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ECZEMA - Causes & Treatment

ECZEMA - Causes & Treatment

This article-explanation-answer is to a query by "WINCGirl", which she asked in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50986 dated 09 February, 2006.

"WNCGirl" :
1. A more elaborate case history of your child, will help in understanding the underlying reasons for your child's eczema. Please try to give more details about his mental picture, physical picture, complete diet structure, his aversions and cravings, age, height, weight.
2. As you have already given a dose of Arnica, please do not give another medicine for atleast 5-7 days. Hold on and observe.
3. This is NOT his constitutional medicine. BUT TENTATIVELY, after above 5-7 days, give the child the following :

a) Psorinum-30c, one drop liquid direct on his tongue, early morning. Total One dose ONLY.
and NEXT DAY...
b) Psorinum-200c. one drop liquid direct on his tongue, early morning. Total One dose ONLY.
and NEXT DAY...
c) Psorinum-1M, one drop liquid direct on his tongue, early morning. Total One dose ONLY.
STOP. No further medicines for next 20-40 odd days.

4. Give Kali.Sulph-6X (triturated Bio-Chemic tissue salt medicine). Four tablets 3-4 times a day, daily, till the Eczema symptoms clear up.

Other prominent medicines that are indicated in Eczema, is Sulphur, Graph., Hep.Sul., Arsenic, Kali.Sulph., Nar.Mur., .... though giving this will require extensive case history details.

HOWEVER : to understand Eczema,
Eczema, is caused ONLY & ONLY due to faulty ACID metabolism in the body. That's an over acidic environment in the Gastro-Intestional Tract. (G.I.Tract)

a) Junk Food ... Bread, Biscuits, Choclates, Soda drinks, processed food........
b) High protien food. Read (http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/2 (High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ? dated 26-02-2005) and about chronic 'urticaria' (itching) in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/18104/1. These are authored by "HA21", my virtual unknown internet guru.
c) Improper intake of Water.
d) Improper or low intake of Alkalising foods (Fresh Fruits & Raw Vegetable juices)
e) Wrong combination of foods. (example : Eating Melon and Banana is a very bad combination of food to eat ... It allergies the G.I.Tract causing Skin disorders).
f) One prime reason for Eczema = MILK and Milk products.
g) FOOD ALLERGIES & FOOD INTOLERANCES ... One more prime reason for Eczema.
h) Eczema, is never contagious and is never hereditary.
i) Stress or Asthma NEVER causes Eczema, though can further inflame an existing eczema.
j) Other triggers (chemicals, humidity ...) does NOT cause Eczema, though can further inflame an existing eczema
k) Bacteria, Mites, Virus, Fungus, Soap, Tobacco-Cigerattes, Narcotic Drugs, does NOT cause Eczema, though can further inflame an existing eczema.
l) Worms and Parasites, which INDUCE an ACIDIC atmosphere in the G.I.Tract., in turn causing Skin Disorders.

It is OKAY to use prescription cortisone allopathic creams for Eczema, for long periods, though its cumulative effects are neglible in the long run.

ALTERNATIVELY, the following also helps in eczema treatment :
a) Fresh Juice extracted (20 ml) from Raw RED potatos (grate with the skin & not boiled). Once early morning, daily on empty stomach. OR 10 ml juice, just before EVERY meals.
b) Drastically REDUCE cooked or processed food.
c) Drastically INCREASE fresh fruits & raw vegetable juices (Carrot, Tomato, Beetroot ..... )
d) Twice a week take Enema or Colon cleaning (Large intestine), preferably internally using EPSOM salt (Magnesia Sulphate). It is cumbersum, but is the best.
e) As a routine, Akalise your G.I.Tract,by using Soda Bi-Carbonate. Half TEAspoon of Soda Bi-Carb dissolved in 250 ml water, just immediately after every heavy meals. 1000% safe compared to other digestive aids and antacids. Adjust quantity of Soda Bi-Carb, as required.
f) Sun light exposure (30 minutes) on the Eczema skin, will help it clear atleast 50% faster alongwith other treatments.

