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nux vomica 1M

Hi : I would like to ask a question, I went to see a local homeopath and he seems to know a lot, he took my case and sent me back with nux vomica 1M everyday for 6 months. I thought it was too much and he told me that 1M is a medium potency .
Could please anyone tell me if in some cases a patient can take doses 200c or 1M everyday for so long ? I dont doubt about his decision but I learnt that someone should take the remedies and wait.

Thank you.
  love and peace on 2020-11-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Don't take it again. What was your sufferings? What is changed by this?
freehomeoforall 2 months ago
To answer your question, No you cannot take these doses everyday.
The remedy has to be a good match to your symptoms.
Google materia medica of any remedy.
The body will not tolerate a similar match to your problem.
The body will react to the remedy by increasing life force.
The life force gets rid of the remedy and then at same time targets the real causes.

Each person will have their own reactions.
When one reacts good or bad you stop.
You let the life force work until stalled out before another dose.

Some people take a remedy but need to keep taking it -
This means the remedy is palliating not curing.
The remedy is wrong and a better match has to be chosen.

Sure does not sound like your homeopath is a real homeopath.
simone717 2 months ago
Dear Dr :

I went to see this Dr he is an iridiologist,and homeopath due to a fibroid I have been dealing with this problem for years leading me to an anemic state .
I saw others homeopaths with no effect at all , making me waist time which due to my condition is very important.
I saw him and he sent me that and other remedies and believe it or not by taking it everyday I saw some changes including in my long term migraine .
The point is I think is too much,,, I took it already for 2 months and overall I feel better but I am afraid of " proving" the remedy.
I never heard of anybody taking doses for so long,, so high.

Thank you
love and peace 2 months ago
Hi love and peace,

Can I ask what country you are? We used to have another person with similar name on here from Pennsylvania. I have talked to you before and so has free homeo. Freehomeo is a real homeopath.
Click user names to see who you are talking to and all their threads Including
your own past threads.

An iridologist is not a real Dr and depending where you are anyonecan call themself a homeopath.

Stop taking as Freehomeo advised. See what happens .
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-11-16 20:47:07]
simone717 2 months ago
Love and peace
Nux vom, Sulphur, Lycopodium, Calcarea Carb and there are some others. You should not repeat frequently.
The rule is: Take a dose. See the result. If you see improvement, don't repeat it. Wait till the action is gone. Then you may take 2nd dose. Suppose, you have not seen any result. You may take 2nd dose after 48 hours. If you don't see any result, you should not take the medicine at all.
To take a medicine, everyone should know the acton, where is it has deep action or not, action period etc. Selecting a remedy is not all in all.
Your sensitivity is low. So need higher potency. 1M potency is very high potency.
1X to under 30= low potency. 30 to under 200= Mid level potency and 200 to above is high potency
Action of 1M can go for 15 days to 45 days based on your structure.
Stop for 30 days. See, if your problems are coming back or not. Or if any new symptoms appear. It is supposed that, you may see new problems within some days. If you don't see any new symptom, it is fine.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-11-17 01:44:27]
freehomeoforall 2 months ago
Dear Freehomeoforall and simone :

I am in Uruguay , South America, I thank you both for helping me . I stopped the remedy already , I will wait and see.
I am too worried about my health , the main issue is my fibroid that produces deep bleeding with clots and I have been with anemia for the past 3 years , the drs suggest to remove it but also remove my uterus and ovaries and I dont want to do so , specially I am about to be 50 , just around the corner of menopause.
Please, suggest some remedies, I believe in homeopathy and I have been healed before of styes and different things and I know homeopathy can help me .
Subserosal fibroid of 7 cm , lots of bleeding, period comes and stops on 5 th day and comes back , with large dark clotes, , I must say that the clots have been decreasing since remedies is taking like 90 % .
Also he sent me 3 times a day calcarea carbonica 30 c, plus phosphorus 30c and calcarea phosphorica, all for 6 months.
He is also a gynecologist and homeopath that studied in Argentina, so far is very well known here .
Others drs put me on fraxinus 30c, sepia 200c, secale, etc etc, with no effect and I kept bleeding bad.

Please if any of you can help me please do so, I dont know what else to do .

Thank you deeply .
love and peace 2 months ago
Okay. Wait till next menses.
freehomeoforall 2 months ago
You may continue from now:
1. Calcarea Fluor 12X Cell Salt
4tablets 3times a day
2. Ferrum Phos 6X Cell Salt
4tablets 3times a day
Continue This And make a test of CBC and Ultrasound of fibroid after 30 days.
Knock if any problem appears.
You may continue both cell salts with no problem. But should continue long.
Best of luck.
freehomeoforall 2 months ago
Dear Dr :

I have to update, my last period , it was better, no clots at all, but still heavy bleeding on 2 day, but indeed it has changed for good.
I stopped Nux Vomica 1 M like 15 days ago.

