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One more thing came to mind. Since age 36 or so, I get monthly migrane, always behind my left eye and temple. my left side is my weaker side and is also the side I am most comfortable sleeping on although I do alternate side to side when sleeping. I assume the migranes are hormonal. Also, my menses are early and light.

thinking outloud: I understand not being able to control sleep problems, but I cannot understand why I cannot control my reactions/panic/feeling uncomfortable around people. And, feel I will never be normal again. I want to feel in control, not let this thing control me.
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justagirl 8 years ago
Hello, I thought I would add a few more points that I thought of afterwards:

-Had H-Pylori around 2000 or 2001
-Grew up addicted to sugar (but was always a thin frame)(had to force self not to eat sugar/carbs starting in 2009- as I was not staying naturally thin anymore-metabolic syndrome?)
-Bad Menstrual cramps every month (lessens with age)
-Diagnosed PCOS at one time (in 20's ?)
-Cystic acne on chin after hit by streetcar (22yrs), have had since (lessening a lot with age) Mother had this also
-Wear sunglasses as shield when I go out (to feel more comfortable) and take meds, but still feel anx and panicky
-I was always fun and spontaneous person. eg. asked boyfriend weeks before new years, 'hey, let's fly to vegas for new years eve and get married in a nice chapel, it will be fun and great story to tell our grandchildren.' He said 'no' (3rd time to ideas like this), so I suppress that fun/spontaneous side of me around him. (He is opposite of spontaneous and fun)
-Boyfriend is quiet (except with work, apparently), when I use to come home from work and talk to him, like talking to a wall, so I shut down
-My old best friend always wanted to go to movies, she was lucky to get me to go once a year, as I wanted to be out having fun and meeting people. I was in mid 20's, so I had my anxiety, but I had control then. I never wanted to miss an opportunity to meet people and hoping to find my future husband. I put on a smile, was confident despite the anxiety and was able to just fake it. As I mentioned before a drink would also help.
-I always want everyone to think everything is great with me, even if I am sad, anxious or depressed etc. I put on a smile and say everything is great, except with parents and closest person to me at time.
-most people who knew me, would describe me as a free spirit. (I didn't like rules and was independent)
-as much as I was fun and spontaneous, I was still a homebody also

Oh, and I love thunderstorms/rain, very relaxing.

Not sure if any of this was necessary, but it came to mind afterward.
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justagirl 8 years ago
Alright this is how I repertorized the case:

Feeling not good enough
Delusion/Confidence, as if nobody
Delusion/feeling trapped
Delusion/feeling failure
Avoids sight of people
Isolated and alone
Anxiety about the future
Anxiety about health of family
Anxiety about own health
Delusion forsaken
Aggravation/fear/aversion to responsibility
Aversion to sex
Aversion to touch
Always/constantly hurried
Startles easily
Desires quiet
Sensitive to noise

The remedy that is found in the majority of these symptoms is Germanium metallicum. When I go to the proving of this remedy I find the following supporting information. Read through it to see how similar your case is:

Jumped inside when there is a sudden noise
Anxious from phone ringing (compare doorbell)
Wake feeling anxious, increases - Feeling of anxiety and nervousness - Nervous and restless
Feel closed in
Feeling detached from husband
Strong feelings of failure
Feelings of lethargy and inadequacy
Feel insecure about what I am able to do
Difficulty making decisions
I am hard on myself but I don't deserve anything else
I am no person, I feel I have no power when I meet people
I feel worthless, I feel I am nothing
So afraid of what others think of me
Sensitive to other's attempts at restricting me
Feel I am in an impossible situation
Feeling drained
Painfully aware of the feelings of being an outcast
I feel separated from people and places
I feel I have no real contact with people
Intense feeling of estrangement and isolation
Avoids company, want to sit alone, by myself
Feel a lack of romance in my life, desire romantic love, to be loved
Hopeless, helpless, doom and gloom
Self-pity, there is no hope for me

And Dr. Scholten gives a few extra features of this remedy that are relevant to your case:

