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Mother suffering from chronic Insomnia

1. Age/Sex/Month of birth/Country/Climate:
60/F/November - Scorpio/India/Winter season

2. Current complain - from how long:
1994 since she recovered from Meningitis.

3. Current medicine you are taking:
PentaPhos which includes

Calcarea Phos 6x
Magnesia Phos 6x
Ferrum Phos 6x
Kali Phos 6x
Natrum Phos 6x

She continued to take this for 6 months & has discontinued for the past 15 days.

4. Sign & Symptom of disease:
a. Sometimes sleep comes at somewhere around 2AM or sometimes she is asleep at 11pm. She will either wake up at 3AM or 4AM or straight away at 5AM. Then she has trouble sleeping. She told me nothing goes on in her mind when she wakes up. Can hear her loud yawning otherwise if she is awake in the night. Also cough & farting atleast once during sleep in the night or in bed when not asleep.
b. light slumber; wakes up from her loudest snore.
c. wake up within 5 hours or less sometimes.
d. feels sleepy in the morning or weak throughout the day.
e. tossing in bed several times.
f. loss of appetite the next day if her sleep in the night was poor. She said even the food tastes almost boring, tasteless.
g. Puffy eyes or swollen area below the lower eye lid like a small bag . I believe that area has become permanently swollen now & has become somewhat dark.
h. Hair falls when she combs. Over the years she has lost quite a lot of hairs.
i. She feels dull-headed & felt vertigo that the bed is shaking or there is an earthquake. Over the past few months this has decreased after taking Penta-Phos 6X salts.

5. Brief medical history:
In 1994 my mother caught meningitis & she sought medical treatment at the hospital. She recovered and was given calcium tablets & various other medicines that my parents do not remember any more. Unfortunately they also did not keep the medical reports of the hospital gave us of her treatment.

6. Family Back Ground:

7. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient:
She worked in a government based company till 2004 after which she took voluntary service retirement.

8. Desires and aversion of food:
likes sweet and salty (namkeen) things. Loud and long belching afterwards.
aversion to meat.

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry..etc.:
She is faultfinding & constantly points out anybody's fault. She also points out that I eat slowly while all the others are done with their food.

She is forgetful & slow to comprehend, weak mathematical calculations.

She hates noise.

She is averse to lightrays that make her cringe her eyes and tells me to drag the curtain in front.

She is irritable.

She doesn't like if I try to give her a hug. She says she feels suffocated.

Inability to explain her problems.

Dull headed & does not understand properly when someone tries to explain something to her.


When she is angry I have to raise my voice to silence her.

She sometimes stares absently in front of her or is thoughtful at times.

She becomes concerned & brings out an old homeopathy book whenever my sister complains of any ailment & starts prescribing medicines.

She fears being alone which I have deduced from the fact that whenever a courier guy arrives in my absence , she scold me that I should inform her.

She fears pain, diseases, death, cannot look at horror movies or when there is gore; turns her face away & shows disgust.

She resists change. If I ask her to have a dinner at a restaurant she immediately starts complaining of all the oily, indigestible stuff. Even if she agrees she will again complain if someone suggests of trying out a new restaurant.

She is obstinate & does not admit her mistake. She is also egoistic.

She likes to repeat her problems which she does not realize. She inherited this from my grandfather. At times I have to tell her that she is constantly repeating her statement to which she further retorts that I do not have the patience to listen at all. In short blame me or my father in the end.

Most of the time she is having a joke, pulling our leg or watching old Bollywood movies or songs & funny Hindi comedy shows.

Her face puffs like a red tomato when she laughs at a funny joke. Afterwards she starts coughing as if she lost her breath & then becomes normal.

She becomes greatly exhausted on climbing stairs or after walking. She has very small feet & thin wrists.

Cold, icy feet during winter. During summer she has woken somewhere around 12 - 1AM complaining of burning feet.

She complains of her insomnia & curses my father for sleeping peacefully next to her & has somehow given up hope that she will never be better. I have reaffirmed her that she will be fine. She is a believer in homeopathy.

10. What makes it worse and what makes it better:
Rest makes it better

11. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...:
Normal & she is not diabetic

12. Physical appearance
She weighs 73kg & has a lot of belly fat as well as fat on various other body parts.

She doesn't have the tendence to catch recurring cold or has sinusitis which ruled out the Tubercular miasm.

She doesn't fear the night or has night-coughing which also ruled out Syphilis.

Over the past she has consumed a lot of medium-high potency (200C) based medicines that she does not remember now. One of the most common I have seen is Rhus Tox 200 for the pain in her knees. That is due to her knees becoming cold. The other ones could be Sulphur 200, China 30, Natrum Mur 30 & 200 (whenever she catches cold).

I observed my mother's problems & her usual behavior as thoroughly as I could by comparing with Boerick's, Kent's & Hering's materia medica & eventually deduced that she is most probably suffering from perhaps cerebral congestion or something closely related which = after-effects of meningitis. Few years ago her problem was worse & she has fainted twice in front of me. My father took her to a nearest homeopath & she was prescribed some medicines. Her condition stabilized afterwards. She mentioned that was also due to lack of proper sleep.

