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Kid with Allergies, Eczema and asthama (Consultation from Dr. Kadwa please) Page 2 of 3

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Yes, you can give him a single dose of Sulphur 200 now.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,

Hope you are doing great!
My son's update:

Dr. Kadwa, I gave him one dose of Sulphur 200c on 10/20 evening.
It has been bumpy ride so far.
He has following symptoms:
Really bad stuffed nose. This is the root cause of all things.
Dry skin around eyes (upper part)
Coughs every now and then. Seems that the nasal discharge is coming to throat
Breathing problem is there if we don't give him his inhaler. Once he had to go to school nurse of inhaler during the recess.
He becomes very irriated at times (usually when he is not able to breath).
He was also telling that mom I feel dizzy when I stretches.
He doesn't like direct sun coming on him especially in the study room.
One new thing came up during these days is the left toe has in grown toe nail. It has become red and blood is coming out.
It was there now it became full fledged. (The weired thing is I (mom) also had the same issue and was operated when I was in 10th or 12 grade then it went away
and few years back(5 years) again came up and podiatrist cut the nail so that it doesn't grow and now for me it is solved, but had to go through all these pain)
I don't want him to go thru this. i am applying castor oil on that toe or neosporin.

His eczema is much under control. He scratches little bit but not too much.
He has become more responsible and little more mature. Even neighbors told about his change of behaviour in a good way.
Gets along well with other kids.

Dr. Kadwa, during these days, we had to give him his inhaler ( albuterol and dulera), antihistamine (allegra), cingular.
I am not able to skip his inhaler for one single day.
Since 2 days I am giving nebulizer treament of alubterol.

I haven't gone back to steriod cream for eczema or steriod nasal spray.

Dr. Kadwa stuffed nose has made his life very difficult. That is one of the factor contributing to his asthama.

Please advise on the next homeopathy medicine plan. Also, if there is aggravation, what should I be giving him in case if he is not able to breathe.

You have a good day.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Cuprum Met 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope everything is fine at your end.

Dr., I gave my son one dose of Cuprum Met 30c on Monday night 11/3.
He was uncomfortable throughout the night. It could be many reasons one reason being stuffed nose.
I could not give him doses on Tuesday and Wed as he was little sick on Tuesday and Wed (little feverish kind of thing), but went to school.
He was also telling about heahache and dizziness.
It seemed that his in grown toe nail issue was getting bad day by day.

I started Cuprum Met 30c dose again from Thursday evening (11/6), Friday morning (11/7) and will give until Sat evening total 6 doses.

Dr. today we had to take him to Pediatrician as his toe nail was badly infected and Pedi. removed the pus and cleared out things.
He is on antibiotics for 10 days. 500 mg tablees 4 times per day, which I feel is too much

I will give him Cuprum along with antbiotics but will keep gap and will monitor his progress.
Stuffed nose is still there. He coughs on and off.
Eczema is under control.
Allergies are bad in terms of stuffed nose and dry skin around eyes
Let me know if you wnat me to give him something in homepathy for fast recovery from this toe nail issue.
I give him sitopaladi churan one time per day as usual.

You have a good one.
mrm1527 5 years ago
i don't think that the remedies may help for toe nail in every case. Still in this case Sulphur, Staphysagria, Silicea, Graphites, Thuja look good. The dosing can't be continuous Cuprum Met should get some time.
[message edited by kadwa on Sat, 08 Nov 2014 08:49:50 GMT]
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing fine.
My son's update after 10 days of giving Cuprum Met 30c

Eczema is under control. Infact I am surprised as his hands skin look very clear.
I haven't applied even coconut oil since last 2 weeks.
He doesn;t scratch a lot. My husband says it is due to winter season.
But I do feel that one of homeo remedy has worked but not sure which one.
In grown toe nail problem is solved.
We had to give him antibiotics for a week.
Asthama and allergies are also under control.

But,He still has stuffed and runny nose. His right side of the nose is more stuffed than the left side.
Discharge is neither thin or thick, it is in between and white/transparent.
He has dry skin around his eyes and at times it becomes red (side parts). i have started applying almond oil around his eyes during night.
Overall he seems to be in happy mood.
Becomes irritated if things are not done his way.
He has weired habit of scratching my pimple. Eventhough the pimple is gone still he scratches all the time and that is very annoying.
One more thing I have noticed that when we give him albuterol inhaler or treatment, I coudl see he becomes thinner and also look little tall.
i don't see much progress in his height and that concerns me.
Also, sometimes he does pee in the night, he immediately wakes up, but then little is done.
One more thing i noticed is if he takes the steam for 3-5 minutes ( i heat the water in the pot and then ask him to take steam) and then immediately he takes his peak flow. It comes out to be more than 300 which is not the case with even inhaler.

We are not applying any steriod cream for eczema and no steriod nasal spray.

I have reducded his ashtam inhaler to one time per day (morning). Anithistamine also I give 2-3 days per week instead of all days.

Morning inhaler and evening I give him sitopaladi churan with honey.

Dr., please advise the next step.