IF POSSIBLE - ONLY & ONLY : Drinking SWEET LIME Juice (freshly extracted and unprocessed and uncanned) (or say Sweet Lime juice fasting). Repeated throughout the 7 day whenever hungry. To eat NO food whatsoever type for 7 days.
WILL 100% CLEAR-OFF ECZEMA in less than 7 days.
Sweet Lime juice is THE NATURAL ANTACID.

Above is not a cure, but to demonstrate that Eczema is disease of the Over Acidic G.I.Tract.

SWEET LIME = MOSAMBI (Indian name)

WORTH CONSIDERING : "Anger is only one letter short of danger".

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731
  Nesha-India on 2006-02-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Nesha-India what a great posting !!!

My 4 yr old son is suffering from Eczema. I had posted his eczema condition on the forum and some one suggested Psorinum 1M. I do not know about improvement on Eczema but it sure worsened his itching at night time. Though I did not give any supplement medicine with Psorinum. Later on we tried ARSENICUM ALBUM 30 and causticum 30 but no improvement on itching. causticum 30 also caused him restlessness and he could not sleep for few nights.

I do know from my oberservation that he has problem with high-protien foods. He does not eat any Dal and as we are vegetarians he is not exposed to any meat. But I started giving him flax oil (one teaspoon twice) around the time I gave him Psorinum (one of the links in your posting says flax oil is high in protein).

Also he gets very itchy around mid-night. And he never complains about night mares so could be itching his way of dealing with night mares !!!! I am just guessing here....

Anyway you have given me a new view to look at my son case. I read about urticaria and it's symptoms seems to match my son. He it very itchy and I do not see ( any eczema spots) why he is itching and after itching his skin is inflamed at those places.

Before I thought I was dealing with the simple case of eczema but looks like it is more complicated than that.
val0822 last decade
By WNCGirl

INFANT: male, 5 1/2 months old.

Mental picture - happy, easily entertained, enjoys being held, played with, aggravated/itchy/fussy when sleepy.

Physical picture - fair skinned, chubby, laughing, teething,

red rash worse on left cheek around left ear and under neck. on cheek, dry flaky, red, inflamed.

itches most on cheek, under neck.

oozing honey colored discharge only on cheek and only 2 or 3 times for entire length of eczema (each time before eczema gets worse)

patches on head, inconsistent small patches and hive/bumps on torso and extremeties. not dry, flaky, inflamed.

Diet structure - Breastmilk only.

Mother's diet stucture presently - organic, natural foods only. no processed or preservatives, no soda, no canned foods, no sugar or sweets, no fish, no pork, no poultry, 1-3 ounces red meat per month if at all.

Fresh vegetables and whole fruit (red grapes or grapefruit, no melons, bananas) everyday - no juice

lightly cooked vegetables everday

cooked whole grains, beans,
little dairy, more yogurt and or goat cheese

little bread (only organic or make myself)

occasionally eggs

lemon juice

carrot juice

tomato juice

herbal teas, green tea

36-48 fluid ounces water daily

At 3 1/2 months started elimination diet for 5 weeks

Avoided foods for 5 weeks:

wheat, dairy, corn, soy, seafood, nuts, meat, eggs, all sweeteners including fruit, refined sugar and honey, fermented foods, moldy foods, yeast, gluten.

Elimination had no change in eczema. No change in eczema with reintroduction.

Mother's supplementation:
Fish oil
Borage oil
Calcium/ Magnesium
Brewer's Yeast

Trigger elimination:

No chemicals, Use only natural cleaning products (vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax)

No soap. Bath 3-4 times weekly lukewarm water diluted with hydrogen peroxide and sometimes add baking soda (Soda Bi-Carb), dead sea salts.

Keep infant in front of window, and outside whenever sunny. Now mostly in front of window. Too cold, snowy, windy.

We do not use allopathic medicine for anything.

