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Help With Remedy for Depression and Anxiety

Hello, I am wondering if anybody would be able to help me with my case? I have been doing a lot of reading in order to self-prescribe the correct remedy for myself (in which I keep coming back to Nat-M both personality wise and physically) However I understand that I am by no means an expert and so I wondered if I could get someone more knowledgeable to take a look at my case for a second opinion? I don't have much money so it's really important that I spend what little I do have on the correct remedy.

In short my symptoms include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, headaches and back ache. I understand these are very broad and I am happy to go into far more detail if someone is willing to take my case, I just didn't want to share detailed information of myself until then.

Thank you in advance for any advice, I really appreciate your time.
  SummerK on 2016-07-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The following additional information is required to help you.

1. Age
2. Male or Female or other
3. Single/Married
4. weight
5. Height
6. country
7. climate
8. List of your complaints

9. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint

10. Diabetic or non-Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt
12. Thirst
13. Tongue and Taste
14. Current Blood Pressure (without medicine and with medicine)

15. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

16. Important Question.
Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?

17. Educational Qualifications of the patient
18. Nature of work, what do you do for living?

19. Important Question.
Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry,
impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not, you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.

20. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g
Pus, urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.

For Females Only
21. When is the period during the month approx. date?
Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems,
pain, any other discharges?

22. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?
nawazkhan 6 years ago
One must never self-prescribe as these remedies are very powerful with serious side effects.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Thankyou for your reply nawazkhan, I will take a look at your questions and get back to you soon.
SummerK 6 years ago
Hi, Please take your time.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Ok so these are my answers. I apologise if question 19 doesn't make much sense, I find it difficult to process my thoughts and feelings so I just had to right them as they popped into my head. I find if I think too much about it then I will start to 'censor' my answers, but I don't think that would help find the appropriate remedy so I have left it exactly how my mind thought it, if that makes sense.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to help me.

1. 27 years old
2. Female
3. Single
4. Approx. 9st
5. Approx. 5 ft 4 in
6. United Kingdom
7. (Not quite sure how to answer appropriately) Variable climate, typical British weather. Wet and windy most of the time with occasional mild summer days. I live in the countryside.

8. List of your complaints -

Mood : depression, low moods, lack of motivation or want to do anything, anxiety, low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, dwell on everything. (I have gone into far more detail in question 19 on these symptoms)

Headache : very painful boring type feeling around my right temple. Will sometimes spread out across my forehead but is more of a tight aching feeling, and down my neck and into right shoulder.
Can be set off by not eating, not drinking water first thing in the morning, strong smells i.e. perfumes, cigarette smoke, spices, raw garlic etc, heavy weather, like when the atmosphere feels quite stormy, being in the sun, taking a nap during the day, or change in sleep pattern.
Sometimes I wake up with a headache and it continues to get worse through the day or it starts around late morning and continues. I feel like it is at it's worst during late afternoon, sometimes it eases in the evening but occasionally it'll continue until I go to bed.
Feels better with hard pressure on the side that hurts, and applying something cold. As well as lying down on my right side and in darkness.

Backache : constant ache in the bottom of my back. Worse in the morning, and also if doing any physical work i.e. walking (which makes the ache more pronounced but also spreads down into my hips and thighs but it's not a muscle ache it feels like my bones are aching.) and also from moving or lifting things (this is when the pain is at it's worst and often ends in me being unable to put weight on my left leg for a while) although I've had this for so long I never really notice it whilst I'm working, more so after I stop.
Better from lying on a hard floor and from warmth.

9. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint -
Depression for the last 8 years.
Backache and Headaches I can't really remember a time when I didn't have these but I would say at least since my mid teens.
Low Self-Esteem I would say has become more prominent in the last 4 years.

10. Non-Diabetic

11. Desires - Crave chocolate during my low moods, like salted foods, strong flavoured foods, sour foods, coffee and dairy products. I hate bland or dry food, I always have to have some kind of sauce or gravy on my food. I also don't tend to eat sweets or crave them, I may have one or two on occasions but then I feel satisfied. If I eat too much bread then I become very constipated and get pains in my stomach just below my right ribs that is better from pressure and massaging motion. I'm also vegetarian, in case that's important.

12. Thirst - I crave cold soft (not fizzy) drinks like water or squash but my mouth always feels dry and thirsty which doesn't change from drinking.

13. Tongue and Taste – I'm not sure if anything stands out for me in regards to this, although I do sometimes have food that will get stuck at the back of my throat and go up the part that connects to my nose, but only slightly so that I can still feel it but I just can't swallow it. I don't always notice this happening though until a while after I have eaten.

