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Corona virus and homeopathy

Can anybody suggest preventative medicines to counter the infection of Corona Virus. If medicines are available kindly do suggest potencies and doses.
Also if someone is already infected with this virus then what medicines would be useful.
This will be a great service for the masses who don’t know what to do in the present situation.
  Sadhana Singh on 2020-03-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
CORONA VIRUS.Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun (PDHom, MARH), president of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy has gathered data from 30 homeopaths and tentatively speculated on a few possible genus epidemicus remedies: Gelsemium, Bryonia and Eupatorium perf.  Dr. Paul Herscu is considering Gelsemium, Mercurius and Eupatorium. We may need to assess more cases to be sure, but soon we will know. The virus may manifest with some differences in other countries and require different remedies. This knowledge needs to be shared with the world.

Dr Farokh Master

Many people are asking me what rubrics I selected to come to the conclusion of Justicia Adhatoda these are some of them from the synthesis repertory (10.5.003)  Radar with my additions.

EYE - LACRIMATION - coryza; during
NOSE - CORYZA - cough - with
NOSE - CORYZA - discharge, with
NOSE - CORYZA - followed by - Air passages; complaints of
NOSE - CORYZA - lachrymation; with
NOSE - DISCHARGE - copious
RESPIRATION - COUGH - during - agg.
RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT - cough - during - agg.
CHEST - INFLAMMATION - Bronchial tubes
CHEST - PARALYSIS - Lung - catarrh; from
CHEST - PARALYSIS - Lung - congestion; from
CHEST - RESPIRATORY tract; complaints of - catarrh
CHEST - RESPIRATORY tract; complaints of - catarrh - acute


Dear Friends,

There is lot of fear and anxiety among the people travelling abroad about the news about CORONA VIRUS or VUHAN VIRUS.

Do not worry about it. There are excellent medicines in Homoeopathy to prevent and also to cure. After studying the symptoms available through media our Forum strongly  advise the following Homoeo medicines  to prevent. We have 44 years of experience in handling various acute and chronic diseases though Homoeopathy. We provide this advise to help the  needy people.

arsenic alb 30 daily morning 4 pills and evening 4pills for 5 days

No medicine on 6th day.

Five pills on day 7 of

Daily use of the following Homoeo Mother Tinctures also will help to prevent and cure the disease. Use in following way for 15 days.

1. OCIMUM SANCTUM Mother Tincture  ( extract of Krishna Tulasi ).  
Drink morning 10 drops and evening 10 drops with 3 tea spoons of water.

2. TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA Mother Tincture ( extract of Amrita balli in Kannada and Thippa theega in Telugu).
Drink afternoon 10 drops and night 10 drops with 3 tea spoons of water.

1. Take all the precautions about cleanliness and hygiene.
2. Do not consume junk food and non-veg  food.
3. Avoid Direct physical contact with other persons. Use nose mask.
4. Keep few Homoeo medicines and use when ever there is a need on the advise of Homoeopathic Doctor.
5. Kindly take medical help when there is a need. Do not neglect.

Our Forum wishes good health and happiness all. With regards and best wishes

P V Satyanarayana and all the Members of the Forum.
Dr. GV Chalapathi Memorial Homoeopathic Self Reliance Forum,  ( A Voluntary Service Organisation),  Opposite to Scientists Hostel No 2, DRDO Township,  C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore -

2019 Novel Corona virus (2019-nCov) and Homeopathic Treatment
Coronaviruses were first identified in the 1960s, but we don't know where they come from. They get their name from their crown-like shape. Sometimes, but not often, a coronavirus can infect both animals and humans.
Common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, OC43, NL63, and HKU1, usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. Most people get infected with these viruses at some point in their lives. These illnesses usually only last for a short amount of time. Symptoms are just like common cold or Coryza.
Some types of coronaviruses are serious, such as Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which first appeared in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and then in other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. In May 2015, there was an outbreak of MERS in Korea, which was the largest outbreak outside of the Arabian Peninsula. In 2003, 774 people died from a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak. As of 2015, there were no further reports of cases of SARS.
But In early 2020, following a December 2019 outbreak in China, the World Health Organization identified a new type, 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It is a single-stranded, positive-sense RNA coronavirus that likely jumped from infecting only animal species to infecting humans that, in turn, developed person-to-person transmission that results in respiratory problems.
Transmission of Infection:
2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is transmitted in human by three ways:
• By direct contact to the patient: such as by shaking hand, by hug, and by kissing, etc
• By indirect contact: such as touching used utensils of patient
• By droplet Infection: such as through  sneezing and coughing by patient
Risk factors:
o Recent travel to Wuhan, China, and other places where there is an outbreak
o Close contact with people who are diagnosed with the disease
o Close contact with anyone who has visited an outbreak zone like Wuhan
o Contact with secretions from an infected person
o Eating or handling wild animals native to China (and other countries)
• Runny nose
• Headache
• Dry cough
• Sore throat
• Fever
• A general feeling of being unwell (Fatigueless)
In Severe condition of infection:
• High fever,
• Severe cough,
• Difficulty breathing,
• Pneumonia,
• Organ failure (Kidney failure)
• Death.
• Get plenty of rest.
• Drink fluids.
There is no vaccine for coronavirus. To help prevent a coronavirus infection, do the same things you do to avoid the common cold:
• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
• Avoid close contact with people who are infected.
• Wear a mask
Homeopathic Treatment:
The following remedies are very effective for Corona virus such as:
For mild infection
Gelsemium 30
justicia adhatoda 30
and Rhus toxicodendron 30
For severe infection such as Pneumonia
Antimonium tartaricum 30 or 200
Avena Sativa Q 20 drop in hot water hourly for a few doses later on 3 to 4 times in a day
Other homeopathic medicines can be used as per indication under guidance and observation of qualified homeopathic physician.
Preventive Remedies:
Ars alb 1 M one dose fortnightly or monthly
Ferr Phos 1 M dos weekly
Echinacea 30 once or twice a day
Tinospora Cordifolia Q 30 to 40 dops in a half cup of water every evening for a week.

In China, the mortality rate is around 2.5% for Covid-19 but as the diagnosis and awareness is improving, so is the management and prognosis. Most people who are succumbing to this infection are over 50 years of age or have some associated comorbidity (illness) like asthma, COPD, diabetes etc. For reasons that we do not understand yet, Covid-19 is usually NOT affecting children below the age of 18 and the children who are getting infected are only developing mild flu-like illness.[ii] So parents of young children can reduce their parental anxiety.

