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Knee Joint pain


Im 35years old and had a road accident and a year ago and occurred in a knee joint pain.
After x-ray no serious problem found only swelling found. I have been taking Arnica Q 3 times a day, found some relief but not completed done.
When i walk more or little run then pain increases.
Please inform me which medicine should i use.
  shahidkzm on 2014-09-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it may be due to ligament tear better conform it by MRI .
Arnica will reduce pain along with this also take a mixture:
in 200ml of worm water add 10 tabs of kali phos 3x and mag phos 3x ,two spoon of it in ever two hour.IF it ligament tear proper treatment is necessary or else it get worse .
gaintrox 8 years ago
Sir, thanks for your reply.
Please inform if i can use kali phos and mag phos in drops? and what should be the dosage?

shahidkzm 8 years ago
in 200ml of hot water add 10 tabs of kali phos 3x and mag phos 3x ,take its two spoon of in every two hour.You may keep the mixture in a bottle after it cool down. But it reduce only pain not cure the reason of pain .
gaintrox 8 years ago
let me know few more symptoms if u have:
like crackle sound when u put pressure on your injured knee
gaintrox 8 years ago
Yes sir crackle sound comes but not always
Always I fear to run or get fear when coming down from stairs.
shahidkzm 8 years ago
the crackle sound is a symptom of ligament tear.But making it sure is important . Plz take a MRI of ur knee
gaintrox 8 years ago
I also have very similar pain in my right knee. My X-ray shows normal, but it gives cracking sound sometimes when i move from one position(in a ling time) to other position.

Specially in the morning, it always cracks when i first strech it. mY right knee sth feels like it will twist and I will fell. Can it be a ligament tear. Should I also get an MRI
bhuptgu 7 years ago
are both knees are affected ?which knee is effected
gaintrox 7 years ago
right Knee..

I had an MRI done and report says that I have grade 1 lateral collateral ligament sprain.

No other major abnormalities found
bhuptgu 7 years ago
ligament injuries are hard to heal.As every tissue repair repairment the requirement of oxygen is most important whose supples is less in ligament .So ligament heal slowly and due to our daily activity they never get enough time to heal properly. . . . . . . first of all buy a knee binder use it only while waking to reduce the pressure on ur knee .Take 10 drops each of Ruta Q and Symphytum Q in a half cup of water as one dose.Take two dose of it at monrning in empty stomach and another dose half an hour before dinner. Take ferrum phos 3x (4tabs) 4 times a day ( at morning,before lunch ,at evening,before dinner) for 20 days and report back .
gaintrox 7 years ago
Ruta means RUTA GRAVEOLENS? Correct.

Is mother tincture safe. I also have cataract in both eyes
bhuptgu 7 years ago
yeah ur are correct about ruta.. . . mother tincture are safe as other homeopathy medicine .. about the cataract are u taking any medicine for it now ?
gaintrox 7 years ago
ok... None for cataract. I earlier tried cinieria drops that aggravated my cataract.

I already had and cataract surgey done in left eye and right eye visibility is almost zero.

here are my some other reports

High Uric ACID = 6.7
Low Vitamin D = 25
High ESR = 21
High CRP =18
High Cholestrol = 226
High LDL and Triglycerides
High Uric ACID = 6.7
Low Vitamin D = 25
High ESR = 21
High CRP =18
High Cholestrol = 226
Low HDL = 35
High LDL =171
Triglycerides = 115.

some brief history i will add here

ome weak vision diagnosed as cataract in sep 2013

Used cineria without alconhol, then later on used cineria with alcohol and that caused the cataract to grow at very rapid speed.

Both Eye Cataracts - Surgery done on left eye on feb 2014

pain in right outer knee started on april 2014

Then doctor put on some pain killer but pain was not resolved then he applied the local steroid in that knee joint area.

After one month of that injection, he gave me Vitamin D 60 K IU weekly, and after that I had pain in all parts of body and i am still struggling with that

Xanthlmea on right eye since last 3 years
[message edited by bhuptgu on Wed, 29 Apr 2015 16:01:23 BST]
bhuptgu 7 years ago
take SEPIA OFFICINALIS 30c (4 pills) one dose every day morning (after 15min of taking Ruta and Symphytum)
gaintrox 7 years ago
Dear I am wondering taking too many at same time can cause some issues. Could I start only with Ruta and report you back?

Also I am curious if My uric acid has sth to do with pain and ligament issues. Because I did not had any kind of injury or accident which could have caused that. It was just one fine day, I woke up and ligament/knee was paining.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
uric acid standard value is normal(3-7) according to many laboratory standard (these value differ form laboratories to laboratories ).However even if we take maximum 7 to be normal it is near to it(6.7).Effects of uric acid starts from smaller joints to larger join(direct effects to knee without effecting toes is rare ).IN many cases Ligaments injuries are like that they may not be notice during impact but latter it cause problem
If medicine have select according to requirement then they will not cause any issue if u take them together.its fine to take all these medicine together.
gaintrox 7 years ago
I will be procurring the medicine today and will report you soon

Can i take BC25 (Indigestion, Flatulence, Acidity) along with your prescription instead of taking ferroum phos

BC 25 contains Natrum Phosphoricum 3X, Natrum Sulphuricum 3X, Silicea 12X.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
ferrum phos will help u to heal ligament.

do u have acidity problem?If yes how long u are having it?and what are the symptoms?
gaintrox 7 years ago

I have some kind of weak digesting. sometines acid reflux and I burp when press my pain areas.

For example, if I massage the area around ligament where the sprain is, i will burp a lot and it feels like , something in stomach is slipping down.

Your thoughts please
bhuptgu 7 years ago
it is first time i have heard about it.My guess it because of nerve problem due to medication .

when did it started my guess after that use of local steroid?
gaintrox 7 years ago
Yes, Increased a lot after that. But this is something I have before but in less amount. Because of that steriod shot my muscles from that ligament to ankle is always stiff..

Whenever I am tired and if it is summer, my ankle and sole of feet burns a lot and when I massage them or press them , I burp/belch a lot and that actually relives my tiredness/pain.

I am not sure if it a Vaat problem as per Ayurveda..

Anyhow, I have started your prescription and will let you know on progress and later on we can work on reducing my uric acid level.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
the burning sensation is also a factor of nerve damage the never near ligament also effected in many cases of ligament injuries .nerves problem(sira vata) is a vata problem as well as uric acid(ama vata).SEPIA in some extant have some effects on uric acid control .the ligament will take time to heal .u will feel like it is heal soon but internally it take months. so, after improvements we will reduces the dose for ligament. depending upon the report for cataract and lipid profile we will change dose of Sepia.then we start for uric acid. THe e.s.r and CRP(check it should be 1.8 not 18) the report depend on ligaments as well as uric acid problem so it report come normal automatically when they treated.
gaintrox 7 years ago
the CRP(quantitive) is 18 only.. That is why I have inflammation/pain on other body parts as well.. since I had that Vitamin D.

FYI.. I am not taking Sepia for now.. Please do not mind..

Day 1: Update :

Stomach = Little upset, little diahera

Pain seems to be less but muscles seems to be tighting up.

thirst increased, Appetite = decreased.

There is defiently sth happening.. let's see, how it pans out.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
ok, if u do not want to take sepia now.
but take ferrum phos with ruta and symphytum.

18 crp is still little high(it represent a mild inflammation )

ok,so than continue the medicine.If anytime about anything u want to ask feel necessary discuses with me.ok.

take care.
gaintrox 7 years ago
If u can share ur email address i can share one audio/video clip with u which shows my buurpin and my major pain area
bhuptgu 7 years ago

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