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Penis pain. Page 4 of 5

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Hello doctor,

After completing the second solution of 120ml bottle all seems correct.

But from the last two hours after time to time am again feeling very minor but uncomfortable sudden pain on left testicle that leads to penis base on left side.

No swelling up till now.

What should i do ?

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Piarabox 8 years ago
Now after 12 hrs of above said condition I'm feeling nothing all seems good. I don't know why i feel pain last night.

Is this ok or take med again for some time ??

Piarabox 8 years ago
I told u the medicine ....tke it for 10 days and then report please.
anindya384 8 years ago
Ok thank you so much .
Piarabox 8 years ago
Hi doctor,

Am feeling hardness in my penis shaft when in flaccid state. When i touch it becomes soft and after some time this situation again starts.

No pain and no swelling exsist.

I want to know is this normal condition??

Ali .
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Piarabox 8 years ago
U can now stop all medicines.

Report after another 10 days.

No more medicines.
anindya384 8 years ago
Ok doctor i will not take current remedy from tomorrow .

But my current situation is little uncomfortable .. My penis shaft becomes hard in flaccid state as i said above it becomes shrinks n small espicially the tip becomes small more then shaft . Shaft becomes like rubber tube the outer surface is soft and inner side is hard in flaccid state. When i stretch it softly it becomes soft and also i feel sweet pain in whole shaft and in both testicles and after some time it becomes mild firm again..

No sweeling exist on testicles and on penis.

Please suggest me should i wait for ten days more??

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Piarabox 8 years ago
Yes, wait for 10 more days with no medicine. After 10 days we'll again review.
anindya384 8 years ago
Ok doctor

Piarabox 8 years ago
Hello doctor,

I know Its only four days passed but i want to tell you am feeling very much uncomfortable with the passage of time . My current situation is almost same like before taking clematic eracta 1st remedy by you .

Am feeling almost bearable continuous pain in my both testicles on upword side and on backword side.

Penis shaft shrinks and is hard even in flaccid state when i message it it bocomes soft for 5 or 10 min only.

While sitting walking or standing more then 10 or 15 mins i feel more unformtable but some time i also feel am 100% ok only for total 3-4 hours randomly.

Last night i had hard erection at that time i only feel little sudden pain in both testicles one by one but no pain in penis at all.

In flaccid state then i feel overall pain in both resticles and on penis.

Kindly suggest me still i should wait for 6 more days.

Piarabox 8 years ago
Is it jerking kind of pain ? Kind of electric shock type ?

Does it start from Scrotum to lower abdomen or lower abdomen to scrotum ?

Please notice whether it aggravates after eating or not

Most importantly, Does it always occur twice in succession ?
anindya384 8 years ago
Hello doctor,

1. Its kind of electric shock type pain some times from both testicles at the same time or one by one after some time.

2. Right now from the last 4- 5 Days i feel Pain only in scrotum.
3. Which i notice, I feel pain when empty stomach. After eating i feel some relaxation for about an hour or two. One more thing when i take shower i feel totally relaxed at that time. When i laying on bed also i feel totally ok.

4. Let say in 12hrs of day 9hrs i feel pain which is twice in succession and remaining some times i feel no pain or just electric shocks after some time.

Hope you satisfied with my answers.

Piarabox 8 years ago
Are you there doctor ??
Piarabox 8 years ago
Take the first medicine again in the same way for 5 days.

Take 30 drops of Clematis Erecta 3x in 120 ml pure water in a glass bottle. Take 1 Table Spoon of that solution twice a day.

Report on 5th day
anindya384 8 years ago
Ok doctor thanks i will report you fifth day

Piarabox 8 years ago
Hello doctor,

Its almost 5th day ahead am taking clematic eracta 2 doses per day..

I am feeling very better.

Not feeling anykind of pain in testicles and on penis.
No visible inflammation of testicles.

But the penis is still small n like rubber tube outer is soft and inner side is hard in flaccid state and shrunk like tortoise which makes me very uncomfortable while sitting specially.

Waiting for your suggestions.

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Piarabox 8 years ago
Would like to know your profession.
anindya384 8 years ago
Hello Doctor & Good Morning,

I am running my own business of import and export. I import Iron scarp from middle east and also some of European countries for local market.
On export side.. so many items i export like fruits, garments, rice etc ..

Piarabox 8 years ago
One more thing doctor, when i wake up in the morning i feel my both testicles hard . No pain only hardness.
Piarabox 8 years ago
My sincere suggestion for u now is to concentrate more on ur business and think less about your ailments until it's really needs attention.

Dont worry, U have no disease to be cured at present. Please stay without any medication and give me a feedback after a week.

I'll definitely be there to help if it is really needed.

May God help u to prosper in ur business.

anindya384 8 years ago
Hello Dr Anindya,

Thank you so much for your help and support.I will give you feedback after a week n i will stop all remedies from tomorrow.

Piarabox 8 years ago
Hello dear Anindya Sir,

I've used the medicine as prescribed for 3 days but i didnt notice any diffrence.

Sir, I came to know the root cause of the problem by diagonosis.

There is a cyst in my prostate measuring 7mm which is blocking the right ejaculatory duct, and 2-3 calculi stones formed there because of the cyst, highest calculi mesuring 5mm ( Confirmed with trans rectal ultra sound test). The cyst also is slightly pushing the urethra

There is a surgery option TURED which may have some complications.

