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'PLACIEBO method '

A medicine (here it is Arnica or Nat.Phos.) given JUST to SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases. Mostly, these medicines are do not have any physically curative effect. BUT to only INDUCE & satisfy the patient INTO BELIEVING psychologically that these medicines are working on him. The patient by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, BUT THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINS THE SAME and further dangerously cumulates into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

Please read 'Important' disclaimer at the end of the ABC-forum page.

CONSIDER THIS (by Winston Churchill) :
'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
approaching this subject from open view--and consiering what joe says is true--then one mus think whatis actually occuring in these cases that an amelioration is existing--while under long term use of arnica 6c in aqueous solution---i dont write this off as puerly placebo-mind over mater--there is definitlly something to arnica use that at least allows a pallitation---

long term use may point to some form of suppression or ill consequence--but without knowing folow up cases and data before use--it cannot be ascertained....

it is noted of arnica's pathogensy--the affiliation of injuries--and the mention of anti suppurstion when given in correct timing--as is the state of mind peculiar to arnica--it is in this day and age we live that many thins can be respondedd to as would an injury /acident/these type postured befallments---i am looking into this aspect of arnica that has an affiliation with such eczema patients--a vague homoeopathicity---not covering central issue but touching something---i am stll interestingly obseving this of cases i read which have used arnica...i find this no less wiser than other specific approaches or shot gumn methods---many remedies --this also gives sense of not knowing hpow to treat --or never have treted eczema in its fullest process----to cure .....in experience is biggst factor--and non adherant to homoeopatic principles...
John Stanton last decade
Thank you for at least 'considering' that what I have recorded is true. I must emphasize that I have never been the type of devious person like some others on this thread who merely mouth pious phrases to suit their own state of mind which usually is that of one inebriated or has even gone round the bend.

There is absolutely no possibility of Arnica being equated to a PLACEBO as I have used it to help over 50 cases of chronic eczema some of which I have recorded on this forum. Even for the purpose of argument one case is considered to be the result of some form of psychosomatic suggestion, over 50 cases just cannot be tarred with the same brush.

The fact is that I have been the first homeopath to discover and record that Arnica is as least in my opinion. The Ultimate Remedy for Eczema. True it is that there are many more remedies which are used for this ailment which incidentally is quite common in one form or another in Sri Lanka and I shall quote Boreicke below:

ECZEMA -- ®thiops, Alnus, Alum., Anac., Anthrok., Ant. c., Arbut., Ars., Ars. iod., Berb. aq., Berb. v., Bor., Bov., Calc. c., Canth., Caps., Carb. ac., Carbo v., Castor eq., Caust., Chrysar., Cic., Clem., Commocl., Con., Crot. t., Dulc., Euphorb., Fluor. ac., Frax. am., Fuligo, Graph., Hep., Hippoz., Hydrocot., Jugl. c., Kali ars., kali m., Kreos., Lyc., Mang. ac., Merc. c., Merc. d., Merc. pr. rub., Merc. s., Mez., Mur. ac., Nat. ars., Nat. m., Nux v., Îland., Persicaria, Petrol., Piloc., Plumb., Pod., Prim. v., Psor., Rhus t., Rhus v., Sars., Sep., Skook. ch., Sul., Sul. iod., Thuya, Tub., Ustil., Vinca, Viola tr., Xerophyl., X-ray.

You will note that Boericke in his wisdom has not mentioned Arnica in his Repertory. Arnica was discovered by me to be the specific for Diabetes among many other ailments that I have recorded elsewhere. Its serendipitous discovery as a remedy for Eczema surprised me and I was delighted when I discovered that the Eczema of a patient to whom I had given it for chronic back pain reported that his Eczema had vanished in just 3 days. He had suffered from eczema for over 10 years and had seen specialists galore and later Homeopaths who insisted on giving him the standard 'constitutional' remedy that did not make the slightest difference on the eczema and only cost him a lot of money in a fruitless search for a cure. The Arnica fixed him in a few days and he is completely cured today after about 3 months on a reducing dosage. He does not use Arnica today any more.

