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Hello Dr Anuj,

Thank you for your wishes:
I hope your saying turns out to be true. May he be successful in all he does but in my view, he should be down to earth as well, no matter what the situation is.

Please help me ease my depression right now. It is kind of Urgent! !

I have been so depressed since yesterday. (I don’t know if this was the aggravation from Staph 200 or I have developed some new symptoms) This was before I took a dose of Nux Vom 200 as per your saying.

I thought Nux Vom would help me with my new symptoms as well but it helped me only about 20 % on my sadness. I am still depressed. I am low and down. My head is hurting and is congested. I cried a lot yesterday and I am so low today too. I rarely cry but when I cry I become so depressed.

The reason of my hyped depression is:

I overheard my husband saying something to my daughter. He was arguing with her and was saying “I am not obeying your mom’s say anymore “. He was boasting a lot. He sounded like a boss.
It hurt me a lot when I heard that.

I have felt like somebody cut my wings ( where I was flying freely) and I became a handicapped now. I am feeling so vulnerable and down. Its like somebody ditched me.
My smile went away. I felt like the news of his job opportunity has changed him and now he’s acting so differently. Why did he have to say that ? He was acting as if he was free of something and just don’t care about other things.

I was feeling happy for him and myself about the job he got, until I heard him saying that sentence which hurt me a lot. If a Dad says “I don’t want to obey your mom” infront of a daughter then what kind of lesson will the daughter learn?

Please help me get rid of this depression and my headache.

Thank you for your help.
depression1 6 months ago
Nat Mur 200 five drops or pellets bi weekly.Kali Phos to continue.

Feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 6 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
I am taking Nat Mur every 15 days, as per your advice. I took Kali Phos 6X for a week too, but when I take Kali phos for some days, I start feeling sleepy in the day time too. So I stopped taking it.
So far I took two dosage of Nat Mur 200 and a week of Kali Phos 6X. (Once a day).

But for the last couple of days, I have been having an upset stomach. I feel bloated mostly and nauseous at times. I am not having normal bowel movement. either. Its not diarrhoea but sometimes I go to the bathroom for 2-3 times. Sometimes I am gassy, but not all the time.
I have kind of dull pain in my stomach. I feel like I ate something really bad which is making my stomach upset. And also I can’t take spicy food anymore, it burns my stomach.

Whenever I find anything wrong in my body, I can’t take it easy, I fear of some dreadful disease. I always think of something bad.

Also, I feel like my brain is processing slowly these days. I have some tightness inside my brain. I feel like my smartness, alertness is fading. I can’t think of a solution quickly as before. I feel like I am dull and dumb now.

Please help.
depression1 5 months ago
Start Nux Vom 200 five drops in an ounce of water half an hour before dinner every day.

Feedback after 4 days.

While taking medicines the use common sense in diet avoid everything you know to be hurtful, or doubtful.
anuj srivastava 5 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
Thank you for your suggestion.

I ordered Nux Vomica 200 but I haven’t received it yet.
Its been two days, My upset stomach is okay now. No more pains or sick feeling. No nausea or bloating.
Do I still need to take Nux Vomica 200 ?

I still have fear of dreadful diseases and fear of death. My head is congested and have some burning feeling.

Please suggest
Thank you for your help.
depression1 5 months ago
Not required to have now.However,advisable to procure it and keep.

Continue same protocol and keep giving weekly feedbacks.Nat Mur be taken thrice a week now onwards.
anuj srivastava 5 months ago
Thank you Dr Anuj,

I will take Nat Mur 200 C , 3 times a week now as per your advice.

Will give you feedback every week.
depression1 5 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
I have taken Nat Mur 200 C three dosages in a week already as per your advice.
I am feeling so different. I am not experiencing any good results this time.

I am experiencing tightness inside my head and I have become more forgetful as well. I feel like I don’t understand even a simple thing easily. My brain is not processing fast enough. I feel like my brain is not functioning properly. My brain is foggy.
Furthermore, I am too much worried about my Dad and mom as they are old. I fear of any bad news.
I still fear of my own health. I fear of any dreadful disease. I fear of death.
I have heard the news of few of my relatives’ death, these days which made me upset. I don’t like to hear such news.
I feel so much pity on vulnerable people, and old people.

Please suggest.
depression1 4 months ago
Have a dose of nux vom at night.

Start IGNATIA 30 two doses before 11 AM.

anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

Updates after the doses:

I took a dose of Nux Vom 200 c one night (before starting Ignatia) and also
I have been taking two doses of Ignatia Amara 30c everyday before 11am as you said. Its been 10 days now.
I can’t easily say What I am experiencing from the remedy. I still think I may have a dreadful disease if I feel any pain or discomfort on any part of my body or if I get any cold symptoms I suspect it’s a Corona and I become fearful.
I am still fearful that I may get a news of a death of my loved ones when I get a call from back home.

