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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It is not specific for pain.three times a day.

yes stop and start nm and kp.
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
So far not much of an improvement. Same symptoms every day
survivor2 4 years ago

anuj srivastava 4 years ago
It's still an up and down with the pain. Warmth and eating can reduce it for a short time but it always returns.
survivor2 4 years ago

start merc sol 30,three times a day.

nat mur 6x & mag phos to be continued.

feedback after 4 days
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anuj srivastava 4 years ago
It's hard to say because the pain can vary every day in intensity and region on the left side. But mostly the upper jaw is hurting with a chronic dull ache and boring pain. Sometimes it can hurt more in teeth and gum area. Muscle cramps with tics are still present. The description of Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia in the internet matches my symptoms perfectly. Because of the different symptoms it has doctors often confound it with other disorders.
survivor2 4 years ago
Good evening Dr. anuj

I began with mercurius on last friday. Yesterday and throughout the weekend I had some moments with really bad pain worsening. Muscles on the left face felt really tight and the trigeminus nerve was irritated in all three branches like someone punched me with the fist. Today much less pain, only this background throbbing pain in the cheek area with slight muscle twitching.

survivor2 4 years ago
stop medicine and give a feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
Dear anuj

I was at the dentist today for a checkup and there was everything fine on the x-ray. That's good news.

I still have the nerve pain on the left face side that radiates to the gums of the upper molar tooth and to the ear. It got better from the pain level but still very annoying.
survivor2 4 years ago
start merc and give a feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
Is that the same mercurius I took before the last feedback?

What do you think about the website trigeminalneuralgia.us? Is it worth the money? They claim to have better homeopathic medicines. What's your opinion anuj?

Have a nice day
survivor2 4 years ago

anuj srivastava 4 years ago
I've read some reviews on the internet about the Life Force Homeopathy clinic in Mumbai (India). Some were very good but others say it's a total fraud. I'm too afraid to send so much money and get medicines delivered where I don't know what they are made of. The testimonials with their results sound really promising but to be honest I'm sceptical. I thought Dr. Rajesh Shah is well known here in the forum because someone mentioned him in an older thread about treating chronic neuralgia pain. Don't know what I should believe, sounds too good to be true.

Therefore I trust you furthermore anuj. I had some good results temporary with your treatment plan but I always had a relapse in symptoms. What is your prediction for my chronic pain at this time? Is it normal to get treated over many months? It's hard to stay positive between the pain attacks but homeopathy is my only hope at the moment.
survivor2 4 years ago
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surendrakr 4 years ago
I'm thankful for every help I can get.:) Have you read my whole case history? Yes I have tried many medicines till now.
survivor2 4 years ago
You get what you deserve and you deserve what you get.
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surendrakr 4 years ago
Ok let's give it a shot;

I'm 27 years old (male) and had several laser treatments with a vbeam Laser and IPL from 2013-2016 for permanent redness on my cheeks. I also suffer from skin blushing and flushing that turns my cheeks tomato red and hot feeling. The last two treatments were really aggressive and painful. I was bruised and quite swollen for about a week because the laser bursted some blood vessels. Looks like small cigarette burns over the face. The skin healed fine but weeks later I got a constant dull aching pain in my left cheek that never went away till today. It's always present during the day in different pain levels. I also have tics in my left cheek with fasciculation and mild muscle twitching located in my left mouth corner. Sometimes my chin can also tremble. The pain radiates to the gums in the upper jaw between second and third molar tooth. I get my teeths checked on a regular basis and there is everything fine.

Allopathic medicines didn't work in the long run so I gave them up completely and now I try desperately to find a cure with alternative medicines. I've read that in the internet that some people got cured from Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia with homeopathy and so I came to this forum.
survivor2 4 years ago
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surendrakr 4 years ago
I always thought that a homeopath needs the whole case history. Sorry I just wanted to give you so much information as possible about my case.

constant dull aching pain in left cheek and gums between second and third molar Tooth in the upper jaw.

That's my main problem at the moment
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survivor2 4 years ago
See Survivor's last post?
People like Survivor think the world is created for them only. That they are doing favors by asking for help. And still he doesnot know what ails him and why so many med have not helped him. he is happy, simone is happy, anuj never knew what the ailment was. I hope Kadwa will now take over. And then between them all would have exhausted complete repertory.
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surendrakr 4 years ago
Hi survivor,

I read your thread. You are mistaken that you are getting
Professional “ advice” on this forum. The forum owner
States in several places that “ advice is NOT from
Medical professionals.

