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Need Best Antidote to Aurum Met

Hi, I hope someone can advise me. I need antidote to Aurum Met.

I have had long standing insomnia. It recently took the form where I had been waking everday 5:30-6am everyday without enough sleep, exhausted, hopeless, unable to get more sleep.

On July 13th, I took one dose Aurum met 30ch. for my symptoms: insomnia, depression, hopelessness, anxiety. I also suffer from panic attacks and have tachychardia and Mitral valve prolapse.

After the dose of Aurum Met 30ch I woke the next day at 9am and was thinking this is working. Everyday after that up until and including today, I wake at 3:30am from my heart racing.

It wasn't until today that I attributed this symptom to the Aurum m. I kept thinking it was because I had started cardio on my treadmill (because I was sick of feeling so horrible and waking at 5:30-6am exhausted and not enough sleep), so I stopped the cardio to see if it helped me stop waking at 3:30am from racing heart now and it did not work. I also thought maybe some supplements, so I did trial and error with no results. I take medication for my anxiety and sleep (out of necessity, not because I want to), but they have not changed.

I am not close to a homeopath or a store with many remedies. So out of desperation, when I realized, I think it's from the Aurum met., I took 1 dose today of coffea 30ch, hoping to antidote and stop the 3:30am waking from my racing heart. by the way, this has never happened to me before.

Thank for looking into my case. Sorry, if I am all over the place, I am extremely tired.

PS>>>> forgot to mention: after I wake from racing heart at 3:30 am, I cannot fall back asleep. I just toss and turn. But seem like I may have one dream, so maybe at some point, I become in a light sleep.
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  justagirl on 2014-07-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Coffee is an antidote to Aurum. See what happens. Since you
only had one dose it is going to wear off anyway.

It would be good to consult with a homeopath, which you
can do by skype or phone if one is not near you. If you
want to tell me what country you are in I can give you some
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you, Simone717. I am hoping the coffea will work, I wasn't sure if I should take another dose of it later on.

I also read a lot on belladonna or puls as antidote, but not a lot on coffea. I only had the coffea at home, but can access one of the other 2 if needed. The store near me only caries basic remedies. I am in Canada. I cannot afford a homepath at this time, unfortunately.
justagirl 7 years ago
See what the coffee does for now.

If you can't afford a homeopath, you can put your case on
here for someone to help with the anxiety and reducing your
medications safely as things improve.

Evocationer will probably post on this thread when he is on-
Australia time and he may offer to take your case. He is
a homeopath.
simone717 7 years ago
Okay, I will wait and see. If I don't wake at 3:30am from racing heart tomorrow morning...I will be very happy and relieved.

Thank you so much, Simone717!
justagirl 7 years ago
You can also rub something with camphor on yourself- all over the skin-
like Vicks vapo rub-camphor antidotes almost everything and on the skin
it may not be immediate but it lessens things.
simone717 7 years ago
I had no idea! I'll see if I can get some. Thank you!
justagirl 7 years ago
Hi Simone,
A very rational approach and very valuable advice.Only thing is that even if she feels better by coffea,she should present her case in either of the situation,because ultimately she must get cured .
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bapu4 7 years ago
Hello, unfortunately coffea did not antidote aurum met. I woke at 3:50am this morning. Although last night before bed at 11:30pm, I took 20mg propranolol (beta blocker) as I desperately didn't want to go through the 3:30 waking from racing heart.

I still woke at 5:50am anyways. my heart was not racing as other days, but I could hear it trying to race? when I lie on my left side, through the pillow. This happened one another night that I also took the beta blocker trying to halt this.

Doesn't sulphur pull things from the body?

After this experience, I don't want to mess around with remedies on my own. I know we are not supposed to anyways, but I have self prescribed on and off for sleep, anxiety etc. with mostly (temporary) success.

I have never experienced these symptoms before, so it is quite baffling. And obviously I have to get it to stop somehow. :(
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justagirl 7 years ago
I have nux v at home which I am tempted to take. I am fighting the urge as I am obviously deperate to end these wakings and not a patient person at all ( I want it now!) .lol.

But, if all this is caused by the one dose of aurum met. it has totally defeated purpose. I took it to stop my 530-6 am wakings (no heart racing then), and now I am much worse off (330am waking from racing heart). Not to mention, I am doubling my allopathic meds to try and get back to sleep. I am also listening to all sorts of relaxation tapes, with no results.