Those who are quick to criticize me should know by know that I do not state untruths like they do, merely to achieve their own ends however nebulous and illogical they may be. They should have hopefully realized by now that I have been involved in homeopathy long before they were even able to comprehend the meaning of the word homeopathy. I do admit that I was a skeptic at that time, who just could not accept the principles of Homeopathy but when I was cured of my chronic colds, I decided to read about it and I believe that today I have been able to help thousands, and even perhaps millions who read my posts on this and other forums of my own concept of using Homeopathic remedies to alleviate and cure human disease. I mention millions whom I have helped as I understand that Nat Phos 6x is not being used in the Health Farms in the US as the safest and most effective weight reducing agent that they have ever discovered.

It is the dedication to this precious science that matters and I hope that those who are quick to only sit on the sidelines and criticize will realize sooner than later that the Truth always Prevails.

I would strongly recommend that this critic uses Arnica in the manner that I have often recommend on this forum and see for herself whether or not my recipe for a cure is valid or otherwise. I can assure her that in all cases that I have treated there was absolutely no need for the patients to be brainwashed by me into believing that the Arnica in the wet dose was designed to act by ' psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief'. The relief that the patients experienced in just 3 days was proof that there was no PLACEBO intended or involved.

I would like to conclude this post with a quotation from Schopenhauer which expresses my thoughts precisely:

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
--- Arthur Schopenhauer ---

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Arnica and other homeopathic remedies are also used on animals.

So obviously Arnica nor homeopathic remedies are placibo.

Placibo is the word allopathic doctors use to discourage patients so as to secure their income. It's belief has no place in the mind of someone who practices homeopathy.

Unless, of course, a homeopathic practitioner does it to descourage also in a similiar manner as allopathic doctors do for their own self interest.
Pat2006 last decade
I have to disagree with Nesha & say that long term use of cotisone is very bad for the skin. It makes the skin very thin and then when you itch - it tears & bleeds very easily leaving you vulnerable for infection, which is what happened to me.

Also -
cooked food is easier to digest than raw food and can be soothing for a troubled digestive tract which is part of the eczema dis-ease.
Tomatoes can be extremely irritating to a person with eczema. Occasionally I will have just a little slice mixed with other foods so as to get the nutritional value.
Carrot juice is loaded with sugar and will cause me to itch all over if I have a small glass of it. I only eat carrots in small doses mixed with other foods.

I agree with Nesha about the sun. The sun and the ocean in combination is the best healing treatment that I have ever encountered.
lila3 last decade

Thank you for the kind words towards Nesha. Let us hope that she likes you too.
Pat2006 last decade
Thank you for the kind words towards Nesha. Let us hope that she likes you too

What is this supposed to mean???
lila3 last decade
Hello. I have eczema on both hands and under the left eye (close to the nose). Eczema on the right hand is much worse than the left. Red, swollen, peeling and cracking (and sometimes bleeding) skin. Latest attack started a month ago with the first cool spell of the fall. I live in Houston, and when it's hot and humid (six months out of the year), all the symptoms disappear completely, as if the eczema has never occurred. And every time with the first cold front of the year, the eczema returns and lasts until the next hot season. This year the most alarming development yet has occurred. For the first time ever, a patch of eczema has formed beneath the left eye. I have never had eczema on my face before. Also this year, it is worse than it has ever been on my hands. Another frightening development this year is that it is spreading and advancing (before it was always contained). I can see the red bumps forming on the skin, preceding the actual patches of the disease.

I tried the following natural remedies over a week and a half ago, and all of them have failed:

Copaiba oil
Andiroba Oil
Pure Tea Tree Oil
Dead Sea Salts
Pine Tar Soap
Arnica 30c as recommended on this site

In the last few days, I started on:

Hydrocortisone creme 1%
An anti-microbial creme

These last two items are the only things that are presently making any difference. However, I know that this is no fundamental solution. I am interested in trying Nesha's suggestion of a seven-day lime fast. However, I cannot have any citrus drinks because I have a severe case of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). For IBS I follow the nutritional guidelines of Heather Van Vorous, but with the difference that I maintain a high alkalinity. My PH saliva reading is between 6.8 and 7.2. I use high PH water drops in addition to a highly alkaline diet. My diet is extremely limited because so many alkalizing foods set off colon contractions. Carrots are one of the few foods I can tolerate. Is it possible to substitute carrot juice for lime juice?

