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To Joe,20 months old suffuring from Eczema,Asthma,multiple food allergies.3 in 1

I Need help from u. My son is suffuring with eczema since he was 2 month old,He had his first Asthma attack when was 8 month old,later they did blood test and they said that his IGE level is 11,000. He is allergic to almost every thing. He can eat only Potatoes and Goat meat. He is allergic to Rice,wheat,oats,milk,soy,lentil,carrot,egg,shellfish,tomatoes,peas,beans,etc.,dustmites,dog,cat. And the smell of food also cause him rashes and cough with wheezing..
My dad is a homeopath.I use homeo only.
I am using Bacillinum 1m and graphities 200c for his eczema, which he responding very well,skin was cleard.
I saw your Nat sulph 6c theropy,and started the theropy 20days back (stoped all other medicines) he did responde well,he had only two times cough with wheezing then I gave him Ars 200c he was normal in one day.. because he is not tacking any eczema medicine he is scraching(not too bad)before his skin was clear.
I need your advise for all his problems. Is there any way that I can contact u directly.
  nr786 on 2006-09-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Glad to note that you have discovered that my Nat Sulph 6c therapy which I presume you gave in the wet dose has helped your boy.

You have done right by stopping all other medication and for his scratching his lesions again, you can give him Arnica 6c in the wet dose 1 teaspoonful twice daily. This should hopefully clear his Eczema.

You may reduce his Nat Sulph therapy to the Split dose which is made by taking a teaspoonful of the remedy from the bottle and mixing it into a half cup of water from another bottle from which you will give him a teaspoonful and the water is discarded. This split dose will be foung to be as effective in preventing attacks of asthma. I advise that this split dose be used on alternate days later when the asthma is stabilized as we do not want to court any aggravation with a daily dose of 1 teaspoonful from the stock bottle.

Please report his response in a few days.

You may contact me on my email which you will see on my profile but I would prefer that you post your queries on the ABC to enable others too to benefit from my therapy in the manner that you observed it and used it even without contacting me.

I would like to mention here that this is the outlook towards homeopathy that I am trying hard to spread of a loving, caring attitude which is completely free of any monetary gain in my case as I am not a qualified homeopath to whom Homeopathy is only a hobby to which I have been dedicated for the last 25 years.

Please visit:
for some interesting informative discussion of my philosophy on Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, I didnt finish my first mail my son was awake coughing, I sent that mail. Let me thank u for all your service yor are doing to help others. I am glad that my son is also helped with u.. I would like to tell u that I was till now giving him split does. I didnt give him directly from bottle, I dint even shake the bottle every time I do split dose. And I didn't metion that I tried Arnica 6c in wet does directly from bottle twice one day,and I dont know why is was cranky all the night and he started scraching and bleeding,I clean his wounds with Arnica wet dose but they became dry and more scratching so i stoped Arnica two day back..I found Hypericum helped him when he was having very bad eczema with wounds..just want to let u know. The only spot where his eczema is not clearing is back of his waist. What do u think about his food allergies..
Thanks A lot
nr786 last decade
Your report of your boy's negative response to Arnica 6 is interesting. May I suggest that you give him the remedy in the Split Dose ? This may work. Please report response but do not dab his lesions with the remedy.

It is even more interesting to learn that Hypericum (which potency ?) has helped his eczema. Have you dabbed his lesions with the remedy ?

I believe that if we are successful in helping him over his present Asthma/Eczema he will grow out of his allergies.

You can use some steam inhalation for his cough as this helps the phlegm to soften and he can cough it up. Please do not use any cough syrup which the average physician will prescribe if you take you boy to a pediatrician.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe your are very prompt in reply..Thanks. I will try the split does for Arnica 6c.. I gave dry pills Hypericum 30c helped him with his bad wounds and they cleared long time back till now no problems.. I am glad to know that you said that he will out grow with his allergies, my dad was also saying same thing but being a mom I am very impatient. But the problem is the smell of food which is triggering cause. We are trying our best to avoid his triggering points.. last time his asthma was triger with wheat smell..I will let u know his progress. Its 2 am my son is sleeping. I will mail u tomorrow..
thanks a lot
nr786 last decade
Dear Joe, I am little confused, please explain me one more time. For Nat sulph6c theropy do I need to Shake4-6 times the stock bottle every time when I prepare split does? I understand that I have to give him one teaspoonful split does and the rest water has to be discarded,and then next day needs to prepare new split dose by shaking the stock bottle. I hope Iam on right path.
nr786 last decade
Let us stop the Arnica and keep on with the Hypericum 30c which you have already used and found to be effective. You can make it in the wet dose and give it to him twice daily. You may also dab his lesions with the remedy solution which you will store for this purpose in another bottle to avoid any contamination of the remedy he will drink.