Converting the Symptoms into Repertorial Rubrics

Some of the possible rubrics from the Complete Repertory:

[Complete ] [Chest]Inflammation:Lungs, pneumonia:Weakness, with:

[Complete ] [Cough]Dry:Fever:During:

[Complete ] [Chest]Constriction:

[Complete ] [Chill, Chilliness]Heat:With:

[Complete ] [Chest]Inflammation:Lungs, pneumonia:Base, lower:

[Complete ] [Chest]Inflammation:Lungs, pneumonia:Pleura-pneumonia:

[Complete ] [Chest]Inflammation:Lungs, pneumonia:Right:

[Complete ] [Generalities]Right:Left, then:

There is a possibility to add slightly different rubrics and more rubrics but the aim of repertorisation is to just reach a probable group of remedies. After that we have to use our knowledge of materia medica to filter out the right ones.

Another possible criticism could be that most of the symptoms are ‘common’ while homeopathic prescriptions are usually based on the ‘uncommon’ symptoms. To this I would say that a true simillimum usually covers both the common as well as uncommon symptoms. Many diverse common symptoms and their specific combination is itself unique, which can be used to reach the desired  group of remedies.
We see the most likely homeopathy remedies are Phosphorus, Bryonia alba, Lycopodium, Arsenic alb, Sulphur, Iodium, Belladonna, Kali carb, Mercurius, China, Lachesis, ANTIM TART, Chelidonium, Gelsemium etc.

Now we need to apply our knowledge of Materia Medica to filter out the remedies that match the sequence and pace of symptoms.

The remedies that have dry cough with fever are our primary candidates. These include:

Aconite, Bryonia, Ipecac, Kali-carb, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Nux vomica, Sabadilla, Lycopodium, Sulphur, Carbo veg, Lachesis, Pulsatilla etc.

In this epidemic, the symptoms are taking time to evolve, so we need to remove remedies that have rapid pace like Aconite, Belladonna, Nux vomica, Arsenic alb etc. We also need to remove remedies that tend to produce runny colds as initial symptoms.

After this filtering, we are left with the following remedies from our reportorial results:

Bryonia, Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Mercurius, kali carb

that seem to cover the laterality, sequence and pace of symptoms reasonably well.

bryonia homeopathy remedyPhosphorus and Mercurius can be ruled out because they are known to be indicated in hemorrhages and pneumonia with cavitations. They might be indicated in a few cases.

Out of these, the remedy that covers the initial symptoms better is Bryonia alba and I believe, this remedy will work well as prophylactic too.

The season also now favours Bryonia because it is known to work well when the days are warm and nights are cold, the kind of weather transition after winter we are currently in.

The remedy that covers the later symptoms best is Lycopodium and could be expected to help a large majority of people who develop Pneumonia.

Respiratory Symptoms of Bryonia from Phatak’s Materia Medica

Cough; DRY, HARD, VERY PAINFUL, at night as of from stomach, must sit up worse eating and drinking. Wants to take deep breath, but cannot or it excites cough. Expectoration; rusty blood streaked or tough. Bronchitis. Asthma. Pneumonia. SHARP STITCHES IN CHEST or at right scapula, worse deep breathing and coughing. Pleurisy. Coming into warm room excites cough. Holds chest, or presses the sternum when coughing.

Lycopodium homeopathy medicine for pneumoniaRespiratory Symptoms of Lycopodium from Phatak’s Materia Medica

Craves air but is chilled by it. Short, rattling breathing worse lying on back. Cough; dry, tickling, teasing; in puny boys with emaciation; day and night; deep hollow; as from sulphur fumes, worse on descending; with emaciation; worse on empty swallowing, stretching the throat; deep breathing. Salty greenish-yellow, lumpy or foul expectoration. Unresolved pneumonia. Brown yellow spots on chest. Abscess of the lungs, tuberculosis. Difficult respiration due to hydrothorax or / and hydropericardium, with flapping of alae nasi. Feeling of tightness in chest with burning.

Lycopodium is also complementary (drug relation) to Bryonia.

For more detail symptoms of both remedies, refer to Hering’s Guiding Symptoms.

Both these remedies are polychrest and other individualizing symptoms must be taken note of before prescribing.

Further reading

Pneumonia from Homeopathic Therapeutics by Liliental, S

Concise Materia Medica by S.R. Phatak

So what homeopathic remedy should I take for Coronavirus?
If you are living in an area which is not yet affected by Coronavirus, you should not be taking any remedy for now.

Based on the analysis above, I believe Bryonia alba 6CH or 30CH, can serve as a prophylactic. It can be given (only to affected population) once a day, till days become warmer and the epidemic subsides (hopefully). If a patient has flu-like symptoms, you can take the same remedy in 6 or 30 potency, 6 hourly.

If a patient develops tightness in chest and shortness of breath, Lycopodium 30CH is likely to help.

The remedy suggestions are based on the available data. Homeopathy needs much deeper individualization, and clinical experience of treating Coronavirus Covid-19 patients with homeopathy, may bring up a different group of remedies.

I do not recommend self-medication. You can show this article to your homeopath for a better clinical judgment that he/she will make for you.

If you suspect yourself to have Corona virus infection, please consult the concerned medical authorities in your country immediately.

If you have a flu-like illness and wish to take homeopathic treatment, please consult a qualified homeopathy doctor in person.


After publishing this article, I have received some feedback from Hong Kong and Macau, where homeopaths have found Bryonia, Gelsemium and Eupatroium perf useful.  One case from Spain was successfully treated with Argentum nitricum 9 CH, Rumex crispus 5 CH and Alliun cepa 9 CH. These are the only data that I have received from the Coronavirus affected areas so far.

