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kuldeep &others, 7mo baby with eczema

Hello kuldeep & others,
I know this issue has been debated several times on this forum, but since homeopathy is treating the individual and not the disease, I would like to present my case and my desperration :
- first time mom at 36 with hay fever (my mother also)with a lot of sterility treatments within past 11 yrs, succesfull IVF,wonderful baby, cesarean section, no sufficient lactation, formula added to breastfeed, weaning at 10weeks

-at 2 months of age (the time of immunisation and adding orange juice to baby's diet -why?- that's another story) she began to rub her cheeks on the pillow, and soon after the lesions appeared first like dry tissue then like small elevated pinpoints.

I didn't pay much attention on that, put some calendula ointment but with no effect, but at 4 months (of course after the second immunisation)another lesion appeared on the scalp near the forehead, with different look, covered with yellow crusts, seborrheic, ellipsoid.

Forgot to say that at three months, just in the morning she was baptised I noticed a discoloration of the skin near the belly button, about 5cm/3cm

She had colics and I gave her a lot of gripe water and Sab Simplex, she had adenoiditis once(posterior rinithis) but didn't receive any antibiotics.

At 4 months went to the dermathologist who gave me cortisone ointment which I applied every now and then, with rather good result.

At 6 months I started to give her solid foods, all organic except for the carrots I bought from the market, not sure if they were with nitrates...

After the 6 months immunisation, things went out of control. She had fever the day after ( I gave her paracetamol) and then her previouis lesions began to enlarge, the forehead lesion enlarged 4 times in one month, with a red circle at every flare-up, another lesions appeared on the forehead and about four on the scalp.

The skin of the face began to dry extremely bad, with white crusts appearing and dissappearing very quickly, and if I put cream on it, for some time the skin is translucid, a very scary appearance

She is very sensitive to the heat, she is not perspirating but her face is very congestioned in hot environments.

In the last few days she rubbed very bad her eyes aspecially after the bath (which is luke warm) when I hugged her before putting her to bed. After a while I noticed the tissue dry skin around the interior angle of the eyelids and a brown coloration of the inner cantum of the eyelid.

Then the lesions on the back of the ear appeared, but I noticed that if I moisturise well the area, the cracks dissapear.

I started few days ago to give her carrots from baby jars, supposing that they are better then from our farmer's market, she drinks pro biotic enriched formula, she eats potatoes, rice, corn, olive oil, chicken and chicken liver,and fruits:apples, and juice made from: apples, carrots, grapes,black currants and peaches. She doesn't like water, so I dilute these juices as much as I can to provide a good hydration.

My question is, do you guys think Pulsatilla 30 C would work and if so, how can I prepare the wet dose, for how long should I give her the treatment and when should I expect any results?

A homeopath from our town prescribed the following: Urtica urens 5C, Lycopodium 9 C, natrium sulfuricum and cistus canadensis but he is not very experienced and the more I learn, the more I doubt this is the choice.

The newest lesion she has is on her leg, four small elevations like pinpoint, reddish, very close to each other, very firm at touching, and which discollorates when digital pression is applied. Today those four elevations became confluent...

My darkest thought is :What next? Those lesions so different in aspect means in my oppinion that her skin is not deffending at all. OH, I forgot the lesions on both her polices, which are very dry and hard at the extensor surface, with very deep cracks which sometimes bleeds.

Could someone help me? I appreciate very much the time you spent reading those lines.
  Ioana on 2006-05-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your problem has been CREATED by VACCINATION!!.

In your own words it went crazy after the 3rd one!.

The Belief in Vaccines
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

I always find it interesting that a discussion over the topic of vaccination can become 'heated' and 'volatile'. Why is that?....would the same debate rage over an antibiotic or an antihypertensive medicine if there was evidence that it was causing harm? Highly doubtful. It would be removed promptly from the market if deaths resulted from its use. Even if
deaths were suspected to be caused by a medication, we stop using it until we prove it is safe. Not so with a vaccine. We keep using it until we can 'prove' it is causing harm.

