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Acne & old acne scars treatment

I developed acne in my teen years and am currently ~29 yrs old. It has been controlled off and on. I did take Sulfur 10 years ago but it made my condition significantly worse. It resulted in very painful acne and as a result I am left with a lot of scars. I remember taking it everyday so its possible that I was taking too much since I noticed Sulfur has generally been recommended only once a week on this forum. About 6 months ago, I started a new skincare regimen and I suspect that has caused my acne to come back. Currently, I have a lot of blackheads and acne is primarily on my face around the jaw, chin area. Its more on one side of face. Right now, i am taking Tissue D Acne homeopathy for the past 10 days. It contains Kali muriaticum 6x hpus, kali sulphuricum 3x hpus, calcarea sulphurica 3x hpus, silica 12x hpus. I haven't really seen any improvement. I have acne scars left Acne scars are primarily ice-pick and new ones are red in color. I really would like to use homeopathy to treat this.

I should also mention that I feel like my acne episode 10 years ago has affected me deeply. I really feel different as a person. I used to be more happy, carefree. Now, I tend to worry constantly and remain stressed most of the time.

Here's some additional information that might be helpful. My cycles are pretty regular, to the dot in fact! I don't have constipation, GI upset except for occasional heartburn depending on my food intake. I despise milk, have a problem with nail biting (even at this age!). I have trouble falling asleep but no problem staying asleep. I prefer healthy foods, talking about my problem with friends/family, very sensitive in general and have a strong preference for cleanliness.

Thank you for your time!!
  rxmom08 on 2006-06-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Let's try and get some more info. Lots of help here...

Which healthy foods do you have a preference for / make you feel better ? And how is your diet in general?

Do you feel better in hot weather or cool/damp ?

Do you feel the cold?

Describe your acne? ie. slow to come to head , any pus ? what colour ? Large or small papules ? Is the acne you are getting now as painful as it used to be?

You say more on one side of face. Which side?

Acne scars you say red in colour? What kind or red? Bluish red / purple / crimson ?

Are your periods heavy or normal?

Explain more about this new skin care regime and what's in it?

Who recommended the sulphur and what potency did you take?
carlotta last decade
Which healthy foods do you have a preference for / make you feel better ? And how is your diet in general?

I like eating salads, grilled veggies, soups, sandwiches, lentils, beans. I don't care much for fried foods, ice creams, milk. I don't like spicy food mainly due to heartburn issue.

Do you feel better in hot weather or cool/damp ?


Do you feel the cold?

Yes, and my feet are generally always cold except in warm weather.

Describe your acne? ie. slow to come to head , any pus ? what colour ? Large or small papules ? Is the acne you are getting now as painful as it used to be?

Most are non pustular and slow to come to head. Color is primarily red/pink and size is medium to large. The acne isn't painful. I have a lot of blackheads. What's different this time is that its occuring in places where it didn't occur before like around jaw area and chin.

You say more on one side of face. Which side?

More on right side of my face.

Acne scars you say red in colour? What kind or red? Bluish red / purple / crimson ?

Old scars are light brown with ice pick indentations. New scars are dark pink to dark brown, not blue or purple.

Are your periods heavy or normal?

Light to normal.

Explain more about this new skin care regime and what's in it?

I started using Zia papaya enzyme peel in December but stopped using it a few months ago. It contains green papaya, sunflower oil, honey, citrus oil, Vit E, Methy/propyl paraben, diazolidinyl urea.

In addition I also started using new styling products around Dec which I have stopped using as well. They were Tigi Bedhead and Curls Rock.

I believe the blackheads appeared after I applied olive oil to my skin for a few days in an attempt to get rid of the acne.

Who recommended the sulphur and what potency did you take?

A homeopath. I don't remember the potency but it was in liquid formulation. I took it by mouth and applied to my face. Another homeopath had advised me to use the Sulfur in a petroleum base and apply to skin. None of these techniques were helpful.

Thank you for your help!
rxmom08 last decade
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Pankaj recommended Silicea 30C 4 times a day for me.

I saw one of your posts and read about KK's situation. Now I am really worried about trying Silicea reading his story and based on my past experience with Sulfur. So this is medication is not recommended if you have acne? I can't even imagine how many more scars another flare up would form. Yikes!!
rxmom08 last decade
Rest assured - Pankaj is very able, have much respect for his recommendations so this would be a very much considered appraisal of your case. Do contact him if you are any way unsure.

The last thing i want to do is scare anyone off Silicea. This has been the single most effective remedy for me in my past acne and scarring situation. I have neither now.

To clarify with the silicea - the potency is the key. The potency that was causing aggravation FOR SOME was v.low - below 6c at 1x - 3x or pretty high eg. 1M

30c is a good potency to start with when the case calls out for silicea .