14. Current Blood Pressure – I'm not sure.

15. One situation that had a big effect on you?
These are things I feel stand out during my life, although the events in between the ** seem to be the most prominent and the things I feel like I can't let go of or move past the most.
-parents always argued and fought during childhood.
-parents split when I was 14, my mother changed after this going out a lot and leaving me home with my younger brother, this made me angry, frustrated and resentful. We had severe arguments during my late teens, and clashed a lot.
-I moved away from home at 19 which is when I feel I can pin point my depression to, I felt lonely, I hadn't found any people that I'd really clicked with, and I spent weeks at a time in my room only leaving to go to the kitchen in the early hours of the morning so I could avoid seeing any of my flat mates.
**-In 2012 my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal C****r (it won't let me post the word), she was young and healthy so it was a huge shock. About 4 months later both her and my grandfather were killed in a car accident. When hearing this news I spent the journey home laughing at the irony of it all. I think I was in shock.
-That same week whilst I was home (at my mother's) my own flat was broken into and a lot of important things were taken.
-About 2 months later my Great Grandfather passed away.
-About 1 month later my relationship ended and I still hold huge anger and resentment towards her for not being there for me during that time in my life.**
-At the beginning of 2015 our family dog died really suddenly and I feel guilty for not saying goodbye.
-About 3 months later I had to have my cat put down.

16. Important Question.
Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?
I am not on any medication currently, although I do occasionally take Ibuprofen for my headaches if they're particularly bad and I have to be focusing on something at the time. I was put on anti-depressants at the end of 2012 but I only took them for a month and a half. I haven't ever taken any homeopathic remedies.

17. Educational Qualifications of the patient
I would say I was an average student academically speaking, I was a quite student and always tried to please. I loved Art and Physical Education although I wouldn't say I was particularly sporty. I achieved all of my GCSE's at 16 but I dropped out of school at 17 as I found the next level of work challenging and I lost all interest and motivation. I went to college instead and completed a course in Art and Design which I loved. I went on to University but hated it, had no motivation and this was also when I feel my depression started. I dropped out of University after the first year, and moved to a different University closer to home, I still felt I struggled with this only really attending for two weeks before dropping out again. I had no motivation to even get myself out of bed and lost a lot of weight during this time. I moved back to the city where I went to university to work, which I did for another 4 ish years. I decided to move back home to be closer to my family after the death of my grandparents. I went back to college in 2013 to complete a course in childcare which I really enjoyed but I felt an intense need to be perfect for the children, I felt extreme worry and responsibility for their emotional development. And so I found it difficult and stressful to work with others who didn't take their responsibility and their job seriously. I completed this course in 2015 and felt very proud of myself for this achievement as I find academic work very challenging.

18. Nature of work, what do you do for living?
I am currently not working. I feel like dealing with the world and the effect on my own well-being is too much and I would rather just hide at home.

19. Important Question.
Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry,
impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not, you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.

