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Fatigue/jjoint pain----kadifor Kadwa

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  Mozard on 2014-06-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Coffea Cruda 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over a week.
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kadwa 9 years ago

I have been having severe pains in both knees.. It feels throbbing, burning, pulsatting,inflammatory.. I had many blood tests done, dr told me overactive immune system or dysfunctional immune system..whatever that means..but he isn't sure whats causing both my knees to have such excruciating pains..came on very suddenly, no swelling, redness...nothing make it better..I was put on mobic 15mg for pain..it is Not helping...

Otherwise, no complaints..all tests are normal.. Please help, inflammation pains are unbearable..
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Mozard 9 years ago
Please take the following remedies one by one....

magnesia muriaticum 30
sulphur 30
gelsemium 30
sanicula 30

Please take the remedy twice a day for 3 days and see how it affects over 10 days. You should take the next remedy if the one that is taken don't help.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Kadwa:

This my be due to possible auto immune problem and severe stress. I have Severe pain in both kness and tops of both knees feel like i have sunburn on them.
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Mozard 9 years ago
Homeopathic remedies act over a wide range of conditions. i think that sulphur 30 should help you. It will be better if you could take the remedy and then post your feedback for the remedy.
kadwa 9 years ago
Just wanted to share new info with you.. Is there any remedy to cure Parvo human b19 virus? The doctor thinks that is the virus attacking my knees. I am also having Epstein bar, cytomegalis viruses but parvo attacks knees ..please advise..thanks
Mozard 9 years ago
Yes, sulphur should work.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi Kadwa:

I took the sulphur as you suggested. At times, the knee pains disappear but reappear after a few minutes or few hours.. They pain moves from one side to another ofthe knee.I also feel like knees are sunburned, especially when I wake up. I also get feelings of a burn on my calves.. I can't sleep with knees touching one another...I am also getting depressed due to this chronic pain for one month, anti inflammatory didn't help.. Blood tests don't indicate much, knee X-rays normal no orthopedic problem, rheumatoid factor normal, sed rate Normal, crp normal... Ana 1:40 borderline positive nucleor pattern..Dr thinks its maybe viral..No one knows cause, so how can I be treated .....what do you think this is?
I have igg for ebv, human parvo, and cmv.. I read that parvo attacks knees in humans and causes excruciating pains..and causes rheumatoid arthritis symptoms even though not RA....any remedies for the viruses I have.. Please help..what may be causing this these attacks flarecups iI on a scale of 1-10 it's about a 7pain level... It is interfering with work, life, my emotional level.Please advise..it was able to get 200c not 30c.. I took one dose..I feel beat up physically and mentally from the intense pain..
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Mozard 9 years ago
Please take a dose of Sulphur 200 every 4 days. You should take 3 doses over 12 days and report back.
kadwa 9 years ago
I have unbearable pains. It disappeared for about 8 hours and reappeared.. I tried sulphur , ledu, Byronic, medorrinhum, nothing's working..I can't take pain anymore , it's unbearable..anything you can do please help....

Please ans question, what is causing this no one knows, all tests negative for inflammation?.
Mozard 9 years ago
Please take Cimicifuga 200 and see whether it helps. Life is more about adaptability and forbearance than it is about logic and science.
kadwa 9 years ago
Thanks! I have addtl info. It seems my human b19 parvo virus causing these pains in knees rheumatic/arthritic in nature and extremely painful.maybe reactive arthritis...if affects women mostly. could attack ankles knees or wrists..do you know which remedy can weaken or eliminate parvo virus and what company sells human b19 parvovirus nosode, human not canine.your help is appreciated..also my meniscus hurts both knees a throbbing pain, knees can touch while sleeping and stiff on waking.I had to be put on painkillers due to severity..I hope homeopathy can resolve soon..its about 6 weeks now of pain I am in..
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Mozard 9 years ago

The nosodes for parvovirus are Canine.

The human B19 parvovirus, is treated in severe cases by having the Dr.
order an infusion of immunoglobulen- which is a blood product.http://www.iggamerica.com/patientscaregivers/learn.html

The cause in adults is either respiratory or from tainted blood products.
It is normally treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

People that have severe reactions like you do- usually have pure red blood cell
aplasia and are anemic. Is that the case with your blood?

It is a blood problem and does mimic RA.

Can you get the immunoglobulin blood transfusion product??? That would seem
to be the right way to go.

And I would think Calc Phos 6x and Ferrum phos 3x- 4 tabs, 4 times a day of each- would begin to
build up your blood. You would probably have to order it in 3x from Vitacost,
but if you can get to Whole Foods or Vitamin shoppe you can start with Ferrum 6x bc
they will have that ( hylands brand) and the Calc Phos 6x.- These are cell salts and rebalance the cells.

I don't know what else would be good-but I know that I have given Ferrum Pho 6x-
quite often to anemic people and they feel better very quickly.