They try all sorts of ways to avoid being held responsible, push responsibilities on to other people
They become an outsider, estranged from their colleagues and their environment
The feel powerless to carry out their tasks
Fears - failure, responsibilities, anticipation
Delusions - estranged, isolated
Mood - weak, empty, no romanticism, hopeless, helpless, gloomy, doomed, restless

Murphy writes in his Materia Medica:

Cannot adapt
Inept. Incapability
Lack of romantic feelings
Hopeless, helpless
Fear of responsibilities
Feeling of isolation, feels like a stranger in society
Does not feel connected
Feels invaded when someone enters their territory
Feels trapped
Suppresses anger, but holding anger inside aggravates

Heart - palpitations could start at any moment, with anxiety in the chest

Sleep - wakes at 5am, could not sleep
- does not sleep well, wakes up and cannot go back to sleep
- Waking 530-600am and not going back to sleep, generally getting less sleep
- Waking 330am

While I would be tempted to start with 1M, considering the amount of pathology you have in your history, I would actually start with 30c, with 200c on hand as well. Can you get this as a liquid dose?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Hi, This sounds like me! As I may have mentioned, because I have so many issues, when I read about remedies, I feel I match so many of them. But, it this is the one you feel I should try, I will go for it.

I am not sure what: Delusion forsaken and Taciturn mean

I don't think I can get this in liquid, probably only pellets.

Thanks for your help with this!!
justagirl 8 years ago
Alright if you can only get the dry form, then also obtain a small bottle with a dropper. You will need to make your own liquid dose.

Fill the small bottle with a mixture of alcohol and water, at a ration of 1:5 approx. Dissolve 3 pellets or pillules into this mixture. This will be your dosing bottle.

For each dose follow these instructions:

1. Hit the bottle 5 times against the palm of your hand firmly.

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of fresh water.

3. Stir thoroughly.

4. Take 2 teaspoons out and place them in your mouth.

5. Hold for 20 seconds and swallow.

Do this no more than 3 times initially, once each day (so 3 doses in total). However, if any symptoms aggravate you must stop immediately, even if you have not done all 3 doses.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Forsaken means 'left alone by someone'.

Taciturn means 'silent, unwilling to speak'.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I have only ever taken homeopathy in pellet or pre-made spray bottle form.

What kind of alcohol do I use? I think I have brandy that I have used to make bach flower rememdies.
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justagirl 8 years ago
Yes brandy would be fine. I use brandy when I make remedies for my own patients.

Has no-one ever given you those instructions before? That is the correct way to take homoeopathy. It is not surprising you have had such poor results if you have been taking them in dry doses or as sprays.
Evocationer 8 years ago
No, I have never made any this way. Here in Canada we have access to Boiron brand and it is usually in the little tube with pellets and we are instructed just to take the pellets from the tube and put them under the tongue, they are already labelled with the dose ie. 30ch 200ch etc.
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justagirl 8 years ago
Well that is the wrong way to use the medicines. A person will get extreme aggravations as well as develop resistance to any beneficial response to the remedy. Of course a manufacturing company has no idea about how the medicines are to be used, they are just making money, but I would hope that trained homoeopaths would know better.

It may also mean we cannot necessarily trust any apparent poor reaction to previous remedies. It could be that the dosing was not being done properly.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I am shocked, even The Homeoopathic College where I went for treatment years ago, prescribed it to me in the form of the pellets from the bottle. I have only heard of dilution methods by reading threads on this site.
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justagirl 8 years ago
A lot of homeopaths still use dry dosing
as they are following the 4th level
of the Organon by Hahnemann and not
the 5th or 6th level of the Organon.

One of the top homeopaths in the world, George Vithoulkas uses dry doses-Dear Professor Vithoulkas,

In “The Science of Homeopathy” and your teachings,
in certain cases, you advise the thirty potency (dry) for two weeks,
three weeks, or thirty days protocol. Quite a few homeopaths claim
that repeating a dry potency more than once or on a daily basis
without dynamising it upward through succussion before each dose
will cause an antidote of that potency. So we are confused and would
appreciate it if you can clear up this confusion for us.


