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Severe multiple food allergies and eczema

My baby has very severe eczema. It started soon after her first vaccination. It has progressively worsened. The itching and rashing is all over her body - from her scalp to her toes. She was breastfed and formula fed with nutramigen. When she was 7 months we test her for food allergies. We discovered she was allergic to so many foods. This test was conducted again with more food samples 2 months ago (she is now 16 months old), it turned out she tested positive for even more foods. Her multiple food allergies of a kind not seen yet by so many Allergists. To name a few, she is allergic to wheat, soymilk, cow milk, goat milk, peanuts (and all foods of the legume family), tree nuts, shellfish and other seafoods, turkey, beef, lamb, pork, egg, citrus, etc. To be honest, there is very little to feed her. Because of her allergies, she has what is called "food adversion." She hates food. She is on a special formula called E028. That is all she eats. This formula is as elemental as it gets. But guess what? She still itches non-stop.

My daughter has not had 2 straight hours of sleep since she was two months of age. The itching is so bad now she barely sleeps at all. The antihistamines (Benadryl and Atarax), periactin, topical steroids, etc do not work. I have spent so much money on you name what... nothing seems to work even some natural oils. In addition, I have tried fish oil, flax seed oil, evening primrose to name a few. She flares up so frequently I can hadly tell what triggers the flare-ups. I have also tried probiotics but so many of them are milk based. Now, I recently ordered online, emu oil. That too caused her to flare up with reddisht rashes all over. I stopped it immediately.

What are my other choices?. I am at my wits end. The itching has gotten so bad, I do not know what to do anymore. She is constantly wriggling in pain and causing so much harm to herself when she itches. I cut and file her nails so short that to get around that, she resorts to biting her skin open with her teeth. I am not sure the Doctors, dermatologists and Allergists, have a solution either. All they counsel is more medication and greasing her from head to toe with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has destroyed our beddings, washing machine, clothes, etc. I go through tons of them. Still, no relief!

She cannot go to daycares. She must always dress up covered with long sleeves and pants. It is impossible to work with her condition. I am desparate for help to improve the life of my gift, my daughter. Does any one have a suggestion?
  ustoo on 2006-03-17
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I don't have an answer for you... I'm also a Mom with a daughter who has severe eczema.. We've only starting using homepathic for it and gotten some relief along with removing food allergens seems to make the biggest difference. It's not like she eats much especially when it's flaring but at least we've removed the obvious allergens. She seems to be allergic to wheat and tomatoes. I will test her for corn when she calms down for a while again (we tested tomatoes yesterday.. horrible!! But she is much better today so it's short lived.)

My daughter had no vaccines or antibiotics. Eczema seems to just been something that happens sometimes!! She was on a special formula as well that had no milk proteins... just amino acids. It seemed to help.

We just tried sulphur (based on her whole picture and the type of rash) and that has helped a lot. We MIGHT add graphites to see if that helps as well as that seems to fit a little too.

Hang in there,
Jen :)
Peace4you last decade
I thought of some more to add that might help everyone help you...

Does her rash weep at all? What does it look like? Blisters? If you wash it in warm water, does it get worse... does she complain? What if you use cool water... does she complain as much?

She probably isn't allergic to all those foods... she is just SO INFLAMED right now from what she IS allergic to that she is reading positive on everything. I have read from other moms that this happens sometimes.

Do you avoid using perfumes on yourself and her and use natural detergents on clothes?

I just use collodial oatmeal bath in her tub and a little California Baby wash on her privates, face & hands... her face and right hand are where the problem is. We only bathe every few days and just wash her up the other days. The days we don't bathe we put moisturizer all over her.

Homeopathic will help and I'm sure the kind people on here will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Jen :)
Peace4you last decade
can send photographs by email of effected area it help me to judge your medicine. and write me when it increases or decreases.
age of your baby.
deoshlok last decade
for ustoo's daughter

My dowsing result indicates treatment with biochemic salts.

Nat.Sulph 6x 2 tablets twice a day and Combination no.28 in 3x potency once a day for 15 days.

Report after 15 days directly to my email id.

