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I'm not sure what that means but I understand it is a tricky case.

If any of this in regards to small amount of breakthrough bleedin I had, could be perimenopause starting or maybe caused by the rhodiola sample. In the meantime, I think I will try the rhodiola again to see if it helps with the sleep again
justagirl 8 years ago
Ok I have worked my way back through the case. I tried using some slightly different rubrics, and something very interesting came up.

Ailments from disappointment (main rubric for you)
Injustice, cannot support
Starting easily
Anger about his own mistakes
Delusion is neglected
Hatred of persons who have offended
Forsaken feeling
Sensitive to noise

Primarily, this draws my attention to the remedy Aurum-muriaticum-natronatum. Apart from the above symptoms, you have many qualities of the individual elements of Gold, Sodium, and Chloride both in your pathology and in your mental state (seen if you look at both Aurum metallicum and Natrum-muriaticum).

It is possible that when you were young, your remedy was actually Causticum. That is only a theory, but the history looks very much like a Causticum case. However your pathology has settled on the heart, and this is more typical of the Aurum remedies, specifically Aurum-mur as the most well known one, but Aur-m-n is close in many ways. There is a hardening of the feelings in Aur-m-n that seems to suit your case.

So want I want you to do is get hold of Aurum-muriaticum-natronatum LM1 AND LM2 (also denoted 0/1 and 0/2). This is the most appropriate potency for the kind of case you are presenting with - gentler, more able to be taken regularly.
Evocationer 8 years ago
This is some of what is written about Aur-m-n:

'The element natrum is related to concepts that are connected with love relationships. All the Natrium group puts great emphasis on love relationships and its primary conflicts are related to love relationships.

The element muriaticum is related to feelings of disappointment.

The element aurum is related to great care and responsibility towards his loved ones. He needs to be first and is easily offended.'

'From the above we can reach the following conclusions about the mental/emotional picture of Aurum muriaticum natronatum: They are individuals who have got a lot of Aurum characteristics, but who have been greatly disappointed in their love relationships. This may have happened either because their companion did not meet his or her expectations or because they have a strong emotional rejection. The emptiness created by this rejection is filled by hard work and the constant renewal of business goals. Vision, that is the defining of goals and the effort to make them come true, is one of the basic characteristics of the Aurum state. It is, however, driven by selfish motivations. It is not socially orientated as in the state the alchemistic philosophical stone.'

'The characteristic elements that must be present in the personality are the characteristics of the Aurum personality that we have already mentioned. In addition there is the acute insecurity that the individual will be disappointed in the relationship or when he refers to disappointments in his love relationships. Thus, the Aurum muriaticum natronatum are individuals who will think a lot before they decide to get married. They are very cautious about marriage.'
Evocationer 8 years ago
I would say the following does not apply to me:

The emptiness created by this rejection is filled by hard work and the constant renewal of business goals. Vision, that is the defining of goals and the effort to make them come true, is one of the basic characteristics of the Aurum state.

In addition there is the acute insecurity that the individual will be disappointed in the relationship or when he refers to disappointments in his love relationships. Thus, the Aurum muriaticum natronatum are individuals who will think a lot before they decide to get married. They are very cautious about marriage.'

I was always a very spontaneous person and I would have run off and gotten married (like a fool rushing in) in a heartbeat when I was feeling it was the right person, it just did not work out that way.
justagirl 8 years ago
Yes because your state in the past was different. You have settled into a different state now, and so you need a different remedy. You may eventually need the old remedy as part of your treatment.

I just copied the whole discussion on the remedy. You don't need to have all parts of it, but what you do have needs to be covered by the remedy. A remedy can have over 10,000 symptoms - of course you will not have all of them, you just have to have some of them.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I understand I don't have to have all parts of a remedy. I'm just not sure I explain myself well with my tiredness, as I am still the person who would run off and get married if I was with someone I wasn't angry and having resentment at.

The store near me doesn't have the remedy, I will have to phone around again.

Thank you
justagirl 8 years ago
Also, I did try the Rhodiola herb sample again since my sleep is horrible and I am desperate. It seems to be doing something. I only tried it 2 nights, and I did not wake up like usual, but not perfect sleep either. I will finish the pack since it seems to be doing something and see how it goes
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justagirl 8 years ago
Of course, it is your body. You decide what you wish to do. Let me know when you are ready to take up homoeopathic treatment again. My prescription of Aur-m-n will be the next step.
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Evocationer 8 years ago
I do want to get this remedy and continue. Right now things are more than a bit of a mess. I already was barely sleeping, now it's much worse. My 'partner' and I never fight. Out of the blue, I told him he's selfish etc. and that I am leaving him. I told him this 4 years ago and tried to take a break and things have not been the same since. I was trying to make it work, but it wasn't working for me. Not sure what made me unload all that finally, but I did and now my sleep and circumstances are worse. I have to go looking for a place to rent and I will be looking in another town. I appreciate your help and hope you don't give up on me. I hope I don't give up on me also.
justagirl 8 years ago
i won't :)
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you!