Mood :
-really low mood, numb feeling, no interest or energy to do anything, indifferent to everything.
-very irritable, easily aggravated, angry, easily startled, anxious
sudden noises set off anxiety e.g. car doors slamming, people sneezing/coughing, shouting/screaming (even in a positive way like at a sports game on tv etc)
-I also will feel anxious in anticipation for things, for example if I know something's being delivered to my house that day I will feel anxious all day. If I know my mum wants to take the dogs out for the day at the weekend, I will feel anxious waiting for the day.
-I feel intense pressure to be perfect, and to do everything perfectly. Including being the perfect dog owner, I feel extreme responsibility to keep him safe and happy. I do not trust myself to be good enough for him but I do not trust anyone else to care for him like I do. I feel anxious if I have to leave him, even if only for a few hours. I worry about something happening to him all the time.
-I find it difficult to focus on things, if I'm concentrating on something but there's other things going on around me or someone's trying to talk to me then I can get very irritated and angry.
-anxiety symptoms: weak heavy feeling in chest and pit of my stomach, and sometimes moves down my arms too. Trembling. Nauseous. Clammy. Heart Palpitations. Mind feels like it's racing but I am not able to focus on anything or recall anything I was thinking during that time. I often feel exhausted if I've had a particularly anxious day. I feel anxious just thinking about situations that have or would make me feel anxious.
-My mind is on overdrive constantly, I am going over all of the negative things that have happened to me in the past no matter how long ago. Everyday.
-I have to have the tv on to fall asleep to otherwise I lie awake for ages with my mind racing thinking about negative things that have happened or making up completely random situations in my mind.
-I am angry about past experiences and hold resentment towards people who have caused me pain, no matter how small.
-I hardly ever cry and feel like I block myself from feeling emotions. However, if I do cry it is usually after I have had a big anxious moment or day and I feel like everything is on top of me and I am stressed and tired of feeling this way, like I could just scream but it comes out as heavy sobbing which I will take myself away to do, away from other people, and still will try to suppress.
-I feel other peoples emotions very intensely though. For example if I watch someone on tv who is about to be reunited with their long lost brother or something then I won't just feel for them, I feel like I physically take on their emotions, like I have become that person. I also try and avoid reading about anything that will make me sad or angry because I will dwell on it all day, going back over everything in my head a million times.
-I'll stand in the shower for like 20mins before realising I got completely lost in my own thoughts and scenarios my mind made up.
-I go through phases of moods (although there doesn't seem to be a pattern) where I'll be really low for a while and then I may have a day (or even just an hour) where I wake up feeling good and will be really productive and get lots done, but the next day I'll go right back to feeling low and have no motivation etc. When I have a good day I manage to talk myself out of getting any help because “look I feel good today there must not be anything wrong with meâ€Â which is how it has gone on for 8 years.
-Will talk myself out of doing anything that could end up in failure, I avoid or run from things when they start to get difficult.
-Very fidgety and need to be doing something with my hands continuously, which is why I enjoy crocheting and knitting, I love being creative and this gives my mind something to focus on as well as my hands.
-I have a tendency to get really excited about things at the beginning and become quite obsessed with it but then will lose interest quickly, and move onto the next thing.
-Like to be alone but feel even better from having one person near me in the background somewhere, so that I know they're there but I don't have the pressure of having to interact with them.
-I used to be the one making jokes and joking around with my friends, it was something that came naturally. I don't feel that anymore, now I feel like I would have to put on an act and so I try and avoid social situations as much as possible. I also used to be good at making conversation with people I didn't know, now I find small talk physically draining and can't even bring myself to fake it.
-I find being outside (but still in my own garden) with a cool breeze can be soothing if I'm feeling stressed or anxious. And I also find water to be really soothing.
-I have very low self esteem, about me as a person more so than about the way I look.
-Thunderstorms make me very nervous. I used to love listening to music now it irritates me no matter what I listen to, I end up turning it off after like a minute and work in silence or I can have the tv on in the background. I also really dislike wearing socks, I prefer to walk around barefooted unless absolutely necessary. Also, I wouldn't say that I am fearful of crowds but they do make me quite irritable, if people bump into me, stop me from moving places etc.
-I'm a lesbian but am unable to come out to my family which also makes me feel like I can't be myself around anyone, like I have to hide parts of myself, or like I have to watch what I do or say in case I give it away. Which I also feel is subconsciously stopping me from meeting and talking to new people because it's always something that comes up in conversation the “so do you have a boyfriend?â€Â etc etc and I feel like I'm lying to people if I don't tell them straight away, and if I don't tell them straight away I feel it gets even more awkward to tell them later on. I worry about what people's reactions are going to be, whether they'll treat me differently, or whether they might know someone who knows my mother and then it'll get back to her etc etc. and then you get the questions like “but you don't look like a lesbian?â€Â so I then feel like I need to defend myself and I worry that if I don't say it properly that everyone will just think that I'm lying for attention, and I will play the whole conversation over and over in my head whether it went well or not to see if what I said was good enough or not. So in short I avoid people, or at least feel like I can't be myself because I'm hiding parts of me.
