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I can get lac-c 200c in liquid form. Will take 7-10 days to receive. I will order. I have taken lycopodium as prescribed at 30c and 200c and it helped for a couple months and stopped. How should I take the lac-c(dosage)? When should I report back the response to lac-c?

Thank you so much for your time and kindness.
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baddiver 5 years ago
I would get Ambr 200c as well, so that if Lac-c doesn't help we have another option without waiting another 7-10 days to try it.
Evocationer 5 years ago
I ordered both.What will be dosage and frequency for this? I haven't taken the liquid before.
baddiver 5 years ago
1. Hit the bottle 5 times firmly against the palm of the hand

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean fresh water - always use fresh water not the water from the previous dose

3. Stir very thoroughly

4. Take 2 teaspoons out into the mouth and hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

This is one dose and the same steps should be taken for any further doses, unless I ask you to change them in some way.

If any old symptoms reappear, or any current symptoms worsen, this is a GOOD sign in most cases. DO NOT SUPPRESS them with other kinds of medication unless you are in real danger (which is a highly unlikely reaction to a remedy).

However, if you are on regular medication it is also important that you do NOT stop taking this. Once it is determined the medicine has acted beneficially, we can look at reducing such medication if safe to do so.

Take one dose only to begin with. We will assess the reaction after 1 week in order to see how we proceed.
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Evocationer 5 years ago
I will take it after received and as prescribed then report back after one week. The information you provided on lac-c and Ambra were very interesting. I can see either as a match for my emotional state. The statement you made 'The issue here is 'I am too sensitive to people seeing things about me that should be private'. The axis here is one of Privacy - can I keep hidden everything about myself so that others will not observe it? ' really jumped out at me.

Thanks again.
baddiver 5 years ago
We can move to Ambr if Lac-c doesn't work. I certainly can see where Ambr fits certain parts of the case. I just felt there was a depth that Lac-c suits better.

Both Ambra grisea and Lac caninum belong to the Sycotic miasm in homoeopathy. One of the central themes of this miasm is to have a weakness within that must be kept hidden from others. While Ambr flavours this a particular way (my bodily functions are disgusting and must be kept private from others) Lac-c has it as a general feeling as well.

We will see anyway if my theory bears fruit for you.
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Evocationer 5 years ago
I ordered it overnight and took the lac caninum as prescribed. It has been 6 days and I have had no response. I have no improvement in mental or physical symptoms. my sleep has not improved. I had a question though. I have been a very acute phase of constipation for the last 2 weeks. Should the 1 dose of remedy be enough in a situation where I am in so much pain from the constipation? Thanks
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baddiver 5 years ago
1 dose may not be enough - some patients do not respond to a single dose.

There should be some effect by this time. Have none of your symptoms worsened in any way?
Evocationer 5 years ago
Many people say they are constipated
and it means different things to them.

When did you last have a movement?
simone717 5 years ago
I should also point out that I am not necessarily looking for an improvement after 6-7 days. Only a response. That response might actually be an aggravation.
Evocationer 5 years ago
my symptoms have not worsened. i have been constipated in that i have not had a bowel movement in ten days and the pain is very elevated. i am going to a colon hydrotherapy in hopes it helps. can barely eat. this has been going on since beforer dose of lac. i notice no changes. i typically have a response to homeopathy rather quickly.
baddiver 5 years ago
Alright - let's push the remedy a little harder and see if the problem here is an obstinate vital force.

Repeat the remedy once each day for 3 days. Stop if an aggravation of your symptoms happens on any dose.
Evocationer 5 years ago
I have done as prescribed. After 3rd dose increase in stomach pain, kidney pain and some nausea. No improvements but will let you know more in 6 days. Pretty miserable right now.
baddiver 5 years ago
Sounds like the aggravation finally happened. What has been the result of that so far?
Evocationer 5 years ago
I don't see any improvement. Feel like small intestines are in a knot as before. I am fighting constipation every day. I finally had to give in and use milk of magnesia to help. Didn't want to but felt no choice. It temporarily relieved some pain but it is coming back. I don't feel any difference emotionally. Have a lot of apathy and fear about life because don't want to deal with pain.
baddiver 5 years ago
So I had a better afternoon yesterday. Digestive system was nearly painless. Still constipated. Woke this AM with left side abdominal pain, a spasm pain in upper left abdominal. I have had a couple times in my life before, mainly pain is right sided or transverse. My hips have hurt in bed last 2 nights, particularly right side. I awoke and had to turn left because a sweat occurred that was a little different than in past, more flowing but still only left side. I feel like gas is trapped on left side causing some of left side pain. My neck is stiff and slightest movement is causing spasm pain in left upper abdomen. Not sure what to think. My dreams have been extraordinarly vivid the last 2 nights. I rescued someone last night although there was underlying guilt. The night before was very passionate dream
baddiver 5 years ago
The remedy is still working. Those are all signs of the kind of turmoil and agitation that a beneficial remedy can have in the beginning. Sometimes this can happen because the remedy is a close similar rather than the simillimum (perfect match) but it would be prudent to wait this out to see what result comes of it.

