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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hopefully I will feel better soon then and start to be cured. I wish it would help with my sleep and other items... but right now depression is the only thing affected (bettered or worsened), in this case worsened.
justagirl 8 years ago
It is early days. I will do my best to solve all those problems for you. Try to hang in there - the worst part of homoeopathic treatment is usually the beginning.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you.

I think the other part of reaction to this remedy is exhaustion, my energy level is non existent. Or maybe it's from the depression, not sure. But, this exhaustion happened after the first time I took this remedy.
justagirl 8 years ago
Hi, I wonder if there is another remedy to help me sleep. Nothing has changed, I am still waking 5-6 am (more often 6am-like clockwork). I have had headaches almost everyday for last week or so, maybe lack of sleep, maybe remedy-cannot tell. I am exhausted, and I am having harder time to fall asleep again as well. Feel like my memory is really bad (has been since accident but seems worse- also may be lack of sleep, not sure). Nothing else I can think of has changed.

I can tell you I have felt Sepia woman in terms of emotions, have felt this way for last 5 years or so, wanting to flee 'partner.' But I have always been the kind of person who wants to walk away from everything and have a fresh start, even as far back as when I left high school. I am not saying this is the remedy I need, just a thought I wanted to share that may help diagnose. Cannot think of anything else right now.
justagirl 8 years ago
and even if I sleep a few hours, I feel like I have had none, feel like I have just tossed and turned the whole night, but I am assuming I must be getting some sleep
justagirl 8 years ago
I don't think this is the right remedy for you.

Have you ever been given Staphysagria? If so what potency and how
often and what effect?

You match many things of that remedy.

Mind symptoms-follow intense emotions of anger at UNFAIRNESS
from rudeness, silent suppressed grief-Very sensitive to what others
say about her.

You were Never well since-
1.you had to deal with your brothers illness and scary behavior and
were not protected or supported ( abuse)
You were told not to say anything about this going on ( suppression)
2.The insomnia began after you were treated Unfairly at work-
again no support .

Staphysagria has a lot of heart palpitations- on waking and fluttering heart.
It has the insomnia matching symptoms, it can match the headache symptoms.
the general anxiety you now have.
simone717 8 years ago
Hi, I have tried Staphysagria. Probably 30ch,possibly 200ch. Nothing stands out that I recall from taking it. It was long ago. I tried so many remedies for my anxiety problems through the years. argentum nit and gelsemium helped me at times, I think I match argentum nit very well (always in a hurry, nervous, anticipation).

I agree with you also that I suit Staphysagria, especially now with my supressed anger that has built in more areas of my life. Again, I have not taken this in long time and don't recall the effects. But my situation is different now so maybe it will help at this time.
justagirl 8 years ago
What happened after you were hit by the street car at 22?

It seems you were going out and functioning altho nervous, but from
that accident you said you had physical injuries, plus a concussion and then
you list PTSD. PTSD is a big jump from from what you were describing prior to
this accident.

Were you ever given anything homeopathic for the head injury? What exactly
were the PTSD symptoms?
Did you take any allopathic meds for it?
How many of the PTSD symptoms are still going on?
simone717 8 years ago
I had to go through rehab to walk again, I only had physical rehab for my arm (which had to be screwed together at the elbow) and my pelvis broke in 2 places. I had a couple surgeries on my arm. I was told by a Doctor that I had PTSD, but I I don't remember them doing anything about it, they just said it.

I was also told recently by a more natural Doctor that my anxiety and panic symptoms are PTSD from my experiences in life. (my anxiety problems began before the accident and after my brother became ill/violent, break ups with love of my life/high school sweetheart who I was to marry, and going to college).

I have never had a homeopathic treatment for PTSD or medication. But I do take medication for anxiety and sleep, they are not enough.

I was not aware of medication for PTSD.

My symptoms are insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I don't know if these are symptoms from PTSD or not, but again, was advised by one natural doctor that they are. My mothers side of family has a lot of mental illness though.
justagirl 8 years ago
What medication are you on for anxiety, what medication
for sleep?

What is the strength and amount of doses you take?
simone717 8 years ago
.5 mg clonazepam x2 day (am/pm)
150mg Seroquel at bed
20mg propranolol (before I go out)
justagirl 8 years ago
Hi- I am not surprised remedies are not working right then.

People have different approaches when you are on the drugs.

Many say you can taper off the meds while on the homeopathy meds.

