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Chronic insomnia

Hello, I am looking for some assistance in relieving chronic insomnia which began as an infant. I have used OTC sleep aids over the last few years but have quit them due to fear of eventual liver damage.

I am a 37 year old woman in Washington State and my sleeplessness seems to occur at the end of each 90 minute sleep cycle. I typically wake up feeling overly alert and hot and needing to reposition. This happens all night. I feel like I am never in a restorative sleep. Finally towards daybreak, I fall asleep for a longer period of time but feel extremely tired upon waking. I do have history of depression amd lately am taking steps in my life to feel more fulfilled in hopes this helps with my irritability.

Please help?
  Dragonfly715 on 2017-11-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
May I know what do you mean by "awake up overly alerted and hot and needing to reposition" ?

You can click my name and email me as well ..

healer21 4 years ago
What I mean is I am usually sweating and my mind alert and start immediately thinking. I'm not thinking anything in particular, my mind is just awake. I have to kick off the covers to cool my body down as well as change bodily position which I do a lot of until I finally fall back to sleep.
Dragonfly715 4 years ago
I only can take your case if you reply me in time REGULARLY (or as directed after every 2 days etc) otherwise your case will be closed in between .. and I will move to next one. if I'm not replying click my name and email me to remind .. a long with your case Page link ..

(save your case page link and refresh the page daily for updates / replies at the bottom . Login first then paste the link)
Patient name, age, profession, how long patient got married, if married how many children, patient daily routine , how long patient suffering from this problem, what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have ? When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates ? do you have swollen hands or feet , foul smelling gasses ? Any light sensitivity ? Sweaty hands or feet ? Do you feel pronounced weakness in body ??

What you like in food and what not ? Do you feel thirsty mostly or do you like water ? Or mostly thirst less ?? Do you feel cold in body or hot ? Do you like to be warped in a blanket even in summer ? Or feel hot in body mostly and dislike hot weather etc .. what you like in food The most = sweets or salts ? Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details.
E-mail me any reports .. Click my name for email. Tell doctors opinion regarding your problem as well ..

What medicines you used in the past ? Name and potency ? Are you dibetic or suffering from high blood pressure ? Or any other chronic disease .. ??
healer21 4 years ago
Thank you for taking my case.

Patient name: Abigail
age: 37
profession:Stay home mom
how long patient got married: 3.5 years
how many children: 1 daughter, 21 months old
patient daily routine:Out of bed between 8:30 and 9:30 am, feed daughter, drink coffee (2-3 cups), clean kitchen and house until 11 am. Then feed daughter and put her down for nap by 12:30. Do laundry and more housework during daughter's nap, and eat my lunch. Daughter awakes at 3 pm and I pick up a friend's son from school. Give boths kids a snack and play with them until 5 pm when I start dinner. Eat dinner at 7, 7:30 take my nightly shower. At 8 spend time with spouse until 9/9:30 then go to bed.

how long patient suffering from this problem: Off and on for years depending if I am taking sleep medications. Currently I am not. Have had a difficult time sleeping since childhood. Began with hard time falling asleep and now hard time staying asleep.

what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have? I have had an ongoing pain in my right abdomen and back. Ultrasound has shown no concerns. Feels like kidney area. I have had my gallbladder removed as it was only functioning at 9%. Occasionally while in bed my left large toe goes numb.

When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates? Toe goes numb when laying down. Alcohol and sometimes other liquids cause right side pain. Sleeplessness every night but worse in heat and during menstruation (body tempature rise).

do you have swollen hands or feet: No
foul smelling gasses? Yes
Any light sensitivity? Yes
Sweaty hands or feet? No
Do you feel pronounced weakness in body? No

What you like in food and what not? I like sweets, especially fruits. I prefer meats over poultry. I like limited amount of vegetables. I prefer very flavorful foods such as those with garlic...Thai cuisine, Mexican cuisine, I enjoy most cheese

Do you feel thirsty mostly or do you like water? I do not like water but try to drink it anyway. Don't feel overly thirsty despite not drinking a lot of water.
Or mostly thirst less? Yes
Do you feel cold in body or hot? Cold when awake. Very hot when asleep.
Do you like to be warped in a blanket even in summer? Yes
Or feel hot in body mostly and dislike hot weather etc: Cannot tolerate high heat. Symptoms worsen in high heat climates.

what you like in food The most = sweets or salts? Sweets
Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details. Very low sex drive and irritability. Lack of patience. Melancholy quite often. Nose stuffiness with post nasal drip.

What medicines you used in the past? 65 years ago was given antidepressants for mood and sleep. Cymbalta and Buspirone. Most recently been taking Benadryl at 50 mg per night. Stopped taking 2 weeks ago. Melatonin for last 4 months at 50mg per night.

Are you dibetic or suffering from high blood pressure. Not diabetic and have normal to low blood pressure.
Or any other chronic disease? Originally I said no but I do have gum disease with no origination other than genetics.
[Edited by Dragonfly715 on 2017-11-03 05:28:27]
Dragonfly715 4 years ago
Stop coffee , chocolate, mint, oily, spicy and junk foods ... completely you have 3-5 organs working less than 50-60% .. at the same time .. and majorly due to diet ..

You lied a bit or mistakenly answered somethings during explaining your condition.

Sleeplessness and other problems are a consequence of this ..


Try Nat.sulph200c. (Liquid form) 4 drops only .. once only.. No more. Early morning before breakfast. In a disposable glass with some water in it. Stir well drink slowly. Don't use that disposable glass for anything else later on .. every medicine should be taken in a separate disposable glass.

After one day take a dose of silicea200c (liquid form)
4 drops only .. once only. At night after 2 hours of dinner .. or early morning. In a separate disposable cup with some water in it.

Don't place medicine near strong perfumes etc.. following all instructions carefully ..

Report after 3 days ..
healer21 4 years ago
log in for observe.
mariz 4 years ago
Thank you for your time and recommendations. Will post back after the three days of treatment. Only pellets are available to me in my location and therefore ordering the liquid forms online so it may be a week to two weeks before I respond.
Dragonfly715 4 years ago
healer21 4 years ago
Hello, I have completed both the Nat. Sulph and Silicea remedies and waited the 3 days. Today marks the 4th day. The pain I was experiencing on my right side of body has disappeared after a brief intensification between the Nat Sulph and Silicea. I have noticed most improvement after the Nat Sulph and not any noticeable differences after the Silicea. I am falling to sleep much easier but still waking throughout the night extremely hot, however, now I am waking with EXTREME hunger. I can only fall back to sleep after I eat only to awake again a couple of hours later with more hunger and heat. I have also noticed an improvement in my mood during the day in which I have more motivation despite being tired. Should I repeat the remedies, wait longer, or proceed with a different remedy?

Thank you for you time and guidance.
[Edited by Dragonfly715 on 2017-11-28 17:00:48]
Dragonfly715 4 years ago
I see that you have a provided some useful advise to a user on chronic insomnia. I am taking the liberty of telling you informing you about similar problem. If you provide me your email id, I would send you my case history personally not on forum. Thanking you in advance.
Mr. Vinay Kumar 3 years ago

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