My head is congested and foggy.
I feel like my memory power is declining. Its really hard to remember what did I do in certain days or it’s hard to recall certain things. I am not forgetful but I can’t remember certain things done recently. May be it’s because my brain is foggy. I have headache all the time. It’s a stress headache.
I also double check and confirm things frequently as I am unsure or have less confidence on what I do at workor at home.

My irritation has been increased. I yell at my child a lot. I feel bad about it. My anger increases with my headaches. I feel if this fog and the pain from my head go away, I will think and act normal.
depression1 4 months ago
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
Due to this Bad weather condition in Texas, I had to take shelter at my brother’s place for a week, as I didn’t have electricity and water in my apartment. I just came back home and Had a dose of Aurum Met 200 as per your advice . I will give you feedback in 3 days.

Thank you for your help.
depression1 4 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
I took a dose of Aurum Met 200, 2 days ago. Today is the third day. The first day I didn’t feel any improvement, the second day I felt like 20-30% relief on my sadness and today I am again depressed, vulnerable and have too much pity over vulnerable and old people. I have become too much sensitive lately.
I had a hamster before which I took good care of for 2 years. Hamsters have very little life span i.e 2 years. She was very weak and was not walking well recently. Still I looked after her so good I tried my best to keep her alive. But the last bad weather condition took her life. I have been so upset since then. I tried my best to keep her warm. I know some things are not under our control. But still I blame myself.
I feel like, if I could have done little more effort, I could save her for little more even-though it was almost her time to go.
I always tend to blame Myself if something bad happens even the things are not under my control.
These things make me so much upset. I blame myself for no reason.
I am still afraid of death of any loved ones. I am afraid of the void that death creates. I always think a lot about the deceased person and ask myself How could that death be avoided. I get upset when someone I know dies.
The dose of Aurum Met helped me by 20-30% in this matter. But I am so depressed again now. My head is heavy and congested and have a burning feeling.
My memory has not been improved. I shout a lot and I get irritated a lot with small things. My nerves are jittery and vulnerable. I fear of being crazy.
Please help me.
depression1 3 months ago

anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,
Thank you for your remedy suggestion. I have ordered Silicia 6x and Nat Mur 6X as I didn’t have those handy. But I have an Update

Since yesterday afternoon I have been feeling little more better. I think the dose of Aurum Met 200 is kicking in. The guilty feeling about the death of my pet has subsided by 50-60% and I am not as sensitive about death that much. I feel like 50 % better now. Which is a relief. But I still have cloudy feeling inside my brain. Dull pain/headache.
I am 50% less irritated. But some kind of sadness is still lingering in me. The sensitivity about looking at or pathetic feeling about vulnerable people has decreased by 30%-40%
Overall I think I am benefited by the remedy. I might have aggravation the third day, which made me so uncomfortable.

Thank you and please suggest if I still take Nux Vomica until I receive Silicia and Nat Mur ? Or do I have to change remedies completely because of my current condition?
Thank you for your advice in advance.
depression1 3 months ago

anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

I took a dose of Aurum Met 200 again 6 days ago. Please see the update:

I don’t know what to say, but I am so irritated these days now. I am not able to handle my daughter’s tantrums like before. I feel like I am weak mentally now.
what I am really bothered about is my daughter’s behaviour. She is 12 and is ignoring my advice and suggestion for her betterment. She is very carefree and laid back now. She has her own principles about her eating pattern. Sometimes, She eats a lot at night and skips the breakfast and eats just salads at lunch and a fruit on snacks. Sometimes she eats a lot all the time.
She doesn’t drink water at school but she drinks too much while at home. She does two extreme things now and then. I am so fed up with her behaviour. She used to obey me used to listen to me for what I say but now I feel like she is being out of control. I tend to control her but with failures. I yell at her and say some negative things as well which I feel so bad about later on.
She is the only child. I don’t want her to be like me. I don’t want her to get some kind of mental illness. I am always worried about her.
But I yell at her like the way my mom used to yell at me. I am a replication of my mom now which I never wanted to be. I think I don’t know other options to handle a child because I have never seen my mom doing it in other ways.
I am so scared if I treat her like the way I was treated, she will be like me.
All my efforts go on vain when she ignores me.
I try to tell her nicely in the beginning but when she shows the signs that she doesn’t care about what I say, that make me more furious and I start yelling at her. She irritates me a lot now. She says she doesn’t like my food, it’s yucky, whereas I always try my best to make her good food. I feel like, if I give her everything she wants she should at least give me the respect I deserve. She is not realising how much I love her and how much I care for her.
I am so frustrated with her behaviour. I yell at her but regret later.
I get so much irritated quickly over small matters. I am furious all the time. My head aches and is tight and congested all the time.
It may seem I am trying to control her but I am worried about her that she may follow a wrong way in life and get hurt. I am just trying to be a mom. I don’t want her to be in a difficult situation.
I understand when kids get older they want to follow their own path.
I just want to tackle the situation calmly and not by being furious.

