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Hi John,

As of yet, am not too sure there's been any change. We were out in the car all day and he slept quite a bit in his car seat but that could have been the constant movement of the car, am not sure. Eczema is still v itchy, although seems to have developed a little yellowy crust in parts under eyes. Cough and hiccuping still there - didn't notice any sneezing though. He only passed a stool this morning (which was v watery) and not since then so nothing to report there.
He spat up once right after his afternoon feed when he burped.
How he sleeps through the night may be more informative?

As for me, didn't really feel any change either - had a slight headache although that may hav been from the heat outside.

Do I take another dose tom morning? Thks
Skhan last decade
no other dose yet--lets se what comes tomorrow morning..

when last time had headache as such?
John Stanton last decade
not recently actually - but haven't been outside in the sun for that long in a while either. Still have the headache, it's been some hours now - mainly around eyes,temples
Skhan last decade
headcahe is concern-pain both sides same?what find help feel better (pain)?

anyway if do not get this til morning..then
--let me know how sleep gos for both of you..post in morning when wake...post point by point symptoms as they are occuring at that time...as compared to before hepar dose..
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

Last night was pretty much as bad as before. He was up crying a number of times, still very restless, screaming v loudly when not able to go back to sleep. The funny thing is once he's up and awake, he;s back to being smiley and talkative, even at 3am
He choked a couple of times while feeding during the night as well.

He was also itching very badly, lots of cuts even tho i hv cut hs fingernails and he had mittens on. He was still very gassy too and tongue is still as white. He passed 2 stools since the morning - still watery and mucousy one with some specks of green in it.

Headache has gone altho eyes still seem heavy. Was on both sides, pressing made it better.
Skhan last decade
i also forgot to mention that he was very congested when he got up - lots of grey sticky mucous coming out of nose.

I have been feeling dizzy too since the morning, not sure whether that is related?
Skhan last decade
had you started dietary restrictions mentioned before hepar dose? please explain

point by point form info gave this morning (concerning son and yourself) how does each pint compare as to before hepar?

dizziness--when last time you experience such before as this?
John Stanton last decade
no actually started yesterday - bc had already eaten bread etc by the time we had discussed the case

all points before and after the same apart from grey, sticky mucous in nose in the morning and headache/dizziness in myself.

Have not experienced dizziness before this.

Eczema seems slightly less red now though.
Skhan last decade
hs first dose of probiotic been taken?
John Stanton last decade
did dizziness come at same time as headcahe?please exlain
John Stanton last decade
yep took that yesterday with lunch

no dizziness was in the morning when I got up - headache was last night only which faded to slight heaviness in eye in the morning

Skhan last decade
dizziness before hepar dose?

how was slepp (mother and child)?
John Stanton last decade
no dizziness before hepar dose

well last night's sleep was very disrupted as said in previous post. During the day, he napped the same 1/2 hour slots, very restless, waking up crying.

His scratching is really bothering him too, he keeps rubbing nad making hte eczema worse, is there nothing I can do to alleviate it? Oil maybe or something that won't interfere with the healing process?

He spat up curdled milk in the evening too, quite a bit of it and has generally been very upset.
Skhan last decade
how are you felling emotionally/mentally? how this change since started treatment?

scrathing worsen since hepar?
John Stanton last decade
well i was feeling quite happy yesterday but today have been quite irritable and concerned about my son. I didn't feel unusually different after taking the hepar. I am generally quite emotional, get affected by things easily.

His scratching seems to be as bad as before but the constant rubbing is annoying him more today than before, he is crying much more easily, especially when we hold his hands and prevent him from itching.
Skhan last decade
what foods were you favoring prior to diet change and hepar dose?
John Stanton last decade
mostly sweets (chocolate) and also cold drinks - was very thirsty

sleep last night was slightly better, he didn't wake up as many times but was still restless and tummy rumbled a lot, could hear it quite loudly. Eczema is still very red, itching is as bad as ever. Eyebrows and under eyes are the worst areas.
Skhan last decade
also, i was thinking about his eczema last night and realized that it actually became much worse after the pulsatilla. His skin had cleared up quite a bit before that, with only more dry patches than red.

Skhan last decade
any particular ype chocolate?what exact type of drinks use to drink?

you saying--that thirst has changed since hepar? how much excatly--less?

how is the diet going?any problems with cravings and such?

what of the heaviness in head experienced yesterday after/during headache?what is occurring with that?

how many feedings child have today?what change in quantity and duratiton of feeding?child spit up yet today?
John Stanton last decade
well i have switched to dark chocolate only after cutting out dairy

Drinks - i havent had carbonated drinks in a while but mostly 100% fruit juice and vitamin water. Sorry I meant thirsty since my son was born - feel more thirsty than hungry in general. No change since hepar.

Diet is not going too well - sweets I'm craving but managing but taking out bread is very difficult.

no heaviness/headache any more. Hair loss still quite substantial though.

He has had 3 feedings so far since the morning. Seems the same to me, not much different. My right breast is still painful though, the blister keeps forming even after I open it. He did spit up once, not too much but solid.

Skhan last decade
Also eczema is back to being very red and angry looking.
Skhan last decade
unleavened buckwheat or rice flour breads are ok..

sepia dose --1 pellet sepia 30c in 4 oz water--stir well--mother only is to take teaspoon dose in morning on empty stomach --1 hour before eating..no repaet

also obtain sulphur 30c;natrm muriaticum 30c;nux vomica 200c

same dieary restrictions and keep using probiotics...

it is encouraged --broccoli;cauliflauer;brussel sprouts..and such....

no seafood---

some of spiting up had been due to mother's diet...not able narrow down to exact foods.. has mother been avoiding acidic foods and drinks?
John Stanton last decade
yep no acidic foods or drinks - i havent as yet been able to find a link b/w what im eating and the spitting up - i thought initially dairy was the culprit but took that out.

can i reintroduce the dairy?

i will try to get the sepia tonight if i can. Are the other remedies for aggravation control or alternatives if sepia doesn't work? Any harm in taking different remedies in such short time? Were you expecting a positive response from just one dose of hepar? Again sorry for qs just trying to find out as much as I can.

Thanks for yr help
Skhan last decade
response to test dose of hepar...dizziness as new (never occurred before in life )symptom -indicates no further usage.........and doesnt validate repetition..

what dairy exactly interested in introducing in diet?
John Stanton last decade
other remedies are to control any aggitation that may occur---as well as follow p remedy possibiliteies...not certain depends on r4esponse or lack of response to sepia...
John Stanton last decade
ok thks - cdnt get sepia last night, will try and get it today.

i did read up on sepia though on this website - mental symptoms don't match mine - for eg i hv read that sepia's common indication is indifference to loved ones which isn't the case for me. Does this make any difference? Hope you don't mind my asking.

last night was better than before by the way, sleep wise. Not as restless as before. Eczema is now dry, white and scaly but still itchy. Stool still very watery, a little on the green side, leakng out behind diaper.

Skhan last decade

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