my life that I stop sleep I cant. In this time I started going visit homeopat and tradional chiness medicine and finally at age 17 I get first time my period. Thank everything was fine I fell inove first time but the first 2 month every time before I meet my boyfriend I was verry nervouss shaking and had same nervousness feeling quick Pulse in my body. After few month it was ok. I can have sex a lot od time and I can can feel excitement and beautiful feeling before sex. But after two years in my realationship my boyfriend was very tired and didnt want to have sex and a lot od time I was sad and had anger I started feeling not good and pretty. Also I started working And these bank and almost everyday I had anger fór people O started to have hot feeling in my body and swelling when I had some kind of anger, excitement from future exceptations. I started to have acne cystic on my cheeks, some pimples on neck, And back also shoulders and my hair started slowly fall. Then se broke up few time and I holm my sadness And anger inside because I was scared that when I Saudek something my boyfrien let me. I am tipe of person that wont ve good and have control in life but anger I hold inside and thinkig about it again and again like I was diving. Also when someone is critic and said to me something bad I cant forget. When I am sad I am in past and I am melancholic And have depression with suicide thougt.
Back to the worst part. After ending the bank job se move to swiss and started live with another pair. Before I came here again I have great nervousness. And also I have fear that my boyfriend find out that I was cheet him. So I started had fear and heat on solár plexus, palpitations my heart was poundig all tge time because my mind just give me this thougt finally when said to him it wasn good. From this time every small stress started let mě down. Also se had problems with the pair they lied us about job here, they are Fighting a lot and did mess. And I had big anger inside mě but I cant say nothing because this is me I am afraid of fights And confrontationse from childhood because my parents Fighting a lot everytime when I heard there them fihgt And scream I had bad feeling in my stomach heat and anger. I can't sleep there start my insomnia again. Before day I am shaking from every excitement All day am nervousness from future when we are go somewhere, when door slam I am freak out when I hear conversation from the seconde pair I am freak out that they are speak about us that they want do something bad to US. Also when I hear some noise I am freak out. When I stand up my heard is poundig so much beats a lot And much. So all the time during the day I cant enjoy nothing because I ale feeling that my body Is in fight mood I started to be anxious from everything, my acne is terrible my hair are falling to much that I have quarter what I had before. My digestion is not good I dont have taste to eat wheb I eat something it digestion almost whole day my belly is like baloon after. Also I have very dry in my mouths during day but worst is at morning, my tongue is completely white and I fell sticky inside my mouths. My hair stated be oily, with a lot od dandeuff And my skin at head Is itching a lot. My feet are cold but hends is form. Also I am very skinnye because emI dont have taste And some days I cant eat nothing I am just crying because i feel that my life Is and. I am fell do depresd. I dont have taste fór sex And when I am doing I am almost like stone. That is not me in the past I was funny love sex, And sport And now I am all the time tired from this nervousness. At night I Ame not tired I am feeling almost all day on same energy levels maybe at morning is worst than before sleep I had more energy and I am better less nervouss And anxious. My anxious is because thougt for pust that nothing will be same And from future that maybe I am dyi from tiredness or I kill my self bacause I dont wont live like that. My sleep is terrible some days I cant sleep it when I had a lot of stress and nervousness during day so before sleep I am like full od energy. My mind is empty And fog I cant learn,i dont have any ideas dreams, I am completly without concenration. Withou joy in my life aby purpose. I started to be negative and pesimistic. When I finally fall a sleep I have dreams vivid And its like I am not sleep and thinkig everything Is real And all thé time in my drems I am speaking about my problems. And waking up a lot And can't fall a sleep again. Or I sleep again from Dream to dream And I cant remember anything its like. I can't think about something good. I am not hapy enymore. I am not working because I cant. Also during the day I can just think about my problems and searching on the internet what can help me. Also I am full of fears that I will die, from some illnes thar i will be conpletely without hear, that I will be alone without boyfriend that nothing will be same. I dont understand my self i want to do suicide that everything will be finally good but I can't do this because I want to live finally happy. i think that I lost natural barier for stress. And also I think that I have adrenal fatigue pro something with my thyrodi. But normall doctors just give me antidepressant and want give me sleep pills. But I dont want this I trust that must be some constitutional homeopatics that will help me. Also I am little bit hypochondriac.
I forgot write that on right feet I have 3 warts onr big like couliflower And one small flat and second big flat. I tried zde a lot things aswagabdha i cant sleep and I more anxiuos, right now I am using fo ti, saint john wort, And rei shi. But its same. Before sleep I Ame drinkig valerian but after its same vivid dreams and waking. My nails was every time before very long And hard rigt now I have on it notches and waves I dont now how to describe and grow slowly. Usually I want to sleep on left sice but than I can feel like my heart is poundig lot its anoyinf So I falling to sleep on rigt side with my right hand under the head and left foot near the body. With every move what I did i can feel strong heart beat it is not normall. I am tired from this. I love warm weather andělé sun but because my acne its not good. Also I like hot water and sauna but right now its impossible because when I am in warm oř hot bath and sauna my heart is beating so fast and strong that almost I dont know how breth. Also during day I nedd a lot of time breath deaply because I have feeling that I dont have air its same when I am go upstairs or on mountain I am out of breatg like dog And my heart is beat verye fast and strong. Everything Is fromm stress but I cant calm dowb I tried yoga, meditation but when I am sitting row I cant breath deaply like I hev stone on my chest and belly its same when I am very anxiuos I can't exhalation deep like I have something in chest or stomach domě kind of obstackle. In past i was extrovert And I loved joking with people and entertain the people. And I can joking from myself but is some kind of barier So people couldnt hurt me for example because acne... Also I am very sensitive what people think about me its very important for me also what they saying about me. Also I am very emotinall I am like SpongeBob I can feel pain from others but than I am thiniking about it. I dont knoe what to do please help me I am lost somewhere stuck deep down. i want again happiness and heal my emotionall, physical body and mind. I want harmony again it must be some homeopathy but I dont knoe what choose. Please help me.
  Caleidoscopioo on 2019-12-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Also I find something about argentum nitricum, staphysagria, calcarea Carbonica pro natrum muriaticum And phosphoricum acidum that is good vut i dont if something from this is good and for me.
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
And I forgot write that everything is worst before menstruation And during the sleep and mood is worst. Heating, anxious and nervousness And acne.
And also before menstruatiom sugar cravings and tiredness. Right know I like more salty food not too much but I have cravings for sausage and bread with chheese and eggs.
Also I dont have self confidence I dont like looking on the mirror. I am not good when my partner touch my face because acne.
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
Take a dose of:
Natrum Mur 1M
3drops+4spoons water
In the morning in empty stomach just after awaking from bed.

