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Message for Erika - 3 1/2 month baby with sleep issues

Hi Erika,

On browsing through the forum, I read that you have experience with treating babies - I hope you can shed some light on my son's case.

His basic problem is disturbed sleep. He rarely naps for more than 1/2 hr during the day and during the night is very restless, tosses and turns a lot. His ped has attributed this to reflux (although he doesn't spit up a great deal) and she prescribed him zantac which i have not as yet given to him. He also has eczema predominantly around the eyes which makes him itch a lot and inevitably also disturbs his sleep.

I finally visited a homeopath and with her consultation we went through calc carb, lyc and ant c without major improvement. Last night I gave him one diluted dose of pulsatilla 30c on her recommendation - she has prescribed 2 pellets 2xday. Since this morning I have not repeated the dose as I have read that it's better to observe after one dose. I am very new to homeopathy and would really appreciate some advice on how to best adminster the remedies. Is it wise to change remedies so often?

Thanks so much for your help
  Skhan on 2006-06-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
how long been this way?

what treatments child have in health history (besides the mentioned)?when?reasons?


how long had skin condition?
John Stanton last decade
what was mother's state of health during pregnancy?

how much antibiotic use in mother's health history?
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

He had thrush at 2 weeks for which he was given nystatin - other than that at birth they gave him erthryocin. He's had his 2 month vaccinations Hib,IPV,Dtap after which he cried for 6 hours straight. I know vaccinations aren't good but we travel a lot to places where these diseases are very common so not vaccinating is not an option.

He started to break out in red pimples a few weeks or so prior to the vaccinations so it wasn't caused by them although they may have worsened it. His scalp is quite bad with cradle cap as well as little pimples.

On the whole he's a very happy baby (when the spitting up isn't bothering him) - he's very smiley, loves to play and talk. Is good with strangers but not for long, eventually wants to come back to me and loves to be carried around all the time. He spits up curdled milk mostly..very solid looking. He is exclusively breastfed apart from very little formula right after birth when he lost a bit of weight.He tends to nurse quite often, every 1 1/2 hrs and doesn't nurse for very long - mostly about 5/6 mins. However he is gaining well and is 15 1/2 lbs now (was 5lbs 11 oz when we left hte hospital after 6lbs 3oz birth weight)

I had not taken an antibiotic in 5/6 years until I got a UTI during pregnancy for which I was scared into taking one. That's about it. Other than that my pregnancy was quite normal until the last week where bp was high and they gave me pitocin to speed up my labour. had to take mag sulphate after delivery to prevent seizure as a precaution. After the delivery I also took nystatin by mouth and applied topically for thrush.

Since then he has only taken the remedies listed above - I took one dose of rhus tox 30c as a const remedy that did not really do anything - she then prescribed pulsatilla for me too which I also took one dose 30c yesterday and have not repeated.
Thks for your help
Skhan last decade
please describe the exact characteristics of 'cradle cap' and exact location(s)...how has this changed since birth?

mother is not currenly using any meds (just what has already been mentioned)?

what ismother's exact diet consist?snacks;driks;..etc
what foods mother favoring at this time?what food find hating?having to have?...etc---how has this changed since birth of child?

how soon after eating wil child spit up? how consistent is this?every eating?

what complaints mother curently experiencing?no matter how seemingly unimportant?which of these complaints started after pregnacy?after birthing?
John Stanton last decade
will child touch at any of the skin conditions mentioned?
John Stanton last decade
thks for yr reply

cradle cap - dandruff like at front of head.
On the sides there are pimple like spots with yellow middles. Sides of forehead have a lot of pimple like spots too. Under his eyes/on eyebrows, the eczema is v red. he did not hv the pimples since birth - these developed abt a month or so ago.