I am sure Kadwa or Rishimba have suggestions.
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simone717 9 years ago

Rec'd your email..my labs are looking really good..not anemic, not RA , ESR normal , crop normal.. all inflammatory markers normal..Yes, mimicking ra , viral or reactive arthritis... the only tests with high IGg are Epstein bar(600(, parvo b19, cytomegalus (10.00) Parvo
( 3.5)..m. pneumonia bacteria Igg 250....ana is 1:40 normal...I feel energetic..I just gave knees that feel being attacked severely moving pains and periods of burning sensation..I had to be put on pain killers..a bit of neuropathy too..very debilitating and a huge downer emotionally.. besides the igg therapy what do you recommend I take?? I am so scared why taking so long to go away. I had same thing one year ago happen to me..can stress be a contributer...I found company by name of Desbio makes human parvo virus no side wonder if you heard of them..do you think cmv and ebv no side will help me??
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Mozard 9 years ago

I think the Desbio 'solution' is a little odd.

They want you to take an Ascending level of potencies of
this nosode and then start a 'descending' level of potencies of
the same.( this does not follow homeopathic rules)

It is given for -rash, swelling, fever, swollen joints. None of
which you have.

So I would say No on taking that 'protocol'

Try some cell salts. Cell salts work on the actual Cell to get
the cells in balance.

Get, Kali phos 6x, Calc Phos 6x, Mag Phos 6x, Ferrum Phos 6x
and Silicea 6x.

Take 3 tabs of each ( 15 tabs) 4 times a day and see how
this is affecting you in a few days.
simone717 9 years ago
Good morning:

I wanted to get back to you. My only complaint is bilateral knee pain, it definitely feels inflammatory ,arthritic and stiff on and off throughout the day.. The Left knee feels even worse. It improved last Saturday alot, then Sunday I was limping, mon night had pain all night couldn't position myself and today as well. It constantly hurts. I am not walking much ...the parvo human virus which I have affects the knee
Joints of women of adult age. Is there anything you can prescribe for this .. It may be mimicking rheumatoid arthritis, but all inflammatory markers negative which does point to viral all numerous articles state that.. Thanks!!
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Mozard 9 years ago

no one can give you good advice without feedback.

You have had Kadwa prescribe recently and Rishimba and me
suggesting the cell salts.

What have you taken in the last week> Homeo and allopathic?

If it improved Sat, for instance and then Sunday worse-this could
easily be from overdosing on homeo meds - that is why
on time exact feedback is needed to monitor what is going on.
simone717 9 years ago
I had to go to Dr last Wednesday because pains were unbearable. I got one shot in each knee, topical solution was placed by the name of Pennsaid .. I did nothing else. Saturday woke up felt much better, Sunday, my knees felt stiff and hurt while walking. Yesterday and today same thing, I feel a bit of a burning in the bone. It is on the inner part of my knees. Dr. Said it is arthritis, maybe ra due to virus.. I am just seeking homeopathic help as I don't want to take narcotics which were prescribed. I hope you understand. There seems to be inflammation which isn't going away..I hope this helps if not just ask.
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Mozard 9 years ago
Well Rishimba gave a prescription- you could try that for
a few days and give feedback.

That is what I would do next.

The Dr. is giving you a steroid to suppress symptoms and suppress

You cannot do both things at the same time.
simone717 9 years ago
You make it so simple I am dying in pain. The Pulsatilla didn't help. I see you don't want to be bothered no problem.
Mozard 9 years ago

I asked in the first post today- what have you taken-

homeopathic and allopathic?

You only answered on the allopathic-

People want to help you but you have to tell them what you
took so they know what worked and what did not work for you-

So far the homeopathy meds have not controlled or helped with
your pain.

The homeopathy meds are not working with your pain levels.
So I don't know what to tell you, except do what you have
to do to control the pain.
simone717 9 years ago

The remedies that have been given were for your overall to cure
the cause.

Right now, you need something to just help with the pain-

Here are 4 remedies to try for the pain. You can take 3 doses a few hours
apart and see if one of them starts to have any effect on you.

If one of them does seem to relieve you- then post what it is and
and then a dosing schedule and way to take it frequently can be
figured out-

Arsenicum Album 30c

Ledum Pal 30c

Cinchona Officinalis 30 c ( known as China also)

Hypericum 30c

you can try one at a time- maximum 3 doses to see if any effect.
Take 3 pills under the tongue and try each one a few hours apart.

If one works then report.
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simone717 9 years ago
Thank you,..will do... I was wondering does Urtica Urens help for this situation??
Mozard 9 years ago

Here is how you have to think about this.

Right now we are trying to help with pain only-not the overall.

Everything is about the match-if you get the match right there should be relief.

To do that the more specifc the better. You can go on the homeopathic software on here
and fill it out - to do with your KNEEs.

See what you get.

Urtica Urens,

has a sore bruised knee
has burning heat to do with the skin
has itching burning nettle rash outbreaks during Rheumatism

So far, what you have described, is 'burning' around the knee itself and bone -

You have to get a match for the main Area and the main types of sensations for that area.

A big part is what makes it better- or worse- but so far it seems like nothing helps.

So the first 3 remedies are for burning knee and hypericum is a nerve pain reliever in general.

You can go thru the remedy software and focus on the knees and answer all the questions
about pain in the knees and see what you come up with.
simone717 9 years ago
I also have severe stiffness, doesn't this sound like some sort of arthritis inflammation? If so, what would be best remedy for that...
Mozard 9 years ago

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