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Kid with Allergies, Eczema and asthama (Consultation from Dr. Kadwa please)

Hello Dr. Kadwa,

This is Gita. I am currently under your consultation for my issues.
I would very much appreciate all your help in my son's case as well.

This post is regarding my son. He is 11 years old kid.
He has very bad asthma. Environmental and food allergies. He also has very bad eczema.

My son at 2 years of age was diagnosed with peanut, egg whites, milk, soybean and environmental allergy.
We avoided the food that he was allergic to.
He always had runny nose and always was coughing.
At 4-5 years of age he had his first major asthma flare up. We were told that if this happens again it will be asthma.
During that time he was give oral steroids and 10 days of breathing treatments.
Then he was put on Zyrtec daily.
After one year again he had asthma flare up and was put on breathing treatments thru nebulizer.
In nutshell after constant repetitions of flare ups we were told that he will have to be on inhaler daily and were referred to allergist.
Allergist confirmed that he has lots of environmental allergy and that is one of the reasons of asthma flare up.
During these testing we were also told he was now out of egg whites and milk allergy.

He has mold mildew, grass, pollen, all kinds of allergies that occur throughout the year.
He also has eczema and constantly keeps on scratching his skin if we don't give him allergy medicines.
He scratches so much that blood comes out.

After all this I started his homeopathy since 2007, but then seems that we didn't have good results.
I used to visit this homeopath every 15 days and he would give him single dose that time and for daily some pills in bottle.
Never knew what homeo meds were given. I somehow managed to get details from his assistant.

It seems that he was given following:
Constitutional - Phosphorous 200c
Hep ???

Supplemental was
ARS -Arsenicum Album
Bry -Bryonia
Zy co - something related to zinc.

Nux Vomica - 30 cc in the night.

I was told not to give any inhaler otherwise it will antidote homeopathy. We avoided inhaler as much as we could but with this homeopath didn't get much results.
I changed to another homeopathy. With her I was able to know what medicines were administered.
He was given following medicines in last 2-3 years by second homeopath:

BCG -- to
Cali Carb
Nat -S 10M,50M
Tub 200c, 1M
Asthma formula prepared by current doc.
Graphite 30c
Thuja 3x

I don’t see any progress at all as now my son gets wheezing very often like every 2 months.

Current symptoms
Wheezing every 2-3 months.
Runny nose all the time.
Coughing is always there if we don't give him inhaler.
Gets tried when he plays sports.
All the time scratches his hands and legs as well as back of his head if we don't give him allergy medicine.
Due to scratching and eczema he has spots on his legs and hands.
Get canker sores on and off. Especially when he eats pizza.
We have to do his CT scan for sinus to check whether he has sinus infection or not. Pediatrician feels that since he has runny nose all the time, it might be the reason.
Also, soon we will know what other food allergies he has apart from peanuts if any.

As per Pediatrician, he has following:
Chronic rhinitis
Atopic eczema
Vitamin D deficiency
Moderate asthma (exacerbation)

Allopathy medicines:
In last 6 months this is the 3rd time he is given oral steroids and that is too much.
The moment weather changes or pollen count is high, his condition worsens.
If he eats cold food or drink like smoothie or cookies with cream (Oreo) then also he starts coughing.
If he has lots of sugar in his diet then he starts coughing also.

Right now he is on 4 times nebulizer treatment per day. Along with Qvar puffs in the morning and evening.
Pediatrician has also started singular daily.
He is given 10 days of antibiotics (amoxicillin)
For eczema we have to use steroid cream.
Since long his allergist is telling us to go with the allergy shots and we don’t want to go with that.

He likes yogurt, banana, sugary things, cheese, and milk.
His favorite is roti and yogurt.
He doesn't like vegetables at all. Have to force him to eat.
He likes chicken hot dog and fast food. Likes American food that has cheese.
He likes smoothies, ice creams and cake icing.
He can't eat spicy food at all. He will eat the spicy food that he likes but will drink lots of water with it.

Very active and plays the sports soccer and basketball.
Very energetic.

