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Anxiety, panic attacks + hoarse voice and sore throat

Hello everyone,

I have been having a rather strange condition since this January. It all started as a usual cold, from which I recovered pretty quickly. But then is developed into some strange condition, which the GP thought might be a form of pneumonia. He prescribed antibiotics (zythromax), which did not help. My chest x-rays were fine; the general blood draws pointed to normal levels of everything, and to no viral activity in the system. Nevertheless, the symptoms (weakness, sweating, sore throat, low fever) persisted and I stayed home for a couple of weeks. When the symptoms somewhat diminished, I decided to return to my daily life and felt a great difficulty breathing on the morrow. The GP said it is probably a sort of post-viral lung infection, and gave me corticosteroids (advair, later changed to simbicort), which helped somewhat, but not completely. I gradually quit using them after a month and a half. The symptoms that remained and still present are the following:

- sore throat
- ticklish feeling each time I take a breath
- Difficulty breathing (a feeling that I have to take deep breaths all the time)
- Rare cough (dry, with occasional white or clear phlegm)
- Tight upper chest
- Occasional sweats on the forehead
- Low and hoarse (irritated) voice
- Occasional weakness
- Mucus in nasal channels

The other side of the story is the anxiety and panic attacks that I started to get about two months ago. It all started suddenly, when I was at a local bar having a beer and a cigarette. I suddenly felt a strange lightness in the back of my head, followed by extreme nausea. I thought it was just a stomach flue, but it persisted for few days. It keeps coming back every week and a half/two weeks, and always has the same starting symptoms. But lately these attacks are followed by high blood pressure, cold sweats, insomnia, racing heart with great amounts of adrenaline being released, overall body shaking, chills, difficulty breathing. The GP prescribed Effexor XR (a kind of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drug), but I refuse to take it until I exhaust all the alternatives. I take the BachÂ’s rescue remedy during the attacks, which occasionally works. But does not treat all the symptoms, and so the condition of anxiety remains for at least three days, leaving me completely out of order. I also drink catnip infusions, which, as I was told, should be controlling anxiety.

I am a graduate student, doing a part-time job and living in two different cities. Indeed, there is a great amount of stress present in my life. I am also a very relaxed being, tending not to stress myself out and taking things easy, taking breaks when needed. My features are: Male, 28y/o, 73kg, 185cm.

Are these two conditions associated? Should I seek separate remedies for them? Can homeopathy help here, and if yes, can anyone suggest anything? I would appreciate any advice/guidance on either or both of the conditions. Thank you all in advance.
  zima77 on 2006-04-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
my hunch is cotorsteroid suppressive response... as did antibitoic use prior most like weakened vitalness..

wsie not use anxiety meds--would have put self in worse state...

what was health status prior to cold that occured in janruary? [please explain]?
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

The health state prior to cold in January was rather perfect. No history of what the GP's thought I might be getting:

- asthma
- allergies
- colds that persisted for more than two weeks.

I remember having a bronchitis about four years ago. I've been told that it might be coming back occasionally, but I can't say that I had similar sympthoms this winter (at least on the fever level).

I think my immune system was in a pretty good shape. I am a vegeterian and a somewhat of a health freak when it comes to food. Anything else to be added?

zima77 last decade
anything you can think of mabe going on in life just prior to the janruary cold? or mabe privousmonth? maybe best --just explain that time period.
John Stanton last decade
Well, nothing happened that might have altered my health condition so badly. There were some issues in personal life: long ending of a long-term relationship; meeting another person soon after. Some issues relating to stress might have occured from this situation, but the anxiety and panic started much after that situation.

Apart from that, I can't think of anything outstanding that was going on. I was doing my part-time job, working on my thesis, travelling between two cities. It was really business as usual.
zima77 last decade
when do the forehead sweats occur?what cicumstance notice this?when exactly this start ?never occur prior?

please give a chronological order (dates or there about) concerning info already given--start with relationship break up--new relationship start..cold (which we know in janruary)..antibiotic use ---cortosteroid use..anxiety...and the symptoms originally listed (first post)--when appeared....etc
John Stanton last decade

I have had some of your same symptoms. I have been seeing a homeopath for several years but still have been dealing with shortness of breath, severe throat problems and panic attacks.