You have a good day!
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mrm1527 5 years ago
He may be given Belladonna 30 twice a day for 3 days if he has any problem with asthma or skin.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing fine.
Thanks for the response.

What shall I do about his stuffed nose. It is never clear, year round it is stuffed or runny.
I give him nasal spray that is natural.
What can be given in homeopathy so that he doesn't have this issue. To me this is one of the cause of his asthama as well.

Since few days weather has changed, also he had some ice cream. He has started scratching little bit again and also little cough. Not sure for such signs shall I give him belladonna or not?

Once more thing, if I turn on the heater in the house, he will start scratching. In this winter also he wants fan and can't sleep with the fan on.
This week he is home due to holidays and seems that he keeps on eating a lot. My MIL always tells me that he is eating more than required and I could see that on his body.
Other things seems to be fine. He is very active.

Please advise.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Thuja 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing fine:
My son's update:

It has been more than 10 days after I gave Thuja 30c 2 times per day for 3 days to my son.
I don't see any difference in his stuffed or runny nose after almost 15 days.

Since last 4-5 days, his nose is stuffed up badly.
Discharge is whitesh and little thick.
We had allergist appointment and he gave some steroid cream to apply on his nostrils it has become red and hurts him. I am not using that cream instead apply coconut oil.
Right side of the nose is more stuffed than left.

He has cough also but it is no too much.
This could be related to cold season here or something going on in the air.

I do give him inhaler one time per day and sitopaladi churan daily.
His eczema has comeback and scratches on the inner parts of hands and legs.
Becomes irritated in small small things.
He talks lots with himself while taking shower or getting ready or in the loo.

Sometimes behaviour is nasty if things are not done as per his wish.

Has become responsible in studies and now worries about his grades.
Before going to sleep he will be sad if he gets few questions wrong in the exam.
Please let em know what we can do for his never ending stuffed and runny nose + eczema.

You have a good one.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Lachesis 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hi 1527 plz don't give him too much dairy products and try to use coconut oil i have been similar conditions with my kids like ur son and avoid long period of antibiotics it could side effects later on his life after antibiotics make sure he have few sessions of probiotics ......i am glad to say that my kids r free of eczema and asthma i help quite a few people s with this conditions ☺
harry490 5 years ago
Use lots of steam in his room jst steam
harry490 5 years ago
I have my son with allergies (pollen, dustmite)when he is home runny nose most of the time. He goes to college and all the symptom disappears. I brought home a air purifier that purifies air from pollens etc. to test. I was surprised to see him much better in one night. Please try one with "no need to change the filter" kind. I used the one in Costco.
I hope it helps your son.

Shahab58 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing very well.
My son's update:
I gave him Lachesis 30c twice a day for 3 days after christmas.
He did very well after that in terms of runny nose.
Current status:
His eczema is almost gone, but we have seen that it comes back when he eats stuff with loads of sugar like donuts, cake, biscuits, chocolates, and muffins.
We are trying to avoid all these as much as possible, but then there are times he eats.
My concern is why his body is not liking sugar, what can be done so that it is processed properly.
His nose gets stuffed when he sleeps under running fan. I put cotton balls in his ears during night.
He can't sleep without the fan on.
His asthama, if we don't give him inhaler for 2 days, I could feel whistling sound.
Also, he plays basket ball and says that during some drill work he can't run for long time, so yesterday he asked me to give him his inhaler(albuterol) so that he can run for long time.
I have seen he is always last in the group during running session.
Dr., his digestion, I feel is not proper. His tummy is coming out. He is not healthy eater and I am trying, but it is struggle for me.
He loves bananas, yogurt and cheese dosa, roti and yogurt. He will eat any sabzi with yogurt. Will mix and eat.
He gets irritated really fast and shouts to explain his side of the story.
He talks a lot with himself.
Takes things by heart. For eg. this week he comes with our neighbor after school and if they say you are very late, he will take it by heart instead of taking sportingly and giving valid reason for him being late.
So, basically won't adjust easily. I am writing this so that you understand his mental state and behaviour.
He gets 2 puffs of his inhaler daily in the morning and I give him his allergy medicine (allegra) on Thursday for his allergy shot.
DAily I give him sitopaladi churan along with honey in the evening.
I use vaseline/ coconut oil for eczema and nose is the natural spray.
So, basically we are off of steriod cream and spray for eczema and runny nose.
Please let me know the next step for all the above symptoms especiaily him getting irritated very fast and asthama.
You have a good one.


Harry490 and Shahab thanks for your input and I will look into your options.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Antimonium Tart 30 twice a day for days and see how that affects over 7-10 days.
kadwa 5 years ago
Very good that the one one of my favourite and h sulp thnx mr kadwa glad u catch my filling
harry490 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing great.
I could not get Antimonium Tart 30 in local stores so ordered online and got it today.
Can you please clarify for how many days I have to give him the doses?
You have a good one.
[message edited by mrm1527 on Thu, 29 Jan 2015 04:49:12 GMT]
mrm1527 5 years ago
For three days.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing well.
Here is my son's update:

Gave him Antimonium Tart 30 for 3 days (1/30-2/1).

