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If u can share ur email address i can share one audio/video clip with u which shows my buurpin and my major pain area
bhuptgu 7 years ago
u can click on my user name and get my e-mail id in my profile.
gaintrox 7 years ago
Adding images, the arrow and lines shows the pain area and sprain area..
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bhuptgu 7 years ago
one more images of right leg
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bhuptgu 7 years ago
Hello Doc - Hope you are doing good today:

Day 2 update :

Feeling very sleepy throughout the day..

Digestion is still weak.

Stiffness in right less when sit in one position for a longer time..
bhuptgu 7 years ago
first few days of taking ruta will cause a little low feeling(u will feel sleepy but it is fine).
for the digestion problem we have to use other medicine it take place because of medications for pain .As u are not taking sepia take BC 25 (4 times a day) in BC 25 nat phos which also help in controlling uric acid level .
gaintrox 7 years ago
in first pic i got little confuse u have show arrows in both legs.
gaintrox 7 years ago
Dear Sir - I am not able to find your email address in the profile..

Yes I have pains in other parts of body but not ligament sprain..Which is only in Right Knee..

Not sure if this fibromylygia or GERD or Seronegative arthiritis..

One of the auyevedic doc I visited before I started homeopathy diagnosis of Ama-vata..

Uric acid in ayurveda is vata-rakta..
bhuptgu 7 years ago
yes, u are right it is vata-rakta(i got confused in ama and rakta sorry for that ama is rheumatism)

can u describe the pain in other parts of ur body (.ur crp and esr is high also )

about e-mail id post ur e-mail id here i will send u a e-mail u will get my e-mail Id use AT instead of its symbol it(the symbol is not allow here) after i give my e-mail id u can delete that post. i have made my e-mail id viable now in my profile .
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gaintrox 7 years ago
Email is

mailto:gaintr0x At yahoo dot com

Have to spell it out in a post
bc email address is not allowed
in a post.
simone717 7 years ago
Hope this helps..

I am detailing out as much as I can..