My throat problems have been drasticly DIMINISHED since I took Arnica wet dose as Joe De Livera's suggested.

If you look at the first post I made at this website, it was about difficulty breathing and the Arnica wet dose did the trick.

I am also going to start on Nat Phos 6x to see if that will clear up my bloating and throat problem completely. I will let you know.

I believe that once the bloating and throat problems are cleared up, I will no longer get the panic attacks. I think they are all connected and related.

I will keep in touch so we can help each other.
Pat2006 last decade
I am also going to start Nat Mur 6c to help me with any remaining anxiety. My anxiety used to be much worst but since treating with my homeopath, it has been DRASTICAlly reduced.

You are welcomed to contact me at my personal e-mail if you have any quesions.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I strongly suggest you give Arnica a try to help with your breathing.
Pat2006 last decade
The sweats never occured prior to January. There is no precise time or situation where the sweats would occur. Yesterday evening, for example, it suddenly occured after supper, which even made me think I might have a fever (which I didn't). I had some chiils as well, and was quite cold when went to bed. I think I was getting an anxiety attack again. Otherwise they might occure at work, after walking outside, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot trace any pattern here.

Another thing I noticed is that I become ill if I intake any alcohol. I get high blood pressure, feel the anxiety, racing heart and adrenaline, etc. Not sure that it is related, but I do not understand why they say that people with anxiety are prone to alcoholism..

The chronological order is this:

- break up: February 2005, we remained friends for a long time, but the relationship was sort of "up in the air". She left to India for 6 months, and we were talking about getting back together via email and phone. However, I met another person just before she came back in December, 2005.

- new relationship: December-January this year.

- Cold (or flue): the third week of January.

- Antibiotic use: About the first week of February. 5 day course, I think 500mg for the first intake, and four days 250mg.

- Cortosteroid use: end of February, 2006 - April 18, 2006.

- Anxiety: first attack was around the very end of February. So far, there were about 5-6 attacks, with a varying intensity. One was extremely bad, the one about three weeks ago. The immediate cause for severity was the idea that new girlfriend was pregnant. At the end of the day is was not the case, but for sure it cause the amplification of the anxiety and panic attack back then (I even had a vision of suicide a couple of times).

As for the sympthoms listed in the first post:

- sore throat: I believe since the first cold. The sensation of sore throat was coming and going, but it has been htere for at least a month and a half now. I forgot to say that the GP now thinks it might be a post-nasal drip that occures at night (probably because of mucus in my nose).
- ticklish feeling each time I take a breath: since end of February.
- Difficulty breathing (a feeling that I have to take deep breaths all the time): since the end of February.
- Rare cough (dry, with occasional white or clear phlegm). Since the very first cold. The sympthoms diminished since tkaing the steroids, and now I almost do not cough. Just occasional ones; could be becuase I quit smoking a month ago and the phlegm is still coming out of lungs.
- Tight upper chest: since the end of February.
- Occasional sweats on the forehead: since the first cold.
- Low and hoarse (irritated) voice: about mid-March.
- Occasional weakness: since the first cold.
- Mucus in nasal channels: this one is weird because I remember a GP telling me this about 10 years ago. I never paid enough attention to this, but I do feel a sort of constant congestion in my nasal pathways, which do not bother me too much. However, the liquids that are supposed to some out of nose, tend to come out in the back of my mouth, which forces me to "force them out" with a very uncomfortable noise and spit them. We could say that this condition is chronic.

The symptoms of anxiety are present since the attack began. They are more suttle when the attacks pass, but are more amplyfied during the attacks.

zima77 last decade
What were you eating at dinner before the attack? Were you eating warm food?

I was also having very severe chills and just one sip of Arnica warmed me up and haven't had chills since.
Pat2006 last decade
what ther treatments usedchiroprcaticfor any reason? if so when? acupuncture?massge?anyof these treatmets in health history?please explai

any history of skin conditon atall?if so wen?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
I sent you some e-mails. Hope you got them.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.
Pat2006 last decade
Only two skin condition that I could remember. First, I do not remember the name, but the dermatologist said it is a very common herpes (or lichen) that humans get even with a wind. The way to treat that was one pills (can't remember the name, but I was told that it for for treatment of vaginal herpes), and a cream called 100 Clotrimaderm 1%. The first time it appeared was 6 or 7 years ago, and the second time was this fall.