Please help.

P.S. I also have received Silicia 6X and Nat Mur 6X.
depression1 3 months ago


anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

Please help.

I took all the remedies as per your advice for 12 days.
The only visible benefit I could see from these was the improvement on my brain fog and improve on my memory power.

I stopped the remedies because I was experiencing
too much irritation and had been getting more angrier. Looked like aggravation.

And also I had taken my second dose of COVID vaccine 3 days ago and have been having side affects since then. I had fever and body pain for 3 days.
I haven’t taken those remedies since then.

Today I am feeling very depressed, as I am feeling like I might not be a good mom who cannot handle her daughter. Non of my efforts are working....
Like all the mothers in this world, I also want my daughter not suffer from anything bad. If I let my daughter take every decision for her, by herself at the age of 12 then, I don’t think she can choose the right way in life. She needs some kind of parental guidance on some things. I am not too controlling about her. Most of the things I let her do by herself and her dad and her uncle also says I am being too soft about her. Her Dad is controlling, not me.
I always help her how to overcome from difficult situation, I always help her with her difficult homework tasks. Because of my guidance she is very good academically.
But, Now a days, I have been so frustrated because of her eating habit. She has learnt about some kind of diet plan from the internet and has been following that diet since this pandemic has started. When I try to explain her whatever food habit she is following is not nutritious enough for a growing kid. But I don’t know how did she developed and idea that I am from a different world (back home)and I know nothing and she knows everything because she is from the USA. All of a sudden all the food I cook is “Yucky” for her. That hurts too.
I don’t know how to handle this situation. I tried to be patient and have kept quiet for long time thinking that one day she will change her taste about the food she’s been eating which are not at all a proper food for a 12 year old girl.
I cannot see her ruining her life like this because of ignorance. She is just a kid, she doesn’t know everything. I advised her politely, I threatened her about the health risks of not having proper food...but nothing is working and I am worried about her like anything. I am loosing my patience....I just feel like, run away from the situation.
I need some advice on how I can change her mind.
And also I need some remedies to calm down my depression and frustration.

Please help.
depression1 2 months ago
Take Thuja 30 three times a day to mitigate the side effects of the vaccination first.

Give a feedback after 2 days .

Then will address your issue.
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Hello Dr Anuj,

Sorry for the late reply, as I was busy preparing for my move to different state where my husband is right now. There is so much to do.

I took Thuja 30 as per your advice and have been doing okay till now.

Lately, I have kind of stopped saying anything to my daughter about her eating habit and carefree habit. In fact I have been ignoring the facts on what she eats. This way at least I am not being a nagging mom. I don’t know where this thing will lead to but I can’t do nothing much about it. I don’t know if I am doing right or wrong. It looks like I have given up on advising her good things in life.

My head has been congested since yesterday. I feel my mind is too tired. Have a fear of insanity.
I am still fearful about my dad’s death. Its like I am trying hard to keep him alive for long time. I have been advising him to keep healthy eating habit and do exercises. I want him to be alive for at least a 100 years. I don’t want to imagine a bit if something happens to him. He is healthy and just has back issues and hearing problem, but I am always scared and worried about him.
I worry too much about him because I love him.

My head is so congested and I am sad for no apparent reasons.
Please help.
depression1 last month
Ignatia 200,ones a day before 11AM.Feedback after 4 days.Stop Thuja.Cell salts to continue.
anuj srivastava last month
Hello Dr Anuj,
I just finished the 4th dose of Ignatia 200 but I heard a news of a closedone back home and I have been upset since then. I couldn’t sleep. I am having anxiety. I am sighing a lot. My head is too much congested.
Ignatia did not help me in this condition...please help asap. Its kind of urgent.

Thank you for your help.
depression1 last month



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anuj srivastava last month
Hello Dr Anuj,

I don’t have Phosphorus 1M and VERBENA URTICAEFOLIA Q
handy with me. I have ordered Phosphorus 1M but it’s Hard to find VERBENA URTICAEFOLIA Q. The remedies may take time to reach to me.

I have Phosphorus 200 C if that works for me.
Please suggest the doses.

Or if you could suggest any other remedies for my current situation of heavy headedness, head congestion, headache and anxiety evolved due to that bad news. Its very lingering.

Thank you for your help.
I appreciate it
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depression1 last month
anuj srivastava last month

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