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acute hives in 8 year old with cold

Hi there,

my little boy had a fever of 39C some 4 nights ago. It was a gradual onset, but by the time it was morning he felt much much better without any other symptoms. He spent the whole next day in bed, taking it easy and letting the body work it's magic.
He felt pretty good for the last 2 days and we thought he's on the way to recovery, but last night at the dinner table, just after 6pm, he suddenly developed red patches on his face that soon turned into hives rash that I've instantly recognised (having had one episode myself I knew what I see). He started to panic, so I gave him Aconite 30. Then we moved on to Rhus tox 30 as it seem to fit the description best. The rash traveled down his body and disappeared within 30min or so. Only to reappear again about 2 hours latter (and continued like this till about 4 in the morning, every 2 hours). No swelling, just red patches that eventually form white blisters (itch and burn a lot), found mainly on his joints (knees - both sides, inner and outer, around his elbows), torso and face. They come in waves, traveling fast. In total I gave him about 3 doses of Rhus tox 30, then moved on to Arsenicum alb. 30 when he had his midnight rash attack. He was then crying and calling this rash the worst experience ever, feeling scared and worried if it will ever go away. After Arsenicum we woke up at 2 and 4 again (here I gave him one more last dose of Arsenicum 30) with very little discomfort just a few small patches with blisters.
In the morning he got up with a noticeable hoarse voice and occasional thick cough. At one point in early afternoon he complained about sore throat, but after tea with cloves he felt better.
His rash was gone till about 6pm tonight. Started again, from face - down. Quite intense, but was gone within 30-50 mins, just like the night before. I see his cheeks get red with small white blisters, but they don't seem to itch much as he's fast asleep.

My boy is v. slim build - skinny, tall, pale face, blond messy wavy hair and dry skin. He has a sweet tooth, no first, often passes wind, is messy, can be stubborn when ill, refusing to let us help him. Otherwise loving, sweet kid, mummy's boy, a combination between Phosphorus and Pulsatilla.

Would very much appreciate your advice!
Thank you!
  miaki on 2013-12-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer these questions and I may be able to select a remedy. Answer in front of the questions leaving them in place:
1. Your appearance (age, weight, height)
2. What are the symptoms of the problem
3. What makes the problem better
4. What makes the problem worse
5. How are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc)
6. Are you chilly or hot
7. How is your level of energy
8. How is your thirst
9. Are your lips or mouth dry
10. If fever during this illness, are you chilly or hot
11. If fever, are you sweating or not
12. If fever, what makes you feel better
13. Your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc) , temperature (cold, hot etc).
14. Your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc) , temperature (cold, hot etc).
15. Any other health issues that you have
16. What allopathic medicines are you on
17. What homeopathic medicines have you taken in last 6 months (dates, dose, potency)
fitness 9 years ago
1. Your appearance (age, weight, height) : 8y, tall, skinny, blond wavy hair
2. What are the symptoms of the problem: hoarse voice, occasional thick cough, hives, pain in the right calf
3. What makes the problem better: applying almond oil with a few drops of lavender in it.
4. What makes the problem worse: night time, sweating, stressing
5. How are you feeling mentally & emotionally during the problem (restless, calm, weepy, want to be alone, fear of death etc) : wants help quickly, the itching from the rash is very strong, so he cries and becomes quite stubborn/angry, doesn't communicate, but once the itchiness passes he's back to normal self.
6. Are you chilly or hot : feeling cold before the rash surfaces, otherwise normal
7. How is your level of energy : low
8. How is your thirst : no thirst, needs to be asked to drink even a little
9. Are your lips or mouth dry: normal
10. If fever during this illness, are you chilly or hot : n/a
11. If fever, are you sweating or not: n/a
12. If fever, what makes you feel better: n/a
13. Your likes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc) , temperature (cold, hot etc).
14. Your dislikes in food regarding taste (salty, sweet, sour etc): sweet temperature (cold, hot etc). : cold food and drinks
15. Any other health issues that you have : no
16. What allopathic medicines are you on : none
17. What homeopathic medicines have you taken in last 6 months (dates, dose, potency): pulsatilla 30 (single doses) some 4-6 weeks ago (he sometimes cries his heart out on Sunday nights, not wanting to go back to school and fearing separation from me, likes to be close to me).
5 days ago: at the beginning of his cold when my son complained he's feeling unwell - 2pills twice of New Era combination tissue salts: ferr. phos 6, kali mur 6,nat mur6, latter that night he developed a fever of 39c had red cheeks, but cold feet, so I gave him belladonna 30 twice with 2 hour interval. He felt better the following morning.
Next up was the hives 2,5 days ago, he received Acinite 30 single dose, Rhus tox 30 3 doses, 1 dose of arsenicum alb as it seemed to fit his mental picture and was complimenting Rhus.

His hives is still active. Last night he had quite a few episodes, between 6 and 2am or so. was restless in bed, tossing and turning a lot, moaning and when asked if he's feeling the rash - I would get a short snappy -NO! Felt better this morning, but during his breakfast the rash is back. Not as acute and not as bad, this time it started on his right leg, mainly nettle like white risen patches, that still itch, but apparently not as bad as in the night. He's not cranky, calm and is dealing with the situation well, not like in the night.
Update: ok, so it's 4pm and my son now has 37C temperature. Says he's feeling ok, no hives since morning...