The second skin condition was fungus on toes, but it was at least 7 years ago. Treated with anti-fungal cream.

Did not use chiropractor at all. no acupuncture, no massage either. Already tried homeopathis remedies: Natrium Muraticum, Lycopodium, and Arnica Montana. None seems to work.

Tried some herbal remedies: Currently taking Catnip infusions (was told that catnip is good at controlling anxiety), Valeriane root capsules at need, anti-stress complex (L-Theanine, and Relora, which is Magnolia officinalis and phellodendron). Was also doing inhalations of essential oils for lungs, taking drops of oregano oil as an anti-biotic treatment, taking goldseal extract as an anti-biotic as well.
zima77 last decade
Hi Pat,

I got the emails, thanks a bunch for them. It seems that our situations are not that similar after you've explained them. I don't get constant chills, and am not always cold. In fact today I was rather hot the hold day, and had a slightly elevated body temperature (very slight fever). So I only get the chills during the attacks. I will try the Arnica wet dose as you recommended. I am trying to take the granules under my tongue to see if that is going to produce any effect. No luck so far. So I will dissolve them in a bottle of water and try your method. The only difference is that I bought 9 ch dillusion instead of 6. Do you think it matters much?

zima77 last decade
did toe fungus exist before the herpes?

has it been noticed coincidence of anxiety attacks and sexual activity?or lack of sexual activity?any relation in this sphere or relationship related?please explain
John Stanton last decade
The toe fungus did exist before the herpes. The herpes, by the way, was around the private areas, the stomach and the chest areas.

No reduction in sexual activity. However, when under the attack, a general feeling of apathy occurs, which leaves me infuncionate with regards to most tasks. The anxiety might indirectly be related to relationship; but they could also be related to stress about finishing thesis, stress about being sick for so long (since January), stress about inability to lead normal social life, etc. I cannot control the attacks, when they are coming, their intensity, etc. I also can;t say that they are coming because of a articular reason; it seems that they are coming out of the blue.For example, I still get upset, and the attack might come right after I was upset, or it might not come at that point. It might happen just the way it did the first time - when I was having a beer and a cigarette and relaxing in a company of friends.
zima77 last decade
how was most recent herpes outbreak treated?same as past?please explain

what are the exact characteristics of the herpes eruptions?

never in life experienced anyting like these anxiety attcks before ?
John Stanton last decade
Never experienced the attacks in life. We all tend to have some anxiety before the exams, interviews, public speech (which I am very bad at). The attacks that I am having are very similar, but 10 times stronger, with some panic element in them.

The previous herpes eruptions were treated with cream, and I think a pill as well, but can't say for sure. I also forgot that I had acne (or pimples) on my back, and still get them occasionally, but I do not see it as skin condition. Once the dermatilogist tried to treat them with pills, but I would not remember which (that was about 7 years ago). Anyhow, the pills did not help.

The eruptions are in fomrs of "stains" on skin, usually round or oval, very light red or very light bourdeaux colour. Almost look like birth marks. Not itchy, do not bother me at all.
zima77 last decade
Hello Zima

It Most definitely matters.

Taking pellets under the tongue does me absolutely no good whatsoever.

In fact, the very first homeopathy remedy I took was Arnica which I took under the tongue and even after using up the entire container I got absolutely no results. I became convinced that Homeopathy was a big HOAX.

Arnica is a remedy that works on almost all personalities and so it is likely that you will get some benefit from it also.

Please give it a try in the water dose. You will find a big difference with it. I am finding that it has been a real life saver for me because it helps my ability to breath. Without it, I would have probably died.

But keep searching though and don't give up. Keep an open mind and try whatever remedies John or anyone else suggest.

Always keep in mind that pellets dissolved in water oftentimes produces results not otherwise obtained by taking them under the tongue.

Stay in touch and let me know what works. It can help me too. I would really appreciate it.