Keep affected rash clean with hydrogen peroxide only when necessary to kill infection. Very effective, no side effects.

Keep skin moisturized only with natural unrefined shea butter, olive oil, evening primrose oil for GLA, apricot oil, vitamin A,E,F oils.

Use humidifier due to forced heat, low humidity, winter

damp-dust with vinegar to kill mites and wash sheets 3-4 times week. no carpet.

no smoking, tobbaco, cigarettes, no drugs.

Infant has never had virus, cold, flu, etc.

Infant received partial vaccinations
At birth- 1 dose (Hep B)
1 month - 1 dose (Hep B)
2 months - 4 doses (DTaP, Polio, Hib, PVC)
4 momths - 4 doses (Same as 2 months)

Eczema became apparent around 6 weeks - 2months. Extreme flare-up 1 week after 4 month doses.

Permanently discontinuing vaccinations.

After 1 dose arnica, flare-up,oozes for one day. Still inflamed after 4 days.

Hope enough details,
Thank you,
WNCGirl last decade

AGE: 5 1/2 months
WEIGHT: 15 lbs.
HEIGHT: About 30 inches

No aversions to anything in my diet.
Cravings: more breastmilk

Also in mother's diet structure:
fresh garlic daily

WNCGirl last decade
"WINCGirl" :
OBVIOUSLY, the mother is passing on the MUTANT Allergens (via the milk) to the child, where the mutant allergens activate, causing loss of G.I.Tract oxygen, which by default further causes acidity, inducing Eczema.

Above Psorinum therapy was suggested taking into consideration that the patient is over 5 years of age. OOzing discharge, is the strongest link to the infant's Acid system malfunctioning, as explained in the original article. Red rashes indicate it further. DO NOT follow the above medicines in your infants case.

WHAT the infant's Skin disorder could be getting triggered at :
1. Hydrogen peroxide bath, causing excessive skin metabolism and ultimately inflammation.
2. Mother's milk is passing on the AntiGens to the kid's G.I.Tract.
3. Soda Bi-Carb, is corrosive in nature. Will remove all skin surface skin-sebum-oil protective coating, causing dryness. (You can put wash your oily cooking utensils with soda bi-carb solution to see the corrosive effect of getting it cleaned more effortlessly.
4. Dead sea salt, again is high sodium (with pH of less than 5.0), which will again be causing the skin to dry out (sea salt always dries out the skin) and cause skin-surface inflammation.
5. Vaccinations, as identified by yourself. A VERY VERY prime cause.

HOW the Mother could possibly be the link in this :
1. Drinking Herbal Tea, could be one trigger for the kid, since it is a stimulant.
2. Lactating Mothers MUST take banana, everyday.
3. A few weeks of food elimination will not determine the food allergen, which could be mutant to the mother, but cause allergens to the kid. A Food Allergy Test, will throughly determine the allergens both to the mother and the kid (for the kid for the long term)
4. All "mothers supplements" mentioned by you earlier, are ingredients for causing trigger to the G.I.Tract. Check them out.
5. All skin moisturising techniques used by you are entirely wrong, for the infant's skin. Nothing better than Glycerine for moisturising the skin and keeping it infection free. Very safe specially in cold temperate countries. You may mix Glycerine in unmedicated Olive oil or coconut oil (just before massage at the ratio of 2 part Glycerine with 8 part oil).
6. VACCINATIONS do play a part in skin eruptions (WHICH "MIMIC" SKIN DISORDERS) but are actually not skin disorders and usually pass off with time. Since you have wisely discontinued vaccinations, YOUR KID MAY NOT REQUIRE ANY MEDICATIONS AT-ALL. Let the effects taper off on its own (usually between 20-40 days from the last one). An ice-bag over the Liver region, for 2-5 minutes would reduce skin inflammation, THOUGH THIS IS NOT SUGGESTED FOR AN INFANT.