Don't eat or drink within 30 minutes after taking the dose.

* Stop taking any other medicines
* Give feedback after 3 days. Or give feedback anytime if any changes is noticed.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2019-12-02 15:01:26]
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hi thank you so much for so fast respond. I just want you to ask when I cant buy liquid is it possible buy it with pills and usit like this? If it will be possible like this how much pills I need to put into water? Thank you so much
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
You may take 3 pills (Direct) of Nat Mur 1M

But be sure about the potency. You should take 1M potency.
Look. I have taken the case more seriously. And your symptoms is fully matched with my own reportay. It and only it can help you I think.
Just take the dose and wait. You should wait for 15 days. But result may be achieved after sometimes. But you should be with that.
* Don't take any other medicines
* Give feedback after 3 days or if you see any change
Best of luck
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hi Freehomeo,

I agree with your remedy choice. However, I think
You must ask about sensitivity ? Because for
A sensitive person You need to start with lower
Potency. Even nat mur 30 c— see what the reaction
Is after a couple days- and then if nothing go to 200.

Also, important to know what antidepressants
Are they taking now? What is the effect ?
Sometimes the remedy has no effect because
Of the antidepressants. The person has to
Start to slowly stop antidepressants with dr
Instructions. They will be dealing with withdrawal symptoms.
simone717 3 years ago
Thanks Simone!
But 30 or 200 may not reach to her present condition. 30 or 200 of Nat Mur may create unwanted condition. I don't want to give details from books. It is just from my observation.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Most probably she is not taking anything for that.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Her condition may be diverted to Sepia. But hope everything will be fine without diverting.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Dear Freehomeo,

I understand what you are saying.
My experience from counseling is with many
People who needed Ignatia and Nat Mur.

1. If they were taking anti depressants- very
Hard to see what the remedy was doing.
2. If they were slowly reducing anti depressants-
And taking a remedy- anxiety states would often
Get stronger because A. The anti depressant was
No longer suppressing emotions.They had
Withdrawal effects like nerve pain.
On top of this the remedy was releasing old
Emotions of grief, sorrow , shame.

