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difficult son

hi :

i need some help with my son.
he is 9 years old and he has been seen by an homeopath for some years .
this are his symptoms :

very hyperactive, can't sit for more than 10 minutes,,, only in front of the tv and even there he is very anxious.
he fights a lot with us
doesnt want to follow any rules.
he always does the opposite, and doing that he is very happy.
puts a lot , a lot of stress in the family.
constantly arguing, for everything, i mean everything!
doesnt like at all to wash hair, because is a waist of time.
very selfish .
fights with sister all the time ( she is smaller )
he has like a routine, provokes the fight, creates a very irritable situation, blames us,and then cries, and he doesnt listen at all what we ask him to do.
extreme, extreme talking.
he gets bored with everything.
afraid of someone in the house.
and in the last month he is short breath all the time.

i took him to see a therapist last year for several sessions, and she found out that he wants to control the house, and he has a lot of anxiety.
the homeopath who treated him, sent him lycopodium first who help with some other issues not mentioned here that the remedy helped.
then last year stramonium 200c and also 1 M that also cleared up some other issues.
and finally this year medorrhinum 1 M only dose.
so far the symptoms that i mentioned are there, and i have seen no improvement with the remedies before , yes they cleared up other areas very well.

i cant afford the homeopath anymore , so i would like to see if with your experience you might suggest other remedy that can help this opositional behavior which is putting a lot of stress in the whole family and also is making my husband and i fight too .
it is completely out of control.

thank you
  love and peace on 2014-08-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Describe each physical complaint/associated set of symptoms in detail. Please include the following when doing this:

1. Appearance
2. Sensation or pain
3. Situations/events/triggers for making it worse
4. Situations/events/triggers for making it better
5. Event that seemed to start the complaint
6. Other sensory features – smell, sound, taste, tactile etc

Make sure each complaint is done separately. Do not group them together. This is for physical complaints/diseases.


1. When the physical complaint is active, what is his/her emotional state like? What does he/she do? What does she/he want you to do?

2. Does he/she describe any unusual sensation or pain in the body, especially when they are complaining of something?

3. What fears does he/she have? How does she/he react?

4. Was there any incident in the past that had a great impact? What happened at the time? Is there any ongoing reaction to this event? How does he/she talk about it?

5. Is there any story (book, fairytale, cartoon, movie etc) that seems to really resonate with her/him? What does he/she say about it?

6. What kind of fantasies does she/he describe to you? How does this translate down into play, games, toys? Does he/she tend to draw particular things over and over? If so what are they? If you point to these images, what does she/he say about them?

7. Does he/she describe any dreams or nightmares to you, and what are they? How does she/he react on waking from them?

8. How is he/she when interacting with other children? What about sports or games? How about obeying rules or social conventions?

9. How is she/he when interacting with older people? Is there any difference between family or friends and strangers in terms of reactions and behavior?

10. What kind of activities does he/she enjoy doing? Which of these do she/he spend the most time at?

11. What qualities seem to make your child different from other children?

12. How does your child cope with school, school work, study, deadlines, speaking in front of others, following directions etc?

13. What kind of questions does he/she tend to ask you or other adults?

14. What makes her/him laugh? What makes him/her cry?

15. What makes him/her angry or irritable?

16. What does your child do when alone?

17. Is there a particular person or type of person that he/she reacts to, and what kind of reaction?


1. What position does he/she sleep in?
2. Is there any position he/she seems unable to sleep in?
3. Any unusual behavior during sleep?
4. Any problems with sleep?
5. What foods are craved (cravings are strong desires) What foods are hated?
6. What drinks are craved? What drinks are hated?
7. How does he/she react when hungry, or hunger is prolonged?
8. How does the weather affect?
9. How does the temperature affect?
10. Are there any other environmental influences negative or positive (season, noise, music, moon, light, dark, day, night, time, smells etc.)
11. Problems with stool or bowel habit?
Problems with urine or bladder habit?
12. Where does he/she sweat most? Does it stain or smell unusual?


