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How to take Nux Vomica 200C?

Hello to all.

I was diagnosed as a Nux Vomica case some time ago but i was in a hurry (as are all nux cases) with my mind on many many things and i forgot to buy it.

I now did some research and found that all my symptoms actually do match Nux Vomica. The doctor told me to also buy Sulphur 200C since my condition is chronic, 6-7 years (i am 26 years old).

Was wondering if somebody can tell me how to take Nux Vomica? When i typed it here on search, it says that it is complementary with Sulphur and Sepia. Does that mean they should be taken together or?

Any advice is welcome.
  McDougal on 2012-05-21
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you have a chronic condition you
need to A. go to a homeopath to
supervise the dosing for cure-
that is your best option.

Even if you are nux you may need it
for a time in different potencies. And
it is possible that you could need sulph
for a time and some other remedies
and go back to nux or whatever to
finish the cure of a chronic case.

I would go back to your original person
if possible or find another one bc
there is no way anyone on here can
tell you to dose nux vomica without
taking your entire case on the forum
and supervising it for quite awhile.
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simone717 6 years ago

Yes don't start trying to manage this yourself. Homoeopathic prescribing is complex and tricky, and each medicine can produce serious side effects if used inappropriately. All prescriptions are made individually, including dosage. No medicine should be taken with another. Complementary relationships are meant for the practitioner, not the patient who need not concern themselves with this (it is a prescribing technique).

The state of the remedy needs to match your state, not just the symptoms. Without knowing why you are taking the remedy, I doubt anyone here will be willing to take responsibility for advising you on how to take it. There are many things that need to be considered - sensitivity, medical history, degree of tissue change, intensity of disease etc.

Taking Sulphur ';becaue the case is chronic' is ridiculous. If they told you that they don't know what they are talking about, and I would be quite suspicious of the Nux prescription in that case as well. Chronic is a quality of most sick people we see, not of a specific remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

I can't go to the same person because he was a friend of a friend who i met when i was on a vacation. Long story, i know :)

I am sorry to hear this, i was under the impression that homeopathy is simpler, that one should take 1-3 doses of a remedy and than just wait for a week or two and see how it goes..

I am pretty convinced i am a nux.. Am thin, have troubles gaining weight even when i eat, have coldness in my feet, when i take my socks off i tend to have stomach issues, have sour taste in my mouth in the morning, am always thinking about things, my brain is working non stop on full power, even when i try to relax i think about how i should relax :) have some digestive issues, floating stool from time to time, undigested foods in the stool also from time to time..

Don't like people touching me, don't like crowds, like being alone, am capable of being with other persons only for a short time (couple of hours and only on rare ocassions), feel better on warm or damp,rainy weather, feel much worse when its cold.. Love windy weather and storms, lightnings..

Hate parfumes and any smell that comes from a bottle, those cheap deodorants in spray almost make me sick..

I am sure i am missing something but..

Anyway, i am currently relaxing, trying to improve my mental status, am also going on acupuncture treatments and wanted to improve even more with homeopathy since i know they are compatible with each other.

I hope, after writing this, somebody can help me out :)

I have both the Nux Vomica and Sulphur in 200 C.

Honestly, didn't see myself in the Sulphur symptoms but i didn't look that close after finding everything in Nux Vomica..
McDougal 6 years ago

If i should add anything else, please, just ask, i will be more than happy.

I also have some dark blue circles under my eyes, not to much, there is some redness around my nose, sometimes more, sometimes less, doesn't itch, but skin on my hands and face is dry, specially when i go out of a shower, than i use natural oils and i am fine. Like to eat natural foods, hate fast foods or anything that is bought in the super market.

Mostly eat fish from meats, from diary only home made white cheese from time to time which i buy from a lady i know, i avoid pastereused food. Don't drink tea, nor alcohol, nor smoke, nor do drugs, don't even drink sodas.. Only filtered water and teas.

Don't care about other people, if they don't like something about me i just tell the GOOD BYE and don't bother one bit about them, if if they are okay i can be friendly at times.. If they want to see me very often i tell them good bye because i hate needy people.. I hate asking for help from people i know because i then feel i owe them, i generally prefer strangers, they are much easier to handle..
McDougal 6 years ago

Don't drink COFFEE!

I drink tea :)

Coffee i hate.. Also, never eat sugars or processed fats, or anything processed..
McDougal 6 years ago

Hi- if you can afford acupucture,
then can you afford a homeopath?

You go to first appt- takes like hour
and half and give all symptoms,
mental and physical, on that basis
a remedy is chosen to match
EVERYTHING- Then you go from there
and get dose instructions from the

Many tools are used to prescribe
seeing the person face to face,
how they talk, their skin, and on and
on- if you want to get better FAST-
this is what you do.

Where are you- I am willing to look
up some people for you. Online
here is a very hit and miss operation.

simone717 6 years ago

No homoeopathy is very complex, it takes many years to become even moderately competent at it. And because our medicines can be quite powerful and have long-lasting side effects, the guidelines need to be followed carefully to avoid making your situation worse.