Postscript 2

I just received a very useful paper from Dana Ullman. The paper is from Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and is meant for hospital pharmacists. It has lot of first hand data and clinical details of the actual cases from China. The clinical picture/cases in this paper have been divided in four groups. [comments in braces my suggestion]

Group A: Mild  – with no respiratory symptoms. [remedies like Gelsemium, Eupatorium and Bryonia seem indicated]

Group B: Moderate – with respiratory symptoms like cough and Fever. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have pale or pale-red tongue. Also cough is either dry or has little yellow sputum. There is dry throat too. [remedies like Bryonia, Antim tart, Ars-alb and Phosphorus seem indicated]

Group C: Heavy – with respiratory distress. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have red-tongue or yellow-furry at this stage. Patient gasps on movement. [remedies like Lycopodium, Pyrogenium, Lachesis, Bryonia and Arsenic-alb seem indicated]

Group D: Critical – with respiratory failure, cyanosis and collapse. One characteristic symptom from this document is that patients have purple-tongue at this stage. Movement aggravates, there is agitation and sweating with cold limbs [remedies like Merc-sol, Lachesis, Arsenic, Hydrocyanic acid,  Camphora,  Antim-ars, Carbo-veg may be useful at this stage]

Postscript 3

I have received some information from Iran and it seems that the symptom picture in Iran is a bit different. Many patients are complaining of headache with fever, esp frontal headache. For this scenario Dr Sunirmal Sarkar suggests Polyporus. Many patients in Iran seem to be succumbing suddenly without many symptoms. I know of two internationally renowned homeopaths who are helping our colleagues in Iran treat Covid-19 cases. Both have independently found Camphora to be the most suitable remedy in Iran. We will hopefully see much more data from our esteemed colleagues soon.
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing the information. It will help many of us to overcome the fear.
Sadhana Singh 2 years ago
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Priscilla 2 years ago
The Dear Friends article above was written by Dr Manish Bhatia
A very well known homeopath and author /teacher
In India. His clinic is Asha homeopathy in Jaipur.
He and his Dr wife do online and Skype consults.
simone717 2 years ago
Very good. A good homeopath tries to discover and tries to know about new. He doesn't hesitate though has better knowledge.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Best Homeopathic Sanitizer

In a hundred 100 bottle add 60ml of CALENDULA and 40ml ECHINACEA.

Use as and when required.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
By Dr Rajan Sankaran , India

About ten days ago my former student and now colleague from Iran Dr Aditya Kasariyans approached me for some help in dealing with the spreading corona virus epidemic in her country.

As per the Hahnemannian guidelines in treating epidemics, I suggested that she collect symptoms from actual patients either directly or through her colleagues and send me a list of the symptoms and the course of the disease which are found in a majority of cases. She did so form 40 cases , including two whose cases she took herself in a homeopathic manner.

I list below the symptoms she sent and the course of disease observed .

From a detailed study of these facts, I came to 4 remedies :Ars, Camph , Carb-v and Verat.

A reference to the genius of the disease , its individuality : sudden collapse, cold sweat and a relative absence of restlessness, led me to the remedy Camphor.

I asked her to administer the remedy Camphor in 1m to the 2 cases under her care.

Within 24 hrs she reported a significant improvement in the cases.

Then she found more cases and sent me more symptoms . I found these too corresponded with Camphor

The next day she applied it to 3 more cases, one of them even without taking the symptoms. The results in her words were ‘dramatic’. I asked her to give more cases the remedy and report. The next day she reported very positive results from other cases 8 .
I felt that I have some data to share with the profession.

Based on these findings I suggest Camphor as the genus epidemicus and to use it as a treatment ( 1m in water every 3 hrs ) and prophylactic ( 1m in pills twice a day for 2 days ).

Symptoms gathered from patients and analysis .

Nagging headache ..forehead. .

Fever low grade.

Perspiration upper body.Forehead .Cold.

Shivering , chills

Extreme prostration.

In cycles. Swinging.

Collapse. Sudden .sit .. lie down. Legs together ..not falling. Sinking .SUDDEN COLLAPSE.

Sleepiness .during. before the fever

I want to lie down. Cant even sit.

Des cold drinks

Thirst less

Irritation in throat causing cough

Cold hands

Touched agg. Skin is sore.

Weakness is so much that they don’t want to change the position.

Respiratory distress but completely conscious.

No restlessness.


Skin of the whole body painful

Camphora is always indicated when death threatens through rapid depression of neural activity or of pulmonary or cardiac activity, e.g. in drowning. In such situations of collapse it is on a par with Carbo Vegetabilis.lly sensitive, slightest touch hurts.

it is used, as a rule, in prostration occurring suddenly and increasing rapidly.

Camphora( Analysis From Plant Kingdom )

Camphora comes form the subclass Magnoliidae which has the theme of shutting yourself in and walling off the outside world. You can see this from the following rubric :

mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; world; she has her own little, in which things are clear, outside is uncertain. This seems to be the main idea in this epidemic with everyone retreating in to their own world and the outside world seen as dangerous and uncertain.

My suggestion:

Prophylaxis : camphor 1m 4 pills twice daily 2 days..keep under tongue until melt..nothing but water 30 mins before after.

Mild infection : camphor 1m 8 pills in 100ml water..1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate..nothing but water 30 mins before after.

Severe infection : camphor 10m 8 pills in 100ml water..1 tablespoon 6 hourly for days until symptoms largely abate..nothing but water 30 mins before after.

The medicine I suggest is not a substitute to treatment by a qualified medical doctor. You MUST consult your doctor immediately when you develop any symptoms and to get yourself investigated and take the treatment recommended by your doctor.
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Subject: A remedy suggestion for the novel corona virus

I believe that SPONGIA TOSTA may suit quite a few cases of the current corona virus pandemic (Covid-19).

The main symptoms in the pandemic are - dry painful cough, throat pain, breathlessness, and in complicated cases - bilateral pneumonia and heart failure.

I believe that for a remedy to be the genus epidemicus, it must have the hallmarks of the epidemic.

In an epidemic of viral encephalitis, we would expect one of our nerve remedies to possibly turn out to be indicated - zinc, cupr, apis, hell etc. In a cholera epidemic, the drugs most known for diarrheas, cramps, dehydration will probably be indicated and turn out the genus epidemicus.

A respiratory disease syndrome will very likely find its remedy in one of the prominent respiratory drugs such as drosera, rumx, coc-c, phos, antin tart .....or SPONGIA.