1. What kind of health problems occurred while you were pregnant with your child?

2. Were there any other stresses or traumas that occurred?

3. Did the birth itself have any problems?

4. Do you remember if any symptoms occurred suddenly during pregnancy that then vanished after your child was born? Especially important are any emotional or mental changes during this time.
Evocationer 5 years ago
hi :

thank you so much for your interest , i will answer the best i can .


1) he doesnt have any physical complain , is always fighting for what he wants.

2) no.

3) before medorrhinum he had for years the fear that someone was behind him, after medorrhinum he told me that he doestn have that fear anymore , but also at the same time we moved to another house ( a month ago ) he told me that fear belonged to the other house and in this one he has the fear that there is someone in the house.
it gets worse at night, and his face is really scary he cant go alone from one room to another one.
so i really dont know how he can have a different fear in a different house and is all of a sudden.


5)he always wants something with violence, fighting,

6)he doesnt draw anything , he used to like it but now the only thing he cares is wrestling with everybody all the time, fighting with toys and fighting with all of us.

7}sometimes he does have good dreams maybe about a video game, heroes , if it is a good dream he is very happy and sweet, but usually he doesnt say anyhthing.

8)he is very open to play, but generally he always picks one child and wants to play with that one, and gets very upset if more come in and play.
he practices karate, and swimming, but is hard to obey rules.

9)wrestling and talking about buying toys to play fighting.

10)he wants to play fighting and play video games that he is limited only over the weekend, the therapist told me to do so .

11)he is very very bright

12)doesnt want to go to school, fights for doing homework every day he even cries because is too long , is horrible.
and talks tooo much i usually get a lot of letter from school, but he never hits or hurts anybody, all the students like him a lot, he is very good in helping them.

13) about wrestling , only about things he likes if you try to explain him things about our lives or something he says that is boring.

14)he laugh with jokes, i love joking and he laugh, also watching the three stooges , and he cries once he has behaving really bad and we are so tired that my husband told him more than once that he is going to leave the house or that he will send him to another house.
i dont like that, but trust me even i that i am really calm, he has been provoking a lot of bad reactions in me,,, because he really stresses us out , really.

15) he gets angry pretty easy, if he has to watch tv or play video games and we go to the park,,,,,,he gest very upset , if he we dont do what he wants basically .

16) he closes the door of his room and play wrestling with the toys .

17)no, all our families are far away so is just his sister, and us.


1) he usually sleeps on stomach and lift up the legs and crosses them,, i never saw anybody doing that, i put the legs down and they are really hard to push.


3) he talks during sleep, some days a lot some days less, and some times he screams.

4)no only the previous mentioned.

5) cold drinks, ice cream, , he hates fish and onions.

6)cold drinks, he wants soda but is very hard that i buy those since they are very bad, usually is bottled water.
and he always wants what he cant have like coffee my husband drinks once in a while and there is always a fight for that .

7) unberable, he wants the food now !! and he wants it right then and he gets very upset for that.

8)he is always afraid of big storms if they will bring tornadoes ,, which i understand , he is afraid that all of us might die.

9) he likes cold weather.

10) he is worst at night, but he told me that also has the fears during the day .

11)he has a tendency to be constipated but i give him magnesium and he is fine, but he retains stool until the last minute , so much that he does it in his underwear a lot of times ,,, which we cant understand.

also , he retains urine , i ask him please go to the bathroom and he said no, and he gets all tight up, moves and you can tell that he cant hold it anymore but he still doesnt go.

12) when baby the head, right now, is the armpit with a very very strong smell, like onions, and he doesnt even care of being clean.


1) none, i had a very healthy pregnancy


3) the big issue was the delivery itself , i was in labor for like 30 hours and both of us almost die, they gave me a lot of epidurial more than 6 times my size, and we ended in a c section finally , it was really a bad bad experience for him and i.