Also , definitely no oil on skin as this blocks the pores up. The Organic Pharmacy does amazing skincare which is v. healing for problem skin. It's expensive but worth it.
carlotta last decade
I am glad to hear that Silicea worked so well for you. Did you fit the Silicea personality?

I used to get really bad migraines when I was very young. They would not go away until I threw up. I was treated with homeopathy and to this day I have never experienced one so I really believe in these medications.
rxmom08 last decade
Yes I'm sure I did at the time, because I felt stronger mentally / emotionally , which means the remedy went deeper for me. The only real aggravation I got was when I took high potency (1m) and basically was foolish and repeated the dose too frequently, which made me breakout . It's especially important with this remedy to let it do its stuff cos it acts for a v. long time. But at 30c , you can repeat more frequently.
Generally speaking, if you're a coldy type of person and your zits are slow to come to a head, slow to heal, skin easily scars , you'll benefit from silicea.
Hepar Sulph is also great for clearing up acne where you have yellow or white pussy heads to spots.
Glad you had such great results for your migraines, remember what you took ??
carlotta last decade
Has anyone else also benefited from Silicea besides you? I have read a lot of negative comments about it but I am still going to give it a try and hope for the best.

I think I fit the pulsatilla personality more except I don't have any problems with my cycles. Also, I don't any respiratory problems like it states in Silicea. I guess mine are mainly manifested in skin.

What does cold personality mean? I do feel cold most of the time. My husband wants to open the window and I want a blanket. I think its just females in general that feel colder since all my friends are the same way. :)

I took the medication for my migranes when I was
rxmom08 last decade
Please reply to my email.
rxmom08 last decade
Send me a consolidated e-mail about your case giving all details you have posted in bits here.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am new to this group and homeopathy. I am going through some really bad phase with acne. I live in US and based on a recent consultation with a homepath from India I a going to start taking some Sulfur preparation. I haven't got the medicaion yet.
I am a 27 year old male. I started having this acne problem after coming to US. My diet changed a lot from almost vegetarian to almost absolutely chicken based. I don't know what else brought this acne to me. But this the second major breakout I am going through. The first one was last year and it took 3-4 months to go away after changing my diet strictly to salads, fruits and cooked beans and pulses. I lost a lot of weight doing this so I got back to my regular eating habits once I got rid of acne the first time. But I came back after only three months of relief. This time it started with smal tiny bumps on my forehead and temple areas. I went through a couple of light chemical peels hoping to get rid of those bumps but in only two weeks I have got some much acne on my face now ...temple areas are really bad with large inflammed acne. I am using mild soap(Purpose soap bar) and 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I also use emu oil sometimes to moisturize. My oil is oily in nose and forehead area and somewhat dry in other regions.
Now ...Sulphur did not work for rxmom08. I was wondering if I should give it a try at all. I too have slot of scarring on my face from the first breakout and I don't want more ..infact want to get rid of the earlier scarring as well. Can someone suggest what should be my plan of action. Should I go ahead and give Sulphur a try. I don't want to go on Accutane but at the same time I don't want to loose time and get more scarring.
Hoping to get some good advice.
Thanks a lot.
barora last decade
Barora...pl. start a new thread....for your case.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
rxmom...why are you so worried about using Silicea 30c....?????

By this time you would have seen some improvement.

Are you biting your nails too often ?????

do you have crippled nails ????

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
to anyone.
my son who is 20 years old having problem with acne.
If i order silicia 30c for him, how long he should be on?( I am thinking using wet method mentioned by one of gentlemen in this forum).

shorty last decade
to anyone,
my 20 years old son having acne prob. i am thinking about ordering silicia 30c for him. how long should he be on with it?
I am thinking about using wet method mentioned by one of gentlemen in this forum.
thanks. shorty
shorty last decade
to anyone,
if I am going to use silicia 30c for acne, how long do i stay on? i am going to use wet method mentioned by one of gentlemen in this forum.
thanks shorty.
shorty last decade
Pankaj, please reply to my email.
rxmom08 last decade
take 30c's of silica for acne scars how many times a day?
jwalz120002002 last decade
I have been taking Silicea 30C 4 pellets 4x/day for about 3 weeks now. I have noticed somewhat more acne on the right side of my face, left side has lesser acne than right, some on my neck and near hairline. They are mainly buried under skin but still visible. Sometimes they are tender to touch but mostly not painful, they are slightly itchy at times. I started using benzoyl peroxide a few days ago since I became so frustrated with the acne. Is there something I can take to get rid of the acne?
rxmom08 last decade
I have been getting pimples on my forehead for the last few weeks.dermalmd serum is not the sole reason for the improvement, but this product definitely helped improve things.little smelly but works great.......
loweswright 6 years ago
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