I wondered if it's my tiredness that made me say those things to my partner, if I am not thinking clearly, or maybe this is clarity. Then, suddenly, when he was at work, I felt like I would miss him..
justagirl 8 years ago
this happened to me but with a much bigger dose. my homeopath tried everything, finally we struck on lyssin, i had to take a really high dose to get it to work, but the first try , i could tell it was the right one.
selawa 8 years ago
So why didn't you stay with the Lyssin? What happened after that?
Evocationer 8 years ago
i kept the bottle of lyssin and tried in later times when i felt similarly stressed out but it didn't do anything at all. i think it was just an antidote. i wish it still worked like that, the effect was immediate too.

i still have health problems and classical homeopathy has not worked for me. i have found some relief for symptoms at times with it though.

i was told by someone years later that i 'proved' the a urum.
selawa 8 years ago
Just have to find the right remedy. It doesn't matter what method is used to find the remedy, a wrong remedy is a wrong remedy.

There are actually different kinds of 'classical' homoeopathy - where the older stuff might have failed you the newer methods and systems might not.

It does appear you are very sensitive, that is true. That is another thing that needs to be cured.
Evocationer 8 years ago
i am way oversensitive to almost everything. are you a homeopath? whoever you are?
selawa 8 years ago
Dear Evocationer,

I was unable to find that remedy you suggested at any local stores. I have not had the energy to keep looking.

My sleep is the same, waking 5-6am everyday. My intense worry is even worse as this isn't stopping and I know there must be a medical cause (could me one of many things) but my Dr. Appt was Sept 4th and he cancelled on me. I could/should go to another Dr. for the blood tests/heart/female etc. but my exhaustion and worry/fear is holding me back. I am not functioning because of the lack of sleep and intense worry, which seems like a vicious cycle. I worry to begin with because my anxiety and with the lack of sleep I am worried more and know there is something going on, but don't know what.

In the meantime, I have been trying as many things as I can to help myself, from teas to calcium/magnesium, supplements etc.

I had been considering taking a Homeopathic remedy that may not be the permanent fix, but would at least get me sleeping and functioning for now, a remedy that is readily available to get me by for now. But I didn't want to take anything without advice.

Last night/this morning, exhausted, so tired barely able to walk to bathroom, my eyes were burning but still couldn't sleep... At 3:45am this morning, I finally took Arsenicum Alb 30ch. I just took the basic Boiron pellets under the tongue, 1 dose. A Homeopathic Dr. once told me that if I was ever having problems with anxiety and or heart palp. I could safely take Ars Alb or Ingatia on my own. And, Ars Alb was matching for early waking and my restlessness as well as worry.

Shortly after I took the remedy at 3:45am, I had a large spontaneous deep breath like a big release. I eventually fell asleep after 4am. I still woke up at 6am. But, was able to go back to sleep! I kept dreaming and waking then falling back asleep.

I know this is probably not a permanent solution but if it (or anything) helps me get some sleep for now and then helps me function better and worry less, that would be a good start.

If you have any suggestions in regards to the remedy/dose etc., please let me know.

note: at this time, my intense worry is about my health, my cats health and my parents health (in that order I would say), and my future of course, but the main thing now is not sleeping, intense worry and not being able to function.

Note: I typed most of this shortly after waking and after getting up and around and seeing how I feel, I made new notes below..

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justagirl 8 years ago
notes: I feel partially like a human being today, now that I've had some sleep, I am still feeling tired, but a relaxed tired instead of all tensed up and wired, I have along way to go and a lot of catching up to do but I feel like I can breathe, I don't feel that knotted up tense physical sensation of anxiety and worry. I do look about 10 years younger today and feel pretty good! I would love to feel like this everyday! I don't feel as worried, but I am so used to it that I am inclined to do it, I actually feel like I want to have fun. I mean, when your lack of sleep is so bad that it's painful and your worry is so bad, how can you have fun!? And, I feel bad, my cat is like my child since I didn't get to have any and I see now how he picks up on my intense worry.

I will be able to go do some errands today. I am not sure yet if it's the remedy helping my intense worry or getting sleep... but I'm sure getting sleep would help with that. I have been dying to go get my hair done for so long now and haven't been able to because of all of this, my hair dresser is about 40 minutes away which doesn't help, but even still, I should be functioning enough and feeling good enough to at least do something like that. Just wanted to share this to give you maybe a better picture of things. I usually am able to force myself to go run a few errands, LOCALLY, a couple times a week. It's so ridiculous. And so frustrating that I cannot make myself get the sleep I need no matter what I do. This lack of control is beyond me..

I had forgotten what it feels like to feel this way. I wish I could feel this way everyday. I feel surprised and jealous that others must feel like this daily vs. what I am usually feeling!

With these results so far, I feel I should stick with this remedy and see if it continues to help. Again, would love your input and I am not sure if I should stay with the same dose and I don't want to mess this up. If it continues to help me get to the next step,great! And, then hope to find my cure and constitutional remedy for all my other issues :)
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justagirl 8 years ago
guess I outstayed my stay with Ars Alb. last night was my 3rd night/dose of ars alb 30ch. Fell asleep after 2, woke at 5 or 6 and no more sleep. I'll do nothing tonight and see what happens. It was nice to feel good for 2 days from having sleep.
justagirl 8 years ago

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