• Your name: Bhupesh Gupta
• Email:
• Where do you live (Country): India

1. Your age 31
2. Your gender Male
3. Describe your appearance (good looking, average, below average) Average
4. Weight 70 KG
5. Height 169 Centi meters (5 Feet, 6 Inches)
6. Body type (Thin, Fat, Medium) Belly Fat, Chest Fat, Rest Medium
7. Any physical feature that stands out e.g. stooped shoulders, thin chest, sunken cheeks, crooked teeth etc. Stooped Shoulders, Dental structure not normal, premature greying of Hair.
8. Your profession software engineer
9. Describe your personality in at least 20 words e.g. stubborn, lazy, don’t want to work, always in a hurry, suspicious, jealous etc. Stubborn, lazy, don’t want to work, always in a hurry, can-not bear weight, find hard to pull 3-4 kg of weight as well. Muscles very weak, Tired very easily, cannot run much. Poor blood circulation.
10. If money was not an issue and you had a month of vacation, what would you do I will go to hill stations and oceans. e.g places like Switzerland and Mauritius
11. How is your relationship with your parents, spouse, siblings, children etc. Good.
12. If relationship is not ok, what’s wrong and how is it affecting you
13. What is your main health problem & its symptoms Pain in entire body, joints, muscles, nerve. Knees most affected. Cataract in both eye (already left eye operated).
14. When did this main problem begin Cataract started in Sep 2013 and this pain started in May 2014 with one knee first and then due to vitamin D supplementation, it started on other areas.
15. Can you relate any event which caused this problem Due to Vitamin D dosages of 60 K IU weekly.
16. What non-medicinal action makes the main problem better e.g. massage, pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc. Massage, Icing, Walking if I feel better with Knees.
17. What non-medicinal action makes it worse e.g. massage, pressure, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc. Lying down, sitting, and driving.
18. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem e.g. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless and fear of death
19. What other health problems do you have Flatulence, Weak Digestion, Belching and Burping when massaging pain areas.
20. List down all these problems and when did they start (approximate month & year) Premature graying/whiting of Hair since last 10 years.
I had minor accident 8 years back, where one of my front tooth got half broken.
Cataract – First time diagnosed in SEP 2013
Then Left eye Cataract surgery in Feb 2014.
then in April 2014 Pain in right knee in Lateral collateral Ligament started. MRI reveals that there is Grade 1 sprain.
then in May 2014, doctor applied local steroid in knee at pain areas.
then at the end of May 2014, I had back pain in the right side which resolved after 2 weeks applying MOOV ointment and some pain killers.
then in June 2014, he(the same doc) given me Vitamin D 60 K IU and calcium supplements which triggered this whole body pain and since then I am suffering from this and this my major and main problem today. After this only I would be able to work on my cataract thing.
The tooth which was broken8 years back in an accident started to pain during this regime.
21. What makes these other health problems better or worse (explain each problem) Massaging and sitting in Pavart-asna increases my belching but after I feel lighter inside and better.
22. What animals or insects are you afraid of Lizard, Dog.
23. What situations are you afraid of e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness, loneliness etc Height, Closed spaces.
24. What occupies your mind mostly now a days, this health issues, prior to that work and financials..
25. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy Good
26. Do you want to stay alone or with people with Limited people
27. How is your sleep Restless, unable to find one position, toss all night.
28. Do you have any recurring dreams No
29. Is your health problem affected by weather, if so, which weather affects & how not sure, but may be extreme hot and winter both effects. Also if it windy, that also effects.
30. Do you normally feel hot or cold hot, but sensitive to cold
31. What type of clothes you wear e.g. tight, loose, around neck etc Loose, tight clothes makes me suffocated.
32. What foods you crave & love (not what you eat due to health or other reasons, rather what you love) I love Aloo-Parantha, Mango-Shake, Mangoes, Namkeens,
33. Is there any food that you hate a lot and can’t tolerate Milk disagrees, Aversion to meat and egg due to religion. Does not like if too much sweet.
34. What taste you love and crave (e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter) salty
35. Is there any taste which you can’t tolerate & hate a lot No idea..
36. Do you like warm or cold food Both
37. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud, pencil etc) not as of now.. not sure of my childhood
38. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive) moderate
39. Do you have dry lips or mouth or both both
40. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, give below details Yes, Little white.
41. Is coating thick Not much
42. Color of coating White
43. Where exactly on the tongue (back, middle, sides, front) Middle
44. Any taste in your mouth first thing in the morning e.g. bitter, sour Sour and bitter
45. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc) Very Dry
46. Please email us a close up picture of your hand nails (without nail polish or any treatment done). Nails off white..
47. Please email us pictures of affected area if your health problem is related to skin, hair, teeth etc. already sent.
48. Details about your sweat (where mostly, how much, smell, does it stain, color) Top of Head, Under arms, Chest area, sole of feet and Genitals area..
49. Any problems with eyes/vision Catract..
50. Any problems with ears, nose, throat e.g. nose always blocked, runny, discharge color. Ears – always as wax. Few times in past had ear infection.
throat – easily affected by sour thing like citrus juice and cold drinks.
51. How is your stool (details of how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc.) Two times in morning.
52. How is your urine (details of color, smell, any blood etc.) Pale yellow and white, little smell.
53. How is your sex desire e.g. no desire, low, moderate, high, very high moderate.
54. Are you satisfied with your sex life, if no, why not Yes
55. Male genitals (any problems with erection, any pain, any itching etc.) Early erection.
56. Females menses details (reply to all below points) NA
57. Regularity (early, late, irregular, duration of cycle) NA
58. Flow (low, moderate, high) NA
59. Clots (none, some, a lot, huge clots, bright color, dark color) NA
60. Any discharge other than periods (color, consistency, smell) NA
61. What illnesses are running in your family nothing special
62. Mother’s side Hypo thyroid
63. Father’s side High BP
64. Siblings (brother/sister) No issues
65. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements acupuncture etc.) Yes, Ruta q for the moment.
66. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details Yes Cataract in Left eye.
67. Have you had any long term treatment (physical or psychological)
68. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past 6 months (potency, dosage, approx. time frame) No idea , because in India, people do not disclose them. Two things Ruta Q and symphythum q currently as suggested on ABC homeopathy forum and Sulphur prescribed my previous homeopath.
69. Anything which you would like to highlight or mention Pain in all major joints possible in body.. In child hood, I always had cough and cold problem due to which I had been on numerous antibiotics. I also had Jaundice long back may when I was 12-13 years old.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
i did not get the e-mail(It happen many time before is some people send e-mail for first time and i did not get it ) can u give me ur e-mail id here after i send u a e-mail u can delete that post
gaintrox 7 years ago

[message deleted by gaintrox on Thu, 07 May 2015 19:33:47 BST]
gaintrox 7 years ago
I have not send an email yet... I will inform you once I send it..

Today I am better than last three days..Yesterday I took the dose one time and five drops only..

Can this be due to thickening of blood as I doubt.

I have noticed this during blood test, my blood is little darker and thicker compared to other people.
bhuptgu 7 years ago
what is ur hemoglobin usually hemoglobin above 14 look like that but it is normal.
gaintrox 7 years ago
Hello sir - I have sent you the email..

last CBC report
the range with test varied from 13.4 - 14.6

Red blood cell count = 4.99
bhuptgu 7 years ago

[message deleted by gaintrox on Thu, 07 May 2015 19:34:04 BST]
gaintrox 7 years ago
Pls mail at gudsall at yahoo com

After i had dose of ruta and sy in evening i am again feeling dulness and inflammation failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo com account
[message edited by bhuptgu on Thu, 07 May 2015 16:28:02 BST]
bhuptgu 7 years ago
Hi Gaintrox,

Please read, my comments on this

simone717 7 years ago
please finish this thread and lets track on the other one


I have added my comments there..
I copied the email which he put on his profile
bhuptgu 7 years ago
dear bhuptgu,
U can work with anyone in this forum there is no boundary but the fact is u have to stay only under one person observation and guide at a time(however,u can ask suggestion regarding anything u want to know) .If use medicine from multiple thread it only going to cause chaos for ur health .Ether u work with me or somebody else its ur choice but stick to one treatment. :)
gaintrox 7 years ago
Hi Gaintrox,

you can go over and work with him on 474335.

Everything should go on that
thread now, and the confusion
will end. Including the
medicines for eyes.
simone717 7 years ago

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