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ok thks - cdnt get sepia last night, will try and get it today.

i did read up on sepia though on this website - mental symptoms don't match mine - for eg i hv read that sepia's common indication is indifference to loved ones which isn't the case for me. Does this make any difference? Hope you don't mind my asking.

last night was better than before by the way, sleep wise. Not as restless as before. Eczema is now dry, white and scaly but still itchy. Stool still very watery, a little on the green side, leakng out behind diaper.

Skhan last decade
p.s Can i apply calendula ointment on his face, itching really bothering him, thks
Skhan last decade
eczema further improved--hold off on using sepia----for certain never had such dizziness before in life?any time?

mental symptoms as read in books for sepia---as interpreted by patient--doesnt matter to me --i go by how i see characterisitcs--as prescriber this is what i base my decision on--and is why i ask questions..so ascertain and not assume such...but anyway still obtain all the remeides mentioned ----yet do not take sepia...

no clendula on eczema--nothing medicianl--will no be able tell what is doing what...my treatment is in consideration of symptoms related to me...

how was the spiting up--how many times since last mentioned?
John Stanton last decade
ok i understand - thks

dizziness - not recently but maybe in the past, I can't remember any definite time. Never really took notice of symptoms before i started reading up on homeopathy. Medicines caused dizziness like antibiotics when I got up after sitting but didnt take antibiotic now.

he spat up once since then - watery saliva mixed with white solid pieces of milk that smell sour.

eczema now just dry and cut where he's scratched.
Skhan last decade
how long after feeding did the spit up ocur exactly?

how mother feeling today?
any cravings?
no complaints at all concerning mother's sleep?
John Stanton last decade
about 1/2 hr later - he fell asleep while feeding so spat up after he woke. This is quite common with him - he falls asleep at almost every feed.

I am feeling fine - still craving sweets. My own sleep - when he's restless and constantly moving, I'm up and so don't really feel like I'm resting enough. Aside from waking up with him, I'm not disturbed while sleeping.
Skhan last decade
how much has the scatching -digging at eczema chnged since last mentioned?
John Stanton last decade
scratching increased - he has been even more irritable than before bc of the itching. Forehead/eye area now flaking from dryness. I haven't been able to put him down since the morning (aside from 1/2 hr sleep) wants to be held all the time. Fights me when i hold hands.
Skhan last decade
also just spit up again 1/2 hr after feeding - all down his clothes. Less solid this time, more watery.
Skhan last decade
what change in length of time feeding? or amount of times feeding? does child need be feed every time held?
John Stanton last decade
also need let me know allsubstances daily --mother is having in diet --everything--so as i can monitor what symptoms are exaggerated in relation to coiciding of foods/drinks used by mother....just let me know...
John Stanton last decade
length of feeding still the same if he falls asleep during. if he doesn't, then sometimes i burp him and he'll take some more. Feeding roughly same number of times - every 2 hours. At night sometimes more when he wakes frequently. H doesnt need to be fed every time he's held but needs to be carried or moved around.

To be honest, diet is not working too well from me. Most anti candida meal plans have acidic ingredients, I'm feeling miserable being so restricted - I can't have meat outside the house unless it's kosher so already vegetarian for most part. Sweets I can do without but bread and spices I'm finding hard to give up - sorry for sounding so negative. It's just I was already finding it hard taking out dairy and
I've lost 45 lbs since my son was born bc I haven't been eating much (that's in 3 1/2 months.) I'm not sure I can continue I'm afraid.

I had egg with some beef and a glass of goats milk - afternoon i had tuna burger and a little bit of mashed potatoes. Some cashew nuts in between and lots of water. That's about it
Skhan last decade
no worry--not negative--this is problem with diet restrictions...lets se if we find comfort zone--without use of aggitant foods and such.

what acids you feel need include in diet?

kosher?hebrew ?
John Stanton last decade
actually halal - muslim, I usually say kosher bc it's more common in the US.

I'm from Pakistan so food consists mainly of curries - so tomatoes, garlic used every day. Tea/coffee/drinks not a problem, neither vinegar or pickles. Fruit I'm a little worried about bc not getting any vitamins from anywhere else.

Thanks John
Skhan last decade
how was sleep for child? please give me point by pont update...

what exact fruit would you like include back in diet if had choice?
John Stanton last decade
sleep was still disturbed - have noticed pattern of more restlessness after 2/3 am. Up until then he's not that bad. Very gassy, passing gas while feeding, sleeping.
It's almost as if sleep is the problem bc once he's up, I can put him back lying down and it's as if nothing happened. Felt better this morning after passing stool. Stool was less watery than last few days, more normal looking but still mucousy.

Still coughing regularly, esp when fingers in mouth, feeding and when changing diaper.