I would like to suggest spongia tosta **for study** in cases of covid-19 infection. It has prominently:

1) rapid, sudden onset - comparable to aconite
2) dry, painful cough
3) painful dry throat
4) difficulty in breathing/ fullness in chest/oppression
5) bilateral pneumonia
6) prominent action on the heart

The following are the main indications of Spongia:

- very dry, rasping cough
- great dryness of air-passages
- cough &gt; eating or drinking, esp warm things
- cough &lt; midnight [acon]
- cough from a spot deep in chest, as if raw and sore
- cough followed by burning in chest and throat
- in later stage, profuse mucous expectoration, raises it but swallows again
- cough &lt; cold drinks, sweets
- every excitement increases the cough;
- wakes with suffocation and anxiety
- exhaustion and heaviness of body after slight exertion

- noisy, panting (rattling during fever)
- must bend backward or forward, stooping forward &gt;
- lying amel, but with head low &lt; - must lie with head high, esp on right side
- warm drinks &gt;
- midnight &lt;, may wake suffocating
- &gt; eating or drinking (peculiar!)
- as if breathing through a sponge
- pressure of clothing agg

- palpitation and dyspnea
- surging of blood upward to neck and head

- esp in back, not &gt; external warmth
- taste bitter
- falls asleep, or unconscious
- coldness of thighs
- bristling of hair
- itching of back with chilliness

- anxiety or sadness/weeping
- face pale and cold during fever
- dry cough
- pain in legs
- motion &lt;
- itching of skin
- stitching pains
- twitching
- must stretch
- skin painful
- sweat on thighs


I feel there is no harm in giving or taking a dose of spongia 200 in epidemic zones. Further, at the very onset of a dry cough, I would give spongia 200 and repeat every 4 hourly, if some of the above symptoms are present. If there is good relief, but quick relapse, I would give 1m.

Regarding mind symptoms, I feel many features are common to all such highly contagious epidemics - fear of going out, fear of infection, fear of death, washing hands often etc. Based on such symptoms, whether it was MERS, SARS, COVID-19 or Smallpox (mercifully not around any more!), we would give the same remedies.

I believe one needs to look at the broad nature of the infection - how does it begin in the body and end, which organs does it affect and how, and so on. COVID 19 is a respiratory virus which begins with dryness in the throat, dry cough, fever, breathlessness...and ends with a bilateral pneumonia or severe impact on heart, causing death.

Finally, there is some belief that suggesting a remedy might confuse homoeopaths. There are two possibilities

a) the homoeopath is incompetent. In which case, I feel giving this remedy is better than what he/she might come up with...at least it covers some broad features.
b) the homoeopath is competent. In which case, he or she can see if spongia suits the case, or does not suit the case. No confusion.

I would prefer that homoeopathic doctors come up with their best ideas rather than offer nothing but criticism.

I request you all to spread this message, and also publish results - both successes as well as failures.

An additional request is - irrespective of the medicine, we need to collect carefully the finer symptoms and signs of this syndrome.... the modalities of the cough, location, sensation etc. I would be grateful to any doctor who sends me such information. Please don't combine histories and send, but rather send info about each patient separately - detailing the course of the illness, as a proper history. Also it should be clearly mentioned if it is a suspected case, or a confirmed case of Covid 19. I would like to put this information up on this site, as it will help other homoeopaths analyze and recommend lines of treatment.

Dr.AVS Prasad
Hyderabad, India
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Homeopathy Papers
Tackling Covid-19 with Homoeopathy
March 11, 20201 Commentby Saptarshi Banerjea | Print This Post
Tackling Covid-19 with Homoeopathy 1
Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea shares remedies for Covid 19 symptoms and the likely prophylactic remedies. Theme and essence of the remedies, indications, modalities and dosage are shown for Sticta, Spongia, Bryonia, Rhus, and other remedies.


Coronaviruses (CoV) cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus (nCoV). This new virus was known through the outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic, transmitted between animals and people. COVID-19 can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales. These droplets land on surfaces around the person. Other people then catch COVID-19 by touching these objects or surfaces, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. People can also catch COVID-19 if they breathe in droplets from a person with COVID-19 who coughs out or exhales droplets. This is why it is important to stay more than 1 meter (3 feet) away from a person who is sick.


For COVID-19, it ranges from 1-14 days, most commonly around five days.


The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are

and dry cough
Some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea.
These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually.
Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms.
Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.
Around 1 out of every 6 people who gets COVID-19 becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing.
Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness.
Radiological findings show involvement of the right lung lower lobe with prevalence of ground glass opacity

The new coronavirus cannot be transmitted through goods manufactured in China or any country reporting COVID-19 cases.

Vaccines against pneumonia, such as pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine, do not provide protection against the new coronavirus.


a) Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water which kills viruses.
b) Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
c) Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth as hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth.
d) Make sure you follow good respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.
e) Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance.

The therapeutics has been divided into three groups-

Fever with dry cough

Fever with aches

Fever with weakness



Discharge dries up quickly — forms crusts/scurfs

Dry night cough is a keynote (Clarke) Constantly blows nose but no discharge

Dullness and malaise: Grand characteristic: Dull pressure/fullness at root of nose

Dry hacking Cough &lt; the more he coughs Gluey secretion &gt;In open air

Hale says Sticta is indispensable in February, March, and April in the American climate.

MODALITY: Agg.: evening and night; can neither sleep nor lie down; must sit up.

Coughing agg. The cough (the more he coughs the more he wants to).

Inspiration, when tired

Amel. in open air.





Cough: dry like Bryonia, spasmodic with constriction Wheezing like Ipecac

Dyspnoea with cough, Aggravated in a close room

Agg. Lying on left side in lung problems

Larynx is painful with with dry cough chills

Chills Night sweats

Cough with haemoptysis & tightness across the chest like Phos.

MODALITY: Agg.: Patient cannot endure a close, warm room; Lying on left side


Q: Children: 3-5 drops x 6-8 hourly.

Adults: 10-12 drops x 6-8 hourly.

6C, 30C, 200C




Irrepressible cough from a raw spot in chest

Cough cause Cardiac cough Asthmatic dry cough

&lt; Reading, singing Cough Dry+++ (“dry as a horn”)

&lt; sweets, &gt; eating, Barking like a saw driven through a pine board

&lt;cold drinks &gt; drinking warm things

MODALITY: Agg.: Sweets, cold drinks Amel. Warm drinks

POTENCY & DOSE OF CHOICE: Adults: 6C, 30C, 200C




&lt; entering warm room

&lt; eating, drinking &lt; inspiration (motion)

&lt;motion &gt;rest Dry Cough

Associated Cough symptoms : With stitching pain: chest With headache: fly into pieces with Thirst++ Right lung lower lobe

MODALITY: Agg. Motion, talking, inspiration, entering warm room, / Amel. rest





Tickling+++, in pit of throat+++, or behind sternum++ excites cough

&lt; exposure to cold air, therefore covers head + throat with bed clothes.

Excited by change from warm to cold, and cold to warm (Phos., Spong)

Raw pain under clavicle Rawness Incessant Teasing Cough

&lt; any irregularity &lt; lying down – 11.00 p.m. (and 2.00 – 5.00 a.m.)