The forum was set up for discussion of any healing
Method(not just homeopathy). The owner lets
Anyone who joins give advice. In India, Pakistan,
There is a culture of calling anyone who helps”dr”

The owner has tried to stop that- but people keep doing it-
And it has led many, many people ( even other
Homeopaths) to think this is a legitimate “clinic”.

You can click any user name and see their previous posts/
What success they have had etc.and info about them- if they list it.

Forum members are Also asked to comment if
Advice is dangerous or simply bad.

You are in Austria- I would advise you to work with
A real homeopath online. Not dr shah because
He runs a franchise of money-making clinics-
Like McDonalds/ many unhappy customers.

If you want, I can research people for you - a lot of people now will do face to face Skype or phone consults.

The advice about aurum Met is from previous
Name Rahul.. click that name.

If you want to try aurum Met, try one dose only
And report after three days. It is not needed
To take 28 doses which can easily start new
Symptoms and or aggravate old ones- due to OVerdosing -
simone717 4 years ago
Hi Simone

Thank you very much for your comment. Maybe I was too gullible that I can find a cure here but it was worth a try. I visited a real homeopath 2 years ago when this pain symptoms started but I didn't continue after 3 months because there was no signifant improvement. Maybe it was too early to quit the treatment? He's a classical homeopath but also a well known doctor who teaches on university and worked in India during his education. Unfortunately he has so much patients and not much time for phone consultations.

Rahul seems to be a student according to his profile. I really appreciate his help but honestly I don't want to be a human guinea pig. If he could prove some similar cured cases....
survivor2 4 years ago
part of case taking in homeopathy - is a question -

Never well since?

Sometimes the remedy has to start with what happened.
Did the original homeopath ever give you Arnica,
Or hypericum for nerve injury? Seems you were
Not well since laser injury. What were you given?

There are cases where symptoms began and then
Morphed into many other symptoms but the
Remedy for the initial cause? Was Arnica for
Head injury, car accident , hypericum for nerve injury,
Ignatia for never well since a trauma or death etc.
simone717 4 years ago
The first remedy he prescribed me was Phosphorus in a LM6 potency. I bought it in the pharmacy. The second one I don't know because he gave me just one dose directly in the office.

Your theory about nerve injury after trauma sounds very logical because that must be the original cause of this chronic pain. I never had any problems before. After the swelling in my face settled down the pain started and never went away.
[Edited by survivor2 on 2019-02-09 20:36:32]
survivor2 4 years ago
I can tell by the phos lm prescription that the homeopath
Was trying to treat your overall constitution and LM
Potencies are given often to long term chronic state,
That has to be addressed with frequent dosing -
So by using LM one can slowly see effect and also
Avoid aggravation( worsening of old symptoms)
And avoid “proving” symptoms ( new symptoms
That one never had- overdosing, potency too high)

You can google any remedy name with materia medica
Next to it and see all the symptoms a remedy causes-
Remedies in materia medica all have been given
At one time or another to healthy people- the symptoms
Are the things they experienced.

Let me think a bit on this- because you had
A problem from injury. Not a disease manifesting.
simone717 4 years ago
Hi- when you went to dentist?

Did he x Ray all your teeth? Do any teeth on left side
Have a filling - top or bottom? Or root canal?
Do you have your wisdom teeth??

Do you have any sensitivity to hot or cold in any teeth?

Sometimes teeth that are NOT near where you have pain are causing the pain. One way to check hot/cold is put a tiny
Bit of cotton in a tweezer and have a piece that you froze
And another piece you dip in hot water. Touch the cold to all teeth and touch the hot to all teeth. See if anything reacts.

Also check your gums, see if there are any red spots-

I am saying this from experience- I know a lot of people who
Dentist said nothing wrong here - one person
Had a wisdom tooth that seemed “fine” he had
Nerve pain off and on similar to you. He insisted
That tooth be removed - once out - no pain at all.
There was nothing really wrong with the tooth-
But the position of the tooth was in an area rich
With nerves and it was putting pressure on jaw
Nerves- this could not be seen on an x Ray.

Another person had a micro red dot on gum-
Dentist never noticed it- xrays fine- it was
An infection in the upper tooth root- once the dot was pointed
Out to dentist he figured it out.

Make sure that teeth are not a possibility- because nothing will get fixed
If there is a tooth problem- and teeth that are not even near the
Second molar can cause pain in that area if not right.
simone717 4 years ago

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