Why the double standard?

The doublespeak occurs because vaccination is built around a 'belief' system, and challenging the validity of vaccines challenges long-held foundational beliefs. We BELIEVE that vaccines are safe; we BELIEVE that vaccines are important for our health; we BELIEVE that vaccines will protect us from infection; we BELIEVE that vaccines were the reason
infectious diseases decreased around the world. And we really want to BELIEVE that our doctor has read all the available information on vaccines--pro and con--and that s/he is telling us the complete truth about vaccines......

However, belief is based on faith; not necessarily on fact. With only a cursory review of the literature and CDC documents, one will find the following facts:

1. No vaccine has ever been proven to be completely safe. Safety studies are small and only include 'healthy' children. However, after a study is completed, vaccines are given to ALL children, regardless of underlying health conditions or genetic predispositions. We have a 'one size fits all'
national vaccination policy; one that does not allow for personal choice or individualized options; and one that has caused a myriad of health problems for many.

2. Observations for side effects continue for a maximum of 14 days during a 'safety study'. Complex problems involving the immune system can take weeks or even months to appear. This arbitrary 14 day cut off set by the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry stops the observation long before complications
are likely to appear. This is the basis for their 'vaccines are safe' mantra but the long term and relatively unknown complications from vaccines reveal that no vaccine is safe.

3. A vaccine 'safety' study compares a new vaccine to a 'placebo" to determine the safety of the new vaccine. When we examine the study a little more closely, we discover that the 'placebo" is NOT a benign, inert substance, such as saline or water. The 'placebo' is another vaccine with a 'known safety profile.' So if the new vaccine has the same side effects as
the 'placebo', the new vaccine is called 'safe.'

4. Vaccines are said to confer protection by causing the development of antibodies. However, there are many references in CDC documents (the Highest Authority in the land regarding vaccines) which reveal that antibodies don't necessarily protect us from infection. Here are a few examples from medical journals and CDC documents:

Pertussis: 'The findings of efficacy studies have not demonstrated a direct correlation between antibody response and protection against pertussis disease.' MMWR March 28, 1997/Vol.46/No. RR-7, p.4

H. Flu (HiB): 'The antibody contribution to clinical protection is unknown.' ---HibTITER package insert
'The precise level of antibody required for protection against HiB invasive disease is not clearly established.'

Smallpox: 'Neutralizing antibodies are reported to reflect levels of protection, although this has not been validated in the field.' JAMA June 9,1999, Vol. 281, No. 22, p.3132

5. We want to 'believe' that if we receive a vaccine, we will be protected from the infection. Several medical journal articles document that this is not necessarily so. Here are a few examples:

Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day-Care Centers, Israel (Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol. 6, No. 5; Sep-Oct 2000)

Pertussis in the Highly Vaccinated Population, The Netherlands (EmergingInfectious Diseases Vol. 6, No. 4 July-Aug 2000)

Pertussis in North-West Western Australia in 1999; all vaccinated. (Communicable Diseases Intelligence 2000 Vol 2 4 No 12)

The debate surrounding the use of vaccines goes back and forth with 'data' and 'studies' used to support both sides. But the bottom line is this:

Vaccination has been 'accepted' as safe, effective and protective for nearly 200 years. It is a 'sacred cow' and with all 'sacred cows', people react with a visceral response when someone suggests that the 'cow' should be 'sacrificed'. There are many examples of this over the centuries:

Copernicus who insisted that the Sun is the Center of the solar system and Semmelweiss who showed that doctors performing hand washing saved women's lives. Both men were ridiculed in their day. It is heresy to suggest that
the 'status quo' is wrong.

Statistics have shown that when presented with a new, different, challenging idea, 96% of people will spend their time and energy defending their current beliefs and only 4% will embrace the idea as something to seriously consider.