&lt; pressure on throat pit

MODALITY: Agg. : Exposure to cold air, lying down, pressure on pit of throat

Amel.:wrapping up



Dry teasing cough coming at midnight &lt;putting hands out of bed

&lt; night, first motion Stiffness and aching

&lt; cold & damp weather

&gt; continuous motion Fever blisters and vesicles





Pricking sensation followed by painful aching. Acts as antiseptic

Exhaustion & toxaemia Bronchitis in aged with foul

is associated. discharges àExpectorant

SinusitisàStuffed up sensation

Slow digestion Sore, ulcerated tonsils. (Use tincture locally)

(a characteristic: ref. Clarke)

MODALITY: Agg. Night, walking or carrying anything.

Amel. Exercise, taking food.


Influenza: 30C, 200C
Q: Adult: 8-10 drops x 6-8 hourly

Children: 3-4 drops X 6-8 hourly

Respiratory: Q,30C


THEME AND ESSENCE: Sleepy and Drowsy

Pains all over à Burning Headache: As if bound by a tape

MODALITY: Agg.: 7 A.M.
POTENCY & DOSE OF CHOICE: Q: Adult: 8-10 drops x 6-8 hourly

Children: 3-4 drops X 6-8 hourly




Malaise, mild headache, body aches (general constitutional symptoms of fever).

Mild onset of temperature with signs of first stage of inflammation.

(Rubor = Redness, Calor = Heat, Dolor = Pain, Tumor = Swelling).

Catarrhal affections of respiratory tract. (susceptible to chest troubles)

Can be associated with:

first stage of Otitis (ASOM) with throbbing pain in ears; (when Bell. fails)
tonsillitis and sore throat;
undigested watery stool;
lumbago with stiffness of the muscles
It stands mid-way between sthenic activity of Aconite & Bell. & the asthenic sluggishness of Gels.


First Stage of all inflammatory affections

Initial stage of congestion Hard, dry cough with

Before exudation soreness of chest


Agg. &lt; 1 PM (Chill), warm drinks, motion, night, 4 – 6 a.m.

Amel. cold application (headache), rest.

POTENCY & DOSE OF CHOICE: 3X, 6X Tabs: 4 tabs 4 Hourly


Aetiology: Suitable for attacks occurring as consequence of suppressed catarrh.

Manifestation: Kent says Ars. patient is always taking cold in the nose ïƒ&nbsp; always sneezing from every change in the weather.

Discharges: Discharge: Putrid.


(i) &gt; by leaning forward in bed.

(ii) Aggravation: Midday, midnight.




THEME & ESSENCE: 3D’s : Dull Dizzy Drowsy Desires: to be left alone

Gradual onset

Apathy Listlessness

Dusky hue face Thirstless

Associated Features : Tired Nervous Heavy /

Chill running in back, limbs


L2 : Left alone Limbs heavy



Slow gradual onset of fever:

Remedies which have a rapid onset of complaints -Acon.,Bell.,

Catarhal state is not being developed;

Remedies which have catarrh with fever: Dulc., Kali S, Ocimum Sang

Sore throat is rarely developing:

Remedies which have sore throat with fever: Allium cepa, Bell., Hepar Sulph, Strepto.


As Hahnemann narrates in Sec 101,”It may easily happen that in the first case of an epidemic disease that presents itself to the physician’s notice he does not at once obtain a knowledge of its complete picture, as it is only by a close observation of several cases of every such collective disease that he can become conversant with the totality of its signs and symptoms.”

The major symptoms which have been presented include:

Fever, Dry Cough and Tightness across the chest

BRYONIA ALBA 30C-1 single globule (poppy seed) in a bottle of water (500ml) and sip that medicated water slowly for 5 days-7 days gap -BRYONIA 200C-1 single globule (poppy seed) in a bottle of water (500ml) and sip that medicated water slowly for 5 days



Homeopathy for Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection Dr Aditya Kasariyans presents case reports of Covid-19 that occurred in Iran, and Dr. Rajan Sankaran analyses this data to arrive at a genus epidemicus remedies. Based on the symptoms described in the cases below, Camphora is considered as the key remedy for treatment and...
Coronavirus Covid-19 – Analysis of symptoms from confirmed cases with an assessment of possible homeopathic remedies for treatment and prophylaxis Dr. Manish Bhatia provides an in-depth analysis of the recorded symptom-set of patients of Coronavirus Covid-19 infection with an analysis of the possible group of indicated homeopathic remedies for treatment and prophylaxis....
How to boost immunity against coronavirus (COVID 2019) Homeopath Harry van der Zee shares his thoughts on the current epidemic, what it means for humanity and offers a summary of current homeopathic strategies. ...
Two Cases Illustrating the Importance of Specific Rubrics and Characteristic Symptoms in Homoeopathy Dr. Shishir H. Paranjape presents cases of acute cough in a child and chronic headache in a woman of 45. The cases illustrate the importance of using very specific rubrics and characteristic symptoms when repertorization....
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Speculative Thoughts on Coronavirus – Based on the Matrix Method The remedy suggested by the Matrix team would be: Stramonium 1M. The Code for this remedy, according to the Matrix method, is Horror-Rescue. By taking the remedy, polarities will be integrated into oneness, and people will be free from that mental state.&nbsp;&nbsp;

Homeopathy Papers Speculative Thoughts on Coronavirus – Based on the Matrix Method Commentby&nbsp;Mirjana Zivanov&nbsp;|&nbsp;

The remedy suggested by the Matrix team would be: Stramonium 1M. The Code for this remedy, according to the Matrix method, is Horror-Rescue. By taking the remedy, polarities will be integrated into oneness, and people will be free from that mental state.Note:&nbsp;&nbsp;The Matrix method is based on meridian therapies and is used to identify a person’s deepest pair of opposite themes, called the Primes or Code.First, we have to talk about&nbsp;prevention. As we can notice, people are in a state of panic. They are not going out; they try to sit at home, to be only with their family members, closed in houses because that is a safe place. People avoid crowded places.Fear of the epidemic is everywhere and listening to the news every day, we hear talk about the virus with fear and panic. People are buying food and other essentials, and hoarding these reserves. In the near future, they will fear even to go out, as is already happening in China and Italy. Police and the army are on the streets.&nbsp;&nbsp;If you look through the window, you can see the&nbsp;horror situation, and people everywhere are searching for&nbsp;rescue by vaccine, rescue by God. Here I am talking about healthy people who need prevention, but also about some stages of the disease. We need a remedy for that state of fear and panic in which there is a felt feeling of horror and a need to be rescued. This state may occur during the disease, until the patient gets the remedy for it. So, the remedy suggested by the Matrix team would be:
Stramonium&nbsp;1M The&nbsp;Code&nbsp;for this remedy, according to the&nbsp;Matrix method,&nbsp;is&nbsp;Horror-Rescue.By taking the remedy, polarities will be integrated into oneness, and people will be free from that mental state, which can’t help, but rather opens the door to the illness. If we are calm and in peace, we are in a better position to prevail.