Other things:
He gets angry very fast.
Not at all disciplined.
Feels happy if we do things as per his likes otherwise behaves very badly.
Sometimes very good behavior and sometimes very very bad behavior.
Not focused at all. He will focus with TV and Laptop while watching/playing the things that he likes.
When comes to studies doesn't focus at all.
Very stubborn and obstinate child.
Can't bear heat too much. Always needs AC in hot weather.
Sweats a lot during and after playing any kind of sports.
Sometimes in the night also he sweats. His pillow is all wet.
He always feels very thirsty.
Likes cold weather but then he always has runny nose.
Get irritated really fast.
Very emotional as well in some situations.
Sometimes with his behavior you feel he is very nice kid and sometimes you feel like hitting him big time.
Also, if his eczema is under control then asthma flares up and if asthma is under control then eczema flares up.
Eczema and asthma are playing hide and seek with his body.
Sometimes, both come out together in full swing.
If we don't give him inhaler then starts coughing.
His growth is as per his age.
He is doing good grade wise but if he is focused he can do wonders.
Since last 6-8 months I have noticed that he talks with himself. While taking shower, or brushing teeth, even while playing his game.
As if he is talking to some invisible friend.

Asthma flare up, wheezing, eczema thing is going on since long and I know thru friends that for some kids these things are cured fully by homeopathy.
It is matter of finding the right homeopath and right remedy.
In my case, I have tried my level best and put in the best efforts that I can, but seems that it has not worked so far.
May be I missed something or haven't got the right remedy for my kid.

Right now, in terms of home remedies I give him following:

1. Cumin, coriander, fennel, methi seeds and dried tulsi leaves water one cup daily. I put everything together, boil it, strain it and give it to him.
2. I am also planning to apply mustard oil to get rid of cough.
3. I try to give him Tulsi capsules by Badiyanth but feel that it increases body heat. He gets canker sores. Not sure what causes it.
Little concerned to give these capsules to small kid as they have some other ingredients as well.
So, Dr. Kadwa, what can we do in homeopathy and home remedies so that my son is fully cured and not dependent on any medicines?

I know we will have to take baby steps and we need to make homeopathy work along with allopathy and then slowly taper down allopathy.

Please advise. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

  mrm1527 on 2014-05-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give him Kali Carb 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days. Surprisingly his symptoms too point to kali carb.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thanks Dr. Kadwa for your prompt reply. I very much appreciate it.

It is very interesting that my son also needs to take Kali Carb.

I never had eczema or asthama at all.

If I recall then back home most of the time I had stuffed nose and I was told beccause of dust/pollution.

After coming to USA, it was gone. On off(Usually spring)I do get allergy sypmtoms but it is normal in Texas as allergens are very high here.

So, Dr. rightnow he is on anitbiotics course of 10 days that will finish on Monday. He also has to take inhalers that has steriods (Qvar) daily.
I will give him Kail Carb next week when antibiotics course is done and also stop Qvar for 3 days so that homeopathy can work on his body.

Dr. Is there anything that I can apply on his body (hands and legs) to control eczema and remove spots that left the mark after scratching? I don't want to use steriod cream that his Pediatrician has given.

Please let me know.

I will keep you updated about his progress.

You have a good one.

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mrm1527 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Update regarding my son.

- His sinus CT scan came out positive and he has chronic rhinitis.
As per Pediatrician, it was beacuse of allergies that caused mucus that was not treated on time and caused bacteria formation.
- He just completed 24 days of antibiotics.
- Again another CT scan is in end of June and Pediatrician says if it is not cleared she will give anitbiotics course of 24 days again.

In between (7th june to 9th june), I stopped all of my sons inhaled steriods (Quvar) for 3 days and gave him Kali Carb 30 c twice per day.
I had to continue with Anitbiotics and Singular medicines while he was on kali c (but these are not steriods).

His nasal driange is gone, but I am not sure what worked, either Kail C or Anitbiotics or Oral Steriods pills that he took.
I think not Oral steriods pill as ealrier also he took that still had runny nose.
After 10 days of antibiotics he still had on and off runny nose and i gave him kail C after 10 days of antibiotics.
Since last few days, I don't see him having runny nose. So, may be both Kali C and Antibiotics boht worked together.