Didn't give any steroid inhaler during these 3 days.. But he was coughing so had to give him albuterol inhaler.

After giving this meds, I don't see any major change. Basically, I am trying not to give him inhaler, but seems that within 2 days I could see him coughing and low peak flow meters. So, had to give him inhaler.
For almost 2 weeks he was coughing badly so had to give him alubterol inhaler (xoponex) and streiod inhaler (dulera). This could be related to lots of allergies on our end.
Weather was really bad.

His eczema also come back especially on inner parts of hands (elbow) .Eczema might have come back since he had lots of sugary cookies and played outside when allergens where high.
He always has runny nose.

So, basically, right now, Everything is under control, but then it is not gone fully.

Also, I have seen that he needs inhaler before his basketball games or tennis plays otherwise not able to perform.
He gets irritated very fast and doesn't have patience. Sleeps through the night. During weekdays wants to sleep late in the morning and weekend wakes up early.
Not at all focused in studies, but focused in the subjects or games that he likes.
He has this strange habit of scratching my pimple even though now it is gone.
His tummy is heavy and has come out ( well it is out since long ...)
I have noticed that he is very sentimental also. Takes things by heart.

Eczema , we use coconut oil and vaseline , Runny nose - Xlear spray (saline water with grape seed oil)
Asthama/Coughing - Dulera ( 2 puffs daily in the morning) - Sitopaladi churan in the evening.

For asthama, I am ready to take him off of inhaler, but then it is breathing so always gets scared if he starts coughing badly and could not breath / peak flow meter reading is low.
I need some kind of plan to take him off of inhaler slowly, but need the rescue medicine immediately in homeopathy in case of emergency. I really don't know what to give him in homeopathy if the asthama situation worsens. So, here I am getting confused and end up giving him inhaler. I hope I am making sense.

Please let me know the next step.

You have a good one.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Whenever he has an acute attack please see whether Aconite 200 or Stramonium 200 help him. Three doses of remedy may be given at an hourly gap.
kadwa 5 years ago
Thanks Dr. Kadwa for the reply!
I am in the process of getting these remedies online and will use it in case of acute attack.
Do I give him anything else now? You might want to decide based on the details that I wrote on 2/26.

Please let me know.
You have a good one.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing good.

Wanted to give my son's update:

His eczema is under control, but he keeps on scratching the inner parts of his hands near elbow.
The skin is dry and little blood comes out. In the night also he keeps on scratching on that part.
Also he has eczema around his eyes (area between eyes and ears side of forehead). All dry skin
He also had fungal infection on his head (spot). Took to dermitologist and she gave him some injection. Infection has dried up. but still he keeps on scratching this dry skin on his head.
I am not sure why fungal infection comes up. Last year also he had the same issue.
He has tendency to to scratch that area (dry skin on his head).
Also, she told that he has eczema as his skin doesn't produce enough moisture. So needs to keep on applying vaseline.

He sweats a lot especially on head part, when he plays or goes out in the sun or even in the night.
He gets irritated a lot and get angry for small small things.
in the night he needs fan and still sweats around head area.
Food eating habits is not that great, All whites and yellow like yougurt, milk, khichi, khadi, roti, cheese.

Spring has started on our side and he has started sneezing and has runny noes. Today had to give him allegra to control allergies before things gets worse.

Asthama is under control, but I still have to give him inhaler daily. I skip weekends. He is on sitopaladi churan daily. His peak flow readings are good. Overall he is doing fine in asthama. We had allergist appointment a week back and his breathing test and everything came out to be much better.

Now in couple months allergist want to do all the allergy tests again and see where his IgE stands.

In terms of allopathy meds, he is getting his dulera inhaler in the morning and that I am working on reducing slowly.

For eczema, vaseline and or coconut oil. I have started applying jojoba oil whenever get chance.
For runny nose, I daily give him xlear natural kids spray that is made out of grape seed oil.
I also give him CCFT( corainder, cumin, feenel, dried tulsi leaves and methi seed ) water, whenever possible.

Dr. Kadwa, please advise on how to get him totally out of eczema (dry skin), allergies, fungal infection on head.
You have a good one.

mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Sulphur 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over a week.

If this doesn't help give Lachesis 30 in the same way.
kadwa 5 years ago
Hello Dr. Kadwa,
Hope you are doing very well.

Here is my son's update:

1. Eczema is much better. On and off her scratches in the inner side of his elbow.
2. On and off has runny nose.
3. Asthama as usual. I have to give him 2 puffs daily. Since it is summer here, and vacation starts, I will reduce his puffs to 1/day and see how he does. On and off coughs also.

I give him sitopaladi churan almost daily.

The main question is , since couple months he is sweating a lot form the head in the night.
Pillow becomes wet and I have to change pillow in the night.
Have cut his hair, Fan is always on in the night, even the a/c is on still he has this.
I am not sure what is that. There are no stains from the sweat on the pillow case.
What can be done for this one as I think due to this he scratches the head and has one or two small red color boils.
Please let me know.

You have a good one.
mrm1527 5 years ago
Please give him Calcarea Carb 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
kadwa 5 years ago

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