I am not taking anything except acidophilus tablets and vitamins

I have cut out dairy from my diet - breakfast hv 2 slices toast w/ non dairy margarine. Recently switched to goats milk. Diet has a lot of curry although I try to keep the spices minimal. I crave sweets mostly choc but since cuttung dairy hv only dark chocolate. My appetite decreased quite a bit and I hv already lost all my preg weight.
I'm generally very thirsty though.

he spits up sometimes 1/2 hr after, sometimes 1 hr later even. quite often he falls asleep while feeding and wakes up uncomfortable, spitting up soon after. he doesnt spit up after every feeding - the previous remedies helped w/this bc after Vacc he started spitting up a lot. now maybe 2/3 times in the day. i think however he still refluxes bc i hear gurgling in his throat and he is constantly swallowin/hiccuping/congested - also coughs and sneezes lot. i thought this was maybe allergy related bc he rubs his eyes a lot and his lids and area under eyes are puffy. he itches constantly and scratches himself, often resulting in cuts.

I have a yeast infection at the moment which has bc better since the probiotic. have a hemmorhoid since preg that bc worse during labour and hasnt gone away. also right breast is painful during feeding bc of skin formation/blister.

my son also has sour very mucousy stools - he's gassy and bloated during and after nursing..
Likes to constantly suck on fingers, salivates a lot too.
other than these complaints, has developed v well.
Skhan last decade
sorry a few more things:

he seems to get aggravated from lying down - definitely worse at night. He nurses lying down at night and is very restless moving as though something is bothering him. Sometimes nursing helps him back to sleep, other times moving his position but quite often he wakes up crying. During the day as well he wakes up screaming as if from fright.
Skhan last decade
'.......swallowin/hiccuping/congested - also coughs and sneezes lot........rubs his eyes a lot and his lids and area under eyes are puffy. .....he itches constantly and scratches himself, often resulting in cuts......'

concerning the above mentioned/quoted----do all these happen in same time ? what exact sequence? what seems trigger? what referance to feeding does these symptos occur?what reference .to sleep?.reference to..passing stool?
John Stanton last decade
make appontment see chiropractor--wil find if hemoroids occured in acordance or after pregnency--cocyx misligned--
if had for long time prior to any pregnancies-- then not for cetain reducible subluxaion (misligned vertebrae)--situation...

mother's current yeast infection--when exacly start?

much of what told so far is candida albicans profiferation...

what excatingrediants of probiotic using?
John Stanton last decade
no not at the same time - he is normally congested when he wakes up in the morning and when lying down for long periods. Hiccups/swallows/coughs/sneezes pretty much throughout the day. Hiccups more frequently after nursing. Have noticed coughing when he's very actively laughing or talking. Also when I change his diaper and put his legs to his chest.

He rubs his eyes throughout the day too - itches a lot during his sleep and also when nursing (maybe bc he has easy access to eyes?)

he cries/strains sometimes before passing stool - haven't noticed coughing or anything before he passes his stool though.

Regarding hemmorhoids - I never had them before the pregnancy. Developed one towards the end of pregnancy when I put on a lot of weight and became constipated. Became quite small but then got aggravated during labour. Right now it doesn't bother but hasn't diminished in size.

The yeast infection also started towards end of pregnancy and I think never ended really although didn't notice symptoms until a couple of weeks ago. The probiotic I am using is a GNC brand that has acidoph, bifidum,helveticus,lactis,rhamnosus,salivarius, thermophilus - other ingredients are crystalline fructose, dextrose. strawberry flavour(natural) magnesium stearate stearic acid, citric acid - it says it contains milk actually as well but I didn't think it was enough to cause reaction in him?
Skhan last decade
how readily avaiable are homoeopathic remedies to you?
John Stanton last decade
I can get them at the a health food store nearby but they only stock 6c and 30c
Skhan last decade
strat treatment dose hepar sulphuris calcareum ---1 pellet hepar 30c in 4 oz water--stir well-- 1 teaspoon dose --in morning before first eating--mother is only to take this dose---due to breastfeeding--effect child through milk-both need be treated as one in theses cases...

mother is to se chiropractor--as soon as able--no put off.

stop current probiotic and start 'udo choice super 5' or equivalent...

diet need be adjusted--go on anti candida albican diet...

you need list -- i wil provide...will need work around this with meal preparatio--all part of health scene...

no other meds for mother or child---nothing remotly medicianl--on shin or internally..so nothing put on skin conditions..ok?

no repeat dose til assess response or lack of response...keep me well informed ok?
John Stanton last decade
ok thks - also forgot to mention my hair has been falling a lot too
pls do let me know the diet as well.

do moisturizers count as medicine - eucerin for eg?