You will not be able to choose your own chronic remedy. This is one of the limitations of homoeopathy. Being able to perceive your own state is like trying to counsel yourself. It actually requires an objective outside party, as you tend to see and interpret everything through your state (so you cannot see yourself clearly).

Those symptoms you have given would not lead me to prescribe Nux-v. In fact many of them are broad general symptoms that would not be particularly useful for prescribing anything. It is also not a properly given case, so making a prescription with that small amount of information is not likely to succeed. Homoeopathy is all about detail, a high level of indiviualization. We utilize a principle of peculiarity - which is actually not so easy to understand (symptoms that are unexpected or unexplained).

I will post an example of an intake form so you can see what kind of information is needed to make confident decisions.


Go through each problem one at a time giving a full description of what happens, what pains and sensations you get, what makes it worse and what makes it better, the history of the complaint including when it started and what was happening around that time.

Write a separate section for each problem. Cover even the smallest problems you have.

If any of your symptoms occur together, or immediately before or after one another this is important to note as well.

Do not give single word or short sentence descriptions. The more information you give the better I will be able to help.

Do not read up on the remedies and discuss them. Do not attempt to use the Remedy Finder program on this site. Try to keep yourself apart from all the information about remedies on the internet. Such research on your part actually makes it harder to find the right remedy for you not easier.

Whenever you describe a sensation or pain, try to help me to imagine having that same pain. For example, what would have to happen to me to recreate that symptom?

Allow yourself to diverge if you wish. If discussing the problem brings up any emotional or mental issues, then discuss them.

Do not edit your report, except for spelling mistakes. It is important that even if you use the wrong word, you write that. You can correct yourself in the next sentence.

If you have not done this by the time you have covered your problems, discuss the problems you have generally had in your life. What have been the big traumas, the big issues for you? Where have you felt unable to change, where do you get stuck repeating the same behaviours?

Also discuss the issues you might have had in childhood. Talk about your family, your upbringing, your parents. What kind of child were you? What did you fear, what did you aspire to, what do you remember the most?

Lastly talk about the way in which you handle or cope with your problems. What are the patterns that reoccur in your life? How do you find yourself managing your problems, even if it is not successful? To what degree do your problems affect you? How do you think everything will work out in the end for you?
Also answer these general health questions, if you have not already discussed them:

1. What foods do you crave or hate?

2. What drinks do you crave or hate?

3. Does any food or drink have a negative effect on you?

4. What is your sensitivity to the temperature and weather?

5. What is your physical energy like? What activities seem to raise or lower it?

6. What is your sexual desire like? Are there any problems in this area you feel comfortable talking about?

7. What is your sleep like, what problems do you have with it?

8. What issues do you have around your menstrual cycle (if a woman)?

9. What dreams tend to reoccur in your life, or have reoccurred previously? If not a specific whole dream, what images or situations tend to crop up?

There will almost certainly be more questions from me after this to clarify and to explore further.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Registered ATMS 5141
brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Bottom line here?

You don't know what you don't know.

I can find people in your area to do
it the right way, or someone very
competent online to do it in depth
with skype etc if no one is in your area.
simone717 6 years ago

I have to admit that i am a bit surprised, but very glad i opened this thread. I remember watching some short TV shows which mention that homeopathy is pretty harmless, if you take what you don't need-nothing happens, but i guess that can only be true for really low potencies.

It does make sense since homeopathy is an energy medicine, to much of bad energy creates bad things. Just like herbal, nutritional and any other medicine i suppose.

I have a question though, in your opinion, if i was to go to say 3 homeopathic practitioners, what is the chance to receive the same remedy from all 3 practitioners?
McDougal 6 years ago

Classical homeopaths will always scare you into making you believe you are overdosing and the potencies you are taking are incorrect.

i agree with 20 years experience might i add that you can try a remedy 3 times see if it has an effect and if it does then continue. but what is your reason for taking nux vomica - it must be the right remedy and the right reason
santinosharma 6 years ago

I don't wish to come in the middle of different opinion which obviously exist in homeopathy, but i will gladly answer your question.

The reason why i wish to take nux vomica is mainly to improve my digestion and assimilation of food. I am sick and tired of having to eat 5 meals a day and workout 3-4 times a week only to not lose any weight (as mentioned before, i lack weight, probably some 10kg-20 pounds)

If i miss a single meal i lose weight and i often eat even if i am not hungry, just because i feel i will lose my weight even more if i don't.

When i look at undigested food particles in my stool i realize that i have some important digestion and assimilation problems. I personally feel that other minor problems such as dry skin on hands and face, a bit of redness in the face etc. are all connected to bad digestion. If i improve digestion-everything will improve.

That is pretty much the reason :) Of course, relaxing my mind a bit wouldn't hurt either, but again, all of my worry is connected to this health issue, so it would fix that to i am sure.
McDougal 6 years ago

do u have acne problems? constipation - acidity ? sinus problems ? cold hands and feet ? any other allergies

and is your hair quite dry/coarse ?

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santinosharma 6 years ago

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