-I avoid telling anyone how I'm really feeling because I feel that people might think that I'm being a drama queen, I'm just looking for sympathy, or making it all up/making excuses, and that I should just snap out of it and get on with my life. I don't want sympathy but I feel like I need someone to tell me that how I'm feeling is real, like I need confirmation even though I'm not willing to open up to anyone. This also makes me resentful because I feel why hasn't anyone guessed? Even though I realise that that's completely irrational for me to expect someone to know how I'm feeling inside.
-I get really anxious about giving an opinion or advice on anything even when I know what I'm saying is correct but maybe it goes against what someone else has said. I get really passionate about things to the point where I will then spend my day feeling anxious unable to focus on anything, I'll have that heavy feeling in my chest, I'll be shaking and sweating. For example the most recent time this happened was when someone commented on a breed specific dog forum asking advice about her aggressive dog, everyone had told her that she should confront the dog, grab it and pin it to the floor etc etc... now this instantly made my blood boil, because scientific evidence shows that this is the complete opposite of what you should do, never mind it being completely dangerous! So I explained this and passed on information of a dog behaviourist. This already had made me feel anxious thinking about her poor dog and the situation if she took these peoples advice, I felt like I had taken on the responsibility if that makes sense. But then on top of that someone jumped on my comment telling me I was wrong, full of rubbish bla bla bla, this added to my anxiety and made my anger, not because of what she had said but I think it was more the fact that she wasn't even a little bit open to listening to what I had to say and that people would believe her when I know what I was saying was fact not just a matter of opinion. I was anxious and on edge for the rest of the day playing it over and over in my head.
-I love researching and learning about new things especially things to do with dogs but then it makes me angry that other people don't do the same research or learnt about the things I now know, I know that this is irrational as I don't know everything either but I think I feel responsible for other peoples dogs and worry about their well-being even though I know it is not my business what other people do. I can't switch off.
-I feel like I haven't achieved anything in my life and that I am a disappointment, yet I can bring myself to do anything to change that. I feel that I am resentful to my friends because they're all married, having children etc etc (even though this is not what I want for my life) and I can find myself picking on small things in order to justify being annoyed with them.
-I find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything but if I'm having a good day once I start something I can't stop until it's finished, or I'll feel anxious and on edge like I've forgotten something.
-My mind races constantly and I find it difficult to make sense of my own thoughts. I often have to make lists for the smallest of things just so I can try and untangle everything.
-I get really worked up inside over the smallest of things, for example if somebody does something minor that I do not agree with I feel like rational people will just accept the differences and let it go, but I get an intense feeling of anxiety and anger inside and I will play the situation over and over in my mind for the rest of the day.
-I feel like in the past I change myself easily to fit in with whoever I am friends with at the time and so I can become quite dependent in relationships and friendships. I feel like this is why I have low self esteem issues now since moving away from my friendship group. I wanted to take some time to figure out who I truly was but I have absolutely no idea who that is and I often doubt my own thoughts and feelings as to whether they are real or not.
-Since moving home none of my “friendsâ€Â that I made during those 5 years have bothered to keep in touch with me, despite me trying to reach out in the past. This is also something I struggle with and hold huge resentment towards as I feel like those 5 years of friendship and my life were a fake and a lie.
-I am always in a hurry when I'm out in public, walk extremely fast and get irritated if I'm stopped from doing so e.g. if someone is walking slow in front of me and I can't get past.
-Although I have always been quiet when meeting new people etc (I prefer to observe) I was always fairly confident in handling new situations and would be able to put on a good front. I had a kind of 'whatever' attitude not caring what other people thought, I suppose this was to protect myself but I feel the complete opposite of that now.
-I don't have a relationship with my father, whilst I think this makes me sad (I block myself from thinking about it) I don't feel like I hold any resentment towards him. Choosing to hold on to the good memories of him from my childhood, even though there were many bad which I feel I would hold against anyone else.
-My mother and I have quite a volatile relationship at times, we'll either get on really well or be having really bad arguments. She tends to say very nasty hurtful things during arguments which I subconsciously hold onto. I know I subconsciously hold a lot of resentment and anger towards her for a lot of things. I feel quite indifferent about her most of the time even though I know I would be devastated if anything were to happen to her. And then I feel guilty for not feeling anything towards her as she's my Mother.
- I often have to take a sudden deep breath like I have been holding my breath or stopped breathing.

20. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g
Pus, urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.
-Mild constipation in general
-When I wake in the morning my nose is blocked and I have watery, gunky eyes. My nose starts to clear whilst brushing my teeth, I then blow my nose and it clears and stays clear for the day. The mucous from my nose is mostly thicker than water but maybe not quite as thick as egg white, and is mostly clear with some clotted blood on occasions. My eyes have a creamy maybe very slightly green colour in the corners, and watery in general but clear after being wiped.
-I also have a constant feeling of something in the back of my throat like there's mucous coming down from my nose but I can't clear it, sometimes it feels like I dislodge some of it but I can't swollow anything and the original feeling stays the same.
-I feel that I sweat quite a bit even when I don't feel hot and from any form of physical exercise, even just normal walking. I mainly sweat on my back, underarms, and under my breasts.

For Females Only

21. When is the period during the month approx. date?
Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems,
pain, any other discharges?
I was very late in starting my periods, I think just before my 16th birthday. I'm bad at keeping track of my periods but at the moment they tend to be in the last week of each month. They seem to have been quite regular in the last 4-6 months but have always been quite irregular in the past mainly coming early. There was a period where I was having 2 periods per month, this seemed to last about 4 months ish. They also used to seem to last a lot longer too closure to a week of bleeding but recently they seem to be two days of heavy bleeding, two days of light bleeding and then nothing. I get bad stomach pains either just before I bleed or just after, these are better from pressure and warmth. My backache also gets worse. These pains last maybe one to two days at the beginning of my period. My stools always get softer during my period. I do sometimes get a white thick discharge at random times, not in relation to my period, and I haven't noticed any pattern of when this happens.

22. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?
No I am not pregnant.

- I get a lot of spot outbreaks on my skin, mainly along my jaw line, down my neck, across my shoulders, down the tops of my arms and down my back. As well as black heads.
- I also have an itchy scalp with no signs of a reason e.g. no redness or dry skin
SummerK 6 years ago
Please hold your horses.
nawazkhan 6 years ago

Please get hold of Rhus Tox 200C, Arsenicum Album 200C, Pulsatilla 30C and Bryonia 200C.

Dosing instructions later.

You will, Insha'Allah, take one remedy at a time.

Many prayers for your speedy recovery.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Ok thankyou so much.

I have very little money at the moment so I may have to save up a bit more before I can buy all of them but I will try my best to sort it as soon as possible. Is there maybe one or two that I could get first to start my healing or is it important that I have them all available before I start?
SummerK 6 years ago
Hi, You are welcome. Then, get only Rhus Tox 200C and Arsenicum Album 200C asap.

Good luck.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Brilliant, thank you!

I shall get back to as soon as I have them.
SummerK 6 years ago
Great! Stay Blessed!
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Sorry to bother you again, would you recommend I get the remedies in pill or liquid form? Thanks
SummerK 6 years ago
Right now, we can afford only in the pills form.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Hi, so I have now received Rhus Tox 200c and Arsenicum Album 200c. How should I proceed? Thanks
SummerK 6 years ago

Please take Rhus Tox 200C, dissolve 4 pills in 2 sips of mineral water, 1 time a day, for 3 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Ok I will do that, thankyou.

Is there anything I should avoid eating or drinking? I usually have one cup of coffee in the mornings will I need to stop this?
SummerK 6 years ago
"I usually have one cup of coffee in the mornings will I need to stop this?"
Yes, for sure.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
I have taken Rhus Tox now for the last 3 days as prescribed. I haven't noticed any changes as of yet, but I understand that it works over time. What are the next steps I should take?

SummerK 6 years ago

Please take Arsenicum Album 200C, dissolve 4 pills in 2 sips of mineral water, 1 time a day, for 3 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
One must never touch the pills. Always use mineral water.

Please be patient.

How is the thirst now?

What are the current Mind symptoms and all other symptoms in detail?
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Hi, sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you.

So I took Arsenicum Album for three days starting on the 22nd of July. Following that I started to feel a lot calmer than normal, I didn't have that constant anxious feeling in my chest. When I did feel anxious it wasn't as bad or last as long. I also felt like I had more motivation,I felt restless because I actually wanted to be doing something rather than before when I felt restless but had no desire to do anything. I also felt like I was more tolerable of noises etc.

However, on Wednesday the 3rd of August I woke up with the anxious feeling in my chest again, which lasted on and off through the day and left me feeling exhausted for the following day. I have continued to feel anxious on and off since then for no real reason, I also feel irritable and less tolerable of things again.

I haven't noticed any change in my back pain, headaches or thirst.

I have since realised that the water I used for the Rhus Tox doses was actually filtered water rather than mineral. Is it possible that this may have cancelled out the Rhus Tox since I didn't notice any change? (Sorry if that complicates things, I didn't realise the important difference in the waters at the time.) The water I used for the Arsenicum Album was definitely mineral.

Thanks for taking the time to help me.
SummerK 6 years ago
Please report on time to get well soon.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Ok thank you, I will be sure to report back sooner in the future.

How would you suggest I move forward from here?

SummerK 6 years ago
Hi, Please take Rhus Tox 200C again, for 3 days with mineral water this time.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 6 years ago
Hi, I have taken the doses of Rhus Tox. I don't feel like there has been any change in my physical symptoms or most of my mind symptoms. However, I do feel like the racing thoughts and conversations in my head may be happening less frequently. I haven't been paying much attention to when they happen but I woke early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep because my mind kept racing and it made me realise that I hadn't had that feeling in a little while.
SummerK 6 years ago

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