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To Evocationer - child with possible chronic bronchitis

Hi Evocationer,

I have a one year child with a possible chronic bronchitis. He's been coughing constantly from September. Little improvement on this time.
At every consultation the doctors have sad that is nothing in the chest, nothing hearing from the chest. One doctor sad he have recurrent wheezing. Tried the aerosols treatment but little improvement of the cough. The homeopathic doctor said the he has enlarge tonsils and that they are probably the cause of the cough. We have tried sulfur iodatum 9 ch for two weeks, calcarea carbonica 30ch and no improvement. Than the doctor chage the remedy with hepar sulfur 30 ch, ones a week, calcarea carbonica 9 ch every day. I've notice an improvement only on the day with hepar sulfur. Tonsils still enlarge after 4 weeks.
His sleep is restless, he weak up a lot and cries every night.
I've changed hepar sulfur 30ch with ch and I've notice a change in his sleep. He does not weak up all night, only twice at night one for milk. Cough had little improvement, but still present. Also nose run watery (not much). After one week of 15 ch, I gave him again hepar 30h. Cough was little improvement. His sleep is again restless.
3 days ago we spended more ours out in the snow and when we came home he begin to cough more frequent. Also the nose run, a watery-cream discharge. Dry cough at night. If he stand up the cough became copious. He usually have a wet cough that ends in sneezing. We went to another allopathist doctor and he said that he have probably a chronic bronchitis. We will make some blood investigation to confirm this. He also said the tonsils are enlarge and we have to see if there is a candida in the throat. Please help me with a homeopathic remedy, I now I can cure him with homeopathy but I don't think he received the correct remedy for him.
Below I've completed the homeopathic questionnaire for children.
Thank you.

1. Appearance
He is a well proportioned boy, not fat and not skinny. Normal height for his age. He has a round face, light. Blonde to brown hair, sparkling dark brown eyes. He flushes on cold weather, if he feels warm. Usually the part on with he sleep became very red. Happy child, very sociable, smile a lot, even to strangers. He is "seeking" in his baby language a lot. He's walking from 2 weeks. He's very curios an he like to open every door or drawer. He like to bite me of my shoulders. He bring into his mouth everything that he touches.

2. Sensation or pain
While teething he is very nervous, he respond to Chamomilla 9c or 15c.

3. Situations/events/triggers for making it worse
Worse in a worm room: cough, sleep, thirst.
He recently had an eczema with was worse from taking a bath (became red, inflamed) - from a few days the eczema is better - I gave him one dose of Lycopodium 15ch, ithink he cured the eczema.
Cough triggered by eating especially biscuits.

4. Situations/events/triggers for making it better
Open air - cough less or not at all.

5. Event that seemed to start the complaint
Constant cough after returning from the holiday at the see. (Black See - Romania) We leave in mountain region.
Every cold he take aggravate the cough.

6. Other sensory features – smell, sound, taste, tactile etc

Make sure each complaint is done separately. Do not group them together. This is for physical complaints/diseases.


1. When the physical complaint is active, what is his/her emotional state like? What does he/she do? What does she/he want you to do?

Sometimes while coughing he cries like something is hurting him and he want to climb on me. Sometime he doesn't want to play anymore, he look for me. (not very frequent)
Nervous while teething.

2. Does he/she describe any unusual sensation or pain in the body, especially when they are complaining of something?

3. What fears does he/she have? How does she/he react?
Fear of some hard noises. fear of large animals: cows, horses, sheep.

4. Was there any incident in the past that had a great impact? What happened at the time? Is there any ongoing reaction to this event? How does he/she talk about it?

5. Is there any story (book, fairytale, cartoon, movie etc) that seems to really resonate with her/him? What does he/she say about it?
He's attention it's caught up by Mickey Mouse Club cartoon. He smile at this cartoon. If the TV it's on he like to stare at it.

6. What kind of fantasies does she/he describe to you? How does this translate down into play, games, toys? Does he/she tend to draw particular things over and over? If so what are they? If you point to these images, what does she/he say about them? ----

7. Does he/she describe any dreams or nightmares to you, and what are they? How does she/he react on waking from them?

8. How is he/she when interacting with other children? What about sports or games? How about obeying rules or social conventions?
Very friendly, he likes older children. If I told him to stop doing what he's doing, he does not listen to me, he repeat it and he smiles. If his grandparents told hem, he listen and obey.