Hope you get well soon.
Pat2006 last decade
ok..start treatment with (2 pellets sepia 200c in 20 tablespoons of water---in clean water botle) shake viogourously--take single teaspoon dose of mix--and save in refigorator---no repeytion of dose..maybe ned later dont knowyet...

ALL THE FOLLOWING START befor eaking sepia..

AVOID-all acidic foods and drinks(coffee;teas;all alcoholic beverages;fruits and fruit juices;pickled foods/vinegar;all carbonated drinks;....etc)


AVOID all milk and milk products..

AVOID all wheat ;rye; products---rice and buckwheat ar ok..

AVOID all foods with preservatives and additives..

no distilled water.
no treated water at all (chlorine/flourine..etc)

all meats ok--except seafood and pork

all vegetables ok--except tomatoe/potatoe/eggplant

start daily use of probiotic which contains Lactobacillus acidophilus;Bifidobacterium bifidum;
Lactobacillus plantarum---or use 'udo's choice super 8'
this is to be taken with 250 mg vitamin c --at biggest meal of day...once a day only

no skin crtemes--no antibiotics ;no painkillers;no other treatments AT ALL...if skin condition shows stronger--do not treat with anything---we treat you as whole and will follow case closely---

concerning herpes--it has been most like been transmitted to sex patner currently have..no need see rash to have --contact is all that is needed--dis-ease manifests differenly iwth each individual's make-up.so reinfectation back to you will occur...treatment is to cover herpes as well as anxiety---so simply put abstain from sexual contact for 4 weeks--so can clearly access respnse in treatment....you ecide---if what i present is to o much and cant foow--then just be truthful and tell me so--and we allow someone else take case for you..otherwise follow advise..1 month --and we se.

but keep me daily notified as to what is occuring-so as may need repeat dose or change remedy-depends on response ..OK?
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

Do I just take one dose (one teaspoon) of dilluted remedy only once. I know you said no repetition of dose, but I just want to double check since I am very new to homeopathy...

I will buy sepia 200c and start the treatment. I will also buy the probiotics and vitamin c, and mainatin the diet you've recommended.

How long should the diet and probiotics/vitamin c be taken for?

With regards to sexual contact, does this include protected contact as well (e.g. condom use)? What about body touching in general, not only with partner, but with people - should that be avoided as well?

Lastly, does the treatment cover my sore throat, hoarse voice, and mucus in nasal pathways as well?

zima77 last decade
treatment is for you as whole--al aspect--but what response will be --not sure...your inner healitive force will decide what is priority or not--we will see.

yes take sepia/water mix only once in morning on empty stomach--at least an hour or so before first eating...
John Stanton last decade

just avoid sexual contact---for now
John Stanton last decade

Since you mentioned that no other treatmnents should be practiced at all, I have a couple more questions. Do I stop taking catnip infusions? I think they keep me calm, but I am not sure. What about the immune system vitamin formula? What about Bach's remedies in case of an attack?

Finally, I saw an acupuncturist a couple of hours ago. I was waiting for this appointment for a long time, so I decided to take it. According to the tests he conducted, I tested positive (I am not sure whether it is an allergic reaction I tested positive for, sensitivity, or lack of tolerance) for the following:

- B complex
- Faty acids
- Amino acids
- Hormones
- Mold
- Bacteria
- Parasite
- Smoke

today I was treated for B-complex, as well as some accupuncture to help me relax and keep calm for 24 hours. I was also told to stop all the treatments for 24 hours.

Now, can I still take sulphur dose and continue with the acupuncture? I know you've said to stop all the treatments, but I just wonder whether catnip, acupuncture and sulphur could go together... In a way I am desperate to try anything, and I appreciate your help very much.

zima77 last decade
I meant sepia dose, not sulphur dose, of course.

zima77 last decade

I forgot to mention one more thing about the acupuncture session today. I know they practice Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), so perhaps this will help understanding what was I diagnosed with. Here's their website: www.sunrisehealth.ca

I will make sure I ask for explanation of diagnosis next time I see them.

Again, I do not search for better or more qualified help. I appreciate your help a lot, and wonder whether I could do treatments concurrently.

Thank you,
zima77 last decade

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