Sorry, I am tired, just kind of thinking my thoughts out loud now. and trying to be disciplined NOT to take another remedy without guidance.

note: I also cannot take naps, no matter how tired.
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justagirl 7 years ago
still looking for answers while the world sleeps..lol

I keep seeing Belladonna come up as probably the best main antidote to aurum met. I used to have this, but it went missing years ago. I am pretty sure it's one that is sold at a store near me.

I wont take it without advice though. I scared myself enough with what I have created.
justagirl 7 years ago
There is only one reliable way to antidote, as pointed out by Hahnemann in our Organon of Medicine. That is to take the symptoms and represcribe a better (more similar) medicine.


In homoeopathy, prescription is based on precise details of various symptoms from which you suffer. To tell or write to a homoeopathic physician 'I have a headache ', ' an eruption ' or “a cough” would not be enough. If you inform him 'I have headache with sharp shooting pains in the left side of the head and temple, these pains always come on when the slightest cold air strikes the head. I feel better by pressing the head very hard.” Then only you have given all the information required for making a good homoeopathic prescription. The success of the prescription depends; largely on how detailed your description of the symptoms is.
We require the following details about your symptoms.

LOCATION: Please give the exact location of sensation, pain or eruption. Also describe where the pain or sensation spreads.

SENSATION: Express the type of sensation or the pain that you get in your own words however simple or funny it may seem. You may have a sensation that a mouse is crawling or the heart was grasped by an iron hand or you may have a pain that is cutting, burning jerking, pressing. Express the sensation or pain as it feels to you. Try to explain the whole sensation in the exact way it is happening and not just the word. We need to understand the whole process of the sensation as it is happening to you.


Many factors are likely to influence your complaint. Some factors may intensify it and some factors may relieve the trouble. A detailed list of the factors is given at the end. Please refer it while describing each of your troubles and indicate which factors make the complaint better or worse.

DISCHARGES: You may have a discharge from nose, ears, mouth, eyes, ulcers, fistula, eruptions on skin, private parts, etc. Please describe your discharge in detail including colour, consistency, appearance, odour etc.

1] Your Complaint:

(Use your own words as far as possible, but if you have recognized or diagnosed the condition, give this information also.) By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me to understand what your body and unconscious mind is conveying. This can help me find a remedy for you.)
• What is your complaint?
• When did the complaint begin?
• Where is it located?
• What sort of sensations (and emotions) do you associate with it?
When does it tend to occur (time/day)
• Does anything make it better or worse?
• How does it bother you? How is it coming in way of your day-to-day life?
• How does it feel like to have this/these problem/s?
• What is the effect of this/these problem/s on you?
• Did any event happen which caused the complaint? Describe the emotion associated with it.
• What are the other symptoms started with it, esp. mental and physical symptoms, which are not directly related to the main complaint.
• What are your reactions with it?

PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR EACH SYMPTOM/COMPLAINT SEPARATELY. DO NOT INCLUDE ALL OF YOUR COMPLAINTS TOGETHER IN EACH QUESTION eg. all questions answered for Leg Pain, then same questions answered for Migraines, then same questions answered for Panic attacks etc.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Hi Just a Girl-

Please answer Evocationer's questions so
he can see what is best overall, including
what is going on now.

Bapu- I knew Evocationer was probably going to take her case
and if he did not I was going to ask someone else to handle it.
simone717 7 years ago
Okay, thank you. I will work on answering the questions the best I can. I feel I have so many problems for such a long time. I assume I should just focus on symptoms this moment, no history?

Thank you again!
justagirl 7 years ago
Evocationer has a very long original intake form-
he might want you to fill out that one instead.
simone717 7 years ago
Is this form something I fill out manually and send by email? So far, I have been making point form notes so I hopefully don't leave out something important. Stringing together the years of problems is the hard part.
justagirl 7 years ago
No- you answer it on here.

It is easier if you just make a timeline
of your entire life. Then just start
putting in the history. Then go into
the unresolved things.
simone717 7 years ago
oh gosh, okay. I have a lot of history and probably wont remember everything. Do you mean past medical history even if not related to today's problems? including injuries and illnesses?
justagirl 7 years ago
I was just thinking you wanted to treat what is happening now, but if you want to deal with the chronic stuff as well I am happy to give that a try.