You will use the Nat Sulph 6c wet dose therapy for his Asthma to be used if and when necessary.

Please report response from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, I will make Hypericum30c in wet does and let u know.

Thank You
nr786 last decade
Dear Joe, I gave my son Hypericum 30c in wet does in the morning and in the evening around 7 pm suddenly sarted coughing and wheezing. I gave his Nat sulph 6c in split does and and after 2hours I gave him ARS 200c one does. But this time it didnt show any affect. All night he was 2,3 times coughing but wheezing all night. Not willingly but I had to give him Inhaler.. I was feeling bad that he was not Inhaler from almost 25 days. Is this could be Hypericum 30C..

Please tell me how can I do steam theoropy as it is difficult to let 20 month old sit still..

please advise me..
nr786 last decade
Your baby's dual ailments -- Eczema and Asthma are a big problem for me to solve.

If you agree I believe that we should concentrate on his Asthma as it just will not do to depend on the Inhaler.

For his Eczema, I would like to see his reponse to the Arnica 6c as it is possible that he is reacting to the Hypericum 30c. I have more faith in Arnica 6c taken twice daily and also used to dab his lesions with cotton wool soaked in this remedy but poured out from the bottle not wet from the bottle top as this will contaminate the water remedy.

I do realize that the steam therapy is very difficult to be used for a baby and I really cannot think of a safe method.

Please report his response in a few days.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, I will try one more time Arnica 6c in split does first like u said before. And I will give him Nat sulph6c in split does too. I will post u response..

Thanks a lot
nr786 last decade
In May, 2004, I began coughing, congesstion in lungs. Went to Dr. in June. He heard nothing in lungs. Gave prescription antibiotic 'just in case'. I did not fill it as I do not like to take medicine unnecessarily. In Nov. I went back to Dr. I could feel congestion lower left of left lung and in left bronchi. Gave antibiotic, sample Advair, and Albuterol inhaler. Renewed antibiotic in Jan., 2005. Felt better, continued use of Albuterol.
Went back to Dr. Nov, 2005. Prescribed antibiotic, steroid, and more Albuterol; diagnosis-asthma. Some time later, prescribed Advair, gave sample Singulair. I refuse to fill the Advair prescription - too costly. I have taken the Singulair only when really needed. Use Albuterol inhaler at least once daily, between 8 pm and 4 am.
I have ordered the Nat Sulph 6c to start your therapy. Is this, knowing the details of my situation, what you still suggest. Please advise. Thank you.
anent last decade
The above post was not from my side. some one posted wrongly.

nr786 last decade
To Anent

It is usually confusing when two or more patients post on the same thread but since you have already done so I shall respond below.

It is not surprising that your doctor has given you the antibiotic and the inhaler but as least you know that you have been diagnosed with Asthma.

If you have read the many posts on this ailment on the ABC which you can visit by typing 'Asthma' into the Search Forums cage on the left of this page you will see that I have prescribed Nat Sulph 6c for many and another remedy Blatta Orientalis 6c for others if or when the Nat Sulph stops working which it has done in some cases after it helped for some time.

You can follow the instructions I have given and also have a stock of Ars Alb 200 pellets handy to be used if in spite of the other medication above you still come in for an attack, which is not usual after you start the former therapy.

Please start this therapy which is absolutely safe for you unlike the other drugs and inhalers that you were prescribed which as you have seen are very expensive and what is more with cause serious damage to your lungs and body.

Report response from time to time on this thread when I shall receive the email alert.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, My son is doing fine, every day he is getting cough and wheezing is On and Off all by it self. He is still on Nat sulph slpit does. Shall we give him in wet does to avoid that cough and wheezing. Definitely he is gaining stamina.

As per his Eczema part I havent tried yet Arnica 6 in split does as he ate Beetroot and got rashes with it. He is getting bored to eat only two things(potato and meat).

Thanks a lot
nr786 last decade
You indicated in your first post a week ago that you had been using the Nat Sulph for 20 days but you did not specify whether it was the split or the wet dose.

Please clarify ASAP.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, sorry I didn't make it clear, from the begining itself he is on split does. Please adivise me.

nr786 last decade
You have not reported on your son's present status.

How has he responded ? Is his Asthma better or worse ?