What the mother could bathe her child, safely with : 1000% safe for all ages.
1. EPSOM salt (Mag.Sul.). Dissolve 100 grams per 10 litres of warm water.
2. ADD Glycerine. 5 ml per 10 litres of water.
3. Pour above water repeatedly on entire body.
4. NO FRESH WATER BATH, or soap bath after above. Dab towel and NOT rub.
5. Takes care of all surface germs & bacteria and moisturises skin upto internal tissue level.
6. A Calendula based body talc powder, should be used on the kid's skin after bath.

FOR the Kid, check out the following medicines : Robinia, Cham., Mag.Phos, Kali.Phos.. THOUGH I suggest that your kid does not need any medicines. Try the Fresh Sweet Lime juice - It works wonders and safely - FEED ONLY in very small quantities. In addition to mothers milk.

Give a BIG VIBRATING PURR..PURR..PURRING SMOOCH (for 4-5 seconds) on the babies navel (stomach pit area - or say - umbilical cord area), once every morning, DEFINTELY FROM MY SIDE. This will keep the baby's stomach system FIT and FLAT. An old grandma's trick. NO JOKE. read this link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/43994/

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
"val0822" :
If you do not see any Eczema spots on your child's Skin.THAN only for itching you can safely think of giving him NAT.SULPH.-6X, (Bio-Chemic tissue salt). 4-6 tablets atleast 3 times a day till symptoms persist. IF what I have understood is correct from your posting, the child will fell relief in 8-10 days. Continue for a few more days after that. The above medicine is safe, even if you overdose medicines.
Do the EPSOM bath for the child, as I have suggested to "WINCGirl" in the above post.

Do post here, when the above benefits you and with other details, as above.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
For all of your explanations and help.

My diet has been fairly stable for years, so these things could be playing a BIG ROLE in his skin.

The bath treatments, (hydrogen peroxide, salts, baking soda)


All of the dietary supplements, and herbal tea

I only began treating for AFTER onset of skin eruptions, and ONLY AFTER became inflamed.

His rash, etc. was seem to fade after a few weeks after each vaccination, although flare-ups still occur.

This is why I related it to VACCINATIONS.

I will change to your suggestions to eliminate triggers, and hope this wears off.

QUESTION - The herbal tea I drink is decaffinated Green Tea, and a Chamomile blend called SLEEPYTIME.

?These are not stimulants, right?

All of my supplements:

DO NOT CONTAIN yeast, soy or milk protein, corn, salt, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavor, or color.

QUESTION - IF they do not contain possible allergens, are the supplement okay, in and of themselves?


WNCGirl last decade

But,As stated by you in previous post,

"You may mix Glycerine in unmedicated Olive oil or coconut oil (just before massage at the ratio of 2 part Glycerine with 8 part oil)."

Can glycerin be dissolved in oil? I only thought water.