I wish speedy recovery to your little angel


Nikhil Shah
asknikhil last decade
my goodness i feel so sorry for you. My daughter is 5 months old, and her eczema appeared to start sfter her first immunizations. I knew nothing about the condition until then. I am rappidly realizing the difficulty it brings to everyday life. I hope your little can overcome this.
marie w last decade
hi ustoo,

hope u and your baby are doing just fine...i m visiting this website for the first time today and after reading your mail i feel as if i m reading a summary of all the conditions my 13 month old daughter is suffering from. I really feel for you.My daughter is also allergic to all the foods you mentioned in your mail..its very hard for me to come up with things that i can offer her for her breakfast, lunch and dinner...its getting more difficult cuz now she points at what we are eating and cry for it...i dont eat infront of her cuz it tares my heart out when i m not able to give her what she wants to eat. In these 13 months i had to call 911 there times cuz i tried something with her which i didnt know she is allergic to. She responded with hives all over her body and had a trouble breathing for few seconds until she vomitted out what i gave her to eat. She takes rice milk with a little bit of nutramigin in it cuz she really doesnt like the taste of nutramigin alone. we give her benedryll on daily basis and use crotosone for her eczema but, i feel that all these alopathy medications are not doing any good for her. i dont know what to do anymore..i m so desperate for help...i wanna know if you found some treatment for your baby yet and if its working for her...any kind words from you will be greatly appreciated...again, i hope that your dear daughter is doing better...plz reply back ASAP.
nidaomerkhan last decade
hi ustoo,
i'm not an expert but i have a lot of experience with allergies having them myself since i was a baby too and my son had also got them. my son got so bad with his i was on the forum myself trying to get help, when you put your child through so many changes of foods etc the allergies get worse, take her back to where she started and give her your diet and every 3 to 4 weeks introduce a new food, you'll get to know what is acceptable, my son throws up with eggs and lentils but will get hives with other stuff and get a sore acidy bum with dairy so i keep him away from these foods, but with the mild reactions he still gets them, ya cant keep your child off everything or it'll end up having nothing to eat, see your homeopath for a possible antidote for the immunizations and get organic pure aloe vera gel and tea tree oil for her skin, aloe vera cleared up mu own eczema and psoriasis where doctors creams made it worse because there was lanolin in it and i was allergic to that as well, try and stay away from chemically produced products, nature provides us with everything we need, its just getting the right things for you, you'll get there dont give up, i have so many allergies myself and only foods i can eat is veg and meat, nothing else no fruit dairy wheat anything, we,ve a history of allergies in my family, just have to deal with it and keep looking for new cures. good luck,
elainesmyth68 last decade
hi ustoo,
I meant to ask you, are you still breastfeeding and do you smoke
elainesmyth68 last decade
Bless you as you struggle to find a solution for your child. I am a classical homeopath, and I read your story with great interest. In a case like this it is best that you find a classical homeopath. Just throwing remedies at something like this won't be effective. the injury occured after the vaccine and the body is trying to rid itself of that out the skin. It's trying to keep it as superficial as possible by holding it on the skin. Hopefully it will be righted before it goes deeper.

First of all, no more vaccines. I can see many remedy choices for her as i read your story but it would take a full 2 hour session and more to track this down for her. But homeopathy, classical homeoapthy, is probably your best chance.
Sue Mills
carverhomeopath last decade
I know this was an old post but my son has very similar allergies to the one listed by ustoo and I wanted to see how she was doing. My son is 3 1/2, itches all day long, and we have no idea what he can actually eat. Any help or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
tripletmama last decade
My son is 4, he started showing signs of eczema as soon as he quit breast feeding at 9 months, his doing not mine :(... I have been to doctor after doctor for them to all tell me the same thing and prescribe the same medications and same home remedy suggestions. He is allergic to tomatoes, eggs, carrots, and nuts. I have played trial and error and kept his hydroxyzine at hand. He doesn't get hives, but he breaks out some. He scratches all the time, so I try to keep him in sleepers, at least that way he has something between him and his nails no matter how short they are. He also has asthma, so when that flairs up too, he scratches then too. I have found in my case, that baths help...yes, baths...reason being, it helps the scabs that also make them itch fall off rather than them scratching them off. Think about when you have a scab, it itches, right? So does theirs. When he gets out of the bath, I put what medications I have found works best and that doesn't make him hurt. He will scream if the medication has any scents or he doesn't like that medication. So, I mostly use hydrocortisone prescription strength. And neosporin helps too. I get the one with the pain re leaver in it. Tylenol helps too. He can eat some things that say 'may contain traces of nut' he has gotten a hold of things at times and luckily he was OK. He doesn't understand why everyone else has soft skin and he has rough skin. The schools have to abide by the papers given to you from the doctor about they allergies. Yes, even daycares and preschools. Best to luck to everyone! Including myself. Also, there is no cure for eczema, it is something each person has to learn how to manage to each individual as we/children are all so different. Some grow out of it, some grow out of some or most of it, but they say the nut allergy is more likely they will always have.
dcasper 9 years ago
Hi- I suggest that you work with Dr. Judyth Ullman, a well known, homeopath,
naturopath in Seattle,- She does phone appts and probably skype if needed.

She is an author, worldwide teacher and expert on women and kids. Your child
has to have his system boosted up which will alleviate the allergy problems.
Dr. Ullman has treated many, eczema cases that she cured- so this is totally
possible. You need an expert, very experienced person to help you here.
simone717 9 years ago

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