If we carefully watch and listen, we will notice that the situation created by this virus is associated with the theme of traveling – leaving and coming back. The general movement of the people around the world reached an unprecedented level, but in this situation, it resulted in a deadly global pandemic.We could say that the polarities of traveling are leaving and coming back.

A person who travels leaves somebody somewhere, so there is a theme of separation.Now one of the primary measures to control the pandemic is to limit the traveling, and people are forced to sit in their homes, separated from their communities.Many countries have closed their borders leading to another level of separation, and the people in quarantine are separated from their loved ones. So, both the traveling that made the pandemic possible and the quarantines as a measure to stop the pandemic, share the same theme – separation.

For the treatment of this epidemic, the theme of separation, together with all the main symptoms of the COVID-19, with its affinity to respiratory system leads us to:Phosphoric acid&nbsp;1 M.As the first remedy that should be recommend. According to the&nbsp;Matrix method,&nbsp;separation is one of the strongest keywords of Phosphoric acid, and it comes from an even deeper level – from the Code of the remedy. The&nbsp;Code&nbsp;of a remedy is made by a pair of opposites and is the deepest feeling or thought of a person.The&nbsp;remedies that make the&nbsp;genus epidemicus&nbsp;for COVID-19, according to the Matrix Method are:Phosphoric acid With the Code: LOVE-HATE,and&nbsp;Keywords:&nbsp;separation, dry cough, exhausted, leaving, anger, dissatisfaction, destruction of tissues

Drosera rotundifolia&nbsp;with the&nbsp;Code:&nbsp;OPEN-CLOSE,&nbsp;boards are&nbsp;closed, people are closed in houses, hospitals, pulmonary diseases, anger, dry cough

China officinalis&nbsp;with the&nbsp;Code:&nbsp;PROTECTED – UNPROTECTED and the&nbsp;Keywords: exhausted, dry cough
Natrum muriaticum&nbsp;with the Code: COLD-HOT,when&nbsp;the temperature starts to change, renal failure, dry cough

Magnesium muriaticum&nbsp;with the Code: ANGER – PEACE,&nbsp;Keywords:&nbsp;leaving, pain in muscles, tiredness, sinking sensation, dry cough

Calcarea phosphorica with the&nbsp;Code: ANGER – LOVE and&nbsp;Keywords: coming back, going from one place to another where it is safe,&nbsp;going from one house to another, for the regeneration of destructed tissues, dry cough

We can also notice that most of these remedies have the feelings of&nbsp;HATE&nbsp;and&nbsp;ANGER&nbsp;in their&nbsp;Code&nbsp;or&nbsp;Keyword, so the deepest cause of high susceptibility to this virus worldwide today, may be the&nbsp;hate and anger&nbsp;in humankind, which we can notice with our own eyes.We can see it in the attitude towards nature, animals, etc.Many have lost their loved ones in this pandemic, and for them the most suitable remedies would be:Mancinella-massive death when many people die,&nbsp;

Code: DISGUSTING-BEAUTIFUL and&nbsp;Keywords: hording things, dry cough, getting fast from one place to another atm –&nbsp;Keyword: Sadness Ignatia amara – Code: POWERLESS-JOY NOTE:&nbsp;These are some speculative suggestions and ideas for my fellow homeopaths, and by no means should this be used by the patients to self-medicate.

Also, it is always necessary to observe the totality of symptoms if possible.So, the first remedy for prevention is:Stramonium 1M The first remedy for treatment is:Phosphosricum acidum 1M After the death of many people:Mancinella 10M In this situation, in time, people are losing themselves and get into&nbsp;an&nbsp;Alumina&nbsp;state with&nbsp;the&nbsp;Code: Empty-Full. We can see empty streets, restaurants, shops, while the homes are full, as well as empty airports and planes and full hospitals…Soon, they can totally forget who they are, and they can lose their own identity. That would be the&nbsp;Corona madness!

Author - Mirjana Zivanov
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Dr. Isaac Golden, discusses the Coronavirus in relation to homeopathy, including medico-political issues, evidence supporting the effectiveness of homoeoprophylaxis, and the use of nosodes, genus epidemicus remedies and complexes.

It appears probable that COVID19 is a potentially more serious disease than Swine Flu in 2010. However, this example shows how rapidly and successfully an appropriate HP intervention can be distributed across an entire country, at very little cost, and with no risk of toxic complications.Do most political leaders around the world know of this intervention and the potential to use this methodology in the current crisis? – I expect not (India is an exception).&nbsp; And this ignorance is due to their “quarantining” from this scientific evidence by pro-Pharma lobby groups like FSM.

What HP Remedies Could be Used?

HP remedies are usually either;Nosodes;(remedies prepared from diseased material, past the point where molecules of viral or bacterial matter exists), Genus Epidemicus;(GE) remedies (remedies used to best treat patients suffering from the targeted infectious disease.As long as the prescription satisfies the;Principal of Similars, it is consistent with homeopathic principles. But which remedies are best against COVID19?Nosodes:;some practitioners/pharmacies began advertising a COVID19 nosode soon after the outbreak was declared in China.

I am not aware of any description of how the viral material was obtained or prepared. We also do not know if the virus will mutate, and if it does whether the different strains will produce very similar symptom pictures (in which case one remedy will cover all strains) or very different symptom pictures (in which case different remedies will be needed).

GE remedies:;many suggestions are appearing on the web regarding which remedies are most useful to treat COVID19. The CCRH in India, for whom I have great respect, have suggested Arsenicum Album and Prime Minister Modi is taking it (oh for a PM like that in my country!!).

Bryonia and Gelsemium are both recommended. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is always on the list.

There are many GE recommendations, and they vary between immediate and later stage treatments.