I have worked with some people who
Were given NAT mur 200 and 1M who were
Proving the remedy. They were sleeping mostly
For several weeks- they lost their jobs. So...
I am very careful to find out about sensitivity.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-12-02 17:47:34]
simone717 3 years ago
Dear Simone
I hope such condition will not be created for her. If so, we may control. We are not using frequently. We are going to take only single dose. Let's see the result. Obviously waiting for best result.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hi thank you for your advices.
I took antidepressant in august 3 weeks than stop it was cipralex drops 15 mg. From this time I am free from everything alopatic and trying to help myself with honeopathy and supplements like omega 3, copper, zinc, magnesium glycinate, vitamin D for 3 months every day. B complex, B 12. From homeopathy I tried for me, phosphoricum acidum 9 CH And Nux 9 ch, shussler salt Kalium phosphoricum. Nothing was working maybe phosphoricum I was able to concentrate more. Melatonin 1 mg not working and when I take more it was catastrofe not sleep.
I forgot write that I am 22, 60 kg, 179 cm. I lost about 4-5 kg during these terrible 8 months.
Also I tried to harmonise little bit my chakra but is difficult I think that 1,2,3 second are closed or working for 20% maybe also 5 because od thyroid. I dont now I am tired with my health condition. But I know that I doit myself because of my thougts and feeelings that I wasnt controlling so the problem is So huge now. I know that is some kind of experience that maybe if I will do it my life will be better. But I dont really know how long I can trying, because I on the deepest pláče that I ever was.
Today I will go tu drugstore order Nat.mur 1m it will be there about 2 days maybe they have 1 but I am not sure. Than I will write what was change. Thank all for your help I appreciate it So much.
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
And also I forgot to write that from January 2019 to may 2019 I was vegan And I feel better my acne was better but from third months stress started to be So huge that I think that also this type of diet not help me and was worst for me and for my hormonal system maybe this also help mě to feel like this. But I dont know I am fór my body like fór experrimental rabbit. I know everything that I did bad to my body for my whole life. I understand this I apologize myself but I think that its not working like this. I need to forgive some people but like I write before it So difficult. Racionally I can do this but in some higher sphere my mind or something in mě Is still So angry. I tried some affirmations, meditation its not working because i dont know how to concentrate And calm down. Solfeggio frequencies IT IS worse like immidiately when my body find out that I am trying calm down starting doing opposite. Samé result with hoopoonopono prayer.
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
And when I will start sleep better for me because I am not working almost one year because this situation.y boyfriend is working and that is also one reason that I am feeling in depression And anxious because I am useless. But in this condition is very hard find job in different country with different language. So thats it
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
Ok. Take a dose of Nat Mur 1M
Hope everything will be fine soon.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hi my dearest,
so I ordered Nat mur 1m. They said that it will be there to 3 dayse. Today I stoped everything what I take herbs I mean.
So I am totally tired, my legs are weak especialy left feet. I am cold more. But what is weard that upper body around stomach inside is hot also outside but down legs and feet are cold and sweeting wirh cold sweat. Hands are sometimes also cold but more warm.
When I am speaking with someone and ordering something I started sweating on back, neck hands neck and on mustache I hate this this I had from the times that my period start.
Whole day in my mind is playing tape with internal interview still again And again I replays what I have, my problems like am feeling nothing else just this. And when is calm from this anxiuos and anger or suicide thougts start. I dont how to stop it I can't concentrate because of this for nothing. And I know that I need to stop it because of brain pathways that are every day because of this stronger. I am trying to at least listen music but I am more anxiuos because immidiately starting thougts what was in past and that nothing will be same. In the past J like listen to music because I was nostaligic And music was for me like therapy. Music affects me a lot when I listen sad music IT makes me sad when I listened some techno I want to move dance or go run, right now its not working.
Like a small girl I was big ear curios what others saying, and I was very comunicative. Almost whole my life I was live in my head, thiniking dreaming overthinking od everything sometimes I didnt even notice reality around me. I could dream like this all day. I didnt have problem be alone I can be alone. Right now I have feelings thate I want strip ofd my skin like snake. I dont want to be with me anymore because of this everything. I am sorry that I am writing I just need to put from me. Its better for me when someone give me at least small hope that I will be ok again. Because I lost all hope what I have with me. Also because of this I started to be distrustful. And I prefer not to forward anymore because I am afraid it will not work and that I will be hurt again. because when I was looking forward to something in the past it didn't work out very often. Everything would be much easier if I could enjoy life and enjoy the little things and live only in the present. But I like to plan and dream when I'm a joyful girl full of energy.
I am sorry again I am just hopeless.
I send at least a little of the love I have left.
Thank Barbora
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
From the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, I often started to have vaginal inflammations after sex. itch with odorless discharge. And frequent bladder inflammation I used borax homeopathy always helped immediately but almost after a month it was back. Last year I took twice the antibiotics prescribed by a gynecologist. Since then I have had inflammations almost all the time that I mean stress and after sex. Until I started using home made borax capsules. It is possible that I have a candy in my body but it is not confirmed. I've never taken birth control. And as a child I was healthy twice as many antibiotics. In the family 2 deaths from cance.of the pancreas and lungs. Since then I have been a bit afraid of cance. Nobody in the family suffers from depression, anxiety or insomnia.
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
Why are you losing your hope? Why? Don't think so. You may see thousands of people who have lost their legs, or hands or eyes etc. You have all. Okay? You have good knowledge also. We should be happy with what we have. Actually I think depression is created by own and curable by own. No medicine is needed. Be easy. Think also nothing is bad and nothing bad will happen. Everything is well.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
I know you are right I know that the humans has power to heal them self. I tried it 7 months and it' s not working. I am aware that on the planet there is thousands of people that they dont see and they cant walk and I am sad from this. Maybe I am selfish but is difficult to think and feeling happy when my body is not working like before and when I am anxious all day from everything and I am not sleeping. Should I still use Nat.mur ?
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago
Yes of course.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hi today finally received Nat. mur 1MK they dont have 1M I dont know it is problem. If not tomorrow morning I will take 3 pills and wait what will do with me.
After 15 days or meantime I will write whats going on.
Thank you
Good night or morning
Caleidoscopioo 3 years ago

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