4)no , the main issue was the delivery , and then he had for months problems meanwhile sleeping, he was jumping and then kind of like releasing the stress and it was gone.
that weird situation lasted at least 6 months.

thank you so much, i will be waiting for your answer.
love and peace 5 years ago
hi :

i forgot to mention this and i think is important :

my son likes milk, and i think he likes it so much after he knows that he is allergic and cant be drinking that often.
basically he wants what he is told not to .
he doesnt likes egg.

if he ask questions and if not the answer that he wants , he will ask the same thing like 20 times more to see if we change it, which is really annoying.

skin - he has some pimples in his butt area, it always caught my attention because he has them since early age like 5 or so, sometimes they are worse some times they are not there.
what i noticed is that when the pimples are worst the fear that the has is worst .
and also they cleared up with stramonium but not completely and also some reactions with medorrhinum.
this last one had been administered 2 times one last year and 2 months ago the latter dose always in 1M

thank you
love and peace 5 years ago
couple more things :

really really jealous to little sister he is 9 the little one is almost 3 .

and he lies all the time and blame others for his bad behavior , i hope i am done with all the info.

again, thanks for your time.
love and peace 5 years ago
I will look over this as soon as possible. I do all my cases by hand (no computer programs) so they take a little longer, but I try to be as thorough as possible to avoid changing remedies often.
Evocationer 5 years ago
thank you so much for your time , i can wait , we have been dealing with this for years some more days it wont hurt.
like i said i think any remedy that he took it did helped.
i do believe in homeopathy , i think that maybe the exact remedy it wasnt given or the dose should be different.
love and peace 5 years ago
Alright this is how I analysed the case.

I started with 2 rubrics:

Delusion, thieves in the house
Fear, robbers, at night

I limited my analysis to the remedies found in those symptoms.

I then added to the analysis these symptoms:

Fight, wants to
Disposed to contradict
Intolerant of contradiction
Loquacity, will not listen
Quarrelsome with their family
Anger from contradiction
Angers easily
Sleep, position, abdomen

The only remedy this leads me to is Dulcamara. Dulcamara belongs to the same family as Stramonium, and the themes of this family are:

Being pursued
Fear of darkness

I would obtain Dulcamara 200c, preferably in liquid form.

If you have pillules or pellets, you will need a small bottle and a dropper. Mix water and alcohol into this small bottle to the ratio of 5:1. Dissolve 3 pillules/pellets into this bottle. All doses will be made from this bottle.

1. Hit the bottle 5 times firmly against the palm of the hand

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean fresh water

3. Stir very thoroughly

4. Take 2 teaspoons out into the mouth and hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

This is one dose and the same steps should be taken for any further doses, unless I ask you to change them in some way.

Please only give a single dose to begin with. No more.
[message edited by Evocationer on Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:04:06 BST]
Evocationer 5 years ago
I found this case similar to the one I had worked on recently...so I would follow this thread.
rishimba 5 years ago
Dear Rishimba,

Evocationer has already took this case. So, i suggest you should wait & watch this case. As Evocationer is also a very senior doctor.

In case of any difficulty you can give your views.

Its just my suggestion rest depends upon you.
princebatra 5 years ago
Don't worry..I said I would just follow this thread..not suggest any remedy.

It would be a learning experience.
rishimba 5 years ago
dear dr evocationer :

thank you so much for your time and finding this remedy, i really hope i will see some changes in him.
i will purchase the dulcamara already in liquid form.
how do i give it to him ?
i understood how to prepare it but like i said i prefer to purchase it already in liquid form.
i couldnt understand how to give it directly from the bottle , could you please explain ?
i never had any liquid forms before.

thanks to you and the other drs that are interested in this case.
love and peace 5 years ago
Hi- If it is in liquid- you don't have to
make the bottle, you already have
the bottle. Just start with step one and
follow the directions.
simone717 5 years ago
thank you, i got a little bit confused.
i will do so .
love and peace 5 years ago
Sorry for that confusion. It is just that a lot of patients seem to find it hard to source a liquid dose, so I automatically give the instructions for making the dry dose into a liquid one.