A Different Approach:

;I always learnt a great deal during my 4 visits to Cuba from 2008 to 2014, working with Dr Bracho at the Finlay Institute. One significant lesson for a single-remedy prescriber like myself was the value of complexes. For example, when discussing the structure of their final Dengue Complex with Dr Bracho, we started with the Nosodes for each of the 4 strains of Dengue circulating in Cuba, and then looked at GE remedies. However, this is complex for Dengue because the first infection can produce mild symptoms (Eup. Pef. usually fits well), but then the second infection can cause Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and be fatal (Phosphorous and reptile remedies were similar).

Finlay Institute produced a combination remedy with the 4 Nosodes and a mix of relevant GE remedies from both stages of the disease. All these remedies had a similarity with Dengue in its various stages.A similar approach could be used with COVID19, and given that there is some uncertainty regarding the Nosode and that there are many suggested GE remedies, IF I was preparing a combination remedy it would look something like the following:

;Influenzinum triple nosode M + Pneumococcinum M + Bacillinum M + Arsenicum Album 200 + Justicia Adhatoda 200 + Gelsemium 200 + Bryonia 200 + Antimonium Tartaricum 200.

By no means is this the only possible combination remedy, and remedies like Eupatorium and Mercury could be used. It is likely that the best GE list will be changed as more experience with treating COVID19 is published by experienced homeopaths. Once a confirmed Nosode becomes available, that could be used. Remember that all these remedies have a degree of similarity to COVID19, and once proved as an entity could be used in a “classical” way.

However, the experience I have gained over 3 decades studying HP is that I would feel more secure right now using a complex similar to the above rather than a single Nosode or a single GE remedy, especially as our experience with the disease is in very early stages.

Conclusion Homeopathy could assist all Governments immediately, at a low cost, without any risk of side-effects, and make a definite impact on the progress of COVID19. In decades to come I expect historians to look back at recent decades of pharmaceutical aggression and their domination of many health systems, and measure the immense cost, and the damage to millions of lives caused by those who prevented decision makers from seeing the true evidence-based benefits of safe and inexpensive natural options.

God-Willing, some enlightened politicians will join Mr Modi and will be open to the use of HP to deal with COVID19. The potential costs will be minimal, the safety undisputed, the potential benefits will be immediate and significant, and right now only ignorance, pride and greed prevent the “scientific” community from offering an immunisation option which has proved itself over 200 years in hundreds of millions of people around the world.Dr. Isaac Golden, discusses the Coronavirus in relation to homeopathy, including medico-political issues, evidence supporting the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis, and the use of nosodes, genus epidemicus remedies and complexes.
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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Hi Anuj,
Who wrote the above?
simone717 2 years ago
I disagree with the premise of stramonium in the
Post above the last one. It is taking the military to force
People not to go out- They had to use the military in China,
And in California , they will use martial law if people
Will not obey directives about only go out for
Food , walk the dog, when out stay 6 ft away from people, etc.

In France, people are being arrested now for
Gathering and not using social distance. Germany
Is threatening to do this also because of the same. The military
Is of course enforcing these things in Italy and Spain.
Then you have places like Iran, where they ignore
Everything and are going on vacations.
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simone717 2 years ago
Dr. Isaac Golden, discusses the Coronavirus in relation to homeopathy, including medico-political issues, evidence supporting the effectiveness of homoeoprophylaxis, and the use of nosodes, genus epidemicus remedies and complexes.

I have edited the above post.I don't know how it got distorted.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
For people with anxiety who have night terrors, both in sleep and waking states, stramonium is a suitable homeopathic remedy. These people are anxious, obsessive-compulsive and feel forsaken or alone in the wilderness; however, this mild demeanor may mask violence of thought or action.

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anuj srivastava 2 years ago
The strange, rare and peculiar symptom that
Md’s in New York are saying “everyone” has
This and they are identifying the virus thru
This alone:

“Suddenly having no taste or sense of smell.”
Along with fatigue.

The other symptoms of fever, no fever,
Sore throat , headache, cough , runny nose etc
Vary a lot.

Anuj- I know you are on homeopathic Facebook
Groups discussing the virus- and perhaps you
Could run this main symptom by them. Thanks
For all the posts and info.
simone717 2 years ago
I have forwarded symptoms sent by you.Lets wait for the response.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Till now there has been no GENUS EPIDIMICUS is discovered
Everyone has there own remedy ready to fight but the real answer is no homeopath has treated COVID - 19 patients

Genus Epidimicus is found after complete research

Homeopathy is an individualised system of therapy, therefore there is no possibility that one remedy to cure all cases of a specific pathology.

In the paper that was circulated it appears that all cases are cured by one remedy!!!

What actually has happened ?

It is well known that this coronavirus is self recovering in 97% of the cases, so any remedy or false remedy or a placebo will have the same success as the one described for these cases.
It must be noted also that the correct homeopathic remedy will give an effect much different than the one described in these cases : this effect is instant recovery not a dragging recovery, like the one described in these cases.

If we want to be serious about this matter, we should ask to do an epidemiological research in one of the hospitals in Europe where patients could be assigned at random to two different groups, one for conventional treatment and to the other group will be added the homeopathic treatment, (treating each patient individually) and after treating a sample of at least 200 cases from each group to evaluate the results and to find out if the homeopathic group has a superior outcome in survival, general conditions etc. and to what degree.
All other outcries for the superiority of homeopathy in this influenza epidemic is irresponsible and will accuse us for been opportunists.

The genus epidemicus that is mentioned cannot be spotted in all epidemics, even in cases when is possible to discern it does not mean that all cases will be affected with this specific remedy.

The genus epidemicus may be ascertained only after a practitioner has treated a sufficient number of cases and has evaluated the effect of his treatment, meaning to observe which remedies had acted really well. If he finds that a remedy prevails in successful cases to a great degree, then can say that this may be the genus epidemicus. Such cases today, developing similar symptoms is impossible to be found with the level of health of our contemporary societies.
I can foresee that if everyone was trying to find the genus epidemics, possibly everyone would find a different one !
What may happen for example, after treating let us say 5 cases and finding in two of them he has given the same remedy. He will proclaimed it as the genus epidemicus. One can imagine the total chaos and confusion that will ensue in such a case where everyone will propose a remedy.

The conclusion we must arrive is that a process of serious evaluation is needed before one can give instructions to the public, it is ridiculous for anyone to announce that he has found the genus epidemicus by his imagination.

Further than these remarks about the paper if one analyses the information, will find different remedies indicated, but as we said in the beginning, any remedy you may prescribe will appear to have some kind of effect on the patient.
But when the correct remedy is prescribed in influenza like cases, the positive effect is felt instantly.
But a word of warning is necessary : we cannot claim under these circumstances that it was the effect of the homeopathic remedy that cured the patient until we have the proof in an experiment the I described above.