Some want to treat getting off the meds first with clearing remedies
like Nux vomica, sulphur, avena Sativa and then give you the correct

I have seen both these approaches work. Dr. Showrav who is a homeopath
in Bangladesh has worked in the second way with a man who was
taking the Clonazepam and was successful helping him in getting off it
and healing the anxiety under it.

You can google Dr. Judyth Ullman about using remedies and tapering down
while healing. She is in the Seattle area, and she worked in mental health
before becoming a homeopath-She and her husband are very well known
and they do cases via the phone.
simone717 8 years ago
yes, I never wanted to take allopathic meds, but when everything else failed me and my body starting shutting down due to severe lack of sleep (after I was forced out of job and fighting to return) I had no choice, it took many doctors and many medications before one even put me to sleep. But now I find myself having new sleep problems (waking too early) and nothing seems to stop this.
justagirl 8 years ago
Hi- have you yourself looked up the side effects of the drugs you are taking?

Seroquel and Clonazepan both have side effects of disturbing the sleep. So while initially
maybe they helped, after a time they could be doing the opposite.

The homeopathic remedy prescriptions cannot be given correctly when you are having
daily drug reactions-and side effects. You have to get off the drugs you are on in my opinion and I think
this is too complex to do online with all you have going on.

If it was me I would set up a phone appt with Dr. Ullman bc she knows both ends of the spectrum
as she was working in the psychiatric field before she became a naturopath Dr. and then a homeopath.
You need the right kind of support in calming your system down, while you do this also.
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simone717 8 years ago
thank you for the info.

I am familiar with the possible side effects of medications. And it is possible that something has changed between the medications and myself. The Seroquel saved my life. After 3 years of not sleeping and seeing countless ND's, HD's, going to the homeopathic college for treatment and also seeing countless MD's nothing worked for me to be able to sleep, other than a few natural treatments working temporarily. Most medications give me horrible reactions, except for the Seroquel which I was on for a while, then I switched to Remeron (which also worked wonders for my sleep). But after more stressful life issues I needed to go back to the Seroquel in 2012, it worked until recently when my new sleep problems began- since 2002 I had trouble falling asleep (never staying asleep, once I was asleep, I was out), recently I developed problems waking early in the morning after only a few hours of sleep and I have not found a cause or way to correct this. I will have to do more blood work again when I see the dr. it could be anything and maybe need to get off or change the medication.But until then I would like to find natural help for my issues. This is very debilitating.

And, yes, I would like to totally get off all medications and just use natural rememdies. I have not found a cure after many many years.
[message edited by justagirl on Wed, 20 Aug 2014 19:16:37 BST]
justagirl 8 years ago
I think you should do the bloodwork, bc if you are having reactions
to the medication and continue to take the medication, then
the reasons for matching the remedy have to do with what the
medication is provoking and not what is really there underneath.

Its like saying, I want to take aspirin and it may be giving me hives,
but I still want to take the aspirin and get a remedy for the hives.
( if aspirin is really causing the hives, no remedy will really cure,
the remedy would be to counteract the aspirin and homeopathy
does not work like that)
simone717 8 years ago

I plan on doing blood work. but the only way to know if the medication is now causing this is to stop or change the medication. Until then, I need to find things to help myself.
justagirl 8 years ago
Simone are you wishing to take over this case? It seems like you do. I will step aside.
Evocationer 8 years ago
No- I do not want to take over this case-I was just talking to her
in the meantime while you were not on as I thought there was
a missing link here, which seems to be the medications and
previous remedies she has had.

Please carry on.
simone717 8 years ago
You do a lot of good work here, and God knows I think I would lose track of a lot more people without your help. Even if a patient isn't doing too well, I feel uncomfortable with you telling them they are on the wrong remedy and then making another remedy suggestion. I make mistakes, but sometimes the case itself has particular obstacles (like the medication being used). I am definitely not the kind of person who won't admit to making a wrong prescription - it might be the case here and I will now reassess and see what the next step is.

I appreciate your advice and help generally though. You actually seem far more knowledgeable than me about nutrition and a fair few other things.
Evocationer 8 years ago
First thing I would like you to do, is provide me with an idea of what has or hasn't changed. This is a list of your symptoms. Next to each one write better, worse, or same. If better or worse, please write a percentage % to represent how much.

Also, most important, what new symptoms have arisen if any, or what symptoms now have new qualities to them.