9. How is she/he when interacting with older people? Is there any difference between family or friends and strangers in terms of reactions and behavior?
He is shy to talk to the older people and any new one. He tries to hide himself from them.
He smiles at strangers, does not want to go to them but he look at them and smiles. When he sees her grandparents for the first time in that day he cries to be take into their arms. He climbs on them, if he is not taken in their arms.

10. What kind of activities does he/she enjoy doing? Which of these do she/he spend the most time at?
He like to walk into the house constantly, he's restless, he plays a little bit with everything that he find interesting, with few exception (he spend more time with thing that make noises, witch can be open and closed, or can be put in his mouth).

11. What qualities seem to make your child different from other children?
Easy learner, very sociable, very curios.

12. How does your child cope with school, school work, study, deadlines, speaking in front of others, following directions etc?

13. What kind of questions does he/she tend to ask you or other adults?

14. What makes her/him laugh? What makes him/her cry?
Laugh - Dancing, moving fast in front of him, making faces.
Cry - taking something from his hands, not letting him do what he wants to do. If he wants to be carried and you ignore him.

15. What makes him/her angry or irritable?
His irritate if he can not reach to what he want. Sometime irritate if he can not do what he want, ex. putting a toy in his hole.

16. What does your child do when alone?
Some time he plays alone ( I think that is when he has no physical complain), but most of the time he's looking for company.

17. Is there a particular person or type of person that he/she reacts to, and what kind of reaction?


1. What position does he/she sleep in?
In all positions, but he sleeps better on his tummy, sometime with his bottom up.

2. Is there any position he/she seems unable to sleep in?

3. Any unusual behavior during sleep?
He has a restless sleep since he was born. He cries during sleep. Until 7 or 8 months he couldn't sleep back if he didn't eat milk or tee. He took medhorinum 9 ch 2 weeks, once a day and he did not awake so often. Some improvement in his restless sleep. Now he eat some milk at 2 or 3 o'clock in the night ( he does not need a full bottle of milk).

4. Any problems with sleep?
He wake up very often and wants to be take into my arms.
For one week, while I've been given him hepar sulfur 15 ch he had a good sleep without or few wake ups. Not the same response to hepar sulfur 30 ch.

5. What foods are craved (cravings are strong desires) He likes milk. I can't tell what he hate.

6. What drinks are craved? What drinks are hated?
Craved for tee. He's very thirsty, but he likes tee in state of water.

7. How does he/she react when hungry, or hunger is prolonged?
He's restless, whiny.

8. How does the weather affect?
In cold weather he's nose runs watery (a little) and his eyes tears.

9. How does the temperature affect?

10. Are there any other environmental influences negative or positive (season, noise, music, moon, light, dark, day, night, time, smells etc.)

11. Problems with stool or bowel habit?

He used to have a stool acid with undigested food until one month and a half ago. I think he was cured by Calcarea carbonica. But once a week he still has an acid stool that burns his skin around. It smells acid/acrid. Probably from what he's been eating, bu I can't tel what. He can not eat oranges because, also his urine becomes acid.

12. Where does he/she sweat most? Does it stain or smell unusual?
He sweet on the head only when I am trying to put him into sleep in my arms.


1. What kind of health problems occurred while you were pregnant with your child?
Colds with dry cough. Gastric acidity, grate bloating. At the end of the pregnancy I have had Candidiasis.
False labor contractions during pregnancy controlled with caulophyllum ch.

2. Were there any other stresses or traumas that occurred?

3. Did the birth itself have any problems?
He was born at 39 weeks pregnancy, with no problem at birth.

4. Do you remember if any symptoms occurred suddenly during pregnancy that then vanished after your child was born? Especially important are any emotional or mental changes during this time.
  aflorea on 2014-12-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
try kali carb 30 one dose in 1 spoon water and wait for a week and report me...
deoshlok 8 years ago

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