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Ganglion cyst wrist

Dear sirs, do you have any advice for treating a 10-day old ganglion cyst on the left wrist due to some weeks of overuse? Arnica and Ruta have been prescribed and helped somewhat, combined with icing the area several times a day. Thank you.
  roberta1 on 2021-06-19
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Ruta G 30
3 drops thrice a day till it disappears
Kaps last year
It's been a week now with Arnica+Ruta thrice a day and it hasn't disappeared yet.
There has been some small improvement though, in that the sense of burning during the night has gone. An old epicondylitis in the elbow from 2008 reappeared simultaneously with the small ganglion on the wrist. Will Ruta manage to cure it???
roberta1 last year
Tennis elbow is new
Probably rather it is Arnica which has brought it back you must have used Arnica 30
Post what potencies Arnica and Ruta did you use ?
Kaps last year
Arnica 200 twice a day+ Ruta 30 thrice a day.
The ganglion+epicondylitis in the elbow appeared simultaneously this time due to overuse/ practising the cello obviously more than the tendons can handle... Maybe the feelings of heavy sadness and pointlessness contributed to it, maybe not.

The epicondylitis appeared first in 2008, neither painkillers nor steroids nor physiotherapy helped. Only rest, ice and change of movement patterns helped a bit. Then discovered homeopathy, it went away with a combination of Arnica and Ruta.
The ganglion first appeared in 2014, very painful even at night, no physiotherapy helped, nor did painkillers. Got prescribed Arnica and Ruta by the same homeopath, it didn't help much. It took 7-8 months to go away.
roberta1 last year
stop Ruta
Arnica 200 thrice daily 03 drops in water for 3-4 days its for
There shud be 30% -40 % improvement in 2-3 days
Feedback after three days of when there is some improvement in
Kaps last year
Ok, thank you, i hope there will be some improvement.
[Edited by roberta1 on 2021-06-19 12:00:31]
roberta1 last year
There has been no improvement at all, tried physiotherapy in the meantime as well. The ganglion is still there (not bigger, not smaller eitherm no burning sensation), despite not practising/ not playing music at all and not straining the wrist at all these 2 weeks. Ice still helps, actually much more than all the physiotherapy sessions. Do you have any suitable suggestions? It would be very much appreciated.
roberta1 last year
Acid BENZ 200 2 pills twice a day
How is your tennis elbow?
Kaps last year
The elbow is ok when immobile but when attempting to practise lightly again, the complaint comes back (not as pain but maybe because i stop immediately). Like the wrist, it somehow feels as if there is a shorter string in there and upon moving, it makes itself felt.
roberta1 last year
The shipment finally arrived and i took the first dosis. It is getting slightly better, a tiny improvement that could look like a coincidence but i believe it is not a coincidence. How long should i go on taking it?
roberta1 last year
Till the improvement is about 50%
Kaps last year
Ok, thank you! Will it perhaps help also with the feeling of non-stop tension on the shoulders and the neck due to heavy worries?
roberta1 last year
Do you mean pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders by calling in tension
Post your mental worries too
Kaps last year
Stiffness in neck and shoulders, many knots in back and nape of the neck, though not painful. Mental worries: financial stress, diminishing income and diminishing work activity already restricted, severe mental problems in family (one family member wants to take her life, has alternating outbursts of rage and crying but categorically refuses to get any help, refuses to get out of bed, shouts when approached with suggestions to see a doctor or discuss her agony at least with a homeopath on a videocall).
[Edited by roberta1 on 2021-07-29 09:50:26]
roberta1 last year
For the relative under severe depression
Aconite N 200 liquid preferably
Aurum Metallicum 200 liquid preferably
Once You get these please post
If liquid is not available get pills
Kaps last year
I don't have any of them in liquid form and ordering might take several weeks again but i have globuli and i can try to tell her to take them even today, although i don't know if she'll listen, she was shouting to me to go away and leave her alone this morning as well and i find it very hard to go on being sweet and patient towards her, these sudden outbursts have been going on for months. Nobody els in the family cares and they even say they hope she'll die at last. But i must try. How many globuli of each per day?
[Edited by roberta1 on 2021-07-29 10:18:30]
roberta1 last year
Aconite N 04 pills once a day half an hour before break fast
Aurum M 04 pills at bd tome
Both for four days
If she does not want have it
Dissolve the 05 pills in about 50 ml of water and put on her neck or nail beds
Kaps last year
N and M potencies are not available in local pharmacies here, it is not a big city, so i 'd have to order them and wait at least two weeks again but i do have 30c and 200c potencies. Would they work or should i better order them?
roberta1 last year
Concerning the ganglion on the wrist: upon taking the second dosis of Acid Benz 200 (2 pills) today, it is as if the feeling of the tendons getting shorter became more intense. Is this a good indication?
roberta1 last year
Do you have this feeling about the tendons ?
If yes and if it has increased it is a good sign
If it something new then let me know
Kaps last year
The feeling about the tendons keeps getting worse and the ganglion looks a bit bigger, i keep taking 2 x Benz Acid 200 twice daily. Red spots appeared on the neck and chest, no itch though.
But there is something worse: that family member who wants to take her life and has daily outbursts of shouting+crying these days, keeps refusing to see any psychiatrist and now my body is getting stiff, esp. my back and i have pain on my waist on the left side. Sleeping has become very uncomfortable, i cannot find a position to sleep without discomfort. All other problems i am facing (financial problems and diminishing work activity) are still present. But those outbursts in my family these days made everything even worse. Nobody else in the family cares. I am getting very angry. And somehow my eyesight is getting weaker.
[Edited by roberta1 on 2021-08-02 07:39:43]
roberta1 last year
I have been taking 2 x Benz Acid 200 twice a day for almost a week now and there is definite improvement; at times, it is 100% fine, as if it never hurt. However, at other times (often during the same day), this feeling of the tendons being shorter and everything inside the wrist being too crammed suddenly returns, even when i am lying down not using the hand at all. I am trying to find a pattern as to what makes it worse but i haven't found any.
When i wake up every day, my lower back is stiff, my shoulders are also stiff, so i do some stretching, then it goes away. But every morning it comes back right after waking up.
When i am in pleasant company (which is not in my family because there is a lot of mental illness, a lot of chaos and coldness there) and we remember the happy days, this tight feeling at the wrist disappears immediately.
Should i keep taking Benz Acid 200?
roberta1 last year
Stop all homeopathic remedies and post symptoms after two days
Stiffness in shoulder and back on waking up
The feeling of fullness in the or cramping of tendons inside wrist
And anything else
Get Acid Phos 200 in the meantime
Kaps last year
Ok, thank you!
roberta1 last year
What is the news on your relative in case she took those remedies
[Edited by Kaps on 2021-08-10 09:30:05]
Kaps last year

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