I will post the full questionnaire in that case.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Hi, I am working on listing my life history and events, chronologically. I would love to treat the current problem as well as chronic one's. Thank you!
justagirl 7 years ago
Hello, I typed 3 pages of history into Microsoft word, but it wont seem to paste here. Update: thank goodness, I figured out how to paste it here. Sorry it is sooo long! I hope it's what you need
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justagirl 7 years ago
When I was born, my mom said I was the only baby in hospital who wouldn’t eat. Too busy interested in all the people (ironic)
At 2 years old was hospitalized for Gastroenteritis (followed by lifetime of chronic constipation)
Nice middle class childhood. Was extremely shy kid, grew out of it and became very sociable, outgoing, outspoken, stood up to bullies when they picked on the weak kids. Was always kicked out of class for talking/socializing.
Picked up on discord between parents.
Became rebellious young teen, caused some trouble.
Met love of life at 17 (on /off for 5 years)
Brother became schizophrenic when I was 17 . Then no one allowed over to our house. A lot of shame, parents said not allowed to tell anyone. (all our neighbours were our friends)
Became nervous when out doing errands as I was afraid to run into friends/neighbours who would ask questions as everyone knew something going on, but I was not allowed to say anything.
As brother became more ill, he began attacking me, threating me, doing scary things. I was terrified, my parents did nothing, did not protect me. I was very scared and didn’t understand everything.
Boyfriend and I broke up (again), I left high school with 1 credit left (never finished, I’m famous for not finishing things). I got a full time job and was pretty depressed during this time.
At 20, I went to college for university prep, nothing in my interests, my father always said I had to be in business or be a lawyer. (supportive father, but brainwashing? Lol)
1st panic attack in my favorite college class (psychology), I put up my hand to ask a question as always, but panicked and ran out.
2nd panic attack in college councellors office, felt trapped. Swore I’d never get in someone’s office again.
Fear grew and began having panic attacks at the mall and in formal situations.
I believe the panic attacks lasted about 1 year, went away, but left with anxiety that never left me
Broke up with boyfriend again and didn’t finish college as I was unable to write to finals due to being too upset. ( I also had 2 pt jobs while in college)
Diagnosed with Social Anxiety, Anticipatory anxiety, general anxiety
I worked full time, went out with friends, partied, had fun on a regular basis. Was fairly confident and managed through many situations with a bit of alcohol. (I was and have always been extremely vain- emphasis on looks way more important to me than should be).
At 21, I broke up with high school sweetheart for good.
At 22, I was hit by a streetcar and broke pelvis in 2 places, broken arm (screwed back together at elbow), concussion, PTSD
At 25 changed jobs to one in union environment. Very fun (in beginning), but became a very cut throat, hostile environment where you cannot trust anyone.
In my 30’s I had 2 pancreas attacks, one brought on by a cleanse, the other one, unknown cause.
At 33, diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse and Tachycardia.
In 2002 at 33, was wrongfully forced out of my job of 8 years. Thus began my insomnia problems as I fought for justice. It was mostly trouble falling asleep not staying asleep. Prior to this, I was an 8-9 hour a night solid sleeper.
Body stopped working properly from lack of sleep. Ballooned 20lbs in 3 months. Became hypothyroid (now resolved).
At 33, met current boyfriend. Thought love of my life. He said love at first sight.
At 37, got house together, against my wishes for marriage first.
My life goal has always been to get married and have a family 3-4 kids. I never had interest in anything else, careers etc. Began looking for my “prince” at 12 year old. Note to parents: don’t let your little girl read those fairy tales.
I was clear about my dreams with my boyfriend. But time passed, he never proposed.
In 2007 or 2008, I began having panic attacks again. From surprise if I run into people unexpectedly and any situation where a panic attack occurred, if I ran into that situation again, I would automatically panic again.
At 40, I had to make a decision to leave or not. I asked for separation. He never left. So we lived together while I acted like we were not together anymore. (big mistake). I wouldn’t be able to marry if I threaten to leave and then he proposes, and I didn’t want to leave so this was my only option I felt. To see if maybe someone else thought I was special enough to marry. He begged me not to do this. But I did. I have horrible regret for how I treated him, but also horrible anger that he wasted my life! (and yes, at myself for allowing it).
Things have never been the same and seem irreparable. He says he didn’t propose because didn’t know how, but I watched him do all kinds of things in work, that he would have no way of knowing how to do , but it was obviously important enough for him to figure it out and go after it, BUT, I wasn’t! He took me for granted and never made me a priority. He does nothing to try to help me. I don't think I feel anything for him and know I should leave (if I could afford to). We are cordial but pretty much live separate lives. He is surrounded by friends and family and goes out and has fun while I suffer. Many of my sufferings are because of him and it makes me hate him for his selfishness. Watching him take initiative in his work and other things but did not with me, still makes me angry because of my age it cannot be rectified.