Sneezing not too much, hv noticed he sneezes when changing clothes.

nose still congested - thick green grey stcky mucous, had to remove w/q tip.

eczema becoming worse bc of itching/rubbing, Forehead quite bad - dry, flaky and pimples still there. Few pimples under eyes still red. I'm very surprised it's been there for this long - in the past, he would have a flare up and it would subside in a day - lycopodium really helped, it disappeared completely when he was on it. Pulsatilla aggravated it.

Fingers constantly in mouth, whole fist sometimes - cd he be teething?

Fruit - apples, oranges, bananas I normally have but fruit normally causes gas for me, I tend to get bloated very easily.
Skhan last decade
mother only is to take sulphur dose---1 pellet 30c in 4 oz water --stir well--1 teaspoon dose in morning on empty stomach..1 hour before first eating---no repeat dose til we assess ..

by sounds of it better to stay on recommended diet---til get mother settled...and can tolerate fruits without ill consequence..
John Stanton last decade
ok will take tom morning - thks

a couple of qs generally regarding homeopathy - if i take a remedy that's not the perfect match for me, would I prove it? Is it possible that by giving my son the previous remedies (calc c, lyc, ant crud, puls) he actually developed new symptoms? He was never a big crier and recently has taken to shrieking and screaming which he never did before. If im a little late for feeding him or he's overtired for eg - i just spent one hour trying to quieten him down he was so upset - all because he was sleepy. He wouldn't nurse (which he usually does to go to sleep) and wouldn't let me rock him.

Also his 4 month Vacc are coming up which I'm trying to delay - anything i can give him to prevent the reaction he had last time?

Thks John
Skhan last decade
yes possible to do proving..
yes possible sons symptoms/characterisitics have been efffected and/or new symptom development..

as far as vaccinations--i suggest holding off til get his health status settled...

perfect match is ideal with remedy selection--but most often it is symptom complexes/groupings that are prescribedupon--the broadr the spectrum of symptoms covered ---leaves litle room for new symptomology--and here is where dosing is important and observation of each dose--so no unnecesssry dosing occur--possibly bringing out new symptoms--thus indicating new remedy ..or just an idiosyncrcity of patient with remdy--and new symptom will pass--still remedy not to be repeated til settles or not...
John Stanton last decade
John I have the sulphur and will take tom morning.

Baby's eczema under eyes has almost completely disappeared.Forehead is still red and dry though. His naps today were slightly longer than usual. He also developed one red spot on his left hand - just the one big one. His stools were less watery than normal today too.

Just wanted to confirm that you wanted me to take sulphur tom morning. Thks
Skhan last decade
yes --sulphur tomorrow-

what skin conditions are in mother'shealth history?please explain
John Stanton last decade
i actually have also had eczema periodically - between fingers, on hands, feet - very dry, white and itchy. Usually can put it down to new washing liquid/soap etc.

Also have historically very bad skin allergies - i have keloids (growths) on backs of my ears after piercing. My lips/eyes swell up when I use nail polish/remover. Have always had urticaria, brought on by extreme cold/heat and also artificial colours so if I have an orange flavoured drink for eg, I tend to get hives. Most recently it's the cold that's triggered it - If I am walking in the snow or cold, my knees tend to swell up and I get hives on my legs.

Also have very dry scalp with dandruff. Skin generally dry and itchy - legs especially itch in winter to the point where they bleed. This was worse in pregnancy.

Never really had a problem with acne - although have bad blackheads.
Skhan last decade
metal jewellery also triggers allergy on ears and neck. Have to wear pure silver or gold. Have historically also suffered from boils on underarms

have had an oral herpes breakout once.

suffer from ingrown toenail frequently too on left foot
Skhan last decade
when last had herpes breakout?whe first occur?how treated in past?

when eczema first start?how treated in past?

when lastepisode of boils underarm?when first ocur?how treated in past?

whe did cold first start to trigger hives?when hives first ever occur?

legs itch?bleeding from scratching?
John Stanton last decade
herpes breakout - 2001 the only time I had it. I took something orally for it, can't remember what it was called and put some cream locally on it as well.

Eczema can't really rem when first started since I've always had dry skin as such. I used to put 1% cortisone on it, it was never much and never last really long.

Boils underarm - last episode was 1994 - used heat to burst and then applied some antibacterial ointment

The weather related hives only started a few years ago - but I had my first case of allergy related hives at about 1 year old - allergy to egg, broke out all over my body, my mother gave me phenergan.

Legs itchy still - not bleeding now but in winter gets very bad, yes from scratching.

Should I hold off on sulphur? Thks
Skhan last decade
also remembered:

took a lot of valtrex 3 yrs ago when dr thought it was herpes - but didn't go away - finally realised it was allergy and aclovate cream helped. Similar charact - crusty scabs, red pimples.

Have taken quite a bit of antihistamines in the past although havent taken in the past yr

Also 3 yrs ago took advair and albuterol for a chesty cough that wasnt gng away and hurt. Had a v low level of vitamin d which caused calcificatin in left rib area.
Skhan last decade

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