Dear Tony,

In certain cases it is true you need to repeat the remedy,
and when you have to do that, it is better to start from a low potency
(under 30C) till you have a reaction (an aggravation of some sort) then
stop and observe. It is better, if you can raise the potency every
week. This should be done when the pathology is deep and the remedy
is not clear.

There is no difference between a dry and a liquid dose. If, for instance,
you dilute a dry dose into water and then take sips from this water,
with every sip you take it is actually another dose.

If you google Dr. Luc and dosing, he firmly advocates using the 5th or 6th level of the Organon and using
a wet dose.

So what you were given as pellets is taught and not that out of the ordinary as I know several world famous
homeopaths who use dry doses. I don't agree, but they have their reasons.
simone717 8 years ago
Such an intricate science and very interesting. Thanks for the info!
justagirl 8 years ago
I will call the stores tomorrow to see if I can find one who carries Germanium metallicum. I will start with 30ch Germanium metallicum and make the dilution with alcohol as indicated and take as prescribed. Thank you!
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justagirl 8 years ago
Vithoulkas also thinks that LMs are too weak to be of any use, and has dismissed them. I think that he is somewhat biased about potency, and I have found that many practitioners only see in their practice the proof they want to see. Unfortunate but true.

I used to be a dry dose prescriber, and because of the ease of such a method (ease to me primarily, but I mistakenly thought it was ease for the patient too) I denied the evidence of my own eyes for many years. Many patients did not do as well on dry doses as they should have - aggravations, the need to move to new remedies, and sometimes a complete halt to progress despite the remedy having done well and still being indicated.

I had been taught to do split dosing and to use LMs - but it just seemed so inconvenient (again to me primarily). However, reading Dr. Du Schepper's first book convinced me that perhaps I was myself being very biased. That shocked me, since I had worked hard to be unbiased in every other way.

Moving to a diluted dose changed my practice, and I could no longer deny what I had been doing for so long. I justified strong aggravations and the use of complementary remedies (needing to change one apparently good remedy for a similar because it suddenly stopped working)so I could keep using them. The simple act of diluting, and of succussing, increased the usefulness of each specific remedy dramatically, and allowed me to reduce aggravation in those poor sensitive patients.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I agree with you.

One of these days, I am going to compile what all these
major people say about this and why they refuse to do it.
simone717 8 years ago

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simone717 8 years ago
I'm in Canada. Haven't found a store yet, but one's near me have very little. I will have to call the big stores in the other cities.
justagirl 8 years ago
Hi- Canada won't have it. The only way you would get it - is if a homeopath
had it in their stock.

You have to order from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK- that will
take 2 weeks to get there.
simone717 8 years ago
I wonder why it is such a rare remedy to find...
justagirl 8 years ago
There are over 5,000 remedies now-

Stores only carry the basic basic remedies that have been around for 200 years.
If you google this remedy, you will see
it was first proven in 1992-

Homeopaths have a large stock in their
office, but even on things like this, they
would probably give you a prescription to
get it yourself from the pharmacy.
With Helios you don't need a prescription-
and it is a huge pharmacy.
simone717 8 years ago
Okay. Thank you, Simone. I will check out Helios
justagirl 8 years ago
Hi justagirl,

try buying from this site
I have bought a couple of times and they were very reliable they even took time to answer my questions through email .

good luck
miked 8 years ago
This site does not have it-

Make sure you check the spelling as
you want GerManium Met, don't
confuse it with Geranium

I would order the 30c and 200 at the same time as it takes so long to get it.
simone717 8 years ago
I spoke to a Homeopath in the area to find the remedy locally. She said I could get it through her. Turns out the two companies making it say that there are issues and it is discontinued while they run tests and will take about 3 months, may be able to order then... this is interesting.
justagirl 8 years ago
is there another remedy that would help me that is more accessible? something that may also cover shyness, nervousness, panic,obsessive worry, insomnia (currently early waking), and depression over circumstances. Or, is this the only one? note: although at this time I am not wanting responsibility, aversion to sex etc., I would say those are more secondary issues and the first ones listed above are my primary issues that I need to fix in order to be able to function again. Hope this clarifies somewhat in hopes there may be another rememdy to help me.
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justagirl 8 years ago

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