2012, I quit my job for health reasons.
Now- No hope for the future, angry, feel unloved, not good enough, not special, alone, like a nobody, not good enough to be a wife, a mom. I feel frozen, don't see a way out!
All friends got married and had families and left me in their dust.
Isolated myself now, no friends, no family, don’t like talking anymore, don’t trust people (only trust my parents and my cat)
Worried all the time: Worried about future, about my health, about my parents health, my cats health (I treat my cat like a baby).
Fear if I my parents or cat pass before my, I will be all alone. I don’t see parents, but know they are there, they cause me stress and my brother lives with them.
Can’t go on job interview, meet people (used to love!), Nervous going to store, talking to people, running into people, the doorbell. Think my heart rate goes up and it sends msg to brain there is a threat and I panic. When I go out, always bracing self for something that will cause next panic.
Fear I can’t handle it if anything happens now to parents or cat. Not strong anymore. Was stronger and more independent and responsible when I was younger. Now, don’t want any responsibility, can’t handle.
No purpose, no hope, dreams are gone, obsessive worry now.
Aversion to sex now. Uncomfortable still around boyfriend (or whatever he is). Wont go to Dr. for physical, don’t want anyone touching me.
Now, started waking 530-6 am , not enough sleep, exhausted, unable to fall back asleep. Took Aurum Met. 30ch to treat this, now waking 330 am from racing heart, cannot go back to sleep.
My Aunt, who lived in New Zealand passed away unexpectedly last month and I am easily in denial because she lived so far, we rarely saw her. But she was someone I could confide in.
Note: I am person who always feels rushed.
Note: only other bad reaction to homeopathic remedies was around 2008 when I was trying to treat my anxiety and panic and took Calcarea Carb and lycopodium and proved them in a severe way.
Note: Was treated at a homeopathic school for insomnia and anxiety around 2003, rememdy that helped then was carcin 200ch. It was temporary help and they kept wanting to increase the dose, but I was unwilling and one of the advanced students agreed with me.
I have taken a multitude of homeopathic and herbal remedies since 2002 when I looked for solutions, many of them helped temporarily.
I have aversions to seafood and mushrooms.
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justagirl 7 years ago
I will look through all that and see if it gives me the information I need.

Have you studied homoeopathy or natural medicine?
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help out a total stranger.
I am kind of embarrassed putting all this out there on the net.. but I guess I have to take a chance.
I have never studied homeopathy or natural medicine. I just did a lot of research in desperation for a solution to my problems. I didn't know homeopathy existed until 2002 when I developed insomnia after getting forced out of my job.

Thought I should note that in 2003, the Carcin 200ch only helped temporarily with the sleep problem at the time which was inability to fall asleep.
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justagirl 7 years ago
Small thing to add: As of late, I am sensitive to noise and want quiet. I am also easily jumpy person: growing up my brother used to jump out to startle me all the time and he got a kick out of it. He either saw that I was easily jumpy or did it for fun and made me this way, I am not sure.
justagirl 7 years ago
One more thing came to mind. Since age 36 or so, I get monthly migrane, always behind my left eye and temple. my left side is my weaker side and is also the side I am most comfortable sleeping on although I do alternate side to side when sleeping. I assume the migranes are hormonal. Also, my menses are early and light.

thinking outloud: I understand not being able to control sleep problems, but I cannot understand why I cannot control my reactions/panic/feeling uncomfortable around people. And, feel I will never be normal again. I want to feel in control, not let this thing control me.
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justagirl 7 years ago

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