After 3 days of Kali C, again I started him back on Inhaler for his asthama(Dulera - which has inhaled steroids)
Dr has given nasal spray also that has steriod but I am not using it.
Instead I have started using Kid's Xlear - Nasal Spray w/Xylitol Xlear that doesn't have steriods

His following symptoms are still there:
- getting angry for if not getting things as per his wish
- scratching in hands and legs
- he has lots of scars on his hands and legs due to scratching.

After oral steriods, he has gained weight, has to urinate a lot as he drinks lots of water.

Dr. what do we need to do next? I want his next CT scan to be negative so that he doesn't have to take another round of anitibiotcs.
How can we remove inflammation from his body and nose?

Also, I would like him to come out of all the -ve effects of striods and anitbiotics.
Want him to be off of inhaled steriods as well.

One more thing Dr, I gave him Kali C 30c pills in the morning and night while he was sleeping, just opened his mouth and put 2 pills.
Let me know if this is not rightway to do it.
Can you PLEASE suggest anything to apply on his hands and legs so that he gets relief in scratching.
He scratches a lot especailly after palying any game. Also, if he sweats he starts scratching.

Please advise the next steps.
You have a good day.

mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him Carbo Veg 30 twice a day for 7 days.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing great.
My son's update as follows:

I gave my son Carb Veg 30c as prescribed by you for 7 days (Thursday evening - Thursday morning).

In the evening i give him following allopathy medicine.
- inhaler 2 puffs ( that has steroid)
- allergy medicine ( allegra 60 mg as he has lots of environmental allergies)
- singluar medicine ( as per doctors here this him keep his asthma and inflammation in control - this started only one month back)

This is what I noticed in last week:

- He doesn't have runny nose.
- I didn't hear him cough. But, when he plays his basket ball game, I do feel that he becomes breathless if we don't give him inhaler.
- Same happens when he runs.
- He has gained weight due to steroid medicine and also one month of antibiotics. Seems that his metabolism is reduced.
Also, he has started getting armpit hair. All I feel because of steroids.
- It is vacation time now and he is home whole day. So, there is no control on food. He keeps on drinking lots of milk.
- He likes lot of things white, like rice, milk, yogurt and lots of sugary stuff like cookies and junk food.

- His anger and tantrum has reduced little bit ( We took away Wii and tablet from him. Also, disconnected the channels that we was watching constantly.
It seems that he was very much focused on game and laptop so if we call him during this time he would become angry or if he loses game on wii, he would become angry
So, technology might be one of the reason for his anger).
- Self taking is reduced a lot. I have noticed that if he doesn't have friends or we don't talk much with him then he talks to himself.
- His urine output is more, but then he drink lots of milk and water during day or it could be because of steroids as well.

- I noticed that when he eats lots of cookies, he starts scratching. Also, if it is lots of heat, he sweats and starts scratching.

- He talks nicely as well. I do feel that he has become little mature as well(When I compare him with other kids of his age, I always felt that he is little less mature)
- His height growth is not that great from the beginning. I contribute this to genetics and also steroids.

I feel that kali Carb helped him in his lots of symptoms.

I am not sure what to expect from Carbo Veg. Please let me know.

Next week his CT scan for sinus and allergist appointment will be done. With allergist appointment we will come to know about all the allergy results.

Dr.Kadwa , I am planning to reduce his inhaler and allergy medicines once allergist appointment is done.
I am little scared to stop all allopathy altogether as his Pediatrician told in last visit that if we don't give him allopathy then
in the future his lungs will have scars like the ones that he has in his hands and legs and will need oxygen at the age of 40.
I am very scared after this thing and felt extremely bad.
But, i have total faith in homeopathy and by GOD's grace, he will be fully cured and won't have to take any medicines.

Dr. Kadwa,Is there anything in homeopathy that we can give him that will cure him of all environmental allergies?
He has lots of scratching scars on his legs and hands, what shall I apply so that it goes away? Right now, we apply extra virgin olive oil.
Is there anything that we can do for his eczema?
Is there anything in homeopathy that I can give him before his game or exercise so that he is not breathless.