The vivid dreaming is an especially good sign in my experience.
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Evocationer 5 years ago
I will wait it out and provide feedback in another week. Had another vivid dream last night. I even find myself daydreaming a lot more
baddiver 5 years ago
My mental outlook and my pain has decreased but my severe constipation continue. Anything I can do for that? I would have thought that it would resolve by now with the remedy.
baddiver 5 years ago
Long term symptoms may take weeks or months to resolve. The important thing is to make sure that the direction of the progress is correct.

However, one has to be alert to any symptom which is serious. This often points to pathology (tissue change) in the case and may require adjustments to dosage and/or potency to overcome. The hardest cases are those where there have been significant physical changes. Reversing them, and getting past the obstacles that orthodox medical treatment has often erected in such cases, can be tricky. Your case is not going to be simple considering the seriousness of your condition. Reversing it is going to take time. We might need to try and address some of those treatments directly (like the electrical treatment 20 years ago or the heavy use of antibiotics).

Partial progress may be because the remedy is only partially correct. What is not improving can be a clue to where we should instead be looking for better progress (clues to a better remedy).

We need to do a proper assessment of the case now to see if things are moving in the expected direction so any adjustments can be made rationally.

Even just going through the case to make this list I can see how complicated your situation is. It also draw my attention to a few details I didn't look at too closely the first time, and bears investigation if we stall on the current remedy.

Next to each symptom write Better, Worse or Same. If better or worse, also write a percentage % to represent how much.

Bad memories trigger feeling of reliving them
Feeling of no control
Difficulty asking for help
Not feeling like you have a home
Overprotective of child
Obsess over family's health
Upset when things not done the way you want
Fear of dying
Fear of pain
Worrying about financial security
Sinking feelings when something goes wrong
Fear of heights
Avoiding meeting new people
Dizziness when stressed
Squeezing pain in abdomen
Abdominal pain instigating headache
Headache becoming migraine
Feeling of dying suddenly
Sensation of things moving in the abdomen
Bubbling in the colon
Tight band across the colon
Electrical sensation rushing to head
Calling yourself names
Feeling of self-disgust
Feeling of a gloomy cloud hanging over you
Poor listener
Shut down when upset
Hiding sensitivity/hiding weakness
Getting emotional when watching sad movies

Aggravation from sleeping on left side
Unable to sleep on stomach
Sleeping with head high
Waking 4am with digestive discomfort
Bloating of stomach on going to bed
Craving chocolate
Craving sugar
Aggravation from chocolate
Light-headed from irregular eating
Short of breath/closing of throat if drinking warm drinks
Aggravation from tea
Constipation, inability to pass stool
Cloudy urine
Headache on trying to pass urine
Full trunk spasm trying to pass urine
Albuminous urine
Dark coloured urine
Strong smelling perspiration
Inability to sweat
Hatred of the cold
Dizziness from exertion
Thick white crusts on scalp/nose
Evocationer 5 years ago
I will say I am consumed with the constipation so much that I don't know if my emotional readings will be correct. All I can think about during my waking hours is how to resolve constipation.