Feeling not good enough
Delusion/Confidence, as if nobody
Delusion/feeling trapped
Delusion/feeling failure
Avoids sight of people
Isolated and alone
Anxiety about the future
Anxiety about health of family
Anxiety about own health
Delusion forsaken
Aggravation/fear/aversion to responsibility
Aversion to sex
Aversion to touch
Always/constantly hurried
Startles easily
Desires quiet
Sensitive to noise

Waking early with heart racing
Extreme tiredness
Tossing and turning
Migraines behind left eye
Feeling of weakness generally on left side
Aggravation before menses
Menses too early
Menses too light
Menstrual cramping
Cystic acne on chin

This case is complex, and complicated by medication. Such cases are always more difficult when you don't see the patient in person, so we are working with several handicaps. This isn't to say it we can't help you, but it is important to understand the limitations of a forum like this.

A fair amount of information was added after I made the prescription, so some of that could lead me in a different direction.
[message edited by Evocationer on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 01:45:43 BST]
Evocationer 8 years ago

Sorry about saying I think it is wrong and-I could have asked about other remedies she may
have had in a better way- I just realized that you don't have your complete
case taking form on this thread which you always usually have.
Anyway, my apologies and I hope you will be able to help her.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 03:57:05 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
Hopelessness – same (comes and goes depending on day/sleep etc)
Feeling not good enough –same (as above)
Delusion/Confidence, as if nobody –same (as above)
Delusion/feeling trapped –same (as above)
Delusion/feeling failure –same (as above)
Avoids sight of people – same (as above)
Isolated and alone – same (as above)
Suspicious -same
Anxiety about the future -same
Anxiety about health of family –same
Anxiety about own health –worse since sleep has become worse- 30% or more
Delusion forsaken -same
Taciturn -unsure/probably same (home alone mostly
Aggravation/fear/aversion to responsibility -same
Aversion to sex –same (although I feel that it’s towards my partner from feeling so let down etc by him, and if if were with someone new that I was attracted to, it may not be a problem)
Aversion to touch - same
Always/constantly hurried –same, have always been this way (worse when I don’t sleep and on adrenalin)
Startles easily –same (worse when I don’t sleep)
Desires quiet -same
Sensitive to noise -same

Insomnia –worse- quality and quantity less – 50%+ (hard to quantify)
Waking early with heart racing –same waking early / less with heart racing (only happened occasionally but little less often) 20%?
Extreme tiredness –worse (assume since sleep worse) 30-40%
Tossing and turning –worse 30%+
Migraines behind left eye –same (only happens once a month, don’t remember if had one this month)
Feeling of weakness generally on left side – same (just feel it’s my weaker side)
Aggravation before menses -same
Menses too early –worse 10-20% (also, had spotting yesterday, one week after menses)
Menses too light – better (last menses heavier) 20%
Menstrual cramping –worse (last one, pain lasted full 3 days) 10-20%
Cystic acne on chin- same? (have not had in a while, aging and hormones changing)
*Had headaches (not migraines) pretty much daily after taking Germanium (seem to have stopped now). It is possible these headaches were because my sleep got worse, unsure.
I hope I didn't leave anything new out, if I think of anything later I will add it. Sorry, it's hard to think clear with lack of sleep. I also am having a hard time knowing the percentage some items are better or worse.

I really want to be a productive member of society again, I have worked and had an active social life most of my life, but I don't see it happening again. The first, most basic step is sleeping. It is such a basic need, as you know, and I cannot even work on other items to get myself back on track (hopefully) until the necessity of sleep is taken care of.

Thank you!
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justagirl 8 years ago
Note: night before last I took Rhodiola herb, given to me by lady at health food store along with sleep tea. That night I slept,quality and did not wake up early. I was also severely exhausted, running on so many nights of no sleep, so not sure if it was the rhodiola. I had stayed away from the herbs after the rememdy until then and if you think another remedy will help me I will take homeopathy
[message edited by justagirl on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 18:51:34 BST]
justagirl 8 years ago
Hmmmm...that is the kind of reaction that happens when there is some kind of obstacle to cure - physical pathology that has caused tissue changes, or a heavy level of suppression. It looks like we might have both obstacles here, and the suppression is ongoing.

This is going to be a tricky case.

Let me think about how best to approach this.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I'm not sure what that means but I understand it is a tricky case.

If any of this in regards to small amount of breakthrough bleedin I had, could be perimenopause starting or maybe caused by the rhodiola sample. In the meantime, I think I will try the rhodiola again to see if it helps with the sleep again
justagirl 8 years ago

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