Right now, eczema and asthma are in control. Hopefully with homeopathy both will go away.

Please let me know what we need to next for him.

You have a good one.

[message edited by mrm1527 on Sat, 28 Jun 2014 05:44:41 BST]
mrm1527 9 years ago
You should write about his view of his health problems. It helps us to understand the adaptability of the patient to his sickness.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing good.
I did ask him about he feels about his health and he says he is doing fine.
Basically, it is very tough to get him express what he is feeling about his allergies, eczema and asthama.
So, far he never asked for medicines, unless we give him or he is breathless.
He will go to school nurse if he is breathless during PE and needs inhaler.
He opens up when one is very nice to him or he gets the things that he wants.
But still he is not every expressive about his symptoms.
I write to you based on what I see and what I ask him.
So, far he says mom
I am itching a lot.
I was breathless during my game since you didn't give my inhaler.
He doesn't like his classmates make fun of his scars, runny nose or eczema.
He remembers what his Pedicatrican and allergist say about him and at times he takes things by heart.

So, It is my humble request to you to please go with my input until I am able to get details from him.

I do have his CT scan and allergy results. As per CT scan he still has chronic rhinits.
So, Pediatrician asked us to give another 4 few of new antibiotics
As per blood allergy report that was done in may end, he has high level of IGE (Immunoglobulin E) which is above 10,000 and it should be under 114.
He is very allergic to ragweed, mountain cedar, oak, cedar, grass, mold (environmental allergy)
He is also allergic to peanuts
His allergen gluten is also very high.

So, as per allergist he is having all these issues due to allergies and he asked us not to give antibiotics.

Instead we have to start allery shots for him. Allergy shots will be once a week to start with.

Allergist says that due high level of IgE the medicines are not working for him and that's why in last 7 months he had asthama flares up.

The bad thing is that his same allergist did the blood allergy test in 2008 and the IgE was 860 that was much less and we were told to start
allergy shot. Instead we strated with homeopathy.

Over the period it seems that his IgE has gone way too high. In last year or so we have noticed that he has become more prone to asthama,
eczema and allergies.

Rightnow, things are under control.
He does get irritated and agnry fast
On-off scraching is there
He is now having little bit of runny nose as well
He is coughing little as well though not often.

We do give him his inhaler, allergy medicine and also Singular that reduces the inflammation.

So, Dr. kadwa bascially everything boils down to allergies environmental and food. It seems that we need to increase him immunity, reduce his inflammation.

Please let me know yout thoughts and how we should solve all these things by homeopathy.

I will be eagerly waiting for your input.

mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him Pusatilla 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing good.
Update regarding my son.
I gave him Pulsatilla 30c for 3 days last week as prescribed.

Current status is he is having running nose since Monday.
Discharge is whiteish.
He also is itching on hands and legs.
Coughing also little bit.
His tummy has come out. Basically, I feel he has gained weight.

Dr Kadwa from this week Monday he has started going to Basketball camp daily (This week only)
So, I was expecting this kind of symptoms from him.
He also had pizza one of the days in camp for lunch.
I could see that he gets tired after basket ball day camp. This didn't happen last year.
On and off gets irritated.
Loses patience fast. for eg. he mispalced his wallet. So, was shouting and very irritated as could not find it.
Has started to open up. For eg., he is Messi fan and since Messi's team lost FIFA, he was telling that mom I feel sad.
He never expressed such feelings earlier without asking him.

I do give him following allopathy on daily basis:
1. Allergy medicine (allegra)
2. Dulera inhaler ( this has steriods) for asthma
3. Singluar to prevent asthama.
4. for his eczema, I try to avoid steriod cream, but my husband applied since last 2 days as it was flaring up and he scratches so badly that blood comes out.

5. For runny nose give him nasal spray that is made from water and salt and grape seed oil.

Dr. Kadwa, I want to really stop his allergy medicine and steroid cream, as once allergies and eczema are gone then slowly asthama will also go away I believe.