Just a bit extra to add about the remedy from Dr. Vermeulen:

Domineering, strong-minded and possessive, especially around the family

Anxiety for others, not out of dependency or fear but to keep others under control

[message edited by Evocationer on Fri, 08 Aug 2014 00:28:26 BST]
Evocationer 5 years ago
is ok dr, the explanation is wonderful , right now if i need to prepare the liquid solution of any remedy i will know.

about the 2 quotes about the remedy : yes, my son fits in those , he is always controlling the whole family.
and he is anxiety is extremely high.
it can be some days since i dont have the remedy , i have to buy it.
after giving it to him, when do you want me to report ?

thank you so much, for using your experience to help others.
this is a wonderful website.
love and peace 5 years ago
You're very welcome.

My preference is to try and wait 7 days before doing a follow up report. However, if you are concerned about anything or just want to check in with me, feel free to post something before then.
Evocationer 5 years ago
hi : i only have one more question, i will get the dulcamara in liquid form as i said .
but , if i need in the future to prepare from the pills, the alcohol that is here in the usa is isopropyl 70 % is that the one i should use to mix with water ?

thank you
love and peace 5 years ago
Just use drinking alcohol- Brandy- rum - or vodka. You can buy
a very little bottle anywhere in the supermarket or 7-11- that is
all you need.
simone717 5 years ago
fyi here on isopropyl- it is a poison.
Not meant for ingestion-If people-kids
ingest any of it you have to call poison
control at once.
simone717 5 years ago
hi : thank you so much, for the info .
when i need i will get a small bottle of what you told me.

take care, i will post once i gave it to my son, and hopefully see some good results.
love and peace 5 years ago
dear dr evocationer :

just wanted to let you know, that the dulcamara liquid is about to arrive, so i will let you know what happen after i give it to him.
also , and this is very important, my son has started to bed wet again, he did it for like a year, but after stramonium ( for several months ) he was completely cured.
now, after like 8 months he started to relapse, and is happening once a week always around 3 am .

i dont know if dulcamara can cover this, if not, can he take other remedy at the same time, or do you want me to give him dulcamara and just wait and see ?

love and peace 5 years ago
dear evocationer :

i do also have one question, why did you dilute the already liquid remedy ?
please, i am not questioning you, i just only want to know, i really like homeopathy.
it makes the remedy even stronger ?

thank you
love and peace 5 years ago
Don't mix remedies - he should only be given one at a time. If Stramonium solved all his problems together, including the bedwetting, then it should be tried again. If it only solved the bedwetting, or only a few problems and left others untouched, then it was a partial similar (not a remedy that completely matched his issues). This would not be surprising since Dulc is from the same plant family.

None of his symptoms worsened after the Lyc, Stram or Med did they?
Evocationer 5 years ago
thank you dr, i wont give anything else, in fact dulcamara 200 liquid was given to him last friday, exactly the way you told me so.
i have already observed some things but i wait more days to give you an exact response.
stramonium 1 M the higher dose, cleared up, nervous tics in the right eye, bedweting, and some behavioral issues, but not all of them.
that was the only remedy that helped him with the bedweting which was really bad.
i wont give him anything else until you tell me so.
i will report to you in a few days.
thank you for everything.
love and peace 5 years ago
dear evocationer :

dulcamara 200 c liquid was given to my son 9 days ago.
this is what i saw so far :

on the third day, he vomited one time, and also had liquid stools , two times .
no related to any virus or anything else, he was just fine and it didnt happen after that.
it seems that he had a better week, brought good grades from school, and even though he did confronted me and my husband, and did yell, he felt sorry almost immediately and said that he didnt want to fight with us.
that he wanted to be good and in peace, i also noticed that he kissed me more and told me that he loved me , which was not that usual for him.
bedweting i am not able to report , i have to wait a little bit more, and also nervous tics on the right eye.
i can write to you in a few days and tell you what else is happening.
i do think that the remedy is working .
i thank you for your time, please let me know what you think.

take care
love and peace 5 years ago

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