Skhan last decade
is this a constitutional remedy for us by the way?
Skhan last decade
at this time nothing to be used on ski-til get things setlked then deviation with watchful eye...

hair falling after preganacy --if candida not envolved --this typically sepia or calcarea...we will see response to hepar---then adjust as need be..

where you need order for LM potencies?

diet--no processed foods at all--no food with sweet taste--no foods with preservatives/additives at all/no carbonated drinks/no alcoholic beverages/no leavened breads....nothing with sugar in it or sweeteners....that is good place start...all kinds of books or internet stuff give you ideas for meals...
John Stanton last decade
I guess I can order from this site?

Re eczema, do you expect a positive response soon? He itches so much, ends up making his skin bleed so am concerned about that. Any aggravatione expected from medicine?Anything I should avoid when taking the remedy?

also, do I go to the chiropract for a candida evaluation?
Skhan last decade
chiropractor only for back/vertebrae alignment...not candida evaluation---

avoid acids--(coffee;tea;fruits and fruit juices;pickled foods;vinegar;..etc) also other things already mentioned...so simplifying diet is on the agenda for now...

as far as aggravtaion --could well occur--but keep me informned and will deal with response as we see it.....ok?
John Stanton last decade
ok thks John, I will try to see if I can get the remedy tonight and will take the dose tom morning.

A couple more symptoms I forgot to mention were that the baby has a white tongue (not tip but rest) and sour smelling breath and feet. I also rem he coughs during feeding sometimes (bc milk stuck in throat maybe?)

Regarding the pulsatilla we have already taken, any negative effects?
Skhan last decade
may be that some response is still being had by previous remedies--puls;rhus;t --not certain..as far as negative effects from following with hepar---more like disruption--if anything of response to puls..or rhus -t--.as long as symptoms are as told --then start at this point with hepar...
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

I took the dose this morning - will let you know tonight what the progress is.

One question though - with previous remedies, I have always been confused as to what constitutes 'amelioration' - what am I looking for exactly? Should all symptoms improve together? or does a change in any one symptom mean we have to discontinue the remedy? Previously under calc carb only the spitting up really improved and under lyc only the sleeping seemed to get better.

Sorry for all the qs, really trying to understand the concept. Thanks
Skhan last decade
Also I could only find Udos super 8 - is that ok?
Skhan last decade
amelioration if /when occur may only happen in certain symptoms or smptm groupings or sometimes modifying characteristic of a smpto.....this is due to only partial homoeopathicity to case in mention....also there may be a change (amelioration or aggravation) in some way initially and slowly effect other areas...so important first dose (test dose) be monitored ascertain duration of response as well as exac modifications which will have occurred--or even if no response occur at all...
John Stanton last decade

udo's super 8--ok--

take once day only at largest meal of day for now...
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

As of yet, am not too sure there's been any change. We were out in the car all day and he slept quite a bit in his car seat but that could have been the constant movement of the car, am not sure. Eczema is still v itchy, although seems to have developed a little yellowy crust in parts under eyes. Cough and hiccuping still there - didn't notice any sneezing though. He only passed a stool this morning (which was v watery) and not since then so nothing to report there.
He spat up once right after his afternoon feed when he burped.
How he sleeps through the night may be more informative?

As for me, didn't really feel any change either - had a slight headache although that may hav been from the heat outside.

Do I take another dose tom morning? Thks
Skhan last decade

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