The main Part..
Eventually I deduced that her symptoms & current constitution closely resemble Calcarea Carbonica. So I started giving her the remedy.

1st dose of Calc Carb 200C: No physical or mental difference noticed. My mother sometimes confuses me in telling her symptoms as she is very bad in explaining but I kept asking her everyday if she noticed anything different. She did not.

After 5-6 days Calc Carb 1M was given: Again nothing.

After 5-6 days Calc Carb 1M was repeated: Again nothing. I was hopeful that the 2nd dose might trigger something this time.

On Jan 14, 2017 Calc Carb 10M was given: Within half an hour she reported her feet were warm. She was snoring in her sleep & from what I have noticed she may have had somewhat better sleep. She told me she still did not feel anything though. I have been waiting & observing & it seems her ailment has neither aggravated nor ameliorated. Everyday I ask her if she is feeling any different & what was the time she fell asleep. Her answer is that sleep comes around 2AM or maybe 15-20 minutes earlier. I believe 10M acted like a 30C on her by simply warming her feet. I asked her today if she can judge her sleep on Saturday night the same day I gave her 10M but she cannot remember or judge. Probably it was not impactful enough for her to notice or remember.

Did I give her the wrong medicine? Kali Carb seems to match too with her current constitution.
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  varunb on 2017-01-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
" from what I have noticed she may have had somewhat better sleep. She told me she still did not feel anything though. I have been waiting & observing & it seems her ailment has neither aggravated nor ameliorate "

your mother seems to be fine, 5 hours sleep is there in many senior citizens, if you try to help her do not prescribe any homeopathic medicines. tell her to do some exercise, walk, physical work, social gathering.

you can consult a psychiatrist and ask him to prescribe some pills in lowest dose.

0antivirus0 3 years ago
The indicated remedy looks to be Lachesis Mutus.

Just give one dose in 200c potency NOT to be repeated. Please report after 10 days.
sameervermani 3 years ago
Its been almost 2 weeks & nothing so far. I read Lachesis rubics & they are not matching with my mother's sleep related problems. My apologies to Dr Sameer for not clearly explaining the problem. My mother is unable to describe her problems properly. Please allow me to explain them again:

-Insomnia; frequent waking at around 3 or 4AM; awakens early in the night; sleepy in the morning.
-Body heat upon waking; itching in upper & lower limbs.
-No anxiety; old or current events start crowding her mind like marriage to attend tomorrow, etc or possibly an old grievance.
-Coughs atleast once in the night but no asthma problem.
-Light slumber.
-Aversion to noise in bed in the night; likes silence.
-throws herself in bed; continuous tossing to find comfortable position.
-yearns for sleep.

-Highly obstinate; does not listens to advice.
-Gets irritated quickly & violent.
-Dislikes contradiction.
-Resist Change.
-Always complaining at trifles.
-Aversion to noise, light & touch; dislikes hugging or touching; feels suffocated.
-unable to describe her problem.
-hates physical exertion but knows the importance of atleast morning walk.
-afraid when lonely; esp of courier guys when she is not informed.
-fear of diseases.
-likes to jest & pull legs.
-apprehensive of health of those around her; health anxiety of closed ones.

-Hairfall during combing.

-Puffy, purple area below lower lids.

-Likes both sweet & sour food.

-Complains of gas roaming in her upper limb or headache due to it.
-Loud belching after normal food or beverages.

-Shortness of breath/Exhaustion after slight climbing of stairs.

-Fair, yellowish complexion, weighs 72-73kgs, plump, fat on the back, lower limbs.
-Tiny feet, arms & wrist.

Lower limbs.
-Pain in lower limbs esp thighs & feet on performing physical chores.

-Has had pilesproblem; likes to remain silent & away from everybody; used Aesculus ointment & Arsenic Album.
-Burning due to piles.

Please share your thoughts again. Should I go and buy Lachesis or do you wish to prescribe some other remedy?
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varunb 3 years ago
My prescription stays the same.

I am fairly confident that the remedy is Lachesis.
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sameervermani 3 years ago
Did you try the Lachesis ?
sameervermani 3 years ago
Thank you for bringing this up Dr Sameer. Before I could try Lachesis, she was already given Kali Carb 10M. The next morning she said she slept good in quite a long time & felt refreshing. Unfortunately kali carb 10M did not hold onto her & again her insomnia/frequent waking returned within 2 days. On the consultation of another homeopath who is an acquaintance of my father & was fortunately visiting the city at the same time, we gave her Kali Carb CM. So far she has been sleeping good. She does wake up around between 1AM - 3AM but she is able to fall asleep. Every morning I ask her how was her sleep & she says its fine. She has been also advised to use Avena Sativa MT atleast once-twice a day.

I will report further progress of her condition. I must confess that her mind symptoms & other patterns match closely with Kali Carb (the way she gets irritated in a bad way, quarreling with family members, etc)
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varunb 3 years ago
" I must confess that her mind symptoms & other patterns match closely with Kali Carb (the way she gets irritated in a bad way, quarreling with family members, etc)"

--> This can be there in a lot of remedies and does not tilt the remedy choice towards Kali-c.

Did her mental state improve with Kali-c?
sameervermani 3 years ago

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