Dr. kadwa, What is next step in homeopathy remedies?
What are your thoughts related to allergy shots?

Please advise.

You have a good day.
mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him Kali Carb 200 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 7 days. Once one gets dependent on allopathic medicines withdrawal can be done only in a phased manner. Sitopaladi Churna with honey, laxmi vilas ras etc may be used as a substitute to the allopathic medicines on test basis.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing great.

Update of my son:
Gave him kali carb 200c Thursday evening (7/17 to Sunday morning 7/20)
He was off of all the allopathic medicines on these days.

Main thing that I noticed that he coughed often during these 3 days but it was dry cough.

One time I had to give him water as well due to cough.

Didn't complain about breathlessness during or after his basketball game.
Attitude is more of carelessness. Not at all responsible.
Gets angry very fast and still can't bear the hot weather. Very short tempered and very obstinate.
Sweats a lot especially on the head part.
Basically, at times he talks very nicely and is well behaved, but then when things are not done as per his wish, his behavior can be really nasty. Throws lots of tantrums.
Seems that he is very focused for the things that he likes.
His tummy has come out and has gained weight. It is summer and he eats a lot especially milk.
Self taking has reduced a lot.

He still has runny nose on and off (thick transparent and whiteish). I give him nasal spray that is natural( water and grapeseed oil)
It is weird that he has runny nose and here summer is in full swing . May be due to allergies.

He scratched a lot on his hands and back of his legs sometimes blood will come out.
I have noticed that when he eats sugar stuff like cake or cupcakes and pizza he will start scratching his hands and legs.
Also, dr as per blood work he is gluten intolerant. So, he should exclude gluten from his diet.
He is eating all foods that have gluten since long and this might be causing other issues internally as well like inflammation, digestion, eczema, etc .
Very tough to get him off of gluten.

He is on his allopathic medicine one time per day.
Last week we had appointment with allergist and his lung function test came out to be great.
We have noticed that his peak flow increases a lot after taking albuterol.

Dr. Kadwa, from this Thursday onwards his allergy shots (immunotherapy) will start. It will be once per week every Thursday.
The shot will have very small amount of allergen mixture that he is allergic to . It will be related to all environmental allergies only. Won't cover gluten.
As per allergist, this will help him with this allergies. It doesn't have any kind of steroids.
We will have to see how it works out. I did ask allergist to do his allergy blood work again to see if IgE came down as the test was done in May end
but then allergist told that it won't make much difference and we have to start with the shots (I thought since I started him with kali carb in June so that might have reduced his IgE)
We are told that allergy shots will help him with runny nose the most then asthama and then may be eczema.

The only regret is I should have found you much earlier otherwise I would not have to go this far with allergy shots.

Any ways, Dr. Kadwa, whatever the allopathic treatment, I am not going to stop homeopathy. I know it will heal my son completely.
So, we will go ahead with homeopathy meds along with allergy shots.
I believe that homeopathy will work with allergy shots.

Dr. I will get sitopaladi churan and will start him on that one.
Can't get laxmi vilas ras here.

Please advise the next step.
[message edited by mrm1527 on Tue, 29 Jul 2014 03:31:41 BST]
mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him Thuja 30 twice a day for 15 days and report back.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing good.

Thanks for the reply.
I have started him on Thuja Occidentalis 30c twice a day from Tuesday evening onwards (7/29/2014).
Will continue for 15 days and report back.

You have a good day.

mrm1527 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing great.

Here is the update for my son (this time for somethings I asked his input) :

So, I gave him Thuja Occ 30c 2 times per day for 15 days (July 29th- Aug13th)

Dr., I tried to avoid giving him asthama inhaler ( that has steroid), but max I could avoid was 3 days after that he would say I am not able to breathe or his peak flow meter would go down. So, in these 15 days, I gave him this inhaler 5-6 times.
There was gap between Thuja and inhaler.
I give his allerga 60 mg that is antihistamine for 3-4 times in a week.
I feel that the doses that I give him are very less as compared to what he is prescribed.

- Runny nose has reduced a lot. I don't even give him nasal spray now.