My question is sir, is there any treatment in homeopathy which can help with the removal of prostatic cyct and dissolving of calculi ????

Can homepathy offers any treatement options in this specific case???

I've attached the TRUS and Semen analysis reports for reference

Thanks a lot for your time

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johnpunto 8 years ago
Give me some time. I'll reply back in 2-3 hours
anindya384 8 years ago
Please fill out these questions by then :

1. Personal Details
I would be grateful if you could supply some personal details about yourself. I do not require all the information listed below, although your name and a valid email address is needed before we can proceed.

[Edited by moderator - please do not ask for personally identifiable information on here. These forums get spidered by search engines.]

Age & Date of birth:
Marital Status & No. of Children (if any):
Height, Weight & Physical Description:
Are you working and if so what do you do?:

2. Reason for Visit
I would like to begin with you telling me in your own words what has brought you here today. Please be as general or specific as you wish. Expand these spaces with as much information as you can.

I often ask my patients "And what have you been up to?" or "How can homeopathy help you?". So if you wish just sit back, relax, and write about yourself.

If you prefer, you may answer the questions that follow and come back to this question later. The questions are designed to jog your memory and show you what I need to understand about you.

What is your reason for consulting me today?

3. Current Symptoms
Please try and describe all the current symptoms in your own words including if possible, the cause. To help you with your response, imagine that you are sitting in front of me and I ask, "So what brings you here today?"

When did the symptoms begin? Can you suggest some factors that helped create these symptoms?

If this is not the first occurrence please describe any previous problems of this kind.

Please describe anything that you feel is associated with the current symptoms that is unusual, rare and/or peculiar or any other information which you wish to add.

It would also be very useful if you could describe any particular important events in your life. How did you feel about them at the time? Also, how you feel about them now?

4. General Symptoms
I am interested in what makes your body tick in general. For example, if you have cold feet that is a particular symptom, and is useful to me. Similarly, if you are always worse from cold or seem to lack vital heat that is a general symptom, and a small clue for me.

By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me interpret what your body and unconscious mind are doing, so that I can find a remedy for you.

In which season do you feel less well?

How does fog affect you?

At what time during the day or night do you feel worst?

How do you stand the cold/hot/dry/wet weather?

What do you feel when exposed to the sun?

How does change of weather affect you? What about snow?

What are your reactions to north wind / south wind / the wind in general

How do you feel before, during and after a storm?

What about warmth in general, warmth of the bed, of the room, of the stove?

What about draughts of air and changes of temperature?

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What difference do you make in your clothing in winter?

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What kind of climate is objectionable to you, and where would you choose to spend your vacation?

How do you keep your window at night?

5. General Symptoms (continued)
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What sports do you play?

How do you feel riding in cars or sailing?

How do you feel before / during / after meals?

What about your appetite, how do you feel if you go without a meal?

What do you drink and in what quantity? What about thirst?

What are the foods that make you sick and why?

What about wine / beer / coffee / tea / milk / vinegar?

How much do you smoke in a day. How do you feel after smoking?

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The result of this clue was a diagnosis of a complex endocrine problem, of iron and calcium and iodine, and I knew her remedy. So be sure to tell me what the regular medical people will ignore or scoff at.

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Skin symptoms need to be described as I cannot see them. Are they dry, moist, oozing? What is the nature of the discharge? Where did they start, and in which part of your body? And when - after a vaccination or after a grief? When do they come and go?

Please detail what is normal and what is unusual or troubling for you in relation to temperature, sweat, mucous, smells, bowels, urine and genital functions.

Any problems of the senses, hearing, vision, smell, taste?

Do you have any problems in your mouth or dental problems?

Do you have any skin problems like eczema, warts, tumours, psoriasis or unexplained eruptions?

Has a diagnosis been made for any condition? If so by whom, what is it, detail any advice given.

Are you taking any homeopathic remedy, conventional medication, herb, vitamin or mineral supplement?

Do you take any exercise?

In case you did not mention it above, do you feel any pain?

Is the pain you feel burning, aching, numbness and/or throbbing or other
sensation. Provide any other information.

Complete the sentence, 'It feels as if ...' about all your pains or discomforts.

10. Your Personal History
I often ask my patients to show me their tongue. As you need to be familiar with your own tongue and the changes that sometimes happen after a remedy, I ask the patient to look in a mirror and tell me what they see. You can do this now if you wish and add this to your message to me.

If you would like to ask family members or close friends to comment or observation about your problems and how they see things please ask them to send me a confidential email.

Please detail you medical history since childhood as far as you can recall, including accidents, time in hospital etc.

Please provide as much information as you can regarding the medical history of your immediate family and grandparents.

Can you describe your home circumstances and important relationships?

What are your passions and leisure pursuits?

Are their important aspects of your life that have not been covered?
anindya384 8 years ago
Although u did not respond to the questions.....

Here is your remedy

Clematis Erecta Q, 5 drops in half cup water twice daily, for 5 days

Silicea 6x, 3 drops in half cup water twice daily for 5 days

Clematis Doses
Morning and Afternoon

Silicea Doses
Evening and Before Bed

Report after completion of the med.
anindya384 8 years ago
hello sir,

sorry i just checked your replies.

thanks for your support

Sure doctor, will follow the instructions.

How does this medicines works doctor???, will it dessolve/break the cyst & calculi???? plz replyy
johnpunto 8 years ago

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