When you research vaccinations and the vaccine industry, you will find that your 'foundational beliefs' regarding vaccines will be seriously challenged. When you begin to study the negative effects--both actual and theoretical--that vaccines have on the immune system, you will likely
become part of the 4% who understand that 'truth' about vaccines is not
really 'The Truth' and that the mandatory vaccination policies currently being enforced must be changed.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
New Medical Awareness Seminars

The most useful antivaccine reaction remedy is Thuja

But as we are dealing wit eczema -- who most apt remedy is Sulfur .. suggest you try Sulfur 6x twice a day with feed -- for a week and then stop and wait a futher week to judge result .
walkin last decade
Thank you very much, walkin,
As an MD myself, and knowing that for atopic dermatitis there is nothing in allopath medicine that really cures my baby's condition, I felt very frustrated.
But slowly, after learning a lot from this wonderful site I realised that the immunisation was in direct relation to this.

I will do as you said and I will keep you in touch with the result.

Ioana last decade
What next?
So let's start with Belladonna-6X one dose each week.


Graphites-30 one dose daily except at the day Belladonna is given.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you,kuldeep for your answer.
As you can imagine, I am a little bit conofused about the choice.
I forgot to mention an essential aspect: my baby girl actually LOST 150g in her 7-th month, after the third vaccine and now, even I increased her food intake (her apetite has been always good, her mood and her energy also), I didn't notice a real gain of weight during last week.
Is this important detail changing your judjement?
Ioana last decade
Belladonna works on small children very well or consider it a constitutional remedy of all small children espacially with red rashes.

He eczema menifests Graphites symptoms so it is the starting point to treat her. As her sympotms may alter later on so would be the requirement for the new remedy.
kuldeep last decade
Hi Kuldeep and many THANKS!!!

Let me give you the latest news:
14-th of May: couldn't sleep much neiter of us because my baby had another flare-up: red lesions, very itchy, she cried all night
15-th of May: I bought Belladonna 5CH (In Romania where I live there are avalilable only dilutions in odd numbers: 5,7,9 etc), I prepared a wet dose and I gave her one teaspoon.

I COULDN'T BELEIVE that her condition would improve so fast!!I didn't have to moisturise her skin only once (usually I did it 4-5 times /day ), her lesions faded within hours!!!

In the evening she had fever because I think she caught a cold: she had runny nose and she was 38,2 degrees Celsius.I gave her paracetamol and oscilococcinum (Anas berberis 200CH)that I allways use for flu. I was very affraid that she will have another relapse because of her low immunity BUT SHE HAVEN'T !!

On the next day I gave her another teaspoon of her oscillo and in the afternoon I gave her Graphites 30 as you recommended.

Her cold was gone in 12 hrs, and her lesions from the face and forehead are now very moist and barely visible. Her skin is very different now, it's soft and I just can't beleive it!!!
She has no more itching and I can't tell you how happy I am.

Please tell me what to do to maintain this wonderful healing process.

Ioana last decade
To Ioana

I was very impressed how your Baby was cured of her Eczema by Kuldeep's remedies of Graphites 30c daily in the wet dose and Bell 6x once weekly.

You have inquired what remedy is best suited to continue your Baby's present condition and I can suggest Arnica 6c which I have used successfully to cure Eczema in many chronic cases. The dose I would recommend is the Split Dose which is a variation of the Wet Dose made up as follows:

Stir a teaspoonful after succussion of the wet dose of Arnica 6c into half cup of water from which you give her a teaspoonful daily. You will discard the water in the cup and make a fresh dose daily.

Keep all your Wet Dose bottles of remedies in the refrigerator clearly labelled.
Joe De Livera last decade
to Joe:

Thanks Joe, but as I noticed improvements in my baby's condition, I decided to stick to Kuldeep's advice.

to Kuldeep:

Now as one more day had passed by, the old lesions from the head are not dry anymore, the skin is now thin and soft, but they are visible as red marks.