WNCGirl last decade
"WINCGirl" :
1. Any organic ingredient (specially ANY TEA) when heated up will release "n" number of known and known chemicals. These act on the liver, stimulating (which means macro-inflammation of the liver tissues). (indications : yellowish urine, mild prespiration, sudden mood upliftment or satisfaction or lift of energy - ALL BOOSTING up for the spur of the moment). All above and same applies to conventional Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, paracetomol ....
2. Macro-inflammation of the liver tissues (though only for a few hours) is sufficient to generate allergens in a weak body metabolism. AND if one is persistant enough in above, one can easily become allergic to that food GROUP.
3. The supplements you take, OVERALL may not be allergenic, BUT read further :
a) Probiotics - Okay while in the G.I.Tract. However if the G.I.Tract has lost or compromised its elasticity (Leaky Gut Syndrome = LGS), the probiotics will turn into toxins on contact with the blood stream and the system will release its own limited anti-histamines to counter this allergen (toxin). The blood vessels do not recognise probiotics and will counter it as if countering an toxic allergen. Probiotics is useful only inside the environment of the G.I.Tract and NOT ANYWHERE ELSE in the body. Probiotics, elsewhere in the blood stream, will putrefy and severe'ly toxic the body, off course leading upto skin disorders, asthma and arthirities.
There is NO SUCH thing as strengthening up the digestion by taking probiotics. It is a fad. 99% of the world human population do not take any probiotics and YET have a satisfactory G.I.Tract. A proper combination of alkalising foods and fibers is more than sufficient enough. RE-Read the "Calcium .... " link mentioned earlier for appropriate explaination.
b) Please check out the lab. procedure in extracting and preparing the following :
Fish oil
Borage oil
Calcium/ Magnesium
Brewer's Yeast
Most of the procedures involves using stabilisers and preservatives and syntheisers. After all this procedures, These are dead food as far as Naturopathy is concerned.
The G.I.Tract will excrete any and all food (including non-absorbable food) BUT IT NOT mean that any and all food CAN BE DIGESTED. Those foods ... which are not digested (but ultimately excreted), a part of these will be leached out in the blood stream (via the G.I.Tract) - THAT's where the allergen development takes place.
c) Have Fish steamed = retains its oil in as-it-is-condition. Have Calcium & Mag. from fresh whole fruits & veg. Have Chlorophyll from fresh wheat-grass, spinach leafs, coriander leafs, Brocolli, methi leafs......., Most useful natural food for lactating mothers = Carrots, Beetroots, Cabbage, Banana, Fresh sugarcane juice, honey, arabic dates, homeopathic Alfalfa-Q (mother tincture)..... These are easily absorbed and assisimilated whole, with the least possible allergen developments.

NESHA-INDIA, reassures you that your kids inflammation will wear-off on its own. Just give it little time and do the EPSOM salt ... bath, as suggested earlier. Do not interfere IT with any medications, either for you or for the kid. You are right on target regarding after-effects of vaccinations.

I never mentioned Glycerine to be "dissolved" in oil. I suggested to "M - I - X" Glycerine in oil, JUST BEFORE massage. FOR satisfaction, Let me reiterate that Glycerine is 1000% times safer than any other moisturisers. Still confused ... please ask further.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
THANK YOU for clarification on the glycerin. I misread.

I never used to take supplements, only since eczema, thinking it would help. I will just continue to eat the whole foods instead.

Your reassurance comes just in time.

For the past two days his skin looks is clearing again.

When you say it will clear up around 20-40 days, this seems to be exactly the case. (about 37 days).

Before the 4 months shots it had started to look clearer and did not associate it with vaccines when I took him to the doctor the last time until the flare-ups after.

WNCGirl last decade
Hi WNCgirl,

Can u please tel me all the changes you made to your life style and that of your sons and for how many days before you saw the difference.
DP last decade
Hi DP,

If you will see in the case history above I go through what my diet structure was like before and the things I eliminated in my diet after. My diet has been fairly stable for years with natural, organic, and homemade foods.

I do not think that any of these changes affected my son's eczema one way or the other.

I think it is a direct result of vaccinations, and this was why nothing affected his skin (good or bad) when I eliminated these things. I think if I did not eat this way already, his reaction would have been much worse.

I believe that if you use pharm. drugs on the skin, you are only suppressing the symptoms and virtually pushing the toxins back into body.

I have read that milk proteins can stay in your body for up to three weeks and this is why I chose to eliminate all things for 5 weeks, just to be sure any possible sensitivity was not coming from me.

I stopped only bath a couple to few times a week. I used hydrogen peroxide in his bath to kill germs and bacteria, although Nesha informed me that this was very drying. My reasoning was to keep his skin from getting infected without having to use drugs. I did the baths mainly to calm him, not because he needed it. And his problem was/is on his face and head most of the time so I did not even have to let those parts get wet.

I never took supplements before, just thought I could help him out, and didn't realize until later that the vitamin process basically makes them useless.

The oil and liquid supplements I still like.

The probiotic I used was enteric-coated which is supposed to keep it from dissolving in stomach until it reaches intestines.

It has been almost 2 months since his last set of shots and his skin looks almost clear, doesn't ooze, is still pink, not red, no flakes, or unbearable dryness.