How is his Eczema ? Better or worse after you started him on the Nat Sulph 6c ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Present sattus:

Asthma: His Asthma is much better after I sarted him Nat sulph 6c theoropy in split does. He was almost normal for 20 days, the problem starts with him was when I gave him Hypericum wet does. He is getting 2 to 3 times a day cough and wheezing, which is comming undercontrol with out any medicine.

Eczema: His eczema is not that worse expect on his butts. Today I dabbed with Arnica 6c wet dose and waiting for responde.

Just now he had vomiting as he ate meat which cooked in yogurt although I washed and gave him(as he was hungry and didnt eat anything from last two days,) he started coughing and had vomiting.

Now he is sleeping with out any problem.

Hope I make it clear. And now My question for today is shall we stop his cough and wheezing completely by giving him Nat sulph 6c wet does. As u know better plase adivise me.

nr786 last decade
It is obvious that the Hypericum which you will note I did not prescribe, is perhaps the cause of his present distress. You can continue to give him the Nat Sulph 6c in the split dose and this will hopefully stabilize his asthma which is right now the chief ailment. I would not like to change to the direct wet dose as he is responding nicely to the split dose.

Keep a vial of Ars Alb 200c in hand to be used if he gets an attack of Asthma and if he cannot breathe. Please note that this is only to be used on a SOS basis.

You can continue to use the Arnica 30c externally on his buttocks but do not give it to him internally as this too can affect his asthma.

I note that he has vomited after a meal of meat cooked in yoghurt. This is no wonder as you may have also overfed him as he was hungry and he threw it all up. At 20 months you can certainly give a child meat but this must be fat free and cooked in other ways than in yoghurt. Can you give him fish in preference to meat ? Do you give him rice and wheat products and plenty of milk ? What about fruits ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

He was not overfed as he is allergic to milk products he vomits.

My son is allergic to RICE, WHEAT,MILK,EGG,OATS,SOY,CARROT,POULTRY,LENTIL,PEAS,SPINACHSHELLFISH,TOMATOES etc, And the smell of above foods and its contact causes him rashes and cough with wheezing..

We found out with out any problems in his diet that is Goat meat,potatoes,and one kind of fish only. I cant add any thing in his food to cook and give diffierent falvors.

Till the mid of August he was on only Rice as doctor told that he is allergic to every thing just give him rice, we were doing that and his was continuously coughing and wheezing, we were use to give him Inhaler and Sigular medicine. One fine day doctor told that he is allergic to Rice,stop giving him rice.,from then onwards he is not coughing like before,and at the same time around I started your Nat sulph theoropy which is helping him..We notice that Banana,apple,melon straberry are also culprits.

I wish you could master in food allergies aswell like u did in Asthma..

Which he drinks only 8oz at night times only,he does like to drink while he is awake..

I hope I am not confusing u saying all these things..
please adivse me

nr786 last decade
Dear Joe can u please sugguest me what else food can I try in his diet , we have appointment with his nutritionist on 27th of this month.

nr786 last decade
I am really sorry to learn that your little boy is hyper sensitive to almost all food. I cannot understant the reason why he is so very sensitive as he will have to be under your loving care for a very long time in the future.

I shall also do some study and see if I can help
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe thanks for u'r interest. My dad's friend is also a homeopath he had similar case like my son,but the patient was 30years old who was suffuring from almost from birth,with him he doesn't have any problem like eczema,asthma. I think he cant eat, could be intolorence. So he suggusted him Lycopodium 200c once a week,and Carboveg 30c 3days a week.. with in one month he started eating all most all the food,that patient was so happy and he is getting his sons treatment under him..

He adivised me the same medicine when I was in India for vacation(in APril month)but he is very hyper sensitve he was reacting to Lyco,he was coughing a lot,so I stop using it..

Just want to let u know that case..

Thanks a lot
nr786 last decade
For the moment we will stay with just the Nat Sulph for the Asthma and the Arnica on the skin to help the Eczema.

Let us not forget the Lycopodium 200 and the Carboveg 30c which we can use later if and when necessary.

I believe that Nat Phos 6x may be more positive that Carbo Veg and it is just my fear that we may antidote the Nat Sulph that I did not advise it. As soon as he shows progress with his Asthma we can use the Nat Phos 6x which I would like you to keep in hand to be used after I instruct you. I am confident that it will help him to not vomit his food as you reported he did today. It may even take his food allergies away.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe, I will follow your instructions. I will keep u update his condition..

Thnaks a lot
nr786 last decade

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