Could you please suggest anything to make the flow less ? That will help a lot.

Thank you for your time.

kind regards.
love and peace last month
Must add that the period last like 7 days, and even it has changed is still leaving me too tired and have to take iron pills which are really heavy on me .

If I can make the period with less flow it will help my recovery for sure.

thanks again.
love and peace last month
If have not started my suggested cell salts, start and let me know the change.
freehomeoforall last month
Dear Dr :

I do have started with the calcarea , but ferrum phos 6x due to the pandemia I cant find it , I only have access to ferrum phos 8x , 10 x and up , which one should I get ?

love and peace last month
Both are cell salts. In tablet form. Don't take in liquid or pill form.
freehomeoforall last month
If you can get ferrum phos 8x in tablet form , order that one.
simone717 last month
Dear Dr :

Sorry , but the only way to find them here is in pills, not a single remedy in tablets ,they dont do it .
Ferrum phos 8 x in pills , can I take it ? i know there is a difference but the remedy it wont work ?

love and peace last month
If there is no cell salt available, please give full detailed information about your all sufferings.
Main sufferings
Other sufferings
Tell about your mind
Tell about your likes and dislikes of foods, weather etc.
Tell about your relation with your husband, children, relatives, friends and others.
How do you behave with others?
How everyone behaves with you?
Do you suffer from vaginal discharge before, during or after periods? If so, what is the colour?
During periods, what is the colour of blood? Any smell? What does it look like?
How many days you period lasts?
Any pain during period?
Tell about your sleep, appetite etc.
Give as much information as you can. Take time to mention all. Think and write down in a paper. Then post. No urgency.
freehomeoforall last month
Dear Dr :

Here are my answers :

1) 49 ( almost 50 )

2) fibroid producing heavy bleeding

3) migraine left side eye with vomiting, usually once a week( got better with nux vomica)pain in right side of abdomen.

4) Mind is worried and a bit depressed now because I believe in homeopathy and cant believe I cant heal. Worry about financial , husband lost 2 jobs due to pandemia .

5)I am vegetarian, I like dry weather and warm, dont like cold or wind

6)I love to be with my family but due to financial and other situation , the relationship with my husband has beome a bit cold, too much stress, I dont like fights, and i dont like when people lie to me .
I feel isolate due to that.

7)There is usually leucorrea before the period, sometimes green color , others like water, after the period is a brwon discharge.

8) Blood red, dark clots ( kinda black ) large , then blood is a bit darker .
Period starts slow, 2 and 3 day are worse very heavy I cant move everything aggravates it , day or night, then gets better, always stops at 5 or 6 day for a a couple of days to return of course a lot less like 80% less and keeps coming for like 3 more days.
All this was improved by nux vomica 1 M

9)Sometimes pain in my uterus, and back but nothing too much

10) I always wake up at 3 am and 5 am , mind very active , worried about things, poor appetite.
Sleep got better with nux vomica.

11) I am thin, always been, workoholic, best studient when child .

12) This week, dont know why, I am bleeding everyday , this usually doesnt happen, a bit , for more than 5 days and still is here.
Last period ended like 10 days ago.
Period always come a bit earlier.
When I was like 18 , I had amenorrea for like 6 months , came back naturally by using reiki. Cysts in both ovaries then

Thank you , please if you can help , I will appreciate it deeply.
love and peace last month
One thing I would like to add , is when I cry I dont like nobody seeing me , never did .

love and peace last month
Lachesis 30
Take 5pills in a morning in empty stomach.
Only one dose.
Don't repeat.
Wait for 15 days and keep updating.
freehomeoforall last month
Dear Dr :

I did take the lachesis I will report in a few days .
Please , advice me on this ,, I am kind of scared because this same homeopath prescribed me calc phos, calc carbonica and phosphorus 30 c 3 times a day for 6 months, I didnt complete the 6 months because I stopped when you told me , but I have reactions from the phosphorus 30 c I have pain in my bones,and muscles, and is has been worse, could you please suggest something ?
This will go away ?

Thank you .
love and peace last month
Did you take all 3 medicines same time? As you have taken Lach. Wait for total 10 days.
freehomeoforall 4 weeks ago
Good morning Dr :

Yes, the medicines were given in the same bottle , and at the same time of the Nux vomica 1M for more than 5 months.
No with the lachesis.

Thank you .
love and peace 4 weeks ago
Are you taking all with Lachesis?
You should not use any other.
Wait and see the result of 1st dose of Lach
freehomeoforall 4 weeks ago

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