Thank you!
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miaki 9 years ago
What do you mean by thick cough?

How do the hives respond to warmth or cold application

In the questions for fever you have said n/a but then you mentioned about fever.

If there is fever, please answer Q-10 to 14 and Q-8 during fever.

If no fever, then answer Q-13 & 14 for that.
fitness 9 years ago
thick/productive cough as a lot of phlegm in his throat, but he doesn't cough much yet, just occasionally (a few times a day).
I didn't answer the questions about fever as there was no temperature when I was writing my replay to your questions earlier. The 37 that he had 3 hours ago is gone, he's fine now.

Warm or cold applications, hmm, hard to tell as we haven't noticed any difference. He complained about both, warm and cold compresses that they make his rash sting. We applied wrapped ice packs, but my kid claims that oil applications help the best. So that's what we've been doing.
At the moment, my boy likes warmth, will sleep covered till his ears.

question 13: not much of an appetite at the moment for anything (but asked for egg fried rise) , prefers cold food and drinks
question 14: sour, hot food or drinks
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miaki 9 years ago
Any nasal discharge, if yes, color?
fitness 9 years ago
no nasal discharge.
miaki 9 years ago
The correct remedy is Ars Alb 200c. Give two doses, 12 hrs apart and report back.

Its your choice how to prescribe but please bear in mind, the symptom picture gets all messed up by giving so many remedies over a short course and makes finding the similimum very difficult later.

One right remedy will be curative.
fitness 9 years ago
I'll remember this next time, to look at the symptoms and prescribe thoughtfully. Thank you very much for your time and effort, I'll get the right potency tomorrow & will update how we're doing.

Thanks again!
miaki 9 years ago
You are welcome.
fitness 9 years ago
Back from holidays and still battling hives...
After the 2 doses of Ars Alb 200 my boy still got the v. mild version of rash (small patches on his face and neck) in the evenings and sometimes after breakfast in the mornings. It got better after about a week since the last dose of Ars (last one given on the 19 December), but about 2 days ago we noticed the rash again. Interesting note : his right cheek gets quite red ( more obvious in the evenings, but have seen it in the morning too) and his rash is still v. mild, just small patches on his face, neck and tonight on his left hand. The rash doesn't itch as much, most of the time he doesn't even feel it, but we see it. I think he's moved from arsenicum state as he's now not really bothered by the rash, only I worry...
My son is not looking forward to going back to school. He's been sobbing in the evenings for the last few nights, telling me that school scares him as he's the youngest in the class and feels behind with his maths. Although he worries about it, during the day he's not keen to revise and work on improving his maths. He's happy, at the moment supper creative, drawing a lot and is very affectionate, sweet natured and loving.
Still no thirst, prefers sweet food, better in fresh air...
miaki 9 years ago
Can you please quantify how much improvement was observed after the last dose e.g. 50% improvement after last dose which lasted for a week.

Can you upload here or email me a picture of hives.
fitness 9 years ago
His hives was already getting better before I gave him the first dose of Ars Alb 200. Small patches on the face that appeared mainly in the morning after breakfast and after dinner at about 6pm weren't as itchy and didn't last long. After the second dose of the prescribed remedy, the situation improved gradually over some 7 days or so and we didn't notice any rash for about 5 days. His appetite is noticeably down, he doesn't eat as well nor as much as since the fever before the hives. Overall improvement after last dose - 70-80%?
My kid says he's averse to bread at the moment and generally doesn't feel like eating...
miaki 9 years ago
Please give one dose of Ars Alb 200c and report back.
fitness 9 years ago
5 hours after the last dose we see some aggravation (picture attached). He just had an episode of the rash (around 11pm), it's still mainly on the face, forehead and neck, but in bigger patches and is itching, again. My son is now worried if he's ever going to get cured from this and how are we going to work out what's causing the rash. He just told me he's not sure what to eat anymore in case if it's a food allergy we don't know about.
We're trying to eliminate dairy and anything sweet from his diet (he's always had a sweet tooth and will search the house for any possible hidden treats)...
miaki 9 years ago
Aggravation, as you know, is a good sign. Keep observing and updating me. It should start improving within 24 hrs.
fitness 9 years ago
I'm very pleased to report, that so far - so good! Since my last update we only had a couple of v. small spots last night with no itchiness. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again, for your time and help!
miaki 9 years ago
fitness 9 years ago
Update: we still see 1, 2 small patches once or twice a day in random places.
The rash still comes mainly in the evenings after dinner or just before his bedtime.
Should we try one more single dose of Ars Alb 200?
miaki 9 years ago
How much has the improvement been in %age since the last dose.
fitness 9 years ago
sorry, forgot to write it - I would say 50%
miaki 9 years ago
Please give one more dose.
fitness 9 years ago
No improvement, tonight, 2 days after the last dose, there are more patches of the hives appearing again...
miaki 9 years ago
Give another liquid dose.
fitness 9 years ago
No improvement so far, almost 2 days after the liquid dose. He still gets rash on his face between 6-9:30pm. Tonight it didn't itch, while yesterday he was quite restless in the late evening, scratching his head, neck and the back of his right shoulder complaining that it itches everywhere although skin looked ok.
miaki 9 years ago
There is a persistent stressor which needs to be identified.

Till that is done, please give him a dose of Rhus Tox 200c, one dose only and report back.
fitness 9 years ago

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