- He did have eczema flare up badly on his hands(in side of elbow) and back of his legs, neck. This could be because he had outside food with heavy cheese, ice cream and choclates.
He scratches a lot and the blood comes out. We apply coconut oil. Didn't use steroid cream at all this time.

- Didn't see him coughing at all. (His input)
- He has started opening up a lot.
- He has lots of behavior issues, like obstinate, loses patience very fast. Basically, behavior is very nasty when things are not done as per his wish.
- Gets irritated for small small things.
- He is extermely picky eater. Likes sugary and junk food. Don't like to eat home cooked food. Have to force him to eat that.
- His tantrums are like of 5-6 years old kid, even though now he is 11.
- He sweats a lot in head and thighs when doing any exercise (This is his input)
- Can't bear heat at all (This is his input)

Dr., I have started him on pro-biotics as well. Not sure if that will help him or not.

I feel that all his issues especially behavior is due to metabolism (gut).
If you see gut and pscyology syndrome book by natasha campbell, it explains that everything starts because of imbalance in gut bacteria.

The same way ayurveda says that everything is with digestion.
So, far he took allergy shots 3 times ( every Thursday).

Dr. kadwa, questions:
1. Can I give him triphala tablets daily?
2. What oil (coconut, sesame, neem) you suggest that will help him with eczema . He scratches a lot. Even in the sleep he scratches.
2. What should be the next step in homeopathy?
3. Asthama and Eczema play hide and seek in his body. Rightnow eczema has flared up, once it subsides then ashtama flares up and sometimes both are in full swing. I am really concerned as the schools will start in Aug end and then the fall will come and during that time things get worse.
4. What can be done for his behavior issues? Am I lacking something in parenting or something else is going on? I don't want him to be aggressive at all.
Also attached are his eczema pictures. I have tried to attach not sure it will come up or not.

Dr. Kadwa, please advise.

You have a good day.
[message edited by mrm1527 on Sat, 16 Aug 2014 04:47:04 BST]
mrm1527 9 years ago
Please don't give any homeopathic remedy for 15 days. Please see that he eats only the right things. Triphala may be given daily.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing great.
It has been 15 days and wanted to give you update of my son.

His eczema seems to have reduced a lot. Initially it was lot but now has reduced which is very good.
The only thing is he keeps on scratching the hands and the back of the legs during day time as well as during night.
He also scratches on the back of his neck when he sweats a lot.
We have to apply vaseline (pertolum jelly) all the time. His skin needs to be moist otherwise, will start scratching.

Urine and excretion seems to be no probs.
He has become little more responsible and now talks a lot with us. Even shares his feelings.
Since few days, he has runny nose and also sneezes. Discharge is thick, whitish type
He is always scared of dark and won't go all alone.
He is trying to eat healthy food most of the time.
He has weird habit of scratching my pimples off late. That is very annoying.
I don't seem major change in his behavior . It still becomes nasty if things not done his way.
One important thing is he can't take negative criticism and also gets hurt real fast emotionally. Takes thing by heart.
If there is one wrong in math prob and if he has to do that thing again, he will throw tantrums big time.

He remembers bad things done to him few years back.
Basically, at times with his behavior i feel he is very good kid and at times it is very nasty. So, it is changing.

In last month or so, we never applied any topical steroid on him which is a good thing.
So, basically right now, he is on allergy medicine allegra (3-4 times per week) and inhaler (3-4 times) per week.
I try to avoid inhaler as much as possible, but there are days when his peak flow is less and have to give him inhaler.
It is little strange, I haven't seen him cough since almost 2 months, otherwise with inhaler also he used to cough.
I asked him how he feels and he says I am good.

This season we have not enrolled him in soccer fall season. In the past, he would immediately start coughing and scratching after his practice or soccer game.

He sweats a lot on his head part, during and after any kind of physical exercise.

Dr. Kadwa, please advise what needs to be done for runny nose, itching and eczema and as asthma as well.
Again today I am trying to attach his latest eczema pics. Let's see if get uploaded or not.