I am used to fasting. This past summer, I was cured of advanced ovarian cancer by going on an extremely intensified version of the Brandt Grape Cure. I ate nothing but grape- mush for 10 weeks. In addition, I used Querecetin, IP6, Inositol, Proteolytic 'Zymactive' enzymes, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Standardized Butcher's Broom (for Lymphodema caused by rapid cancer cell die-off), Cellfood, Graviola Max, Heart Plus (to discourage spreading), Coenzyme Q10 100-200 mg, MaitakeGold 404™ MD Fraction High Potency, the ORIGINAL 8-herb Essiac tea formula, Barley Grass powder, mega doses of Ester-C and a comprehensive assortment of vitamin and mineral supplements. I'm also taking four teaspoons a day of Cod Liver Oil. It should also be mentioned that I can no longer tolerate grapes in my diet because of IBS.

Homeopathic remedies used for the cancer were (I no longer take them):

Baryta Iodata 6X
Galium Aparine 3X
Lachesis Mutus 10M

Needless to say, I agree with Nesha in principle that the fundamental problem for eczema is with the GI tract. I always have a feeling of fullness and bloating and my digestion is poor. I feel better since being on a limited diet:

Butternut squash

I know I need to cure the eczema from the inside out. What do you recommend?

I would appreciate anything you could recommend. Thank you!
cinemaseekers.com last decade
To Cinemaseeker

You are advised to read the many posts above where I have prescribed Arnica 6c in the wet dose to help with Eczema. You can also type Eczema into the Search Forum cage on the left of this page and read the many case records of patients who have benefitted from this this therapy.

You are advised to STOP using all other medication and drugs you are currently using for your Eczema if you do decide to use my therapy.

Please report your response after a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
I congratulate you on your courage for having healed yourself of O. cancer. That takes a tremendous amount of discipline.

I have had eczema on my hands since I was a child. About 10 yrs ago I began to get it around my eyes and then it spread to my whole face. It began on my face when I moved into an apartment with black mold. It was seasonal for me as well but would start during high humidity. Humidity makes molds grow & spread. Fall would make it worse. Then when they turn the heat on in the building it stirs up all of the old dust & mold. The molds (or other allergens) usually enters through the eyes or mouth or nose.
The last time my eye started to get the rash I sprayed colloidal silver on it for 4 or 5 days and it cleared up.

Eczema comes from yeast overgrowth in the body. A weak digestive system allows foods to go undigested which then sit and ferment creating extra yeast. Molds, sugars, fermented foods & stress will make it grow.
Most of the foods you listed on your diet will feed the candida. It could be okay to have these foods in small amounts but not grouped together. All of the fruits have a very high sugar content as do carrots. Carbs turn into sugar which feeds yeast. Mushrooms are pure fungus & miso is fermented.
I have seen many doctors regarding this illness & they all say pretty much the same thing regarding the diet. I have healed myself a few times but high stress & poor diet always brings it back. Once again I am healing myself.

There are many websites that have diets listing foods which do not feed candida. You can google it. Most of these foods are also ok for IBS. I have recently found out that people with eczema & IBS have leaky gut syndrome which can be cured over time by taking slippery elm tea daily on an empty stomach. You would also benefit from taking digestive enzymes.
The cod liver oil is very good for healing eczema. (probably also the intestinal lining)

I found this website recently which has alot of useful info about one person who healed their eczema. To find it -copy and paste this sentence
How I cured long term Chronic Eczema problem

& it will be the first link that comes up on google. they are not selling anything - just telling their story.

I wish you happy healing. You sound to me like a very determined person who knows how to find their way.
lila3 last decade
petrolium can be used as the remedy since its cream base is working fine on my patient externally, plz suggest dose and potency of the medicine
saurabhqwerty 9 years ago

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