There is a new lesion under her chin,with different aspect.It is red and the skin is thick, but no itching.
As you said that the symptoms will alter later on, do you think that there is a requirement for a new remedy?

Today I didn't have to use moisturing creams so I am full of confidence that she will get better.

Many thanks,
Ioana last decade
Hi Kuldeep, I post here again and I want to tell everybody that my now 2 years and 3 months old girl is fine. From my last post, her condition improved, she got after a while a lesion in the back of her neck like elephant skin who improved slowly with arsenicum album in about 6 months. At her 2-nd birthday her lesions dissapeared completely and I don't use anything except moisturising solutions ever since.

Now I have the same problem with my second daughter who now is 10 months old. I was very careful with everything from birth, give her antialergic formula, trying to give only organic food, I gave her thuia before and after each vaccination, everything looked fine.

At 6 months her cheeks began to look red, just like my first daughter, but after just 1 dose of Belladona,as you prescribed me before, everything returned to normal.

From the age of 8 months her skin became dryer and dryer and now she has eczema lesions on her buttocks and her tighes.
She is a happy girl, but she wakes up at night and cannot sleep anymore, I have to stay for hours with her in my arms. She learned to walk very quickly, her appetite is excessively high, but she is not very fat because I don't give her many carbs.

I did some research and calcarea carbonica seemed to be the most appropriate but I want to seek your advise as you did a great job with my eldest.
As a matter of fact, calcarea carbonica is in her daily diet, right?
Many thanks, Ioana
Ioana last decade
I guess I was wrong, it is lactic calcium which is in baby's diet, not carbonic calcium, which is in bones and walls...
Ioana last decade
I am kuldeep, Two medicines for her, Calcarea Carb 30 as you have figured out and Lycopodium 30.

I consider both medicine sister remedies. You can try Cal. Carb at one day and Lyco at other and so on.

My best guess it that she has liver related eczema.
girilal last decade
dear Mr. Kuldeep,

At the outset i apologize for the long e-mail.
My son who is 10 months old has had eczema since he was 2 months old. Like you have rightly indicated i am certain this is the result of vaccinations. However the fear of the repercussions of not vaccinating has made me continue it.

I need your help in finding a suitable remedy for him as the homeopathy doctors I have met have not been up to the mark. Either they give medicines without checking into his history or they make me visit them every week for follow up.

Moreover he is on a steroid cream now (elocon) which i want to discontinue.

I have seen that your assessment and analysis of teh cases are good and I really would like to seek your assistance. Please let me know what questions you need answers to before you prescribe a medicine.
The problems my son faces are as follows:

1) eczema: small lesions predominantly on his face, neck an under his eyes. He is itchy and irritable when he has this. Sometimes in his underarms and chest.

2) Very disturbed sleep. Keeps rolling and shifting in his sleep and moans and crying in his sleep -almost like sleep walking- most of the night. Cries become more agitated when i carry him when i lift him when he is in this phase. Eventually sits up at least 4 to 5 times crying and stops only when carried or fed. I am exhausted and tired because of this. I am sure my son feels worse

3) Head feels very hot and sweaty. HAs lots of hair though and keeps tugging at it
He has got 4 teeth in the last 45 days.

4)Has 6 to 7 bowels movements. Because of which he gets ver bad nappy rashes...more like lesions which at times is like raw skin bleeding. I use Proctogard T (sucralfate and oxetacaine) which cures it only for a day and then it si back again.

5) Keeps snorting and coughing but does not have a runny nose.

A few remedies which I have been advised are Ferrum phos 3x 3 times for immunity and hemoglobin
Bacillium 200- 4 pellets only once for blocked nose and cough.

From one of your response for eczema:
So let's start with Belladonna-6X one dose each week.
Graphites-30 one dose daily except at the day Belladonna is given

Kindly advise...eagerly look froward to your response.

Thanks in advance.
pallaviis last decade

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