I did start using colloidal ointment on his face (for 5 days now) which only kills bacteria and this I believe is easing the itchiness and helping him flush these toxins out and heal without pain.

I do agree with Nesha about the pure glycerin - probably the best you can do to keep skin moisturized. If you want to be thrifty, you can use plain pure olive oil or pure shea butter. Which in my opinion is better than anything else you can buy.

Nesha also explains what things in my diet could be triggering the eczema, although I did not see changes in flare-ups consistent with any specific foods in my diet.

I believe this was NO FOOD ALLERGY, only a natural reaction to flushing vaccination toxin through skin because it could not be eliminated via kidney or liver.

If it were a food allergy, it seems strange that a baby could be allergic to what I ate during elimination which was practically rice, oats, green vegetables and carrots, and water.

Please ask me anything you would like if I did not give you the answers to what you were looking for.

WNCGirl last decade
I have additional ideas on CAUSES of ECZEMA:

In the case of infantile eczema: This could be soley because the baby still has impermeable intestinal wall that is still developing (which can mimic LGS - Leaky Gut Syndrome). In this case, this eczema will disappear when intestine is better developed (around 6 months to a year).

Cow milk and soy based formulas only make symptoms worse because proteins are hard to digest, larger, and escape through wall where body/blood treats as foreign and attacks, and pushes out through skin.

Breastmilk is the best thing regardless, but especially in this case. If for some reason, are not breastfeeding, goat's milk with added folic acid is best alternative, since proteins are more similar to that of human.

Another thought on why children go on to develop eczema when solid foods are introduced may not be in the case of the food itself, but how it is processed, what kind of chemicals/pesticides remaining on food. So Nesha India says that some of things trigger the eczema but do not cause it. I disagree in that we are actually ingesting/ absorbing these things.

Example, in the process of even canning food, you get tons of aluminun. With vegetables fruits that are merely rinsed, not scrubbed and washed properly, you still have UNNATURAL NONFOODS poisoning your system.

When you have too much of this your body is overloaded and cannot eliminate through normal process, and pushes it through the skin.

In the case of milk, (yes, the proteins are very large and this could be the problem) but it could also be extra bacteria (from manure on the cow's udder) that got in the milk. If you sterilize (boil) it could help if it isn't because of the protein.

I think in all cases we are talking about toxic overload, whether it is the real food or the "non-food" things we put into our bodies on a daily basis or absorb into the skin (what is in "lotion" anyway?).
Too much = toxic overload and your kidneys and liver are strained and your skin as another elimination organ, takes over.

So in my infant's case, the toxins were never "digested". They just got shot straight into the vein where his blood attacked and possibly sent them through the filtration process but these organs couldn't handle everythings so the skin handled the rest.

Eczema is a becoming more common, is it because of our bodies not accepting normal food which I believe is a rare cause, or is it because we are feeding it non-food, unnatural things like solvents, pesticides, chemicals, metal, etc.

The same goes for autism. There are two types of autism, one that is defined at birth and one that develops between 18 months and 2 years. The percentage of those with the first type remains constant. The percentage of those with the second consistently increased along with the vaccination "schedule". (Toxins/metal/poison overload).

I think in the case of true eczema (food allergy) the percentage is probably the same. The others are probably due to the fact that we allow "crap" to live in our bodies.

These are my biased opions anyway.

Hope it makes at least a little sense.

WNCGirl last decade

Thanks. My 6 month old has ezcema since 3 months. It was found that she is allergic to nuts. So I stopped eating nuts. She still stratches. Tried sulpur. Does not work. I am a vegeratian eating mostly home cooked foods. We mioisturize her all day with eucerin,olive oil. She is 100% breast fed. Now she is eating organic jar food. What should I be doing. Her 6 month shots are coming up. I am scared to vaccinate her. I am also scared to not vacciate her. What are your suggestions? . Her eczema does not look very bad. She has red sopts from constant scracting. That is it. What can I do try to see a differnce in her. I do eat milk products since per allergy test she was not allergic to the milk.
DP last decade
Hi Nesha,
Will you pls read my link on Eczema at your convenience and provide some valuable inputs.
Right now he is receiving homeopathy treatment and his condition is improving but slowly.

