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the only new thing was him waking as soon as i put him down - that happened on 3 occasions yesterday but not since then.

if this is aggravation, shouldn't it have subsided within 24-48 hrs?

no medicines or topicals used by either of us.

i have not had anything sweet at all - bread im afraid i couldn't give up. Acidic foods i also havent had, no teas, drinks etc

I'm still bloated, not that itchy anymore. Had stomach cramps yesterday, have had tem before when foods I ate didn't agree with me.

Is it normal that there was no improvement at all?

Skhan last decade
Also I'm very gassy - noises from stomach.
Skhan last decade
as far as improvement--we will see once the aggravated state is abated..whether not an imporved state is to occur..

reduce probiotic use to 1/2 of what have been using...

how was mother'ssleep last night?
John Stanton last decade
ok will do thks

sleep was better - he got up once at about 130am crying, other than that was restless but kept going back to sleep so I feel rested.
Skhan last decade
so are we just waiting for aggrav to lessen? For my own knowledge, is the
LM potency gentler than 30c?
Skhan last decade
ys--if no new symptoms arise we wil go to LM 1 sulohur --when remedy is to be repeated..

order sulphur LM1 ;nux vomica 200c;nux vomica LM1;morgan (pure) 30c..

this best i will speculate for possible remedy use..

also obtain some 4 oz amber glass medicinal bottles with droppers..(4 or 5)..fprremedy preparation and dispensing..

how much scratching is child doing?

what is staus of child's spiing up?please explain
John Stanton last decade
he's scratching too much - he has so many cuts on his face, this is really worrying me

his spitting up suddenly increased after last feeding - in batches he's pretty much spit up all of it
Skhan last decade
for ceratin a concern--prolnged aggravtion-----if we can get through another evenings sleep and assess in morning--may have settled some by then--depending on what is occuring --may need prescribe for current state so as sette this--without complicating case...

what is child's emotional/mentla state currently? what changes havebeen observed?please explain..

what time is it here exactly?

what potency of pulsatilla you have on hand?and nux vomica ?
John Stanton last decade

should read--what time is it there?
John Stanton last decade
it is 915pm

he actually slept well during the day - 2hr nap (although had to pat him back a few times) he was very happy early evening outside (he ddnt scratch then at all, cold air), cranky in morning and since an hour or so - now gone to sleep. i hv pulsatilla 30c, none of nux-v, can get 30c tom morning.

his stool was the same - watery but only one in the day unlike yesterday. Cough,hiccuping,sneezing the same.

i took the sulp dose sat - normal for aggrav to occur 3 days later?
Skhan last decade
he also has rash on right side of abdomen - new,unlike one on face. smaller pimples - he leaked out of his diaper last night so maybe related?
Skhan last decade
abdomen--when has he had such type rash before?

no other remedies at this time..i'll let you know...it seems we are ok for now---as far as 'normal'' 3 days agitation--as mentioned all depends from case to case-but for me --i see this often...length varies...sometimes back to where started after aggravtion--sometimes much improvement----we shall see...patience is key--allow single dose response to continue---and beter withot any intfernece--unless strong need---with close monitoring -we will be fine...

any new (never occur before in health history) symptoms occur with mother ?anything at all?

how is mother's emotion/mental state ?
John Stanton last decade
nope no new symptoms for me - mental or physical - am back to being itchy on arms, have had that before - not new.

mental/emotional - am worried about my son as before but not unusually so. Am still craving chocolate however.

baby's sleep still disrupted - had to rock him back to sleep a couple of times
Skhan last decade

Last night's sleep was very very disruptd although baby was not as upset as usual - he didn't cry upon waking and was not at all cranky - but he woke up frequently, very restless. Got up at around 4am and stayed up until about 5 but was happy.

Eczema seems less red on face, although he's still itching.I feel very tired this morning not having had much sleep.
Skhan last decade
Also, he passed a green,watery stool when he got up at 4am - unusual for him, he hasn't done that since he was a newborn.
I read this is indicative of sulphur - does that mean he's proving the remedy?

Skhan last decade
there is no proving occuring if old symptoms reoccur --or if symptoms experienced before are occuring...what is occurring --is called simila aggravtion--but seems to be settling--agin this is due to the dose....

how is his appetite?what has been observed--concerning feeding?
John Stanton last decade
his appetite seems to be better, he's feeding longer. napped 45 mins today in the train. Still itching a lot though.

Can I now have fruit or diet restrictions still apply? Maybe raw cane sugar instead of refined sugar?

Skhan last decade
keep to diet restrcitions

how much are you being troublked by diet restrictions? please explain
John Stanton last decade
still craving sugar, sweets and also fruit juice or something cold to drink
Skhan last decade
also rained all day today - baby has rash on left cheek, similar to under chin - I also broke out with some kind of allergy above eye. Wonder if it's related to the rain. I haven't eaten anything that would have caused it - not the first time I have had it but neve really found cause.

Baby's stools still watery - he's still spitting up too
Skhan last decade
what is exactly meant-'..some alegy above eye..'? what eye exactly? you rememebr such a rash occur in that location before ?

what are mother's digestive (gastral -intestinal) symptoms please exlain

how often are you passing stool?how has this changed since sulphur dose?please explain
John Stanton last decade
right eye - kinda like hives but only the one spot, itchy and raised. I get such allergies on my face, usually on cheeks but have had it on eyes too.

I'm not as bloated as before - pass only the one stool but also in the morning and on diarrhea side. Not changed since sulphur.
Skhan last decade
what typically do you get this allgery response from?please explain
John Stanton last decade
havent yet been able to establish a link - get it often though, I think it's bc of dust but like I said I never really assessed such symptoms before.

my right knee is hurting today too - it was also hurting on the 4th when it was raining, can't rem if on previous occasions it hurt because of the rain. i always put it down to rheumatic pains since my mother has arthritis or overusing it by walking.
Skhan last decade
dose of sepia

1 pellet sepia 6c in 4 oz water--stir --1 teaspon dose --mother is to take this only...to be taken tomorrow morning 1 hour before first eating..

also obtain sepia 30c..
John Stanton last decade
itchy raised spot above eye--like a pimple?more rash-ish?how large is the spot?any pain envolved?itching precede the raising of the spot?or spot firts then itching?please explain
John Stanton last decade

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