Embarrassment Better 10%
Shame same
Bad memories trigger feeling of reliving them same
Feeling of no control same
Difficulty asking for help same
Not feeling like you have a home same
Overprotective of child better 10%
Obsess over family's health same
Upset when things not done the way you want better 10%
Fear of dying same
Fear of pain worse 10%
Worrying about financial security same
Sinking feelings when something goes wrong same
Fear of heights same
Avoiding meeting new people same
Dizziness when stressed same
Squeezing pain in abdomen better 15%
Abdominal pain instigating headache better 5%
Headache becoming migraine same
Feeling of dying suddenly same
Sensation of things moving in the abdomen same
Bubbling in the colon same
Tight band across the colon worse 15%
Electrical sensation rushing to head same
Calling yourself names same
Feeling of self-disgust same
Feeling of a gloomy cloud hanging over you better 10%
Procrastination same
Poor listener worse 20%
Stubborn same
Shut down when upset same
Hiding sensitivity/hiding weakness same
Getting emotional when watching sad movies same

Aggravation from sleeping on left side better 10%
Unable to sleep on stomach same
Sleeping with head high same
Waking 4am with digestive worse 30% discomfort
Bloating of stomach on going to bed better 10%
Craving chocolate same
Craving sugar same
Aggravation from chocolate haven't had any
Light-headed from irregular eating same
Short of breath/closing of throat if drinking warm drinks better 20%
Aggravation from tea haven't had any
Constipation, inability to pass stool worse 30%
Cloudy urine same
Headache on trying to pass urine same
Full trunk spasm trying to pass urine same
Albuminous urine same
Dark coloured urine
Strong smelling perspiration
better 20%
Inability to sweat same
Hatred of the cold same
Dizziness from exertion same
Thick white crusts on scalp/nose better 10%

I would add my pain continues to move around my abdomen and back. I would say that is worse. Generally is worse on right. It moves to the left side to right then from upper abdomen to lower abdomen. The pain in the area of kidneys comes and go's but is usually present when there is the band like feeling.
baddiver 5 years ago
Just wanted to add that just was diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth which appears to be the source of my severe abdominal pain and constipation. I am not taking anything for it as I want to resolve with homeopathy. It is very severe though. I may have gotten it from a tooth abscess I had several months ago. My current acute situation started about and some conversation has been discussed as one of the potential causes.
baddiver 5 years ago
Hi - on SIBO-

This can be caused from nerve damage and inadequate
muscular movements of the small intestine, colon where the
bacteria will back up into the small intestine due to this.

Since you are using the power chair etc and the cause being your accident-
obviously nerve
flow is not working at optimum and Arnica helped.

My opinion is you have to focus on the Never Well Since.....

You stated: . I had a diving accident 40 years ago causing major paralysis. Since then I have never been well developing severe digestive issues


SIBO from Web MD

What causes small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

The gastrointestinal tract is a continuous muscular tube which digesting food travels along on its way to the colon. Normally, the coordinated action of the muscles of the stomach and small intestine propels the food from the stomach, through the small intestine and into the colon.

This muscular action also sweeps bacteria out of the small intestine and limits the numbers of bacteria in the small intestine. However, when a condition interferes with the normal activity in the small intestine, this can result in SIBO, by allowing bacteria to stay longer and multiply in the small intestine. The lack of normal muscular activity also may allow bacteria to spread backwards from the colon and into the small intestine.

Many conditions are associated with SIBO. A few are common:

Neurological and muscular diseases can alter the normal activity of the intestinal muscles. Diabetes mellitus damages the nerves that control the intestinal muscles. Scleroderma damages the intestinal muscles directly. In both cases, abnormal muscular activity in the small intestine allows SIBO to develop.
Partial or intermittent obstruction of the small intestine can interfere with the transport of food and bacteria through the small intestine and can result in SIBO. Causes of obstruction leading to SIBO include adhesions - or scarring - from previous surgery and Crohn's disease.
Diverticuli (small pouches) of the small intestine that allow bacteria to multiply inside diverticuli.
What are small intestinal bacteria overgrowth symptoms?

The symptoms of SIBO include:

Excess wind
Abdominal bloating and distension
Abdominal pain
When the overgrowth is severe and prolonged, the bacteria may interfere with the digestion and the absorption of food, so that deficiencies of vitamins and minerals may develop. Patients may also lose weight. Patients with SIBO sometimes also report symptoms that are unrelated to the gastrointestinal tract, such as body aches or fatigue. The symptoms of SIBO tend to be chronic. A typical patient with SIBO can experience symptoms that fluctuate in intensity over months, years or even decades before a diagnosis is made.
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simone717 5 years ago
OK, I will do as prescribed. thanks
baddiver 5 years ago
I haven't prescribed anything yet. What were you about to do?
Evocationer 5 years ago
Sorry, not feeling well and when I clicked link in email I saw your old post about taking 3 doses. I haven't and will await your response.
baddiver 5 years ago

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