Vinfern last decade
Hey DP,

Everything I say is in spite of your child's symptoms and causes eczema, causes.

I do suggest at six months though only to introduce one food at at time, and have long intervals before each one to check for reactions. (I start with organic brown rice cereal first). It's also very easy to make your own baby food, if you have a stove and a blender/ processor . I usually make a batch, take out what I'm going to use, put the rest in an ice tray or two, freeze over night then baggy them up and put back in the freezer.

When you give food on shorter intervals you can just pick out what you want to give the next day by defrosting in the refrigerator the day/night before.

You have to make those choices for your children, I can only say for myself.

You do have the right to be fully informed. Your fear IS the not knowing.

Sometimes we don't get all of the information before we make decisions for whatever reasons.

Sometimes what are in the hearts of people we'll never know.

No one else loves my child like I do except my husband, and my duty as a parent is to love, teach, feed, support, care for, and protect. I will not let any one else take full responsibility for these things ever again for whatever reasons.

The "forefathers" of this country (The United States of America) set up a system based on freedom (you know after they ran from oppression to recreate it over here forcing others from this land), Although a great philosophy, we are still dealing with humans however, and what started out as >> "for the people by the people" ends up as "by these people for these people".

Luckily "Medicine" is not an ACTUAL law we have.

Politics get all screwed up and what is actually best for us gets lost in a pool of corruption.

Beliefs are forced upon us.

As it stands now, we STILL have a choice created by this Constitution on whether to have our children vaccinated.

Some people choose to vaccinate their children only because they:

1) believe what someone else (doctor) says is true and don't KNOW anything else.

2) know something else, but are skeptical, and still put trust in someone/thing else (doctor/establishment) to do what is right for our children

3) do not understand the concept of risk and benefit, or the concept of immunity, or the way the body works

4) think this IS a law, do not know they can say no, do not know that schools are mandated, but you can exempt in all 50 states, for medical (good luck getting a doctor's help) or religious reasons if you do not agree with vaccinations. The only problem with some day cares or other schools that are private is you will have to abide by their rules to attend. All public schools everywhere in the US are required to abide by the law, which is that your children may have (religious) beliefs against vaccinations.

20 states allow a philosophical exemption.

There are plenty of places to get the right info. for filing exemption.

I could go on, but the best way to make the best choices for ourselves and our children is to educate yourself, which also a personal responsiblity.

A great place to learn about the history of vaccinations is a site called educate-yourself(dot)org. click on >>vaccine dangers>vaccine debate
WNCGirl last decade
Oh, and I missed a question about what you could do to see a difference. Read my post above on case history again of the common allergy foods. Common. Doesn't mean always or only. I personally would not use eucerin. I don't trust it. (The same people who want our children vaccinated want us to use it and only it to treat unless they can prescribe something that will give you more side effects and cost more money. The cycle is endless.) It is a by-product of oil production and is just another decpetive ploy to dispose of this waste (through the things we ingest/absorb). Why do you think "they" suggest it? Cheap disposal, and they actually make a profit from it. I am not a trash disposal or a lab rat by choice. The best is something natural that is not toxic and that absorbs well. I would use olive oil only unless you found something else good (like the glycerin, which is a better/more useful by-product obtained from fats and oils usually from soap making). I know the oil is greasy, but they outgrow clothes soon enough.

Who knows maybe, maybe she will grow out of it. Mine is. I might not have ever known if I continued vaccinations.

WNCGirl last decade

"Nesha-India" and "WNCGirl" are knowledgable and their advice is trustworthy.
Follow their advice.

But they don't emphasize strongly enough about the vaccines.
Please do not vaccinate you child further.
I will give you one link to look at, for other links click on my profile.