You have a nice week.
mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him three doses of Silicea 200 as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing great.
I gave my son 3 doses of Silicea 200ck by Borion (Sunday morning 9/7, evening and Monday morning 9/8).
I am surprised as 200ck was avail. in local store. They carry very few in 200ck potency.
I will monitor the changes in him for 15 days and will keep you updated.

Dr. Kadwa, wanted to tell you few things.

So, last Sat.(9/6), he had small pecan by mistake and was feeling uncoformtable ( he is allergic to peanuts , walnuts and may be pecan as well).
Nothing major symtpoms. He threw up and then I gave him his allergy medicine and also his asthama inhaler.
This happens when he eats either peanut or walnut.
He usually throws up and then I have seen within a day or so he start whezzing, but wheezing I can't say for sure if it is due to nut intake or not as it happens
due to environmental allergies as well.

Today he was making whistiling sounds( wheezing). I could feel he had started that thing since last Frday.
But it was not noticable as he had runny nose and I felt it could be because of that.
His peak flow was also less since last 2-3 days.
He had also started coughing little bit.

I didn't give him any allopathy medicines on Sunday and also Monday until late evening as I gave him homeo remedy on these days.
I had to give him allergy medicine and inhaler few minutes back as didn't want him to have full fledge wheezing and asthama flare up.
Also, he had started scratching today after palying outside hide and seek with other kids. It could be because of allergies.

Dr., I know we need to monitor the response of silicea for 15 days so can't give him anything in homeo remedy.
So, what can I give him in terms of home remedies so that he doesn't have wheezing or asthama flare up.

Please advise.
mrm1527 9 years ago
No homeopathic remedy for the time being. Please make a summary of his homeopathic medication. The summary should contain only two columns 1st Date 2nd Remedy and dosing
kadwa 9 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing great.
Following is the list of the remedies given.

Date Homoe Remedy
--------- -----------

06/07/2014-06/09/2014 Kali Carb 30c twice a day for 3 days

06/19/2014-06/26/2014 Carb Veg 30c twice a day for 7 days

07/06/2014-07/08/2014 Pulsatiall 30c twice a day for 3 days

7/17/2014-7/20/2014 kali carb 200c twice a day for 3 days

7/29/2014-8/13/2014 Thuja 30c twice a day for 15 days

9//7/2014-9/8/2014 Silicea 200ck 3 doses only


Dr. last 15 days were bumpy days.
Some days he had severe itching to an extent where in he had to take bath in the middle of the night.
He itches to an extent where blood comes out.
Very disturbed because can't get proper sleep during itching.
Usually his itching is in hands and legs due to eczema but this time it was all over his body.
There is no change in his runny nose. His nose is always stuffed. Thick white discharge is there especially left nose.
In the night he makes sound something to get the discharge out of the nose.
Skin is very dry.
In these 15 days, I had to give him allegra (antihistamine) daily.
Also, had to give him inhaler for almost 10 days. His peak flow would be less or will make whistling sound (something like wheezing)
Sneezes a lot.
I don't use vicks but the nose was so jammed had to use little vicks for 2 days in the night.
This all could be because of
1. Schools have started
2. He plays outside ( grass, mold, mildew)
3. Fall has started here and allergies are in full swing (ragweeed, etc)
4. One day he had school lunch and after that he started scratching alot. I could be something in that.

The good thing is we all feel that he has started understanding more.
He now mingles with neighbor kids and gets less offended.
He talks a lot and shares lots of things with me.
We have not used steroid cream to control his itching or nasal allergies even though it is very severe rightnow for him.
We use coconut oil and neem oil for skin and natural spray for nose.
It seems that since 2 days due to neem oil he has stopped scratching. He doesn't like neem oil but if we apply that then in the night he won't scratch.
Asthama inhaler only has steroid and I am trying not to use as much as possible.

Let me know what we can do stop his runny/jammed nose, itching and scratching, eczema and also asthama.

I finally have sitopaladi churan so will start from today.

You have a good one.
mrm1527 9 years ago
Please give him three doses of Nux Vomica 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hell Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing fine.
My son's update:
I gave him 3 doses of Nux Vominca 200c on 9/27 and 9/28 at gap of 12 hours.