Prof. George Vithoulkas

The advantage of Homeopathy

The advantage of Homeopathy lies in the fact that the diagnosis of the indicated remedy is based on the individual symptoms not in the pathology.

This pandemic is a great opportunity for homeopathy to show the advantage we have over other systems of medicine. Why?

Because conventional medicine has to wait until they have found the cause for the pathology before they can start treating a case.

On the contrary, in homeopathy we take in to consideration the response of the organism to the causative factor (the totality of the symptoms) in order to start the treatment.

Therefore theintervention can be immediate.

The totality of symptoms for each patient become the guiding signs for finding the indicated remedy.

Therefore a homeopath can prescribe a remedy with the first manifestation of symptoms and in this way, “preventing" the full development of the pathology (state of pneumonia).

This type of “preventing" has been misinterpreted by some homeopaths who think that we, homeopaths, also have remedies that will be acting like a “vaccine” !

This is a totally wrong perception, homeopathy cannot provide “preventive" remedies with the kind of effectiveness a vaccine may have.

If the right remedy is given in an organism under a minor stress, like when we get a common cold or a simple flu, the organism will reset instantly and will not develop in to a bronchitis or pneumonia. In such a case, a dose of Aconitum or of Arsenicum will work in many cases of simple flu, especially Arsenicum, will act if the body feels very cold. This experience most probably prompted AYUSH to declare the use of Arsenicum. In a way we can say from experience that these two remedies are the genus epidemicus for common colds or simple flu virus, as they will prevent in many cases the further development of the flu going to the deeper parts of the respiratory track.

But for this Covid-19 things are different. This virus acts very strangely as it develops very slowly in the beginning and if finds a weakened immune system, proceeds fast in to destroying the lungs, by creating pulmonary fibrosis, a state that the patient has such dyspnea as if is drowning in water.

That is why I have said that we must be careful in to declaring a remedy, as genus epidemicus.

I have received several proposals so far from several homeopathic centres proposing a different remedy each time that ask to declare it as the genus epidemicus, but there is no substantiation for any of them, except for the proposal of AYUSH that, as I said, is based on past experience of many years but with simple viruses.

It is a pity that no one from the almost two thousands diploma holders of the IACH has received and treated any confirmed case, therefore the detailed information we need in homeopathy in order to make a differential diagnosis is missing.

For all the above reasons we should be reserved in giving out to the public information about the treatment of Covid-19 that is not substantiated. Each one of us we must continue to investigate and try to help our immediate environment.

Prof. George Vithoulkas


Dear Simone

JUSTICIA ADHATODA very very marked followed by

Very useful remedy for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract. Fits of sneezing with lachrymation and *loss of smell and taste. Coryza; fluent, acrid, with violent sneezing, coughing or asthmatic attacks Source : Phatak materia medica

Irritable, sensitive to external impressions; hot, full and heavy head; lachrymation, with CORYZA, PROFUSE, fluent, with constant sneezing; loss of smell and taste; CORYZA WITH COUGH.
Source : William Boericke


I have collected few more information

Thus, The Genus Epidemicus can be only identified after studying the symptom picture of outbreak closely.

In the present scenario, WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic disease.
Even though homoeopathy can treat and control such viral outbreak, but Homoeopathic fraternity Is lacking in clinical trials for treating COVID-19.
So as of now we can't declare any remedy as a Genus epidemicus.

How Homoeopathy can Help?
As per the current available data on manifestation of corona virus, we can give Homoeopathic treatment and prophylaxis for it.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are:
• Dry cough
• Shortness of breath
• Fever
• Sore throat
• Headache
• Fatique
• Bodyache and pain
• Dirrohea
• Runnny or stuffy nose

- Pneumonia
- Kidney Failure
- Sepsis
Above symptoms and complications clearly tells us about the severity and acute emergency of disease. So we should select the remedy which covers the similar pathophysiological state of disease.

Treatment in Homoeopathy:
As per my experience considering the totality of COVID-19, the most probable remedy is Naphthalinum 30c.
(Ref. Clarke's Materia Medica)
• Acute High grade fever with cough.
• Respiration: laboured and irregular;
• Cough in incessant paroxysms almost arresting breath.
• Night cough preventing sleep.
• Cough with blue or purple face.
• Expectoration: free, thick, tenacious; almost absent.
• Cough in violent paroxysms compelling the patient to hold his head for the pain.
• Fever: Sudden onset of fever,
• Headache

Note: It is not a Genus epidemicus. This statement is provided by an homeopath based in his experience

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
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drjitesh 2 years ago
After studying about the symptoms created by Corona and by the description of some patients via video clips made by them, I can choose a remedy without hesitation. That is Camphor.
Though every patient and every remedy has his own character, Corona is expressing by showing maximum similar symptoms in different patients.
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Dear Freehomeo,

Did any of these people take camphor?
If so - what were the results?
simone717 2 years ago
Dear Simone
Sorry to say that, Any patient marked by Govt. In Bangladesh, has no chance to take any treatment without their prescription, 2 have died. 24 are in extra care. They all are in home quarantine. Who has little cough and flu and came from abroad, they are in home quarantine. I think, not only in Bangladesh, being more feared and not having the knowledge and evidence of homeo successful treatment and for lack of publicity of major successful treatment, people are not interested to take homeo. Actually they come to homeo when Alopathy or Others are failed. It gives me pain.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-22 13:38:31]
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
A little example:
A patient with normal swollen tonsil, came to me in my office room. He was taking alopathic antibiotics. The problem is appearing again and again. I told him to stop antibiotics and gave him single remedy. He was taking the treatment. After 2 days, I asked him about the improvement. He told me that, he is taking antibiotics again. Why? His problem is not going. So returned to antibiotics. That is like this. People are not familiar to Homeo. They can stay with alopath whole life but can not keep patience in Homeopath for 7 days. They need relief not cure.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Another remedy: Alstonia
Like as quinine but has no adverse effect like quinine. For Malaria Type Symptoms.
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Ammonium carbonicum is a very serious candidate for Genus Epidemicus of COVID19, at least in Europe.

Several cures of the coronavirus infection with this remedy have been observed in France, especially for the deep and brutal dyspnea phases.

High dynamisation (200 K, mK, 10mK ...) in liquid dose seems to be the right posology.
Dynamis 2 years ago

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