God Bless,
TimCam last decade
Maybe I did not make a direct emphasis on the vaccination problems. I did give information on where to educate yourself. The Government's own CDC is a great place to find out what vaccines contain. And this is something the establishment can't even argue with.

DP, I am sorry for assuming that after you read the right, truthful information you would obviously know what you should do. You know what they say about assuming, don't you?

Well, let me make this clear -

I will suggest this as you asked:


I want everyone to make rational decisions, but if you ask me make this for you, I say for God's sake, don't vaccinate.

Thank you TimCam for bringing this up.

WNCGirl last decade
Please give serious consideration to an organic diet. After 32 years of eczema, I began a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables; my eczema worsened; (understatement, those of you with eczema know how bad it is) I wondered if the increase of produce might be the culprit....I switched to an organic diet, little by little, after 2 years I was completely free from all symptoms, unless I ate in a restaurant, but the eczema was temporary. 10 years later my skin is still clear, now I am losing weight and the toxins stored in my fat cells are causing a minor flare up but thats ok.....its nothing compared with the stress of all those years of lost sleep, difigured skin and self consciousness. Good luck everyone. PS I have no more seasonal allergies either
heartspoken last decade
Dear Nesha, you are too much obsessed with me and Joe. Please realise the fact so you can stand on the firm ground.
girilal last decade
My attention was invited by a friend to this thread which I have read briefly as it is very long. I noticed that many have posted their experience with Eczema but as far as I can see, none has confirmed that they have experienced any positive response to the therapy recommended.

I have had singular success in the treatment of Eczema which I felt that I should share with all who may be interested in the remedy that I used which is Arnica 6c in the wet dose. This is made by inserting 3 pellets of Arnica 6c into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard to ensure bubbling. A teaspoonful of the water which is now the remedy is sipped twice daily. I have had reports from patients that they discovered that their Eczema responded positively in just 3 days when the oozing and the scratching stopped and that they disappeared in a week.

It is recommended however that the Arnica therapy is continued for a few months after the lesions have stabilized to ensure that they do not recur.
Joe De Livera last decade
curative treatment is not exclusive to arnica...

cure is to be permanent-without need of any further medicine and no other ill (set of symptoms not experienced before by patient)or ill consequence is to come from treatment in eczemas place-

adherance to single remedy at a time is manditory
John Stanton last decade
To John

You will observe that I have not maintained in my post above that Arnica is the exclusive treatment for Eczema.

I am aware that there are many others but in my experience I have noticed that only Arnica evokes the most positive response from the patient. I have had many cases of cures of this ailment and the most extraordinary of them was the cure of this chronic ailment which an electrical engineer had been suffering from for over the last 75 years. He is 89 years old today and still batting strongly without his chronic eczema that had always been a nightmare to him throughout his professional life. He noticed almost immediate improvement in his condition in a week and all oozing stopped in two. He still insists on taking Arnica 6c twice daily as he feels much better in health and is relieved of his aches and pains in his body which return if he is off Arnica for a few days. He also takes Nat Phos 6x after 2 meals to help his chronic constipation which has been stabilized and is almost normal.

I felt that I should record my experience on this thread to which I was alerted by a friend as many of those who have posted on it did not confirm any positive response to their eczema after using the many remedies that were prescribed.

Joe De Livera last decade
hey joe--no problem ---i understood your position--just making clear to other reasders --cure is different than pallative and/or supressive treatment--no medicine further needed with cure...
John Stanton last decade
'PLACIEBO method '

A medicine (here it is Arnica or Nat.Phos.) given JUST to SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases. Mostly, these medicines are do not have any physically curative effect. BUT to only INDUCE & satisfy the patient INTO BELIEVING psychologically that these medicines are working on him. The patient by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, BUT THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINS THE SAME and further dangerously cumulates into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

Please read 'Important' disclaimer at the end of the ABC-forum page.

CONSIDER THIS (by Winston Churchill) :
'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade

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