Initially for 2-3 days his runny nose reduced.

Dr. here is the thing, before even I gave him Nux Vomica, he had little bit of asthama flare up.
Infact on Thurday 9/25 he had his scheduled allergist appointment and during that time only allergist felt that asthama was flaring up ( We have to see his allergist once in 3-4 months).

So, we were asked to give him albuterol for a week before his dulera inhaler so that asthma comes under control and also to give his antihistamine daily.

Still, I decided to give him Nux Vom and didn't give him any allopathy on 9/27 and 9/28 late afternoon.
But on 9/28 evening, he was literally having breathing issues and was coughing ( surprisingly his runny nose had reduced).
So, had to give him nebulizer for 2-3 days (albuterol) along with this Dulera inhaler and antihistamine.

Itches a lot. Scratches a lot on the areas that he has eczema. The blood comes out. (His itching reduces once we give him antihistamine - allegra)
At times his itching is so bad that he wakes in the middle of the night and takes shower.
Earlier I used to skip his asthama inhaler, but now if I skip for one day, he immediately says mom I am not able to breathe and have to give him is inhaler.
Now a days if I don't give him inhaler, he makes whistiling sound.
Gets irritated fast.
Focus has reduced in studies.
He has started new habit of scratching one pimple on my face. All the time he sees me he wants to scratch my pimple.
Talks to himself.
His nose stuffs up in the night early morning.
Eating habit is work in progress for me. He likes everything white ( milk, cheese, white bread, sugar, chips).
Sweats a lot form head when does exercise or karate.

In nutshell, he has asthama, eczema, runny nose and itching. Earlier months one will be prominent and others will subside. Now all these are out.
This could be because of fall season and lots of pollens in my area.
So, I think we are tacking lots of things here.

I haven't gone back to any steroid cream for eczema and steroid inhaler for nose allergies or runny nose.
The only thing that has steroid (inhaled) is Dulera for asthama. I had all plans to stop it but seems that due to fall had to give him everyday since last 10 days or so. I am now going to change to every other day.
I don't know what I can do so that I can stop inhaler.

Please let me know the next step in homeopathy. Also, let me know if you want me to give more specific details about him that I might have missed noticing.

You have a great day!
mrm1527 8 years ago
Please give him three doses of Silicea 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects over 10 days. After 2 days of Silicea 200 if there is a flare up give him a single dose of Sulphur 200. Only one dose in 3 days.
kadwa 8 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing great.

Dr. I gave my son Silicea 200c on Friday night(10/17), Saturday morning(10/18) and sat evening(10/18) ( 12 hours apart).
I didn't give him any allopathy meidicines on Saturday.
He started having breathing issues from Saturday afternoon and by evening he was making whistling sounds.
Basically by second dose he started having flare ups.
He could not breath at all from Sunday morning onwards.
He is coughing a lot and making whistling sounds. Also, feels congested in throat.
It seems that air cirulation is not proper.

Dr. Kadwa, I had to give him breathing treatments from Sunday afternoon (albuterol) using nebulizer and also dulera inhaler.
Gave him antihistamine as well ( allegra)
His eyes are puffy and red.
Nose is always stuffed especially in the morning.
He is also going for allergy shots every Thursday.
We are in fall season so lots of allergens and pollens.

Dr, since you wrote to give him Sulphur 200c one dose in case of flare up after 2 days of administering Silicea 200c, I am not sure if I could have given him the Sulphur 200c right away or on Tuesday.

Please let me know when can I give him Sulphur 200c dose.
While I am writing, still his peak flow is not above 200. So, I might have to give him albuterol breathing treatments thru nebulizer for couple days.
Also, what can be done in homeopathy so that this issue comes under control.
I have started giving him sitopaladi churan from today onwards after his flare up.

Please advise.

Thanks for all your help!
I very much appreciate it.
You have a great week!

[message edited by mrm1527 on Mon, 20 Oct 2014 01:38:32 BST]
mrm1527 8 years ago
Yes, you can give him a single dose of Sulphur 200 now.
kadwa 8 years ago

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